Ayrex Binary Options Broker Fair and Honest Review 2020

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Ayrex Review for New Binary Options Traders

Binary options trading as a very popular online activity recently has made many people to drop their hobbies or additional home-based work and to jump into this awesome challenge. However, it will take time till you manage to be able to earn good money and to be a real pro in the field. Besides getting to know the most basic approaches to binary options trading, it is also a must to get familiar with the available brokers. The brokers provide arenas for trading binaries, but they are not quite the same, and unfortunately internet knows both – really good brokers and real scams. Today, we will introduce you a binary options broker that is part of the first group. Ayrex binary options broker is really worth it and you should try it, as well! However, as a freshman in binary trading, you should better get to know the broker preliminary. See our Ayrex review and find out more about it now!

Ayrex – Basic Facts and Company Information

Ayrex is a comparatively new broker. It was established in 2020 year, but that does not mean it has less to provide to the audience than the oldest websites in binary options field. As a matter of fact, regardless its short experience, Ayrex has a very good reputation in the market. Probably, this is mainly due to the trustworthy company that owns the broker. Advanced Binary Technologies LTD has a very interesting story. In the beginning, it was just a provider of systems and new platforms for binary brokers, but today with the appearance of Ayrex we might say that the company can become a real competitor for those, who have been in binary broker industry for years. The company and the broker, itself, are located in St. Kitts and Nevis. Here, the main offices of Ayrex binary websites are placed, but it has a good support net for most of countries across the whole globe. Last, but not least, the broker is fully licenses and finely regulated against money laundry, personal data stealth and offers good financial transaction transparency.

Ayrex – Account Types and Trading Features

Ayrex provides regular trading account alongside with a specially tailored Islamic account, which is oriented to people from these countries. The regular account has a minimum deposit requirement of $5, which is a fantastic sum for beginners, who do not want to invest a lot of money at the beginning of their trading trial. These freshmen, by the way, are fully free to use the client-friendly learning center at Ayrex page. The education includes glossary and explanations of the terms for binary trading, as well as some good tricks for fast advancing in this activity. Meanwhile, the experienced traders can take benefits of analytic center with constant updates for the hottest market news and a special bonus – economic calendar. Both of these features are very useful for your prognosis. Do not hesitate to use them before making your binary trade. The trading instruments on Ayrex are more than 50, and you can choose from many alternatives. When you trade a binary, consider what to use – commodities, stocks, indices of financial currency pairs, they are listed at Ayrex websites. The execution time here is less than 0.05 seconds.

Ayrex Customer Support Services To Rely On

Indeed, every customer would love Ayrex customer support services because they are helpful and always in time. You can communicate with the polite Ayrex representatives via the live chat with instant respond, as well as through an e-mail or phone call. Have in mind that the support is 24/5 and know that the communication here, unfortunately, is only in English.

Ayrex Binary Option Types

As a real binary option lover, it is a must to know the available binary types in your next broker, where you have decided to sign up. Here is the list of all the Ayrex binary option types:

  • Traditional high and low (put and call) binary option types
  • Short-term binary options: 30 seconds and 1, 2, 3 and 5 minute binaries
  • Touch binary options
  • No touch binary options

About The Trading Software That Powers Ayrex Binary Broker

Of course, this is not information you need to underestimate, either. Ayrex platform is generated by its own software. Even though it is not one of the most popular platforms like MetaTrader 4, for example, Ayrex software shows some really good features, fast processing, easy to be navigated interface and very light system that can be handled by any PC. Speaking of devices, you can also trade binaries with Ayrex broker mobile. Trade on the go by visiting the mobile version from your tablet or smartphone or directly download the mobile apps from Apple Store and Android Store depending on your mobile device.

Ayrex – The Payment Methods

Payment methods must be known because they give you the chance to make a deposit for trading and to claim for withdrawal, when you want to get your profits. Thankfully, Ayrex provides a decent abundance of payment methods, which are convenient and flexible, so every customer can find the best solution for his or her activity. You can choose from these payment methods: Visa and Mastercard debit or credit card, FastPay, UnionPay, Neteller, Skrill Moneybookers and ordinary bank wire transfer, which though usually takes more time for the processing in comparison to the rest of the methods.

Ayrex Bonus System

Currently, Ayrex offers two types of bonuses. One of them is very common for most trading platforms, but the other one is really intriguing. Find out now more about what we are talking about.

  • Deposit special bonus at Ayrex is from 10 to 30%. Depending on the amount of your firstly invested funds at the page, you will receive an additional sum to have more for binaries.
  • Ultra Fast Demo Contest can bring you up to $100 in one hour only. There no deposit requirements and you only need to make registration and to try the demo account of Ayrex binary broker.

Ayrex broker shows a good potential to become one of the top binary websites. Do not miss to become one of its customers, too!

Ayrex Review 2020

Ayrex Review 2020

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    1st Place! Best Binary Broker 2020!
    Best Choice for Beginners — Free Education + Free Demo Acc!
    Sign-up and Get Big Bonus:

  • Binomo

    2nd place! Good choice!

When it comes to binary options trading, it is very difficult to find a better broker than Ayrex. This company has been around since 2020 and has built a very impressive offer in these three years. The list of advantages you get when you open an account with them demands a detailed analysis, so that’s why we decided to write our Ayrex review. See how low the financial requirements here are, how good the trading platform actually is and how you can have loads of fun and maybe even win prizes without ever having to invest anything. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, just keep reading and you’ll learn everything about these impressive features.

Ayrex Review | Money transfer methods

We’ll open this analysis of Ayrex with a look at the money transfer methods you can use to fund your trading account or to withdraw from it. This will be important to keep in mind when we discuss the numbers related to this broker’s offer further on in the text. First of all, we must say that both you and your money are always well protected, no matter which method you choose, as evidenced in our Is Ayrex a Scam? analysis. As for the options you have, they range from Visa and MasterCard debit and credit cards to online payment systems like Skrill, Neteller, FasaPay and UnionPay. Given the latest cryptocurrency craze, you can deposit and withdraw in bitcoin if you want, too. Of course, you can also do everything you need from your local bank, so finding a method that suits you should be really easy. On top of all this, you won’t have to pay any commissions when depositing funds, plus the first withdrawal of every month is free. But let’s now get to the numbers associated with these transfers, an even more interesting topic.

Ayrex Deposit Page

Ayrex Review | Numbers

So, this part of Ayrex review will take a look at the financial requirements, one of this broker’s greatest advantages. You see, you can open an account on this website for just $25, which is the lower Ayrex Minimum Deposit limit. This is one of the lowest deposit requirements in the whole industry, so we can safely say that trading here is accessible to everyone. Naturally, with such a low deposit threshold, minimum withdrawal has to be low as well – $5 is the minimum here, which is really spectacularly low. However, there’s another set of numbers you’ll be interested in and they are tied to Ayrex bonus policy. Thanks to this, you can get up to 30% on every deposit of $1000 or more, plus you have full control because you can cancel the bonus at any time. All you have to do is apply for it and $300 will be awarded to you to trade with this company as you see fit. If you decide to invest less, you can also get a bonus, but it will be lower – the bonus funds start from 10% of the amount you deposit, and the lowest investment threshold is 100$. A deal like this is really not easy to come across in the binary options industry, but there are more pleasant surprises ahead, so don’t go away!

Ayrex Auto Withdrawal

Ayrex Review | Platform

No Ayrex review would be complete without examining the trading platform, which is what we’re going to do in this paragraph. Again, we encountered some very pleasant surprises here. First of all, all trades are executed extremely quickly (0.028 seconds), meaning your commands will essentially be executed instantly. This is possible because the broker has created its own trading software, and we have absolutely no objections to the way it performs. Apart from fast executions, it also gives you all the information you need and keeps you up to date with the market, so that you can always make the right decision.

Of course, the platform is also available as a mobile app (you can download this from the broker’s website or get in on Google Play). As for the number of choices you have here, expiry times start from 30 seconds, there are three main trading modes (High/Low, Short Term and One Touch) and many different assets, from commodities and currencies to stocks and indices, which can get you payouts of up to 90%. In short, trading here will provide you with a great experience. However, our Ayrex report still has a lot to examine. Keep reading!

Ayrex Trading Platform

Ayrex Review | Demo and other features

One thing we didn’t mention in the previous paragraph is Ayrex Demo Account. We believe it deserves to be mentioned in a separate part of Ayrex review not only because it is completely free and does not require registration or deposits, but because it can help you win prizes. The broker organizes contests called Binary Blasts for demo account holders three times a week, each lasting one hour, with the winner receiving $30 at the end of one hour’s trading. All you have to do to win is have a bigger balance than all other competitors when the hour is up. Apart from the winner, seven other contestants will win a nice bonus to their balance, so feel free to test your trading knowledge – you risk absolutely nothing.
We must also mention that you can open an Islamic account here if you’re a member of the Islamic faith and want to trade in full accordance with its principles. Additionally, the broker will supply you with the latest market news, loads of education materials and a great economic calendar. As you can see, people here really have thought of everything, so we are sure you will enjoy trading on this website.

Ayrex Demo Platform

Ayrex Review | Conclusion

Our Ayrex review is undoubtedly a success. Every aspect of their offer is well thought out and designed with traders’ best interests in mind. The platform is very intuitive and offers loads of options, with some extremely low financial requirements, which makes it accessible to absolutely everyone. But what is particularly impressive is how much the company is willing to give you before you start investing seriously because you can apply for a very handsome bonus and even win real money with your demo account here. In our honest opinion, this is a well-rounded offer that will satisfy any trader’s needs. Therefore, if you want access to all these features, open an account with Ayrex now!

Ayrex Broker Review 2020

Ayrex is an advanced global binary options trading provider. They have put most of their energy in creating the best trading environment possible for they traders. Trough the Ayrex review we can conclude that they succeeded. The platform is amazing and we had much time trading with it.

Website Preview

Ayrex Account Features

As already mentioned in the intro to this Ayrex review, we found the broker to be great fun while trading, however, the additional set of features was fairly standard.

To interested traders, Ayrex broker offers two account types: Regular and Islamic. On Islamic account, which is designed for Muslim traders, they can trade with no hidden fees or interest rates and all in accordance to Shariah Laws.

For inexperienced traders this broker will be excellent choice since they will have a lot more say in what features are available to them. Naturally, as one of several Ayrex features is the Academy. It comes as very useful and provides a selection of binary tips on how to trade and how does withdrawal procedure looks like. We are sure it will help many newcomers to get better fast.

The broker also offers bonuses, these are dependent on the size of the initial deposit and can be discussed with the account manager. Top bonus is 30% or $10,000. Bonuses require minimum $100 deposit. traders that deposit $1000 and more can get the top bonus of 30%. Ayrex also has a demo account.

Ayrex Trading Software

The Ayrex review started with the platform in the demo mode. This is an excellent feature since demo account at Ayrex does not require signups or deposits, one goes straight into the platform and gets $1000 in virtual money to trade with. We are sure many traders will like to test the trading experience before depositing with Ayrex.

After the test they will surely not be disappointed. Ayrex platform is a full screen trading interface with a huge graph in the centre. On the right side is the control panel where everything is ready just to click once and place the trade. If the setting are not right, the trader can set them any way she wishes. Supported binary option types are touch and no touch, one touch and high low options. The minimum trade is just $5.

Ayrex platform charting tool includes most of the popular technical analysis tools that can help traders make their decision faster and with more rigor. With Ayrex traders can use 70+ trading instruments: FX, indices, commodities, stocks, including stock prices of world’s top companies.

Ayrex Support Information

Ayrex worked hard to improve their customer support and the best way to contact them is to use the integrated live chat feature. Their customer support is available 24/5. Other ways to contact the support are e-mail [email protected], contact form and phone. The phone number available is UK.

For this Ayrex review, we tested live chat option which resulted with positive opinion. Lady joined chat within seconds and she was helpful in terms of providing information on our queries.

Ayrex Payment Methods

With Ayrex, customers can use bank wire, Visa, MasterCard, FasaPay, Neteller, Skrill and UnionPay to deposit. The minimum deposit is only $5, however, as noted above in the Special Features section of the Ayrex review, minimum $100 is needed to get a bonus. We are sure many will be happy about this low minimum deposit, but after they have tried the platform in demo mode, they will understand how more than that will be needed to run a decent trading portfolio.

The Client is granted with one free withdrawal within a calendar month. Each consequent withdrawal shall be charged with a commission based on the processing fees and/or conditions of the payment system used for withdrawal. Minimum withdrawal is also $5, and there is one withdrawal each month that is free.

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