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Designed by Troy Everett, Bina Droid is a binary options trading system that claims to be highly profitable for anyone who uses the system, even those new to trading. In the following review we shall take a closer look at this trading system to see if these claims are in fact accurate.

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 87%
Minimum Deposit: $250
Countries: All nations

– User friendly interface
– Customer service is responsive

– Negative online reviews and customer complaints
– Does not produce the results promised on their sales page
– Unrealistic claims of high earnings
– Too many conflicting testimonies regarding accuracy

7BO Verdict:

Not Reliable Service

BinaDroid – Is it a Scam or a Legit System?

The BinaDroid system has a mix of both positive and negative online so we made a thorough investigation of this system to determine its authenticity. There are a few attractive features about this system, such as their website is both attractive and user-friendly and we were able to get a hold of a customer service member. However, based on our extensive research of this trading platform, it appears that the vast majority of registered users are not satisfied with BinarDroid. It does not produce the result advertised in their sales video and home page and most traders have stated that all they lost their entire investment with this trading system.

How does it work?

There is no charge to sign up for the system initially, but once you are signed up you must register with one of their supposedly listened and respected binary options brokers. However, upon research, we determined that none of their brokers are in fact registered nor they are licensed. And a great many of them have nothing but negative customer feedback.

The system is not free however. As with any other binary options trading system, you must make an initial deposit of at least $250 before you can begin trading. Only then will you be able to full access to the system.

The system generates binary options trading signals based upon a series of complicated algorithms, according to Troy Everett. We did a little background search on the CEO and found that he is not at all who he claims to be, but is rather a paid actor from, who has appeared in and done voiceover work for many other binary options systems. This leaves a bad taste in our mouths. He could simply be a figurehead for the real CEO, or he could be an actor hired in a scam video. We have reasons to doubt the sincerity of this trading system.


Final Conclusion

Despite all of the recent hype surrounding BinaDroid trading software, we have come to the conclusion that this system is not reliable. It just does not produce the results that it initially promises traders and we find this information to be very misleading.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    1st Place! Best Binary Broker 2020!
    Best Choice for Beginners — Free Education + Free Demo Acc!
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  • Binomo

    2nd place! Good choice!

We cannot say at this time that this system is a scam, but we feel that there are many more trusted binary options trading software systems available. If you chose to sign with BinaDriod, we advise that you do so at your own risk and that you proceed with caution.

BinaDroid 2 aka BinaBot 2 register

Binadroid 2 aka BinaBot 2 review scam

What’s new and better than before? Binadroid 2 also known as BinaBot 2 has been unleashed onto the binary options market, with the developer, Troy Everett, replacing its predecessor Binadroid with a spine tingling good system that is taking its initial …

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BinaBot Review – A Free High-Performing Money-Making Machine

BinaBot is with no doubt one of the most popular binary options trading robots available. Why are so many people choosing BinaBot over other robots? And if so many people are happy with the BinaBot app, does it mean it can be trusted? Can we be sure it’s not a SCAM? These are some of the questions I’d like to focus on in this BinaBot review.

BinaBot was created a couple of years ago by Troy Everett, an engineer who worked for a large trading firm. Troy developed one of the most important trading tools used by large investments companies today. However, the credit was taken from him and he was barely compensated for his work. Therefore, he decided to make his technology available to the direct public as a sort of revenge.

He chose to do that via binary options because they are one of the most convenient and easy trading instruments available. Troy Everett’s BinaBot software replicates a trading tool used to generate millions and now the very same algorithm is available to any binary trader who is interested.

Software Name – BinaBot

What is the BinaBot?

The BinaBot binary robot software is based on a unique algorithm that performs two tasks:

  1. It uses various technical analysis indicators to analyze the markets and generate signals.
  2. It taps into data from millions of Android users to fine tune the signals.

This two-step process is highly important. Most auto trading software do the first task. They generate signals by using technical analysis automated trading scripts. However, many times this is not enough. Professional human traders also incorporate other factors into their decisions, such as if there are any news events which may affect the assets’ behavior. The second function of the BinaBot is basically a fundamental and sentiment analysis feature which ensures the signals generated by the app are highly profitable. The software does that by downloading information regarding trading behavior of millions of Android users.

Why Do I Recommend BinaBot?

With so many scams bombarding you all the time it must be difficult to trust anyone. I would like now to relate to you what convinced me personally that the BinaBot is legit. Later I will also tell you about MY experience with the software.

Firstly, while most auto traders have no real support. Sometimes the email address provided will not even work. In other cases, you can send an email but never receive any response. BinaBot’s support is awesome and I’ve personally tested it so I know they respond in a timely manner. I recommend contacting the support to receive trading tips, such as best times to activate the software and which assets perform best.

The software is great for both newbies and experienced traders. If you’re new to binary options, you can simply turn on the software in the recommended hours and watch your account grow, slow and steady. Experienced traders can benefit from the manual signals which they can use on their preferred trading platform.

The BinaBot Platform

The BinaBot platform is very user-friendly. With a click of a button you can turn on the auto trading feature. You can configure your risk. If you set it on low, the robot will place 2 trade on autopilot. When its set on medium, it will take 4 trades. And when it’s set on high risk, the BinaBot will automatically place 8 trades. The minimum investment amount is $25 per trade.

Other special features of the BinaBot include Reverse Trading, which will cause the robot to trade in the opposite direction of what it would normally trade. The manual trading section offers a variety of manual signals you can use with your BinaBot broker or with any other broker or trading platform you use.

The BinaBot comes with an economical calendar, the use of which yields very strong results in both auto trading and manual modes.

Real Traders’ Comments and Testimonials

A quick Google search shows that the vast majority of blogs and reviews sites are recommending the BinaBot. There are also many videos on YouTube demonstrating how the software can be used profitably. I’ve also received many emails from people who have reported very good results.

How Much Will I Earn?

The short answer is that the more you deposit, the more you will earn. If you deposit the minimum of $250 and you use $25 trades, you will grow your account in a rate of $20 per winning trade on average. An account of $1,000 will be able to generate about $80 per winning trade.

If you plan to deposit $500 or more, we recommend to split your investment into two or more brokers.

My Experience With The BinaBot

I started using the BinaBot app about 2 weeks ago with a deposit of $250. I used mainly the medium risk auto trading about once or twice a day. The software made about 60 trades with a win rate of 91% ITM! Currently my balance was about $1,300 last time I checked, so it’s going great and I am not feeling as if I’m taking a whole lot of risk with my strategy. This is a true money-making machine. It’s amazing how it barely loses a trade.

How Do I Join The BinaBot?

It’s very simple to try the BinaBot software and it’s completely FREE.

  • First, go to the official site of
  • Enter your NAME and EMAIL and click “Join Now”.
  • Soon after clicking the Join Now button you will be redirected to a new webpage and a new form where you need to enter some more information like you LAST NAME, Phone number, Password etc.
  • Deposit a minimum of $250 into your account and Start trading.

Note – You can withdraw your initial deposit at any time.

BinaBot Review Verdict: the BinaBot app is LEGIT!

Final Verdict: BinaBot is NOT A SCAM!

As you can see, this is a SOLID offer. I heard something about limiting the number of people who will be accepted to the program. Not sure if or when they will actually stop allowing new sign-ups. I sincerely hope you will be one of the lucky ones who make it!

You are going to love this software and I hope to continue seeing more and more profits in the upcoming days. I will be very happy to receive any comments from YOU. Tell us about your experience with the software. Has it been as profitable for you as it has been for me?

Binabot Review – Is Binabot Scam or Legit? Find it out!!

BinaBot is a binary options trading robot which runs on auto trade and it’s the updated version of BinaDroid. Remember BinaDroid system? Previously released BinaDroid system has been proved to be a most successful trading software and now it’s updated version is released. And we can say it, BinaBot system or BinaDroid 2. And as expected, online traders are very much excited about it and at the same time , some of them might wondering it as a scam. So, that’s why we have come here with our thorough investigation on BinaBot software and we discovered it fully Legit system like it’s predecessor.

Yes! BinaBot system software is fully legit and reliable and we have enough positive points which support our statement. You may be amazed to know the fact that this legit BinaBot system software has just appeared in the Binary Options Trading market at the right time when the trade market has seen a lot of scam systems released almost every day. In this BinaBot Review, we have posted enough reasons which proved the system is a legit.

BinaBot Review – What it is all about?

Now, the online traders have got much relief with the release of a legit system like BinaBot which is the updated version of the earlier released successful software BinaDroid. And Mr. Troy Everett is claimed to be the owner of this system and he has been seen in the presentation video of BinaBot software. According to him, this BinaBot software has been created and designed with a vast data of financial markets around worldwide and proved to be one of the best auto trade software through which you can earn a decent amount.

This advanced version of the system has a pretty much realistic winning figure which is higher than the earlier released BinaDroid. BinaDroid was claimed to be the winning rate of 77 – 85%, however, this BinaBot software has the winning percentage of more than that. And here’s all features of this BinaBot system software which make it a Legit software.

Features of BinaBot system – Reasons why we call it Legit:

1. High success rate of 80 – 90%.

This BinaBot system offers the winning rate of 80% – 90% which is considered to be the best figures in the binary options trading industry. We often see the scammers claiming some unrealistic winning figures which are practically not possible to achieve. But, here in BinaBot, it’s not like them.

The software developers know it very well, it’s not possible to get a constant rate from the software as the binary options trading market varies with a different thing. So, that’s why they have ranged the winning rate in between 80-90%. That means if the system will unable to give you the 90% winning rate, then also you will receive at least 80% profit.

2. It works in every country.

Unlike many trading Softwares which are restricted to USA, Canada, and the UK, the developers of BinaBot system makes it available in every country. Wherever in the world, binary options trading are operated, you can trade with this system.

You often see that scammers are playing some kinds of tricks here as they mentioned their software is limited to some countries so that when after browsing their site you found your country name there and feels lucky. But, they are not doing anything like here.

3. Smart trading platform.

BinaBot system software offers both manual and automatic trade options. If you have knowledge and experience on trading, then you can choose manual option. Otherwise, go for the auto trade for a hassle free operation as the software will work for you and choose the best trade signal.

Most of the scam systems do not have the manual options. They only let you use the auto trade as it’s the simple way to loot your money.

4. The minimum trade value is $25.

You can trade with a minimum value of $25 with BinaBot which is very low and decent figure. Where you can see that most of the scammers will insist you to trade with minimum $50 or even more than that. So, here’s in BinaBot system, the risk is very much low and profit percentage is high as it offers you the win rate of 80% to 90%.

5. Customer Support is impressive.

The customer support team of BinaBot system is very helpful and experienced. You will receive the answers to your all queries within the 24 hours or even less that it. And the most remarkable feature is they offer 24 x 7 support. So you can get their expert advice even on weekends also.

6. Technical indicators are used for trading.

For the accurate and efficient reading of your trading signals, BinaBot uses the technical indicators with the best possible options in the financial markets, so that there is a fair chance of winning most of the trades. And we are hopeful about winning of 8 out of every 10 number of trades with BinaBot system software.

7. Troy Everett is an experienced trader.

The owner and developer of this system Troy Everett is an experienced binary options trader. And he has experienced in dealing with algorithms for a long time. So, there is no doubt to be this person a fake identity. And, we can surely say that BinaBot system is full Legit.

Pricing – How to join in BinaBot:

No extra charge is required to join in this BinaBot system. to join the system, go to the official website – and enter your credentials. Open the trade account with your name, email address, phone number and password.

After signing up, all you need to do is to deposit 250$ in broker’s account. Pay it and start trading. Also, it’s very easy to withdraw your amount. Make a withdrawal request and it will be entertained within a given period.

Final Conclusion – BinaBot is a legit System, Confirmed.

It’s very much confirmed now, that BinaBot system is not a scam. They have maintained the enough transparency on their operation and anyone can observe it by going to the website. All the points described here are absolutely true to the best of our knowledge. So, we have no offense about the system and recommend BinaBot system as one of the best legit system Softwares.

Binary Option Sheriff’s BinaDroid Results and Performance Update

Learn From You

Published on Apr 9, 2020

Our Binadroid Results were breathtaking as can be seen from the You Tube Video with live trading underneath. 10 Live Trades and 10 straight wins. A 100% achievement rate. Our record equalization went from $305 to $684.20 in only 15 minutes!

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  1. 1. BinaDroid Results and Performance Update By Binary Option Sheriff Binadroid Results have been launched. After a week of test driving the software in Auto Trading mode we are writing a full review on the updated Binadroid results based on our live trading. Binadroid results update will reveal how the interface for this auto trader works, the level of consistency of the software, the level of risk assessment and the complaints about the software. Are Binadroid Results what they claim to be or is the software a new scam? Since our first review on the BinaDroid Auto Trader last week, we have been experimenting with the system until we have seen some conclusive Binadroid results. Our first week trial with the Binadroid App, was a little bit bumpy. The features for the Binadroid Software are the following:  Options allowing for either One DroidBot or Two DroidBot trades simultaneously, is a first in auto trading.  It allows the day trader to choose the speed of his trades. The Interface allows also for risk management. On offer is the High Risk – with 60 second trades, the Medium Risk with 180 Seconds trades, and finally the Low Risk at 5 minute trades.  Binadroid System allows the binary option trader to manage his funds as well, but allowing trades starting from $5 all the way to $250  The software allows you to choose your Broker. The setting at the bottom left of your subscription form gives you the option of choosing the broker which is synced to your area.  BinaDroid App is available WORLDWIDE without exception.  Binadroid has a Manual Trading Option which highlights the Hot Asset to be traded, has a charting device, but does not give the direction for the trade. This Manual Trading Section is therefore not supported with a Signal Indicator other than that for showing the best trending
  2. 2. assets. It must be used in conjunction with another Signal Software, or a day trader needs to do his own analysis. Binary Option Sheriff has restricted its live trading to Auto Trading in order to test out its software. In two sessions live trading, these are our BinaDroid results in an update. Trading with 60 Seconds and 2 Droid Bots: Binadroid results with a high risk and fast trading on turbo settings were not satisfactory. Our first five trades resulted in 2 losses, 1 Tie and 2 Wins. This is a negative result and not desireable. Since the trend for the Binadroid Results was showing that this setting does not work, we experimented with some more trade settings with 1 DroidBot, 180 seconds and 300 settings. The results this time were far more satisfactory. The next 15 Trades resulted in 11 successful trades and 4 Lost trades, giving a Binadroid Result of 73.33% ITM Success Rate. Since we were still experimenting with the settings, our trades were conservative and restricted to $5 trades mostly.
  3. 3. Trading with 300 Seconds and 1 Droid Bot: Later, when we became confident that the best setting for the Binadroid to achieve results were the 300 second trades, we did a live trading session during a strong trending time of the day. We traded during the Asian session at around noon, after having scanned the Economic Calendar to ensure that there was not going to be any news update that might upset market sentiment. Our Binadroid Results were spectacular as can be witnessed from the You Tube Video with live trading below. 10 Live Trades and 10 straight wins. A 100% success rate. Our account balance went from $305 to $684.20 in just 15 minutes! We will need to qualify this result. It does not mean that the performance of BinaDroid results will be 100% successful. The time we chose was a good trending time, and the time frame quite small. As explained above, we also traded in time parameters which were not as satisfactory as our live trading session. However, we can prove that Binadroid is not a scam software system but a legitimate system which yields results, especially when the settings conform with the following criteria:
  4. 4.  Binadroid Results achieved on Auto Trading and not Manual Trading  Binadroid Results settings on 300 seconds trading mode  Binadroid Results were achieved when placing one DroidBot at a time and not two consecutive trades. Binadroid Results and Performance Review The relative simplicity by which BinaDroid can be operated have made it very popular with new day traders. The interface is easy to understand and after the first few trades experimenting with the settings which would perform best, it was very easy to take the trades. The live trading video above speaks for itself, and any new trader will find that it is very easy to follow. As for Manual Trading, we recommend that for the BinaDroid Results to be consistently positive, it requires an expertise of a seasoned trader. The BinaDroid can be used to trade manually in conjunction with other signal software systems such as the Mike Auto Trader – which submits signals but does not perform auto trading. Unless you have some experience with trading, we strongly recommend that you use the BinaDroid Results as your example and only trade using this software are an auto trader. BinaDroid Results and Performance Conclusion The live trading session speaks for itself. BinaDroid Results and positive and trending upwards when the software is used conservatively. We recommend that you use time frames within trading sessions such as European, Asian or American. Trading between these sessions can expose you to unnecessary risk as the market may be flat and slow movements have a possibility of giving negative results. From our experience so far, day traders who have made complaints about the BinaDroid system have been either using high risk trades to see fast trading, or having been trading after trading sessions. Thank you for taking time to read up BinaDroid Results and Performance update. We would love to have your feedback and your experience with this software. If you are new to trading BinaDroid may be a good option. If you would like more advice and personal strategy, please contact us via the subscription form below and we will devise a personalised plan for trading for you. Opening a FREE DEMO Account is an excellent way to feeling the possibilities of trading binary options without exposing yourself to any risk. Get updates here:
  5. 5. Watch videos here: Send email here: [email protected]

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Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
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