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What Is Binary Options Robot VIP Account?

The entire idea behind the Binary Options Robot software is to make it as easy as possible for trading. Why? Because it makes binary options trading an enjoyable and profitable experience. Activating your Binary Options Robot VIP Account enables you additional solutions that will improve and personalize your trading account. Simple as that.

Unlike other VIP Accounts, Binary Options Robot VIP does not demand any additional payments and it is more user-friendly than one would ever expect.

Do you expect extra costs? There isn’t any. Do you expect different settings just when you’ve perfectly customized your Dashboard? There aren’t any. Do you expect downloads, uploads or plug-ins? No, there’s none of that at Binary Options Robot VIP Account.

Get the Binary Options Robot VIP Account

VIP Account is specifically designed for its users to improve their trading odds. There is a whole set of special features that work in trader’s favor only. If you need information on how to get the VIP Account, keep reading this article.

Have we mentioned that VIP Account is for free? You are most likely already eligible for the Binary Options Robot VIP Account, you are just not aware of that yet. You have registered with the Robot and have made the first deposit with a broker. Congratulations! The VIP Account just needs to be activated and the free month of exploring all the special features may begin. No hassle, no tricks.

Once the free month expires, there is more to come. When traders make a deposit with the same or another broker, they are rewarded with 3 more months of VIP status! Please contact Binary Options Robot Customer Support for prolonging your VIP Account.

Binary Options Robot VIP Account Special Features

Special features enabled in the VIP Account are created for all types of traders. Whether you are a beginner or a very advanced trader, VIP Account has exactly what you need. There are three additional features that can be customized on Dashboard once the VIP Account is activated:

  • Risk Level
  • Trading Strategies
  • Expiry Times

Binary Options Robot Risk Level

So, you want to begin trading and place safer trades at first. You have just started to develop your strategy and want to take it step by step. Low Risk Level option enables traders to do that. The Robot is instructed to place fewer trades to optimize your winning chances.

High Risk Level feature is ideal for more experienced traders who enjoy the adrenaline rush. This means that Robot places more trades which gives you better winning odds. The stakes might be higher but so are the profits.

A beginner or an advanced trader, you can always change the risk levels. In fact, traders can set a different risk level for each broker.

Trading Strategies With Binary Options Robot

The trading strategies available on Binary Options Robot VIP Account complete the user’s trading strategy with specific algorithms that calculate the most profitable options.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    1st Place! Best Binary Broker 2020!
    Best Choice for Beginners — Free Education + Free Demo Acc!
    Sign-up and Get Big Bonus:

  • Binomo

    2nd place! Good choice!

There are four strategies in the VIP Account: Wise Growth Strategy, Perfect Pitch Method, High Yield Systems and Capital Gain Cue.

Each strategy is available to VIP members and more than one strategy can be activated during trading. This will provide more signals ergo more trades will be placed. However, Robot cannot trade if all the strategies are turned off, therefore, you must activate at least one strategy. As long as the trader is online, the Robot will place trades. Traders usually figure out how to balance the trades with combining the four strategies which are the ultimate goal if you want to enhance your chances of profit.

Binary Options Robot Expiry Times

Binary options are about placing trades and getting results within a determined timeframe and Binary Options Robot does all that for you! You only need to set some ground rules and check trading results whenever you want. What else can one ask for? VIP members are able to set expiry time and let the Robot handle everything else.

The purpose of this VIP feature is to give traders the option to trade either short term or long term. Traders can choose between two options: 60 Seconds or Daily Trade time limit.

If a trader marks the 60 Seconds time limit, the Robot creates the potential to profit in just one minute. The other option, known as Daily Trade, is for traders who prefer longer term trading. Traders can alternate between these two options but should be aware that Robot places trades only while you are online thus ensuring you of safe and carefree trading conditions.

Binary Options Robot VIP account – Designed For All Traders

Upon reading this article, traders will discover that Binary Options Robot VIP Account is a completely free and a very special trait that provides specific, user-oriented features available to all of its users.

The only thing to do is register with Binary Options Robot and make the first deposit with a broker and off you go, exploring the additional options and personalizing your Binary Options Robot dashboard.

Set the desired Risk Levels, pick your Trading Strategies and decide which Expiry Times option works best for you. It can all be changed, as long as at least one strategy is turned on while the Robot places trades, otherwise, it will not trade.

As it can be seen, Binary Options Robot is the ultimate auto trading binary program, created to simplify everyone’s trading experience and work in traders’ favor, making it the best software available for binary options trading.

What is Binary Options Robot VIP Account?

Binary Options Robot succeeded in carving a place in the binary options market almost from the moment it became available to traders worldwide.

This innovative and efficient binary options trading software gained popularity among traders as it provided excellent services and made trading binaries available even to those which had little or no experience at all.

Binary Options Robot is a free binary trading solution that is completely web-based which makes it extremely handy since traders can reach it from any browser.

It uses a sophisticated algorithm to constantly scan the market and generate binary trading signals which have the highest probability of ending in a profitable trade.

In doing so, this trading software does most of the hard lifting on behalf of the traders.

Hence, this trading software saves time and it brings the possibility of achieving profitable trading results.

However, it is their VIP account that makes this trading software even more appealing. However, those who do not know a lot are probably wondering what is Binary Options Robot VIP account and how should it be used?

We will provide all relevant info in the next few paragraphs.

What is Binary Options Robot VIP Account?

In short, Binary Options Robot VIP account is a special account which provides enhanced features for trading binary options.

The VIP account has been designed in order to boost traders’ chances when it comes to binary options trading results. Another amazing benefit all traders who opt to use this binary trading system get is an access to VIP account without extra charge.

Binary Options Robot is connected to well-established binary brokers and when traders register with this binary robot all they need to do in order to activate it is to make a deposit with one of the offered brokers.

A simple deposit is enough for traders around the world to be eligible to start using Binary Options Robot VIP account.

Traders have to contact Robot customer support which will active the VIP account and traders can start using it straight away.

The first deposit allows traders one month of free VIP account benefits.

What are Binary Options Robot VIP Account Benefits?

This great account comes with three fantastic features which may make a difference when it comes to final trading results. Traders get Trading Strategies, Risk Level and Expiry Times features. Each feature brings a new aspect to trading binaries.

With Risk Level feature traders are given a chance to control the level of risk and set it so they feel comfortable with it. There are four levels of risk, ranging from Low to Moderate, Medium and High.

The lower the risk level the fewer binary signals are available, as the algorithm will only select those trades which have low-risk exposure. However, this is ideal for beginners who are still careful and are trying to find the balance and figure out the best approach.

With time, traders do experiment with different risk levels since higher risks also bring in more generated signals and potentially more profits.

The great thing about using Binary Options Robot for trading binaries is that there are several binary brokers connected with this trading solution. Hence, traders can make more than one deposit and then test different risk levels with different brokers.

The next question is – What is Binary Options Robot VIP account Trading Strategies feature? Why is it important? This is an amazing feature which contains five strategies in total.

The latest one has been added only recently which testifies that Binary Options Robot constantly upgrades the trading system and is trying to deliver the best possible service to their registered traders.

Each of the five strategies is governed by a unique set of algorithms and traders can use more than one strategy simultaneously.

It is wise to test each of the offered strategies and see what each one has to offer and how their distinctive algorithms function.

Strategies available to traders are The Wise Growth Strategy, Capital Gain Cue, High Yield Systems, The Perfect Pitch Method and Order Flow.

The third feature, Expiry Times, provides traders with a chance to enjoy both short and long term trading.

As there are two choices, 60 seconds and Daily trades, global traders can test both. However, for those traders who are new to binary trading, they should be aware that short-term trading is more risk-exposed.

The reason for that is that it is harder to correctly predict what will happen to an underlying asset in a period of 60 seconds than for a longer period of time.

With Daily trades, registered Binary Options Robot traders can enjoy longer trades as well.

As is the case with previous two features, this too is meant to be tried and tested so that traders can find what suits them the most.

Furthermore, to extend the VIP account after the first 30 days, traders simply need to make another deposit with some of the connected brokers.

Global traders also need to know that Binary Options Robot never carries out the trades unless traders are online and have accepted the signals suggested by the trading algorithm.

This is done via simple pop-up window which appears with the suggested binary options signal. This benefit was also added recently and is called the Auto Approval Benefit. Traders have to either accept or decline the recommended trade. If they accept, the Robot will carry out the trade on their behalf.

In case they decline, the system will not trade on their behalf.

This puts traders firmly in charge of this accredited binary options trading software which is a unique solution for both experienced and newbie traders.

The trading software will first scan the market searching for trades respecting the settings traders had the previously set.

The trading signals generated are those which have the highest probability of making profits for trades.

However, there are also risks involved due to sudden market changes and traders need to keep that in mind before they embark on binary options trading.

What is Binary Options Robot VIP Account?

As a trader who prefer to invest in binary options by using automated trading system, such as Binary Options Robot, numerous options are available.

So far, South African traders had opportunity to learn more about this lucrative auto trading software and get acquainted with its benefits.

This binary robot guide will reveal interested traders in South Africa how to use Binary Options Robot in order to minimize trading risk which might result with profit gain.

What Binary Options Robot offers South Africans is a powerful and modern trading software which is user-friendly and perfectly adjusted to beginner traders as well al professionals.

Binary Options Robot is a free auto trading software which requires absolutely no download. The main idea is to offer traders an excellent trading experience where they can have overall control over their trades.

Continue reading below to learn more about this software and what is Binary Options Robot VIP account.

Introduction of Binary Options Robot VIP Account

With an unique trading software, such as Binary Options Robot, traders can see what this automated system offers and VIP account option is one of the main reasons why Binary Options Robot is a widespread auto binary robot.

There is no minimum deposit with Binary Options Robot since the software itself is connected to several binary robots. So when South Africans want to make a deposit, they will be redirected with one of the available brokers and afterwards they are ready to begin auto trading journey.

Binary Options Robot VIP account is an upgraded version of a trading account where traders are able to see what this automated trading system can offer to traders and are there trading instruments which can be used to reduce the risk and maximize profit.

With more than 50 underlying assets on disposal, South African traders are able to trade with stocks, commodities, indices and currencies.

If traders refer a friend, they’ll get on month free VIP account status where they can try out different VIP strategies and trading tool to have higher success rate when investing in binaries, especially with binary automated trading solution such as Binary Options Robot.

How to Trade Successfully on Binary Options Robot VIP Account?

This robot guide will provide more detailed information regarding Binary Options Robot VIP account benefits, such as Daily Stop Loss and Max Daily Trades.

With Daily Stop Loss, traders in South Africa are able to set the exact amount that would limit trade amount. This way, robot can not trade more than traders set in advance. However, with Max. Daily Trades, South Africans can choose a number of trades per day that Binary Options Robot can place.

If traders need any specific clarification of how to make a deposit or from where to begin with, they can easily turn to Robot’s customer support service via chat or email.

Powerful Trading Features of VIP Account

Binary Options Robot offers registered traders many useful trading tools and features which can be used to have better trading results and greater understanding of how binary automated trading works.

Main three benefits of Binary Options Robot VIP account are: Trading Strategies, Risk Levels and different Expiry Times.

How to Benefit from Risk Level Features?

Binary Options Robot software is designed for both professional traders as well as traders beginners who have no previous trading experience.

For this reason, opportunity to use risk level features comes as an amazing option which can result in having less risk exposure.

Binary Options Robot provides South African traders with 4 different risk levels, from very low to high risk exposure. Also, profits range depending which risk level is chosen.

Usually newbie traders start their auto trading journey with a low risk trades since they seem most acceptable and this way they can learn during trading steps and improve their chance to win in binary auto trading process.

How to Use Binary Options Robot Auto Trading Strategies?

Each of following Binary Options Robot strategies is unique and offers a completely different mathematical calculation of how are binary trading signals generated.

Available trading strategies with this auto binary software are: Wise Growth, Capital Gain Cue, Perfect Pitch Method, High Yield Systmes and Order Flow strategy.

Order Flow is the latest edition on Binary Options Robot VIP account dashboard .

It is important to note how this auto trading software offers to expiry times in terms of 60 seconds (higher risk involvement) and Daily trades with longer period of expiry time.

What is Binary Options Robot Auto Trade Approval?

As seen from our guide review, with Binary Options Robot there is no need to download the software. Traders in South Africa only have to be logged into their trading account and be online to trade binaries on this auto trading software.

With this binary automated software, traders can trade binary options by having more trading control over their trades. Therefore, a team of experts implemented new trading feature called Auto Trade Approval.

This exquisite trading feature; Auto Trade Approval enables traders to have fully control over their portfolio and are able to accept or refuse received trading signal.

Although traders set the preferences, Robot will offer signals once generated and South Africans can decide to approve or decline a signal in order to avoid unsuccessful signals. This shows how traders have absolute control over trading portfolio.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    1st Place! Best Binary Broker 2020!
    Best Choice for Beginners — Free Education + Free Demo Acc!
    Sign-up and Get Big Bonus:

  • Binomo

    2nd place! Good choice!

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