Binary Robot 365 Review

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BinaryRobot365 Review


Binary Robot 365 Review The use of auto trading binary robots and expert advisers is becoming very popular in binary options trading, just like it is a fast growing trend […]

Full Review Details

Broker BinaryRobot365
Website URL NEW
Founded 2020
Support Number Email: [email protected]
Support Types Email
Languages English, Dutch, Arabic, Finnish, Swedish, Japanese, Korean, Bulgarian, Romanian, French, Russian, Polish, Danish, Turkish, Czech, Malay, Croatian, Slovenian, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Greek, Norwegian, Hungarian
Minimum 1st Deposit $250
Minimum Account Size $250
Minimum Trade Amount $5
Bonus FREE
Payout Average 85%
Free Demo Account
Account Types Various as per Broker choice
Deposit Methods Various as per Broker choice
Withdrawal Methods Various as per Broker choice
Number of Assets 100+
Expiry Times 60s, 2m, 3m, 5m, 15m, 30m, 1h
Types of Assets Currencies, Indices, Commodities, Stocks
Option Types Various as per Broker choice
Trading Currency Most popular GBP, USD, EUR
Account Currency Most popular GBP, USD, EUR
US Traders Allowed
Mobile Trading
Tablet Trading
Overall Score 90


  • More than 90% winning rate
  • Multiple Assets
  • Multiple Brokers
  • Free Package
  • Full customization
  • No Live Chat or Telephone Support

Full Review

Binary Robot 365 Review

The use of auto trading binary robots and expert advisers is becoming very popular in binary options trading, just like it is a fast growing trend in Forex. There are several reasons why traders prefer robots over manual trading, for example robots do not have emotions while humans can make mistakes because of greed and emotional behavior. Similarly, binary robots are able to trade round the clock, they neither get tired nor make any mistakes and we know very well that in binary options trading, high exposure with the financial markets means high profitability. In this piece, we are going to review a very effective binary robot known as Binary Robot 365. After monitoring the results of this robot we are of the view that this is probably the best binary options robot of this age.

How Does Binary Robot 365 Work?

Binary Robot 365 uses some built-in binary options strategies and advanced algorithms for automated binary trading. The robot has been tested and optimized extensively by its developers via both back testing as well as real trading. The binary robot software has a proven history of placing more than 90% winning trades and is also very easy to use because of its user-friendly interface which works well on smaller devices since the robot can also be used on mobile and tablet devices.

Besides automated binary trading based on pre-defined strategies, the software may also be used to develop custom strategies; this is one of the best features of Binary Robot 365. The software provides different technical indicators such as Williams, MACD, STOCH, CCI, Trend and RSI to help experienced traders develop their own trading strategies. Traders may also develop a hybrid binary trading systems by combining the built-in strategies of Binary Robot 365 with their own custom strategies.

In addition, traders can minimize their risk by choosing some advanced risk parameters such as expiry time, assets to trade, number of simultaneous trades etc. This is however pertinent to mention here that risk management with Binary Robot 365 is manual – the robot doesn’t choose risk parameters in an automated way. With Binary Robot 365, traders can also make use of advanced money management strategies to manage their risk; such strategies include Fibonacci, classic, martingale etc.

Key Features

  • Binary Robot 365 has a proven history of placing more than 90% winning trades
  • The software uses advanced algorithms and binary options strategies
  • The robot can be used to develop custom binary options strategies
  • It provides seven frequently used technical indicators to develop custom strategies
  • It also offers some advanced money management strategies including martingale, Fibonacci, classic etc.
  • The robot is free of cost – there are no startup or recurring expenses
  • Professional customer support is available 24/7
  • The robot may be used on tablet and mobile devices too

Advantages of Using Binary Robot 365

    • Proven Trading History: Binary Robot 365 has a proven history of generating more than 90% winning trades. It uses advanced algorithms and binary options strategies for placing automated trades. The performance of this robot has been extensively tested and optimized by its developers.
    • Full Customization: Binary Robot 365 offers high level of customization – users can choose various risk parameters, develop their own binary options strategies with the help of seven different technical indicators and use advanced money management methods such as Fibonacci, classic and martingale.
    • Risk Management: The software offers advanced risk management parameters such as setting the amount per trade, choosing an asset to trade, number of simultaneous trades etc.


  • Manual Risk Management: Although Binary Robot 365 offers great risk management parameters but yet its risk management features are not fully automated. It may be difficult for beginners to set correct risk management parameters.
  • Mechanical Failure: Another small disadvantage is the risk of mechanical failure, outage of internet connection might trigger trades on a PC and not on a server. Therefore, trade orders would not be sent to the market.


There are no upfront or recurring costs associated with Binary Robot 365. The software is absolutely free. Anyone can open a free trading account on its official website. After submitting a basic sign up form, you will be connected with one of brokers recommended by BinaryRobot365 and make at least $250 deposit. That’s it, after doing so you could start using services of Binary Robot 365.

Customer Support

Binary Robot 365 comes with professional email support round the clock. For any query about the robot, its recommended brokers or anything else you can contact on this email [email protected] . The staff of the company usually responds to all emails within 24 hours.


Binary Robot 365 is by far the best among all binary software/EAs/robots we have reviewed so far on our website, even when compared to our review on binary options robots. Its built-in trading strategies have a proven track record of more than 90% winning rate. It also enables anyone to develop own trading strategy based on a number of available technical indicators and advanced money management strategies.

Binary Robot 365

Robot Name: Binary Robot 365
Founded: 2020
Type: Robot
Price: Free*
Return: Varies
Trading: BO
Demo Account: No
Minimum Deposit: Up to Broker

Binary Robot 365 Review

Binary Robot 365 was created in 2020 and they claim it was created by professional traders who developed “a number of trading algorithms”. Okay, I have no idea who these “professional traders” are because they never tell me but at least we know where the reviews are coming from. An amnesia patient named John Doe:

Wikipedia – John Doe/John Roe: These names are also used to refer to a corpse or hospital patient whose identity is unknown. Perhaps we turn up dead after using it? Walking dead anyone?

The AutoTrader is available for mobile and computer. Straight away I notice they claim to have an 85% win rate… well unless you scroll down a little bit then it’s suddenly 83%. Not sure which one is it and over a how long period it was tested on a live market or whether it was tested at all but they say it so it must be true. I must mention that most robots claim to be that accurate but in reality, they score below 55% based on what we have experienced and I am sure this one is no different. But anyway, we must give them the benefit of the doubt, for a little while at least.

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    1st Place! Best Binary Broker 2020!
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  • Binomo

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What is the 85% Winning Binary Robot 365?

The BinaryRobot365 is a binary options auto-trader and signals platform. From what I could work out, this robot uses a list of six technical indicators: Williams, Stochastic, RSI, MACD, Williams and CCI… wait that’s just five… Yeah, it seems Williams was mentioned twice on the list. Okay, perhaps a typing error, maybe it was a moving average or something? The FAQ mentions that the signals are generated via the indicators mentioned above and that they recommend the trend following strategy for beginners. It can also use Martingale and change the trade size based on the performance. However, I find no evidence for the robot is 85% successful aside from their marketing claim. On the plus side, you can get full control of your trading account by turning the AutoTrader off or disabling some or all the involved indicators. This allows you to fine-tune personal strategies.

In the FAQ and in an annoying pop-up, they mention that they offer demo accounts but surprise, surprise – once you register for a “demo”, all you get is a real account and another annoying pop-up that tells you to deposit. Looking around in my newly opened account I found a list of functions that control the size of your trades, the max number of trades and the risk (Low, Medium and High). However, I could not find where to select and unselect the indicators that I mentioned earlier.

Costs and performance

The Binary Robot 365 is free, which automatically means that broker signup and deposit are required. I like that they recommend to only sign up with EU-regulated brokers but there is some confusion here. I don’t see why famous scam brokers are in the mix of recommended brokers too. For example, GTOptions, OptionRally and CherryTrader to mention a few, have all been already talked about in our Scam Watch. All of them even show up as scams over and over again. However, when I signed up, I was automatically pointed to the broker Brokerz and I did not have the option to change to another one. I have to mention that I was using a VPN, which made it look like I was in The Netherlands, so maybe you will get different broker choices based on your location.

Getting back to the subject of performance: at the time of writing, Demo accounts are not available but in the past, they were, which allowed us to pseudo-test the robot. I let the robot take some 15 trades on the demo platform they offered – ranging from 5€ to 19€ in trade size. To use you can set the asset, the trade size, the expiry, the money management style, and the maximum number of trades to have open at one time. I couldn’t locate an option to change what indicators are used.

After the trades were over, my balance went from 5000 to 5050€. Here is what’s interesting though, this was during a weekend so the markets were actually closed. Of course, some brokers offer weekend trading based on simulated markets or based on the past week’s data but this is not recommended for live trading, only demo. Looking at the results, most wins or losses are 1 pipette indifference so I can only conclude that those prices are simulated. Again, there was no such movement in the market at the moment of my trading because it was a Saturday, so it was a pseudo-test, not based on real-market data but that’s all they gave us.

What Real Users Have To Say About BinaryRobot365

John confirms that users get directed to different brokers depending on their region:

He was contacted by a Greenfields Capital representative, who asked to be allowed to control John’s computer remotely. Huh, what? You want access to people’s computers now and when you don’t get it you become upset? Well, brokers are going to new lows to get people’s money. Good thing John had the common sense to deny him access.

Timothy here is pretty upset… with us. He wants us to deposit our money and trade using BinaryRobot365 on a real account, not on a demo. But, Timothy, Demo accounts are supposed to use the same data as a real account i.e. actual market data, which means that we shouldn’t notice any difference between Demo and Real. Why would they offer a Demo if the results are different from a Real account? Oh, wait, I know: so they can manipulate the price maybe? Because obviously they cannot manipulate the real market. How about you invest some money, document all of your trading on a Real account and come let us know how it worked out? But wait, we are not financial advisors and cannot tell you what to do with your money. Are you a financial advisor? Because you seem to advise us about our finances.

Another Robot That Sucks Or Useful Autotrader?

This autotrader claims a lot of stuff but doesn’t deliver. They say you can choose your broker from a dropdown list but when I open an account I am automatically directed to a broker of their choosing, which is not regulated, by the way. They say that I can choose what indicators to use when in fact I can’t – or the feature is so hidden that I wasn’t able to find it. And finally, they claim you will get a 90% accuracy (or 85%, or 83%, depending on where you look) – that’s winning 9 trades out of 10 – which is not happening in the real world.

Furthermore, BinaryRobot365 is a clone of another autotrading robot called Crypto Robot 365, which we’ve reviewed before. The two websites are carbon copies of one another, with a few names and words changed here and there. Bottom line: these autotraders are meant to make you deposit with their recommended broker so they can get paid an affiliate commission. That’s the story today and that was the story always. So better stay away and keep your money safe.

BinaryRobot365: The Binary Options Software with Real Results

One thing that has turned many people off about binary options robots is the fact that many of them promise trade results that are all hype and no substance. How can a trader deposit $250 into an account and hope to walk away with hundreds of thousands of dollars after just a month of trading? We all know this cannot happen. The team at BinaryRobot365 also knows this, and that is why this robot was created differently. BinaryRobot365 is here to give you automated binary options trading with real results and no hype.

Company Information

BinaryRobot365 is a binary options robot software developed in August 2020 by ARG Media, a UK-based company. The software is created as a third-party application, built to trade the High/Low binary options contracts on the platforms of compatible brokers. BinaryRobot365 sets trades on the regular High/Low binary options as well as the Turbo/Hyper options which have expiry times that last only as long as 2 minutes or 5 minutes. BinaryRobot365 was voted Best Robot 2020 by a poll of users of robot software conducted online.

The list of compatible brokers reveals that the software can work on the following platforms:

  1. FMTrader
  2. Tradorax
  3. BinaryTilt
  4. TorOption
  5. PlusOption
  6. StockPair
  7. 24Option
  8. EmpireOption

Assets available

What are the assets that can be traded by the BinaryRobot365 software? We look to one of the platforms where this software regularly produces profits to pick out the assets that are listed for trading with the High/Low as well as Turbo options:

Equities: Barclays, Telefonica, Orange France, Societe General, BBVA, Gazprom, Renault, Sberbank, Tesco, Vodafone, BP, BNP Paribas, AXA, Royal Dutch, Verizon, Google, Apple, Coca-Cola, JPMorgan Chase, McDonald’s, Microsoft, Cisco, Intel, Dell, Amazon, Yahoo, Ebay, Pfizer, IBM, NIKE, EXXON, CITIGROUP, Amex, Baidu, Facebook, Netflix, Priceline, LinkedIn, Disney, GoldCorp, SilverWheaton, Goldman Sachs, Twitter, Adidas, Alibaba, Deutsche Bank, BHP Billiton, Westpac Banking, Rio Tinto, Sony, Sumitomo, Samsung, ICICI Bank, Tata Motors Ltd, Ferrari, Walmart.


Indices: CAC-40 future, FTSE 100-future, South Africa future, SMI-future, S&P 500-future, DAX-30 FUture, IBEX-Future, TADAWUL, BUX, MICEX, RTS, Dow Jones 30-Future, Nasdaq 100-Future, ASX-200 Future, Nikkei 225- Future, Kospi 200, Hang Seng Future, NIFTY-Future, Bombay 30, DUBAI, Qatar Index, Kuwait Index.

Commodities: Oil, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Gold/EUR, Gold/Silver, Copper, Gold/JPY, Corn, Coffee, Sugar.

Bonuses & VIP programs

BinaryRobot365 on its own, does not provide trading bonuses to its users. Bonuses are rather available on some of the brokerage platforms that are compatible with the BinaryRobot365 software. Bonuses are provided on the following platforms:


It is possible to trade with BinaryRobot365 on mobile. Apart from being able to run on the mobile apps of the brokerage platforms on which the software trades, it is also possible to use BinaryRobot365 on the mobile versions of the platforms on which it runs. The BinaryRobot365 app website itself is mobile-compliant, and allows traders to adjust risk settings and perform other software-related functions.

Deposits and withdrawals

In order to use the BinaryRobot365 robot or app, the trader must make a minimum deposit of $250 into a trading account that is to be opened with any of the brokers listed above. Each broker has its own unique system of accepting deposits and effecting withdrawals. Some of the popular methods of transaction are as follows:

  • Credit card/debit card: Different brokers will provide a mandate of what cards can be used and who can use them.
  • The bank wire transfer method is used by all brokers and accepts all citizens of countries they do business with. Usually, traders are advised to take advantage of the higher transfer limits allowed with the bank wire method.
  • E-wallet options: Several of the binary options brokers that are compatible with BinaryRobot365 also allow Skrill and other digital wallets.

Here is a list of the minimum deposit amounts in the various base currencies that feature on BinaryRobot365.

  • USD – Dollar: $250
  • EUR – Euro: €250
  • GBP – Great British Pound: £250

Once a deposit has been made, the BinaryRobot365 software is ready for instant activation by the trader. The trader can then make the necessary risk setting adjustments before switching on the robot for trading.

Customer support

BinaryRobot365 has a strong customer support system which allows users, prospects and affiliates get help with any issues they may have. What customer service channels can traders and prospects alike utilize on BinaryRobot365? The following channels are available:

  • There is a live chat facility which is available 24/7, 5 days a week.
  • Email: The email for reaching out to the customer support desk is [email protected]
  • Traders can also use an online contact form.

In terms of the quality of customer support on BinaryRobot365, the verdict is that it is above par.

Extra features and resources

BinaryRobot365 presents some extra features not usually found on other binary options robots. Some of these are listed below.

  1. Traders get access to a free binary options demo account. This is a very rare provision for binary options robots. Test the performance of BinaryRobot365 on a preferred broker’s platform before you sign up.
  2. Usage of BinaryRobot365 is free. What is the catch here? The software’s developers are eventually paid a portion of trading commissions from trades it places.
  3. Choose your own risk management settings to control how the robot trades on your account.


BinaryRobot365 is a relatively new binary options robot, but has quickly established itself as a genuine software that produces believable and valid results without resorting to hype, hiring of paid actors or fake testimonials.


  • BinaryRobot365 boasts of an exceptional customer service desk. Many binary options robots websites do not provide contacts through which their team can be reached. BinaryRobot365 is different. You can reach the team behind the software using live chat, email and telephone.
  • Video proof of the software actually making money is displayed on the website.
  • An affiliate program exists to enable successful users refer their friends and make more money.
  • There are stop loss and risk management features.
  • BinaryRobot365 is the first software to trade binary options contracts on cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum.


  • Perhaps the only disadvantage of BinaryRobot365 is that some of the brokers on whose platform the software works are still in the process of securing regulation and licensing. This restricts the number of regulated brokers on its list that traders can work with.

We now feature some of the frequently asked questions that traders and prospective users may have about the BinaryRobot365 software. Here they are:

  • Is BinaryRobot365 available to US traders?

BinaryRobot365 is not available to US traders.

  • How much do I need to pay to use BinaryRobot365?

Answer: The BinaryRobot365 software is free to use. You only need to make an initial deposit of $250 with one of the listed brokers. You fund and withdraw your profits as the software works on your account.

  • Can I trade Bitcoin and Ethereum on the BinaryRobot365 platform?

Answer: Yes, some of the listed brokers that BinaryRobot365 works on present cryptocurrencies for trading. You need to sign up with the specific broker(s) that offer this from the list. More guidance on this is provided by the BinaryRobot365 team.

  • What types of binary options does BinaryRobot365 trade?

BinaryRobot365 trades the High/Low and Turbo/Hyper options (High/Low with 60 seconds and 2 minutes expiry).

  • How do I deposit funds to trade with BinaryRobot365?

As part of the sign up process on BinaryRobot365, you will be directed to a page to sign up with one of the brokers whose platforms are compatible with BinaryRobot365. You can then deposit funds with your chosen broker using the means of transaction offered on the broker’s platform.

  • Can I get someone to make deposits and withdrawals on my behalf?

BinaryRobot365 does not accept third-party payments. All deposits and withdrawals must emanate and terminate on the account owner’s payment channel, bearing the same name as the BinaryRobot365 trading account owner.

BinaryRobot365 is not a scam robot. It is a tested and trusted binary options robot which is very legit. It does not promise you millions, but it can give you a nice side income.

Binary Robot 365 Review :- Is Scam Or Legit Software ? Find Out !!

December 17, 2020 By Shane

Is Binary Robot 365 Scam? Read my detailed Binary Robot 365 Review before joining this Auto Trading System. The use of robots in auto trading is a trend that is already causing ripples in the binary options world. The indispensable aspects of robots to trade round the clock is increasingly becoming popular because they widen exposure to financial markets hence boost profitability. With technological evolution gathering pace, the number of binary options robots has taken a sharp upward curve. So are you conversant with binary options robots? Ever heard of Binary Robot365?

Is Binary Robot 365 a Scam? Binary Robot 365 Review and Results !!

The Binary Option Robot 365 Website is an automated trading software that sprung to life in summer 2020. The software has enjoyed an unexpected meteoric rise thanks to its promise of being different from the other trading software.

The Binary Robot 365 trading tool offers services in over 12 languages and allows users to customize their own settings for optimized gains and real-time trading experience. Moreover, traders can set trading amount, preferred assets for trade, the number of investment, and the expiry date. There is also the freedom to apply one of their money management strategies which include Martingale, classic, and Fibonacci.

Since its emergence Binary Robot 365 Review system has won the heart of many binary traders but one controversy continues to linger. Is Binary Robot 365 a scam?

Key Features of Binary Robot 365 Explained:

Here are the key features of the Binary Robot365 Reviewed

  • Fully customizable and automated
  • Easy to learn and use thanks to the user-friendly interface
  • Easy to develop a customized trading strategy
  • Uses advanced binary option strategies
  • Binary traders start trading by depositing $100 or 250 based on the broker selected.
  • It can be deployed on mobile devices
  • Accepts traders from the United States
  • Use of 7 most popular technical indicators to send signals
  • Traders can initiate trade with a 90% success rate
  • Use 3 advanced money management strategies which include classic, Fibonacci, and Martingale.
  • Freedom to trade with a regulated broker from a bulging pool of professionals.
  • Proven trading history
  • No recurring or initial charges
  • 24/5 professional customer support
  • Live chat available

How To Get Started With Binary Robot 365 App?

One of the sells for Binary Robot 365 software is its ease of use. For this reason, the process of getting started is pretty simple and intuitive.

Trading with this BinaryRobot365 software is a breeze and you just select your ideal broker from a drop-down menu, then enter your email address, telephone number, and create a password. Brokers associated with the software are many and a regulated by either ASIC or CySec. If you are a binary trader from Asia or Europe you can go with BdSwiss which has a minimum deposit of $100. On the other hand, traders from the United States have an option to select Dinero Libre and deposit a minimum of $250 to get started.

Once you are registered and the verification is done you will gain the access to the broker cashier and the robot interface where you will get the chance to fuel your account with either Neteller, Debit Card, or Skrill.

The next step is to turn the robot On to initiate the Auto-trading. The Binary Robot 365 Review system will automatically place trades on a wide range of currency index/pair. The degree of customization accorded by this software is something to marvel at. It gives you the freedom to select your trades’ time frame and indicators. In its full autopilot format, this software will follow every of your predetermined instruction thereby keeping you in total control over the investments. Trading becomes as easy as the following three steps.

And just in case you want to untangle any complexity related to the robot you will have the opportunity to seek advice from phone support team or via the live chat functionality.

How To Fund Your Binary Robot 365 Account?

To fund your account you should follow the following clear guidelines;

  • Visit Binary Robot 365 HOMEPAGE.
  • Select your ideal broker and enter your details
  • Log in into the robot.
  • Select the ‘CONTINUE REAL MODE’ options
  • Then ‘DEPOSIT MONEY’ then fund the account at the selected broker.

Is Binary Robot 365 Free? Any Costs Involved?

This Binary Robot 365 App is absolutely free; no monthly costs nor up-fronts will be charged once you register on this software. You just sign up on the official website then you will be requested to join one of the associated brokers. Once you fund your account you will be legible to initiate trade without any deduction being made.

This has been one cause for concern amongst novice, but the software is offered for free to increase the number of triumphant traders who will eventually refer other traders to join the associated brokers. By so doing commission is generated from the partnered brokers thereby exempting the charges for the trader and putting the responsibility on the recommended brokers.

What Is The Best Setting For Binary Robot 365 Software?

The Binary Robot 365 App uses trading strategies are based on the frequently used indicators which include Stochastic, Williams, MACD, CCI, RSI, and STOCH. The software uses three money strategies including Martingale, Fibonacci, and Classic.


The robot will place every trade with the fixed amount set by the trader. This strategy is incredibly good for traders with a low-risk appetite, the robot will keep placing with a similar trade amount unless it is adjusted.


Under this strategy, the Binary Robot365 system will double the trade amount after every lost trade. This is a high-risk strategy but it brings high returns. The strategy gives traders the chance to recoup all the losses from the previous trade.


This strategy is like the opposite of the Martingale management strategy. Under this strategy, the robot will double the trade amount after every trade won. This is the most popular strategy and is preferred by a good number of binary traders across the globe. This is a greedy strategy and the idea is that you win a trade when the market conditions are favorable therefore the probability of striking a deal in the subsequent trade is high.

The Binary Robot365 Review App is based on these advanced strategies since they deliver profitable trading opportunities. You can have a view of the latest Results on this trading robot on the website.

Assets & Indexes Available With Binary Robot 365.

The Binary Robot365 software gives the trader the opportunity to trade EURGBP, AUDUSD, EURJPY, GBPUSD, EURUSD, GBPJPY, NZDUSD, USDJPY, and USDCHF. However, only EURUSD, USDJPY, and AUDUSD options are available for 24 hours trading.

This Robot has a legal status and offers services as a licensed company. The company has bestowed regulated brokers with the responsibility to guide traders and the have expressed total confidence in them. The company is also out to serve their clients professionally and in case of any questions, they can be directed to the management or the support team.

Why Choose Binary Robot 365: Pros & Cons Explained


  • Proven trade history
  • Risk management
  • Fully customizable


  • Mechanical failure
  • Manual risk management

Is Binary Robot 365’s Member Support Good?

The Binary Robot 365 Review software facilitates traders instantly via the 24/5 professional customer support. There is an online live chat support, in addition, all registered traders can launch any complaint directly by generating a ticket via the platforms official Binary Robot 365 website. You just provide the details (email and phone number) used during the registration process.

There is also the contact form that can be filled by traders to direct their concerns, ask question regarding the trade, or recommended an associate broker. The customer support team is truly qualified and they respond to question within 24 hours. Moreover, clients have the chance to launch concerns via email at [email protected]

In summary, the available support include;

  • Online support
  • Live Chat
  • Email support
  • Phone support
  • FAQ’s

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Though this Binary Robot 365 trading robot is juvenile in comparison, it has won the hearts of many binary options traders as a scam free system. It gives traders the freedom to fully manage their account and customize their own trading strategies. The fact that it’s offered for free should generate optimism instead of initiating shivers. With it being a new entrant our parting shot is that it’s a tool worth trying, and more can be learned on site.

Binary Robot 365 Broker Review

Binary Robot 365 is auto trading software that allows you to sign-up to a broker, and access the software at the same time. Although Binary Robot 365 does not offer bonuses itself, many of the brokers with which this software is compatible offer impressive welcome bonuses for newly registered clients. Binary Robot 365 boasts impressive, technologically advanced software that is suitable even for novices to use. Although there are limited ways of contacting customer support with this broker, there is a live chat option which can be accessed conveniently from the home page, and assets are offered across stocks, currencies, indices and commodities.

Review Overview

Software – 80%
Customer Support – 70%
Options Choice – 70%

Good quality broker

Summary : Very trusted broker


A relatively recent addition to the ever-growing collection of auto-trading sites, Binary Robot 365 offers its clients a win-rate of up to 90% as well as advanced stop/loss features that allows customers to easily control their own level of risk. Working with many different brokers, Binary Robot 365 automatically places trades on the client’s behalf to maximise profits with minimal effort, and the software is easy enough for even a beginner to understand. Clients can also use a selection of trading indicators to build a bespoke strategy, making this an interesting site for more experienced investors.

Company Information

Established as recently as 2020, Binary Robot 365 already has thousands of satisfied customers Working with numerous brokers, including some that are accessible to US based traders, Binary Robot 365 is not licensed or regulated by any recognised jurisdiction, however it does work with many brokers which are regulated by recognised authorities such as CySEC and ASIC. Binary Robot 365 is not a broker, but instead is a binary options robot that works in conjunction with other brokers.

Assets Available

The assets on offer from Binary Robot 365 depend on the broker chosen by the client when they register with the site. Assets encompass all of the major categories including commodities, currencies, stocks and indices. There are more than 10 brokers to choose from, all of which offer an impressive selection of assets for the client to choose from.


As you might expect from a binary options robot that has been so recently developed, Binary Robot 365 is fully compatible with mobile devices and can be used seamlessly from any Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. However, they do not have a dedicated app which can be downloaded in order to access the software more conveniently while on the go, although many of the brokers that are compatible with this software do have dedicated mobile apps which allow for easy trading on the move.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Because Binary Robot 365 is not actually a broker but is, instead, an automated binary trading robot, the amount required as a minimum deposit depends on the broker chosen.

  • EmpireOption: $200
  • PlusOption: $250
  • StockPair: $250
  • 24Option: $250
  • BDSwiss: $100
  • Stern Option: $250
  • Dinero Libre: $250 (US only)

The deposit and withdrawal methods available also vary depending on the broker chosen by the client. While all of the brokers will offer traditional payment options like credit and debit cards and bank wire transfers, others will also allow e-Wallets like Skrill and Neteller, so it is important to check to see which offers your preferred payment method before choosing the right broker for you.

Withdrawals can be quickly and easily requested from the client’s online portal and processing generally takes place pretty rapidly within 2 to 3 working days.

Customer Support

Binary Robot 365 offers two contact options for clients who require customer support. Clients can either use the supplied email address or use the handy live chat facility which can be accessed via the homepage. Responses are usually received to email requests within 24 hours, however there is no telephone helpline or any other available contact options.

Extra Features and Resources

Although Binary Robot 365 does not offer any educational resources itself, the many brokers with which this software is compatible do often offer videos, webinars, tutorials and ebooks designed to accommodate the needs of both novice and advanced binary options traders. Some of the special features offered by this site include the ability for clients to manage their own risk effectively, with the ability to set losses by the day to avoid drawdowns and the availability of advanced stop loss system alerts. It is also possible to use the Binary Robot 365 software with six different indicators in order to customise a trading strategy to suit your own specific needs. The six indicators are:

  • Trend Indicator
  • Williams Indicator
  • MACD Indicator
  • RSI Indicator
  • CCI Indicator
  • STOCH Indicator


Binary Robot 365 offers some interesting features that make it an appealing choice for many keen traders, although there are some negatives too.

  • Simple intuitive software which can be used with easy by novices
  • 100% online trading interface requiring no installations or downloads
  • Instant customer support via the live chat facility as well as email support within 24 hours
  • Compatible with at least 10 different brokers
  • Easy to request deposits and fast processing within 2 to 3 days
  • Optimised for mobile trading
  • Works with many licensed and regulated brokers
  • Works with brokers that accept clients from the USA
  • An easy way to make profits with no effort
  • Customisable with a choice of 6 indicators for a personalised trading strategy
  • Win rate of up to 90%
  • Trading around the clock
  • Excellent stop loss features to limit risk
  • Quick and easy to set up an account
  • Limited support options with no telephone helpline
  • No multilingual support options

Can I use my existing binary options broker trading account with Binary Robot 365?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to use an existing account with another binary options broker with the Binary Robot 365 automated trading software. Instead, you must open an account with one of the compatible brokers through the Binary Robot 365 website. You can choose which of the many brokers you would prefer to use based on your own trading preferences.

Which brokers are compatible with Binary Robot 365?

Binary Robot 365’s automated trading software is compatible with the following brokers:

  • FMTrader
  • EmpireOption
  • BinaryTilt
  • ToroOption
  • PlusOption
  • StockPair
  • 24Option
  • TradOrax

Each of these brokers offers something different to their clients, so you should do your research to determine which of the available options is the best for your individual trading needs.

Are any brokers that are compatible with Binary Robot 365 suitable for American clients to use?

Some of the brokers which are compatible with Binary Robot 365 automated trading software are happy to accept clients who are from the USA. The brokers which meet this criteria are:

Is it easy to use Binary Robot 365?

Using Binary Robot 365 is very simple, and therefore is ideal for even beginners to get to grips with. All you need to do is register for an account through the website for one of the compatible brokers, deposit funds and then switch the Auto Trading button on the trading interface on. This will trigger automatic trading on your account meaning that you can generate profits without having to use any personal effort. You can, however, customise the settings for the strategies and indicators that you would like to use on your account to control your own level of financial risk and to fully control your account.

How can I control my risk with Binary Robot 365?

One of the benefits of using the Binary Robot 365 software is that it allows clients to effectively manage their own level of risk. This can be done by adjusting the parameters for each trade, such as the asset, amount per trade and the maximum number of simultaneous trades. Although this may be a little complex for complete beginners, more experienced traders will appreciate this higher level of control over their account.

Are there any additional costs to use Binary Robot 365?

There are no additional costs incurred to use the Binary Robot 365 software, and no hidden charges or extra fees will be levied at any time. There will be no upfront cost to the client and no ongoing monthly fees charged. The only cost is the deposit made to the compatible broker, which will be a minimum sum of $250.

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