Binatex Scam Test

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Binatex Scam Test

Binatex Scam Test

Another binary options broker is up for review. This time, we will be analysing the security system of a company that has been around for several years. From 2020, to be exact. Surviving that long in the trading industry is quite a challenge, but to make sure no Binatex scam can occur, we have to conduct a much more thorough examination. That’s why we will take a look at the company’s papers and at the system they have in place to protect your sensitive information. Things like these are not negotiable if a broker wants to succeed, so let’s take a look at how these guys have dealt with those challenges. Keep reading for all the information.

Now, obviously, when checking a broker’s reliability, you will look for their licence. In order to avoid any potential Binatex scam, this is what you hope to find. On their website the company claims that it is in the process of being registered anew with CySEC. That makes sense, since the company in charge of transactions on this website is Binatexia Ltd, which is based in the city of Nicosia, on Cyprus. What is interesting to note is that the company that owns this broker (Yulanta Business from Seychelles) has displayed a legal opinion on the broker’s website which states that they adhere to all legal standards, and the same is stated for Binatexia. Therefore, they seem to have a legal proof that they are legit. But forget about the paperwork, what can you expect in practice?

Binatex Home Page

Is Binatex scam a real threat?

Things can always look good on paper, but they may turn out to be completely different in real life. If you have read our Binatex Review 2020, you know that there are some pretty interesting features on this website. However, we will stick to those that most important from the security aspect here. First of all, you will be protected by a layer of SSL encryption while trading and conducting business on this website. All legal information is readily available, plus our transactions always went through as expected. In other words, we experienced no withdrawal problems when trading here. In addition, maintaining contact with the broker was fairly simple, primarily because of the profiles they have on various social networks. It all points to the conclusion that there is no Binatex scam you have to worry about, but do stay for our final word.


In the end, we really can’t say we had any problems while trading with this broker. Our monetary transactions were smooth, and our data never got compromised. That being said, they are still waiting to get their CySEC license renewed. This will be a big boost for them, for sure. But even without that, you will want to consider giving them a chance, primarily because of their low financial requirements (more on that in our review). So, if you’re a casual trader, open an account here. This may very well be what you’ve been looking for.

Binatex – SCAM Review


  • Czech, Polish, Slovak and other texts are machine-translated
  • Absence of licence from CNB and CySEC
  • Many complaints online

Binatex is a company founded in late 2020 offering binary options trading on its in-house platform, which is quite nice and smooth. It appears to me that the business model is very similar to the one used by IQ Option. In early2020, Binatex launched a massive promo campaign and began to sponsor various websites for displaying large advertisements at these websites.

Is this company reliable? Should one trade with it?

The introduction of Binatex

Binatex is a broker regulated by Russia’s FMRRC. However, it does not have a licence – neither from CySEC nor from british regulator. I have found out that the company has its headquarters in Scotland, (or so they say) which is hard to believe. Probably, it will be some sort of a virtual p.o. box. Early in 2020, the company launched a big media campaign luring traders for quick profits. I am not sure whether the effect was not the opposite.

Since the early stages, people have been seeking information about Binatex from various reviews. The majority of it is not overly positive. It’s true that on the internet you will also find some positive “reviews” but the reason is simple: Binatex offers everybody who writes a positive review financial reward ranging $200 to $500 and even more if you own a bigger website. I believe that for some web administrators, it is enough to publish anything.

Binatex offers not only english. But alse czech, polish and more languages versions of their website, but this does not mean anything extraordinary. Don’t get fooled. The translations of the website and platform look amateurish; it is clear that the translations were performed either by machine or the quality is awfully poor.

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Binatex platform

It seems that the only thing I can laud is the broker’s platform, which is really nice and smooth. It offers lots of assets to trade and its look is really simple and elegant. What I don’t like is the minimum profit on some assets, below 60% (… is this a joke or what?) With this broker you can only trade classical binary options and choose from seven expiry periods ranging from 1 minute to 24 hours.

The platform, by the way a copy of platforms used by IQ Option and TechFinancials, contains a box for market news and similar tools, which is useful for fundamental traders. Over weekends, you can trade cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, litecoin and ethereum. But the profit falls far below 60%, it’s only 10%. (… Are you serious, guys? This must be a mistake?)

Binatex trading platform

The platform also offers some educational materials in Polish, which is fine. But honestly, don’t you think that the free materials at our website are enough? (I mean the series about technical analysis and fundamental analysis)

Binatex demo account

Binatex offers a free demo account, too. If you decide to use a live account you will have to fork out at least USD 10. The minimum per trade is one dollar. I feel that these the two elements are a copycat of IQ Option. It is exactly what catapulted IQ Option close to leading position in the market.

Because the broker is not regulated it can afford offering bonuses. In my opinion, this is something that attracts new (less knowledgeable) binary options traders. Be cautious – this bonus must be traded before you can withdraw. Not too many people are aware of this. (more info about trading bonus).


I personally believe that it is not a wise decision to invest too much in trading with this broker. It’s true, I spent some money to test the platform for you and to write a review. But I wouldn’t surely place large sums such as thousands of dollars. Nevertheless, I fear that a lot of people will get lured by things like their native language and a free demo account.

Whether the demo account is or isn’t rigged, is something I lack evidence for. In a nutshell, I think that it is better to keep away from this broker.

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Binatex Pros

  • Neat in-house platform
  • Free demo
  • Pleasantly low deposit: USD 10

Binatex Cons

  • Czech, Polish, Slovak and other texts are machine-translated
  • Absence of licence from CNB and CySEC
  • Many complaints online

Binatex – Review author

More about the author Step

I’ve wanted to build a business of some kind and earn money since I was in middle school. I wasn’t very successful though until my senior year in highschool, when I finally started to think about doing online business. Nowadays I profitably trade binary options full-time and thus gladly share my experiences with you. More posts by this author

Binatex Details

✅ Broker Binatex
✅ Website URL
✅ Founded 2020
✅ Support Types Although Binax presents its 24/7 support, in reality nobody replies
✅ Languages English, poor Polish, Czech, German.
✅ Trading Platform In-house platform
✅ Minimum 1st Deposit $10
✅ Minimum Trade Amount $1
✅ Bonus 100% bonus
✅ Payout Low!*
✅ Free Demo Account
✅ Deposit Methods Payment card , Qiwi, Yandex, WebMoney
✅ Withdrawal Methods Payment card , Qiwi, Yandex, WebMoney
✅ Expiry Times 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 4 hours, 24 hours
✅ Option Types Traditional options only
✅ US Traders Allowed
✅ Overall Score We don’t recommend trading with this broker.

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21 Responses to “Binatex – SCAM Review”

It’s totally a scam broker. I deposit 10$ and then I made 22$. I requested for 22$ withdraw but It has been 1 month and 10 days and still my withdraw is pending. I contacted many times with Customer care, Only one girl replies named as Ana that there is techincal issue in withdrawal and as it is a technical issue, we can’t tell you when it will be processed. It has been 25 days since I contacted them, and they are replying the same and now, They arent even replying.
Totally scam broker.

Is Binatex scam or not? – Honest Review

Review: Regulation: Min. Deposit: Demo Account:
(4 / 5) 10$ ✓ Free

Binatex is a well known brand in a lot of different countries for trading with Binary Options. Traders can bet on rising or falling assets to gain a high profit. But is Binatex a really good broker for Binary Options? – We will find out in this review. As an experienced trader, I will show you exactly the facts about the company and how to trade. Is it really worth to invest your money there? – Inform you on the following website.

The official website of Binatex

What is Binatex? – The Broker presented

Binatex is an international Broker for Binary Options which accepts any clients for their platform. The company is based in 1080 Cyprus, Nicosia, Demostheni Severi Avenue, 6th floor, office 601 and belongs to the Yulanta Business Ltd with registration number 191592 which is based in Seychelles. The company is officially registered and there is an official statement on the website. This is the first good sign for my review.

The broker was founded in 2020 and get a lot of attention for example in Eastern Europe through advertising and special sponsorships. At the moment Binatex is a sponsor of the UFC-Fighter Alex Volkov. With Binatex it can be very easy to invest in financial markets with betting contracts from the broker.

Facts about the company:

  • Founded in 2020
  • Huge brand because of sponsorships and advertisement
  • Invest into financial markets with them
  • More than 300.000 active traders

Is there a regulation or financial license?

If you do research about this topic you will find no official regulation of the company. It is an unregulated and unlicensed broker for Binary Options. Now there are advantages and disadvantages to this fact. I recommend to trade carefully with unregulated brokers and do withdrawals quickly of the profit. An advantage of this is that the broker accepts any clients and can give a huge bonus for trading.

Binatex guarantee that the client’s funds are managed in European banks and there is a secure SSL connection. In addition, the broker uses regulated deposit and withdrawal methods for the client’s money. In conclusion, an unregulated broker can be good as a regulated one but I recommend to trade carefully and only invest a small amount of money. Also, do quick withdrawals of the profit.

Binatex is an unregulated broker. I recommend trade carefully.

Review of the conditions for Binatex traders

Binatex offers more than 50 different markets to trade. This can be forex, cryptocurrencies, stocks, or commodities. It is possible to do short-time investments like 60-second trades or invest in long-term trades where the time horizon is longer than 24 hours. Start trading with a minimum deposit of 10$. Also, the minimum investment amount per trade is 1$.

Different markets to trade with Binatex

The yield depends on the asset and market situation. When the stock exchange is open there can be a profit of 80% or higher. From my experience, the average profit on this platform is between 70% and 80%. In addition, the execution of the trades is correct and there are no lags. Compared to other brokers Binatex shows a lot of options to trade with but it is not such as good like IQ Option for example.

Facts about the conditions:

  • Minimum deposit 10$
  • Minimum trade investment 1$
  • Free demo account
  • More than 50 assets
  • Average yield 70-80%
  • Fast trade execution
  • Short-term and long-term trades

Test of the innovative Trading Platform

At the first glance the trading platform of Binatex looks very impressive. You can clearly see where you are able to invest your money. The platform is available for your computer or smartphone. Download the app for android or apple devices.

For beginners and advanced traders, it is very easy to see how the trading on the platform is working. Also, there is a free demo account for practice trading available. You can watch some video tutorials in the education section or ask the support for help.

Innovative platform Binatex

Facts about the platform:

  • Clear and userfriendly interface
  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Different tools for analysis
  • Trading Signals
  • Free contests
  • Demo and live account in one platform

Do professional charting and analysis

Another point for a good Binary Options Broker is the charting and analysis. You should be able to analyze the price movements professional like an advanced trader. Binatex offers only charting and analysis tools for the live account. You can not use technical analysis in the demo account.

Another disadvantage is that the tools are not available directly in the trading platform. You have to open a new window on the chart. But I have to mention there are a lot of different options because the charting is hosted by In conclusion, it is a little bit tricky but you should feel comfortable with it after a certain time of practice.

Facts about the charting and analysis:

  • Only available in the live account
  • Free indicators and tools for the technical analysis
  • Charts hostet by

How to trade with Binatex?

How does it work to trade Binary Options? – In conclusion it is very easy to invest money with a chance of a high profit and return. In the following section I will show you exactly how it works.

Trading Binary Options is like betting on price movements of a market. You can bet on rising (call) or falling (put) markets. First, choose your markets and make a forecast of the price movement. The choose a time horizon for the trade. After the expiry time is over the price have to be over or under your entry point in order to make a high profit of 70% – 80%. Otherwise, you will lose your betting amount.

Binary Options example

How it works:

  1. Choose a market and do a forcast of the price movement
  2. Choose a right expiry time for your trade
  3. Invest in rising or falling markets
  4. The price have to be under or over your entry price
  5. Earn a high profit or loose your invest

Mobile Trading: You can trade on any devices with the Binatex App

Mobile Trading ist very important nowadays. People want to invest in their smartphone or other devices. Binatex offers a complete solution for it. You can download the app for your Android or Apple device for free. From my experience, the functions in the app are the same as in the desktop version.

Invest from everywhere with only a few clicks. I recommend to have a good mobile connection otherwise there can be a problem with the trade execution. All in all the mobile app is necessary for a brokers portfolio. Binatex nows that and give you the solution for mobile investments.

Binatex Mobile app

Free and unlimited demo account for beginners

Binatex offers a free and unlimited demo account for beginners. Also, advanced traders can benefit from it. This is a full virtual account with simulated money. It is like trading with real money but without risk. Beginners can practice on the platform and develop their own strategies for trading. You just need your email address to open this account. It is very simple and done in less than 10 seconds.

How to open your real account:

In addition to that, if you signed up you can start directly with real money trades. The broker is unregulated which means you do not need a verification of your personal data and you can deposit and withdrawal without it. The account is opened in less than 10 seconds. In the dashboard, you should fulfill the personal data section before you start investing.

Review of the deposit and withdrawal conditions of Binatex

The minimum deposit and withdrawal amount are only 10$. That means anyone is able to trade with Binatex. You can use for your transactions different methods which I will show you. Also, there are no fees for your transactions. The broker claims that the withdrawals are done within 24 hours. Deposits are credited instantly to your account through electronic methods.

Binatex withdrawal and deposit methods

Facts about the payment methods:

  • Minimum deposit and withdrawal 10$
  • No fees for your transactions
  • Get a free bonus
  • Credit Cards
  • Bitcoin
  • E-Wallets (Advcash, PerfectMoney, Yandex Money)
  • Internet Banking

Support and service for traders

The support and service are very rare on this broker. To contact the broker I only found the live-chat and the email support but the support is working 24 hours 7 days per week. Sometimes it is quite difficult to contact the broker because a phone number is missing.

Furthermore, there are few educational video tutorials for beginners but nothing like live analysis or webinars. In conclusion, the support of Binatex is available in different languages but other brokers offer a really better service than this company.

Facts about the support:

  • Available 24/7
  • Only email and live chat
  • Few educational videos
  • Different languages

Conclusion: Is Binatex a scam or not?

First of all, Binatex offers all that you need to trade successful Binary Options. You can invest in different markets and get a very fast execution on the platform. In addition, the broker looks very userfriendly and useful.

The biggest disadvantage of Binatex is that they go no financial regulation and the support is not so good for their clients. For small investments, the broker can be good for making a fast and high profit but you should be careful because it is completely unregulated.


  • Unregulated and unlicensed broker
  • Small range of markets
  • No professional support


  • Free demo account
  • Userfriendly platform
  • Trading 24/7
  • Bonus program
  • 10$ minimum deposit

Binatex got a very good and userfriendly platform but you should be careful because there is no financial regulation of the company. I would rather use a broker like IQ Option.

7 Binary Options

Binatex is a brokerage company which was originally founded in 2020. Since then the brokerage has attracted the attention of many clients in a short time span.

After just two years in the industry, Binatex has received six international awards i.e. for a user-friendly interface, client support, creative approach, and offering a broad array of trading capabilities via their platform.

Introduction to Binatex

The Binatex website is available in a whopping 15 languages which show the broker’s focus on attracting traders from around the world. The company has a certificate of compliance from FMRRC which is a finance regulatory authority.

Binatex is one of the few brokers which has actually made an active effort to stand out from its competition by providing a high-quality service and is strictly regulated. However, before you start trading it’s important to get acquainted with the features of their trading platform.

Underlying Assets

Trades using Binatex as their broker can trade a number of currency pairs, company shares (like those of Apple, Facebook, Google, etc), commodities like gold and oil.

Over 145000 people use Binatex for their trading needs

Despite the total number of assets being smaller than with other competing trading platforms, the company has plans to increase the number of assets available significantly in subsequent months.

Trading Platform

Binatex uses a platform that didn’t come packaged as a ready-made, out of the box solution. The platform has been developed from scratch by the brokerage firm.

One of the advantages is the ticker in real time mode, which allows traders to actively monitor the number of active traders as well as open transactions.

Charts can be opened in new tabs. The charts can also be rendered in both candle and linear format. The price quotations traders see come directly from Bloomberg, so you can be sure that the pricing and overall market data is correct and is not doctored in any way.

The platform also has sections like the economic calendar, trading signals and one which has training videos as well as their rating of the best traders that’s listed on the bottom of the platform. Traders have the option of customizing their screens by adding or removing what they don’t want to see.

When it comes to contracts, Binatex does not offer any variety right now because only one format is available using the traditional ”UP/Down,” with the expiration periods ranging from 60 seconds to 24 hours.

Benefits of the System:

  1. It is possible for newbie traders to use the system
  2. It offers a very good number of financial assets
  3. Web Protocols safeguard platform security
  4. Binatex accounts can easily be funded, and money can be withdrawn using Visa or MasterCard, as well as other convenient payment system.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Signing-up for a demo account only requires that a person enter in their email address into the form on the website, and verify their email address by clicking on the link emailed to them. Demo accounts are funded with $1000 USD of virtual money. However, the quotes are streamed in real time.

Traders can fund their account with as little as $10 or 10 EUR to trade in real time and gain access to the full plethora of features. The broker accepts payments in the form of credit cards i.e. Visa and MasterCard, in addition to other forms of electronic payment. The first deposit is matched with up to a 100% bonus of the initial amount.

Traders can withdraw money from their Binatex account the same way they funded the account. Withdrawals are processed within three business days and are usually processed on a first come and first serve basis.

The broker has imposed an upper limit on the total number of withdrawal applications a month which mainly depends on the trader’s level. The trader can always check their level by signing into their personal account.

All regulated brokers including Binatex requires traders to send in identifying documents for security reasons. The documentation also helps authorities identify people who use these systems for money laundering purposes.

However, if traders experience any issues with the process, the personal manager assigned can be contacted for assistance.

Trader Education

Binatex has an extensive training library which is meant to train both beginners and seasoned professionals alike. The educational section of the website comprises of dozens of publications and videos which cover everything from fundamental financial analysis to other more advanced technical topics.

For instance, one of the tutorials describes how traders can distinguish between various chart patterns, analyze the trading process and use indicators to improve their trades. More in-depth information can also be unlocked as a trader’s trading volume increases over time mainly based on the ranking system described above.


The Binatex website has an extensive training and learning section which consists of the following types of materials:

  1. FAQs – Answering some of the most common as well as a few uncommon questions asked by traders.
  2. Tutorials – Videos that describe the basic principles of trading strategies, using the platform, etc.
  3. Webinars – Conducted by professional stock traders and which reveal a lot of interesting information.
  4. eBooks – A detailed read on trading options.
  5. Glossary – With technical stocking trading terms.
  6. Trading Instruments – I.e. quoting time data, features, etc.


Despite being relatively new to the trading industry, it has proven to be a very reliable partner for a growing number of traders of almost every competency level. The broker has worked extensively on their trading platform to eliminate obstacles which are often created by other brokers.

It is for this reason that Binatex clients can fully immerse themselves into trading while being assured that the outcome of every transaction is not affected by price level manipulation.

Many traders claim that the broker is an industry game changer, especially in the binary options trading market. The company’s relatively short history so far shows that the broker is eager to improve. It also shows other brokers that their service can become more affordable and attractive with further fine tuning and better features.

Binatex: Broker Review and Trader Feedback 2020

If you’re already into trading or you’re up to it, you’ve probably heard of the broker called Binatex. Binatex has a number of good feedbacks which are posted by traders from all over the world. The point here is that it suits traders of different levels and ensures that one has everything he or she needs at his/her fingertips. It’s especially useful in the modern world which is full of hustle and bustle of everyday worries and hard work. Binatex helps its users to make money anytime and anywhere, you should just have a PC/laptop and the Internet connection.

General information

Binatex is a reliable broker that was founded in 2020. Binatex reputation was made by being the one of the fastest growing companies in the online trading market. It is known for having 1 264 104 users from 74 countries (and the number is growing fast), 6 international awards, unique features, etc. The platform is brought up to date nearly every day. Binatex offers trading services and a wide range of analytical tools in order to make your trading experience better.

Advantages and disadvantages


The platform: Binatex platform is intuitive and user-friendly. It responds to all the needs users have and it’s being made even better every time it’s updated.

Features : Several features are offered on Binatex and the most interesting among them are called “Tournaments” and “Wheel of Fortune”.

Tournament is an online trading competition. The list of the winning competitors, which is updated during the competition, is available right here, at the bottom of the page. Every Tournament has its winners and, of course, prizes. Although, the prize fund isn’t big, the tournaments take place once in several hours which is quite often. Moreover, every tournament is free and one could participate in it, you should just start trading. That motivates traders a lot and helps to escape from the trading routine in order to work even more efficiently afterwards.

The Wheel of Fortune is a scale which increases when the user is active. The more he or she is active on Binatex, the faster the scale increases. The goal is to make the scale full and to get 8 useful add-ons or effects (as they are called on Binatex), among which: loyal transaction cancelation, VIP-status (another great feature), increased profitability, etc.

Demo-account option: The broker offers a demo-account option which is meant be a training tool for every trader. A novice could start from the demo-account just to look around and to understand some basic trading principles. It’s also suitable for those who have dived into trading long ago and want to test some strategies without using real money or to develop some certain skills.

The minimum deposit: Minimum deposit amount is 10 USD or 10 EUR. It’s quite affordable.

Official partner: Binatex is the official partner of Alex Volkov and that’s the great news for those who are interested in MMA. Binatex supports physical development, too.


VIP-level for pros: VIP-level (the 11th) suits professional traders only as a long way should be passed in order to obtain this one. It’s given to user whose deposit is 300 USD or EUR or more. Nevertheless, it’s given for free to every new user and it’s available for 3 hours.

Small number of assets: Binatex could offer not a big number of assets (currency pairs, company shares, commodities).

Trading conditions

As for the trading conditions, Binatex offers the low minimum deposit (it’s only 10 USD or EUR). Binatex ensures safety of your funds as they’re kept in European bank.

The broker could be called one of the highest payout brokers on the market as it has paid about 2 million USD to its traders already.


Binatex offers different kinds of assets. They are currency pairs, company shares (like those of Apple, Facebook, Google, etc.), commodities like gold and oil.

Trading platform

Binatex created the platform which could be described as unique due to a great number of features available here. The broker continues to develop the platform and to bring it up to date as often as possible. As a result, Binatex won an award “Best Platform” in 2020. The platform is totally user-friendly and intuitive.

The platform created by Binatex is available for both Mac OS and Windows. There is no a mobile app but it’s being developed and it’ll be available at Apple App Store and Google Play Store soon.

Mobile Trading

Binatex gives its users an opportunity to trade using not only their PCs or laptops but also their mobile phones (via browser). It’s convenient as in the modern world many of us just don’t have an opportunity to be around our PC for a long time or to bring our Mac with us, so one can trade using his or her mobile. As it’s already said, Binatex developers are in the process of the app development. And that’s another great news for those who prefer trading using their mobile phones. The mobile app is guaranteed to be as convenient as PC version.

Demo account

If you visit Binatex for the 1st time, you’ll notice that your way starts from the demo-account. What’s that for? The demo-account looks like the real one and it gives one a chance to have more information on how the platform works. It’s also used as “the field for practice”. You have 10 000 virtual USD here and can use them for your practice. Another option is to use the demo-account in order to test some strategies. It’s used by both novices and pros.

Account types

A far as you can understand, Binatex has two types of accounts which are the real trading account and the demo-account (we’ve described this one before). The demo-account is the 1st thing you see when you have just filled out the registration form and signed in. The demo-account could be switched to the real one by clicking the real account button at the top of the page.

One is required to verify his or her identity to withdraw funds.

You should fill in your card number, its expiration date, the name of the card holder and CVC in order to deposit funds.

Opening an account

There is no need to complete a lot of actions in order to open an account on Binatex. It’s quite simple. You should fill in your email address and sign in. That’s it. The password is created automatically, so it’s better to change it.

There is also a password recovery option. One should click “Forget the password?” and it’ll be sent immediately to the specified email address.

Funds withdrawal

You can withdraw your funds to the card (or the wallet) that has been used to deposit your account.
It takes 3 working days to proceed your withdrawal request.

Trader training

The special educational section could be found on Binatex, too. There is a number of trading articles and other materials to improve or develop your skills and make you trading even more efficient.
There are also some video lessons which could help you to learn more about different patterns.

Should I trade with Binatex?

Binatex suits both novices and professional traders, so if you’re a newbie, you’ll find it useful to begin your trading career here.

Binatex has a lot of positive feedbacks, people from all over the world share their trading experience and praise Binatex for its platform, which is called “neat” and “user-friendly”, support service, which is available 24/7, etc.

Binatex has won the hearts and minds of its traders as it is client- and goal-oriented.

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