Bloombex Options Account Review

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Bloombex Options Broker Review

�� Demo Account:
⚖ Allows Hedging:
�� Allows Scalping:
�� Headquarters: Germany
�� Founded:
�� Trading Platform(s): SpotOption
�� Regulating Authority(s):
�� Minimum Deposit: 300
�� Maximum Leverage:

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Risk Warning: Your capital may be at risk

Our Review of Bloombex Options

Company Overview

Bloombex Options is an online broker that offers binary options trading capabilities as well as educational material about trading and regularly updated market news. It has been around since 2009, making it one of the earliest brokerage sites.

Account Types + Opening

There is just one type of account with Bloombex Options – so all that matters is what you do with it.

Promotions, Sign Up + Deposit Bonuses

Bloombex Options offers various options for bonuses which go beyond the usual standard sign up bonuses offered by other online brokers. These bonuses are called Trading Bonuses on the site. For example, with one bonus, traders have the opportunity to double their revenue from a single trade.

Commissions and Fees

The payout from Bloombex Options is on average 80%, making it a good site to make money from if you are an astute trader. However, you will of course need to balance this out against the commissions that Bloombex Options charges on withdrawals. There is a fee to open an account with Bloombex Options and one thing that it is important to note about this site is that there are some fees associated with your account that you might not expect. For example, if your account is inactive for more than two months, a fee of $25 will apply.

Trading Platform Review & Mobile Apps

Bloombex Options does not have a mobile app, but its trading platform is busy with information. You definitely feel that you have plenty of options here, including 60 second trading and classic Forex trading. The site is laid out so that news and trading options are all laid out for you to see and to choose from at any time.

Deposits & Withdrawal Methods + Ease

A wide variety of methods can be used to deposit and withdraw money with Bloombex Options, all of them usually quick and smooth. For example, you can use a simple bank transfer or a credit or debit card. Many traders who trade with Bloombex Options also use online accounts (MoneyBookers, for example).

Regulators & Safety: Are they a reliable, legitimate broker or a scam?

Bloombex Options is not licensed. However, this is a site that has built up a strong and pretty much spotless reputation among traders. As such, it is safe to say that Bloombex Options is not a scam and that most traders do not care that it is unlicensed or regulated as its reputation speaks for itself. Review


April 2020: There is a 3rd FPA Traders Court guilty vote against this company. Unless all three of these issues are resolved, the FPA recommends against doing business with and any related companies. If you have funds there, the FPA recommends you try to withdraw them.

June 2020 update: Bloombex Options is also part of the Greymountain Management group of binary companies. This group has a large number of FPA Traders Court cases against it. The FPA considers all brokers which are part of this group to be scams and warns all traders to avoid depositing money with them.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
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    1st Place! Best Binary Broker 2020!
    Best Choice for Beginners — Free Education + Free Demo Acc!
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  • Binomo

    2nd place! Good choice!


Caution : There is an FPA Traders Court guilty vote against Bloombex Options. The FPA recommends caution dealing with this company unless this issue can be resolved.

November 2020: There is a second FPA Traders Court vote against this company. The FPA recomends a high level of caution deaing with Bloombex Options until these issues are resolved.

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Consumer Reviews

i have recieved many calls from employer called fahid basiouni and dr sultan telling me that we have a great offer for you ( 60 days risk free trading ) and after that i will withdraw all my balance with the profite. after many calls and promises i agreed to open account. i opened an account at at 10-2-106 with initial depsoite 15000$ with my credite card

after that, there were many problems. you can read about it here

Be-aware : These guys will trade your account even when you dont want them too. They claim somewhere that when you sign up you authorize them too. I in no way ever did so.

They will charge you at least a 25 dollar a month fee for inactivity when you are not trading.

Support is terrible

I was dealing with the Head Broker, John Davis with

John Davis tells me how lucky I am to find him and that he only works with rich people who trade hundreds of thousands of dollars with him and doing me a service to work with me on such little money. He wanted 100K to begin with. I could only put up $7500, and then he digs deeper and deeper and then the matching happens and so original deposit and match got up to my 67K and Bloombex matched up to 300%.

John built the dream and guaranteed it all the way through. And that he is a man of his word, to promise the very minimum of at least double in 3 months. He did all trading and, he told me that I could withdraw 50K each month started in May, and that did not happen at all. I had to put more in because he then mentions about turnover and always never to worry about anything, and then another deposit of money to speed up turnover and put me into VIP, and then another deposit in June to say that all money is clear to withdraw in July 12th, after Bloombex has 30 days to trade with that, and then Greece was going to leave the Euro and so then John calls me up about more money to put in to really make big money. The account was around $185K as of July 8th, 2020, and then John went of vacation and told me he would be back the following week, which turnout to be around a month.

We had agreed to withdraw all of my investment of 120K and earnings by July 12th 2020, this is the date we met all obligations to withdraw my money. John had horrible trades on the 8th of July and earlier that week, the day before leaving to Singapore, and he had to put capital protection on the account of $90,000 He was gone and left it for someone else to trade without my permission. I ask for the withdrawal of the my money. But at that time John is conveniently out of the country in Singapore and within a couple days the balance had 69K and 80K in long term oil trades, and then within a couple hours the guy sold the long term oil trades and blew the whole account and left 17K in there. They were trading of $12K per trade and I had even changed the password on my account and they still accessed the account.

I talked to John and he was very upset and promised to fix it when he got back. I have been very patient with him to do this. Bloombex does not help me at all and they tell me to work with John. John said the account was under investigation for one month and it was the head broker of the other team who blew the account. By the way, I did not authorize any further trading after the 12th of July and that broker traded after that date and deliberately lost the money.

Finally, in Sept, conversations started more frequently with John on the plan to fix this mess, and of course he wants more money to put in and he will match it with his own money. Here we go again, negotiating things all the time, and he is so believable. I ask him questions that are not answered about the same situation I had with the first broker optionsFX, that John told me to do however those things don’t apply to Bloombex. Also, I mentioned about and that I will go there, and he realizes that I won’t put in any more money, and so he now wants to trade the remaining 17K, which if he did would be gone. And the recommendation was to make trades of $5k. They sent me back the remaining amount in the account of $17k, but they blew my $103K.

Every deal made with John Davis, never comes close. These brokers tell the best tales and know every trick to get more deposit out of you. I have been taken advantage of, and these guys dig deeper and squeeze everything out of you.

I have attached our conversations from Skype since 03/2020 to present. This may be the most helpful for updates.
Attached is the banking history. I deposited money from credit cards and then he sent money back to me to do it wire transfers, because of what happened with optionsfx.
Attached are trading histories.

Bloombex Options Account

Bloombex Options Account

Bloombex Options gives traders endless amount of possibilities with regards to binary options trading. There is indeed a lot of room to experiment with, as they provide excellent trading experience in terms of security, features, user-friendliness, tools and education.

This, along with their web based, simple trading platform, and a solid mobile trading app, makes this broker an excellent business partner which can be used by private and institutional investors worldwide. How does Bloombex Options account fair against other binary options brokers’?

Bloombex Options Account | Registering

Your first order of business is to open a Bloombex Options account. This can be done by filling out a relatively short form which can be found on the broker’s website, or their homepage, to be more precise. You will find the quick start form which requires basic information, including your name, email address, country and phone number.

All of this won’t take you more than a minute or two to fill out and Bloombex Options Login process will be completed. This makes registration seamless and fast, wasting little to no trader’s time. It should be noted that this information will need to be verified and as such, it is important to make sure that the information you have provided is correct, to avoid having to fill out the forms again.

Bloombex Options Account | Types

Unlike a few binary options brokers, Bloombex Option account setup is kept simple and approachable, making it easy for almost anyone to try and open an account on their own. They don’t offer a variety of account type models for traders, which is a good thing since this gives everyone the same head start, without the feeling of missing out on anything because one did not get the most popular or most expensive account model.

All traders start with the same account, and as such, they feel little to no worries as they are not really missing out on anything when compared to the rest of the traders and their accounts. What this binary options broker does, however, to compensate for the lack of account types, is to provide several rewards and bonuses to each as an added extra incentive to keep them trading.

They provide affiliate programs that reward partners for sending customers to Bloombex Options. They also have a welcome Bloombex Options Bonus to new account holders, as well as the ‘Refer a Friend’ program that rewards traders who invite their friends to open a Bloombex Option account and trade with this broker.

Bloombex Options Account | Conclusion

Bloombex Options does not overcomplicate anything for their traders, giving them just what they need to start trading right away. Their simple approach to account registration makes trader accounts relatively simple yet refined. Open your Bloombex Options account and start trading right now.

Bloombex Options Review

Bloombex Options

Bloombex Options is one of the leading binary brokers which are available on today‘s market of binary options. Since binary options are becoming more and more popular, the possibility of stumbling upon a scammer are greater, and that is the reason why you need to have a trusted broker which works for the interests of the customers. Bloombex Option is the binary trading platform of choice for over 100.000 investors. The number grows with each day passed, meaning that this broker is really the one you can trust. In this Bloombex Options review, we will take a look at all of the options that the broker provides, as well as all other aspects, such as the assets, tools, customer service, the platform itself etc.

Bloombex Options Trading Platform

The first thing that Bloombex Options can really “brag” about is their long experience in the field. Considering that the company was established in 2009, it definitely has the edge over other brokers on the market which exist for only a year or two. Since with experience comes wisdom, there is no surprise that the company chose the popular and highly stable trading software SpotOptions and built their platform around it. According to Bloombex Options reviews, the platform is super reliable and probably one of the best on the market today.

Considering the fact that it was built on SpotOptions, Bloombex really has some space for personal marks and varieties. The platform is constantly being worked on and improved, making it even more stable and user-friendly than it is.

Of course, living in a modern era when investors usually have to be on the move, Bloombex Options also have their mobile app which comes with all the options that the desktop version has to offer. The app is available for all Android and iOS devices and you can find them on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. The app is the perfect choice for investors who would like to continue trading and following the market changes even when they are on the move. According to many Bloombex Options reviews by customers, the app is very practical and simple to use and understand.

Assets and Binary Option Types

Bloombex offers a great range of different assets which customers can bid on. The assets are divided into four categories: Currencies (currency pairs such as USD/EUR, EUR/AUD, USD/JPY etc.), Commodities (such as gold, silver, wheat, oil, petrol etc.), Indices (RTS, NIKKEI, NASDAQ, TOPIX etc.) and Stocks (such as Apple Inc., Nike, Nissan, LukOil etc.). Customers can choose between different assets and start making their predictions. On the trading platform, you will find a tab titled “Hot Assets”. Under this tab, you will find the most popular assets at the moment, so this basically gives you a quick access to the hottest assets from all categories, and it is really easy to navigate through according to Bloombex Options reviews by investors.

When it comes to the binary options which Bloomex Options provides, one can say for sure that there are quite a lot of them which you can choose from. The binary options are suitable for all traders regardless of their experience, according to some of the Bloombex Options reviews. Some of them are the following:

  • High/Low: the most traditional binary trading option, where the investor is supposed to make a prediction whether the price of a certain asset will go up or down by the end of the expiry time.
  • Long Term: if you are one of those people who would like to take things slowly, bidding long term can be just right for you since it allows you to place your investments on an asset for a longer period of time.
  • One Touch: Unlike the High/Low binary option, with One Touch, the trader is supposed to make a guess whether a certain asset will reach a certain price point by the expiry time.
  • Ladder: A high-earnings binary option, where there are different asset price levels which the asset must meet by the expiry time.
Customer Services

Having a good customer service is crucial in the world of binary trading. Questions and doubts can come out of nowhere, so the user must have someone to rely on in situations when their money is at stake. Bloombex Options offers a decent customer support service, even though it can be said that it is definitely weaker than the customer services of other popular brokers of today.

On the website, under the Contact Us tab you will find a contact form that you can use and ask any questions you might have. According to Bloombex Options reviews, the response time to their questions sent through the contact form was fast enough. If you would like to do things in a different way rather than filling in a contact form, you can give the support team a call by choosing one of the regions which the company operates in. Their service is multilingual, meaning that the staff will talk to you in several different languages, such as English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Dutch, Arabic and Turkish. Of course, there is the possibility to drop Bloombex Options an email directly at the email addresses listed on the website. A cool feature which Bloombex Options offers is their live chat option. When you enter the website, you will notice a chat window on the right side, ready to be initiated. You can use this option to contact the support team in a really efficient way.

Still, a downside to Bloombex Options is that unlike many other brokers who provide customers with 24/7 support, this broker‘s support team is available from 6:30 to 22:00 GMT every day.

Bloombex Options Account

At Bloombex Options, it is simple to register for a new account according to Bloombex Options reviews from existing users. When you open their website, you will notice the “Open Account” section. Clicking on the section will lead you directly to the form which you need to fill in in order to open an account.

Filling in the form is just a standard procedure that you have probably done a million times in your life so far. Of course, after you submit the form, you will receive a verification email with the instructions on how to verify your account.

A good thing is that you do not have to deposit money immediately when opening a new account, which is a thing that newbies enjoy according to their Bloombex Options reviews. You can actually open the account without not having any deposit. However, that would be totally useless since you need money in order to make investments. This is great because you can first set your account, take a look around, and then make a deposit when you feel that you are ready. Of course, if you face any difficulties when registering for the account or when depositing money, you can always contact the support team and have them help you!

Bloombex Options does not offer a demo account, which can be a great turn-off for newbies. However, in order to start trading, you would need to deposit at least $300, which is a decent and affordable amount of money for people who are new in the field of binary trading. The minimum investment you can make is $10, while the maximum is $1.000.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Bloombex Options really have a wide range of payment methods which you can choose from. Besides wire transfers, the broker accepts many different credit and debit cards such as Visa, Master Card etc. They also accept deposits and withdrawals to and from Skrill and PayPal.

For wire transfer, you would have to pay $20 commission for each transaction. Also, the minimum amount which you can deposit via wire transfer is $500. The minimum deposit from a credit card on the other hand is $250.

Bloombex Options will ask for an identity verification before enabling you to withdraw funds. In order to do that, you would need to fill in and sign a form provided by the broker, send a picture of your government issued ID, Passport or driver‘s license, a proof of address, and a picture from the credit card you are using to make deposits, both front and back. All of these required documents together with the signed form should be sent to an email which is provided on the broker‘s website.

We hope that you found our Bloombex Options review helpful. As you can conclude for yourself, the biggest advantage that this broker has over other brokers is the fact that it is one of the oldest binary trading brokers on the market. It offers great possibilities to users, including a huge number of indices they can choose from, and also many different binary options types which they can select. Even though they do not provide users with a 24/7 customer support, still, what matters is that in case you have any questions, you will receive your answers very quickly by the Bloombex Options staff. If you are looking to make an entrance to the world of binary trading, consider Bloombex Option as your broker. For more information about the services they provide, the education material, and the assets, visit their website to learn more. Also be sure to check out other Bloombex Options reviews by customers, and you can decide if this broker is the right broker for you!

General Risk Warning! your capital may be at risk

Bloombex Review

Trading Platform Bloombex

Bloombex makes use of the intuitive, modern SpotOption trading platform. It allows you to view the payout ratio as a percentage in large blue figures on the right sidebar of the tool. On the left side, you can see the trader’s choice bar which shows the direction of the market sentiment. The interface of the platform is simple and clear. A graph shows the movements of the asset prices. To get a wider view of available assets, you can change the platform layout format.

Bloombex Options is binary options broker that has been present on the market for a long time. It was established in 2009 and is actually among the very first brokers who entered the market. The broker supports SpotoOtion as a reliable trading platform and they provide a broad array of tradable assets, including Forex, metals, oil and gold.

The broker accepts customers from USA, Japan, Israel and as well as from most of other countries. Even though Bloombex is not a licensed broker by CySEC or any other regulatory body such as Malta Gaming Authority it is definitely one of the most trustworthy broker sites out there. For instance, they provide risk free trades with higher upper limit and with more beneficial terms than most other brokers. It is also possible to use the binary option robot signal services that is provided by Bloombex.

Standout features of Bloombex’s trading platform include Double Up and Rollover options. The Double Up tool helps you create another trade with the same trading conditions as a favorable trade. You can use this feature to double the trade and get double the profits. The Rollover feature can be used to extend the expiry of a trade if you are unsure of the outcome. It gives more space for the trade to make a profit.

  • User-friendly platform
  • Personal account manager
  • Wide range of assets
  • Good returns
  • Free daily market analysis
  • Sophisticated trading tools
  • Useful educational section
  • 30% bonus
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Initial deposit required is high ($/€300)
  • Minimum amount that can be withdrawn is $/€100

Platform type: SpotOption

Platform Languages: English, German, French, Turkish, Arabic

OS Compatibility: Mac OS, iOS, Windows

Streaming News Feed: Yes

Email Alerts: Yes

Mobile Alerts: No

Company information Bloombex

Located in: Germany


Founded in: 2020

Accepts US Clients: Yes

Phone number: 44 2035191191

Email: [email protected]

Account Options Bloombex


Minimum Deposit: $300

Payouts Percentage: 85%

Deposit Options: PayPal, Credit Card, Debit Card, Bank Wire Transfer, Moneybookers, Skrill

Withdrawal Options: PayPal, Credit Card, Bank Wire Transfer, Moneybookers

Payout Ratios: Average returns range between 75% and 85%. One touch trades offer much higher returns of up to 500%. You can get rebates of up to 10% for out of the money trades.

Available Assets Bloombex

Forex, Metals, Oil, Gold, Indices, Stocks, Commodities

What Support Does This Vendor Offer?

  • email
  • phone
  • live support
  • training
  • tickets

Customer Support Languages: English, German, French, Russian, Italian, Turkish, Arabic, Dutch

Customer Service Hours: 24h/7

Place Trades Over the Phone?: Yes

Bloombex Trade types

Bloombex offers the following trade types:

One Touch: gives you the opportunity to invest in an underlying asset which you think will exceed or reach a certain value even though it might shift from that value in the future. Once the predetermined value is reached you get paid. Trading one touch options is made possible only during weekends.

Sixty Seconds: for people in need of fast income, the SPOTFN platform enables you to ride the short term trend with 30, 60, and 120 second expires. All you have to do is to select the asset, choose investment amount, and decide if the price will rise of fall.

Pairs: is a trading option where you predict which of two assets will perform better than the other by expiry. This is based on comparison, and exclusively the relative performance counts.

Ladder: It allows you to make multiple predictions on the same asset, enabling a wider range of opportunities to profit from.

Bloombex Trade accounts

You need not deposit any money or provide credit details to open an account at Bloombex. But for trading activities, you need to deposit a minimum of $300 or €300 before you can start trading. There is also a special Islamic Account offered for muslims.

Bloombex has a mobile application available for Android and iOS which allows you to easily trade over the phone wherever your are.

Bloombex Position In Our Categories

Position of Bloombex in our main categories:

Bloombex is one of the top 50 Binary Options Brokers products

If you are interested in Bloombex it might also be sensible to investigate other subcategories of Binary Options Brokers listed in our database of SaaS software reviews.

It’s essential to keep in mind that virtually no service in the Binary Options Brokers category is going to be an ideal solution that can meet all the goals of all investors. It may be a good idea to read a few Bloombex reviews first as some solutions might actually dominate only in a specific geography or situation or be prepared with a very specific customer in mind. Others might work with a goal of being simple and intuitive and therefore lack complex functions needed by more experienced users. There are also services that cater to a wide group of customers and provide a powerful feature set, however this in most cases comes at a more expensive price of such a solution. Ensure you’re aware of your needs so that you choose a service that has all the functionalities you search for.

User Satisfaction

We realize that when you make a decision to buy Binary Options Brokers it’s important not only to see how experts evaluate it in their reviews, but also to find out if the real people and companies that buy it are actually satisfied with the product. That’s why we’ve created our behavior-based Customer Satisfaction Algorithm™ that gathers customer reviews, comments and Bloombex reviews across a wide range of social media sites. The data is then presented in an easy to digest form showing how many people had positive and negative experience with Bloombex. With that information at hand you should be equipped to make an informed buying decision that you won’t regret.

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