Boss Capital Demo Account

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Boss Capital Demo Account


We make it our mission to not recommend anything but the best – which, according to industry experts, is IQ Option, the top regulated broker for your country with a minimum deposit of ONLY $10!

Between 74-89 % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs

For new and inexperienced traders, Boss Capital demo account is the best option to start free of loss trade. A fixed amount is supplied and the user is provided an opportunity to start trade with the actual asset. It follows the pattern of real trading, but there is no chance of loss and profit. Users need basic skills to check the High/Low asset values. It is an authentic way to improve the skills and start the real time money-making trade.

Does Boss Capital Have Demo Account?

Yes, Boss Capital has option that offers demo account. Traders that decide to register and deposit $200, can first use deo account if they are beginners in binary options industry. Demo accounts are very helpful features since they help traders to meet trading platform and its features. Demo traders can sharpen their trading skills and become successful traders.
Boss Capital is one of the few brokers that ensures required training time before real trading starts. It is important to say that traders can use demo account through mobile applications as well. A lot of people think that demo account is a waste of time since there is no real profits received. But the amount of knowledge that is gained while testing the Boss Capital trading platform will be very useful for traders that are newbies in this field of binary trading. We can confirm that demo account is 100% similar to real trading account. Traders are not required to apply any terms and conditions in order to use Boss Capital demo account. Boss Capital offers over 200 tradeable assets and most wanted trading features, including Short Term, Boundary, One Touch and High Low options.

Boss Capital App

Boss Capital app is designed to provide the basic information and wide range of assets for USA traders. There are stocks, currency pairs, assets and commodities for demanding users. It is up to a user to select an asset, account type and deposit the amount to earn as much as possible.

Boss Capital has different kinds of applications which help the smartphone users to keep in touch with the current market condition. For Android and iPhone users, it is possible to download the relevant app and select Put or Call for a trade and get a reward. The apps can be used anytime and anywhere to provide a fast method to earn great revenue. Same features are given to mobile users, as are to desktop users. For instance

  • Round the clock support in Multi-languages
  • Almost 150 assets for trade
  • Up to 85 percent profit on winning trade with secure payment system
  • It is possible to choose High Low, Boundary or One Touch option from mobile.

Binary Options are acceptable and reliable due to free e-book, webinar, graph, chart support and connectivity through phone calls and live chat.

The useful Boss Capital app has made the platform recognizable throughout the USA. Even the inexperienced users are allowed to join the platform and start earning a good amount. Live signals are provided to make the trade authentic. The software is capable of handling the trade. Signals give information about the type of assets.

The Boss Capital app provides the user-friendly environment and easy navigation. Boss Capital application is 100% secure and has SSL system for safe payment.

Boss Capital Mobile

Boss Capital mobile is an interesting, highly responsive and successful platform to keep in touch with the rise and fall in the asset values. The trading platform is specifically designed for USA customers, so the mobile app has given them the advantage to using trade options 24/7.

Benefits of Using Mobile App

In the online world, the use of smartphone has brought a great change. Web sites are using a special mobile friendly package to attract the customers. Mobile trading platform offers a number of benefits:

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    1st Place! Best Binary Broker 2020!
    Best Choice for Beginners — Free Education + Free Demo Acc!
    Sign-up and Get Big Bonus:

  • Binomo

    2nd place! Good choice!

  • No special charges for mobile trading platform
  • Seven days a week support
  • One Touch, Short Term, Boundary and Call/Put trading options for mobile users
  • No commission on trade
  • Help in different languages
  • Easy to customize options
  • Easy to navigate mobile application
  • Secure payment method

Use the Boss Capital mobile app and utilize each and every free minute by earning a profit.

Boss Capital Assets

Boss Capital is the newest entry on our recommended brokers list. Fair Binary Options is proud to expand the list of best brokers in the business. This is not only a way to fulfill our mission of providing the best information for our customers, but also a way to grow the industry by giving it credibility and accountability. Brokers have done the amazing job in providing new ways to trade and profit since Fair Binary Options started.

Boss Capital managed to catch up with the rest in a really short amount of time. They provide all of the most spread features found across the industry and also some of the functions that are not widely approachable. In this article, we aim to give our readers a short overview of Boss Capital’s most interesting and useful features.

Since they have been on the market for a short time, the extent of their asset list really surprises on the positive side. A wide selection of assets is important to cover most of the trading segments. Some traders hedge their trades, and they don’t feel secure if they don’t have an offsetting asset to cover the position fully. This is one of the reasons Boss Capital features more than 150 assets of all classes, There are almost 30 indices from across the globe, most popular commodities, a long selection of currency pairs and more than enough individual stocks.

Boss Capital is a relatively new business, but it was set up by people with a long history in the financial industry. This gives them an edge when it comes to reliability and understanding of customers preferences. The website is clean and easy to use while browser run trading software can be used on any possible computer operating system. Since the financial specialists have a thing for diversification, they focused on providing one of the longest asset lists in the industry. This way traders can tap into the potential of all the sectors of the economy and use the insights they have to earn profits.

Boss Capital Binary Trading Platform

Boss Capital binary trading platform is one of a kind trading site that provides relevant information for beneficial and secure trading options. The traders prefer to use this platform due to it’s legitimate and reliable trade options. Highest and lowest amount of investment, trade and bonus options are described in detail. There are no hidden charges for registration and opening an account.

There is 30 % to 50% bonus option on all investments. The customers can keep in touch with the current changes in trade through available binary news, videos, signals, and applications. It is interesting that up to 85% profit is offered if the users have selected the right option.

Steps to Start Binary Trading

There are boundary, one touch, call/put and high/low options to choose the trade category. After that the asset is selected which can be an index, commodity, stock or currency. The third procedure for making a trade is related to prediction. The trader is required to judge whether the price will move up or down. “Put” option is used when trader believes that asset will fall while those who believe that it will rise use “Call” option. Last but not least, an amount is required to start trading. Deposit amount should be selected from 200 dollars up to 15,000 as per the type of trade method. According to the mindset of a trader, total time for trade is selected. As soon as the trade is ended, the user gets result in the form of total gain or loss.

Boss Capital binary trading platform provides maximum bonus and profit just by triggering on right direction of a value. Boss Capital has email, chat through Skype, toll free numbers and 365 days a year service for customers. It is not a regulated trading site.

Boss Capital Binary Options

In the online world, Boss Capital binary options are taken as the best trading method which has maximum chances of profit. There are long-term as well as short-term options according to the available time and type of investment. Boss Capital provides an authorized and bit by bit guidance so US investors to understand the basics of trading.

The assets are available in a wide range at Boss Capital binary options, as they offer US traders to select from stocks, currency pairs, indexes, and stocks. Usually, the binary options work with two different conditions which are based on the following instruments:


The trader has to make a decision about the price of an asset and its target position.

High and Low Instrument

In this trading instrument, the user predicts about the down or up position of an asset.

One Touch Instrument

It depends on the statement whether the asset will touch the given position or not.

Chances of Profit

The Boss Capital binary options help the trader win a trade by selecting the right movement of price. If a trade ends in winning condition the user gets fixed amount as a profit. For instance if a trader has selected Euro/USD trade (high options) with 500 dollars investment, he gets 925 dollars amount with profit. Profit remains same whatever the rising value is. On the other hand, if the trader is wrong it leads to the loss. It is a remarkable point that users are given back the 15% amount of actual investment to continue the trade.

The Boss Capital binary options offer an easy and instant way to sign up and start the first trade. As soon as the trader has deposited the required amount, he is given an option to choose one of the given assets.

Boss Capital Platform and Academy

For a relatively new broker, Boss Capital has succeeded in getting a quite big number of traders. They provide a lot of education and don’t overcomplicate the trading experience.

Boss Capital selects what really matters and the fact that they are highly interested in their trader’s success, as well as the fact that this is a platform founded by finance professionals shows why they really know what is the most important for trading. This way they remove clutter for a seamless trading experience with a great platform and a long list of assets.

Boss Capital software is Panda based platform which is mostly known as a low resource software that works on almost any computer. This is something that can be extremely important for people who live in areas with a bad internet connection. The trading interface is really simple and user-friendly.

They offer four options types and a great trading academy. Boss Capital understands that the education is at the core of success so they spared no energy to build a great educational platform called Academy. It is basically a set of different learning tools divided into two levels – beginner and advanced. Not everything is available to all clients, but it is measured up according to the need and the level of trading experience.

The E-book is a free internet based information source for first-time traders. It is a great starting point to asses the level of trading knowledge. The popular educational tool is also the video academy. This is the most popular way of learning in the modern world and BossCapital uses it extensively. There are excellent videos for beginners and advanced traders, showing everything – from the basics to advanced strategies.

The guided video lessons over the internet are in the “webinars” section. This is an amazing way to learn since one can get and ask feedback. It is interactive and fun. As already mentioned, this only shows how much Boss Capital invested in the learning possibilities and continues to take great care of their trader’s profit chances!

Boss Capital Demo Account

***This is an Unregulated Broker***
**Use Caution**

Trading is all about making money, and Boss Capital is a broker that attempts to make this easier for you. They focus on binary options, and one of their most obvious appeals is the fact that they have higher than average rates of return. Most brokers top out at 81 percent, but Boss Capital goes up to 85 percent on average trades.

About Boss Capital

The site was founded in 2020 and has quickly become an industry leader. It’s tough to do this in a competitive market like the binary field currently is, but this broker has been able to do so. Why this is is up for debate on some levels, but the main fact on their side is that they provide a service that is superior to others in their industry. What they do isn’t much different; binary options have become pretty predictable–even with many of the exotic types that some offer. But they do it better in that their clients have higher regular profit rates, their customer service team is readily available and helpful, and they have a bigger than average number of assets available for trading. With these things combined together, this broker has quickly carved out a sizable niche for themselves.

The Basics

The big assets are all offered here. The most popular stocks, indices, commodities, and currency pairs are all accounted for, as are many lesser traded assets in these categories. For example, you will find many of the most popular U.S. stocks here, such as Google, Apple, McDonalds, and JP Morgan Chase. However, they also have less known stocks like Netflix, Anz, Tesco, and Royal Dutch. Some are U.S. based, others are not. This is a great mix for traders all over the world.

As far as trades offered, they have the typical call and put trades, along with boundary and one touch trades. These latter two “exotic” trades also have high yield counterparts. They tend to pay a lot more if you are correct, but are much harder to be right in your prediction with. The payouts range between 110 percent to 250 percent, or higher. A certain few assets have rebates if you are incorrect in your prediction–usually about 15 percent of what you risked.

Nuts and Bolts

The minimum trade here is $25, with a max of $15,000. You can open an account with as little as $200, but you can deposit much more if you’d like; up to $40,000 per month. Accounts can be opened with a credit card (Visa, MasterCard), bank transfers, and some of the major online wallets. If you deposit more than $5,000, you qualify for a VIP account that entitles you to select services designed to enhance your ability to make a profit. Accounts can be opened with the U.S dollar, the Canadian dollar, Japanese yen, the British pound, the euro, Australian dollar, and the Russian ruble. In other words, they are aiming at attracting customers from all over the world, ensuring that their services will keep expanding over time.

They also offer trading bonuses. They usually have a 30 times trade through to completely unlock your cash for withdrawal, but if you are a successful and profitable trader, this will happen on its own over time. This number may vary depending upon the size of your bonus, so check with your account manager before you make any sort of commitment. VIP accounts will give you a 100 percent bonus, which is huge within this particular industry.

Other Considerations

As mentioned above, there are a number of reasons why this broker has become so popular. Besides being profitable, they are also a good resource for beginning traders. For example, they have a strong education section, complete with an introductory ebook, the Trading Academy, advanced courses and learning tracks, along with a market news section and a glossary of common terms. There’s more than enough information here to please all traders, regardless of skill level, and they have attempted to create a one-stop education center so that you don’t necessarily need to utilize other sites while you are logged into your account here. You will still want to in most cases, but you might find you don’t need to depending upon what you are trading.

What Do You Think?

This is a great new binary options broker, and while they may have the occasional growing pain, it looks like they have set themselves up to become one of the biggest and best binary brokers in the very near future. They have some of the highest rates of return in the industry, and as long as there is something that you can trade here with regular success, this broker is going to be a great place for you to go to turn a steady profit. Boss Capital might be new, but they are one of the best brokers out there.

Boss Capital Demo

To their registered traders, Boss Capital offers demo account. With Boss Capital demo account, traders can experience a whole new level of trading binary options.

Boss Capital demo account is especially intended for traders who are new to binary options trading world. They get great opportunity to test the platform and improve trading skills, without investing real money and trading in risk free environment. On Boss Capital demo, traders can experience trading just as it would be in real account and can invest in more than 200 different assets.

It is quite easy to set up a Boss Capital demo account. Boss Capital allows traders to open a free demo account. Once traders open Boss Capital demo account, they can learn gradually to trade binary options and see how real trading process looks like. Patience will help the learning process as necessary skills can then be developed for the purpose of trading.

Boss Capital demo will help traders understand the patterns of successful binary options trading, which can later on be used in real account. The major idea is to play safe by saving the actual money until the traders get accustomed to the ups and downs of the trading process.

Once the traders perceive how the entire business operates, they will have a very good chance at making excellent profits. This demo account will help give a certain idea on what things to change and which to hang onto while trading and betting with actual money.

This is a good buffer for traders who will not be comfortable in trying out something new and taking risks with money which is hard earned for them.

Boss Capital USA

For all binary traders from United States of America, Boss Capital USA is a trading website which will give them the ultimate experience in binary options trading.

The most important benefit of using the Boss Capital USA is that they provide many banking options to their customers from USA. It makes funding of the trading account much easy and totally hassle-free for them. It also becomes cost effective.

Another major advantage of using Boss Capital USA is its easy and simple to follow trading platform. It provides an in-house team for customer support that is on duty round the clock to answer any queries to traders who are just beginning or if they are experiencing anything which they fail to understand.

Boss Capital is one of the best binary options broker that is available for traders from USA.

Currently, there is a regulatory mess concerning binary options in the United States of America. When Trade Rush and 24option got their licensing from CySEC, they were made to exclude all clients from USA. This is the main reason why Boss Capital came into being, specifically for English speaking trading markets and most importantly, it did not drop clients from USA and also did not bother about the licensing from CySEC despite functioning from Gibraltar. This is quite a revolutionary step. It shows that Boss Capital had the interest of all traders from USA, uppermost on its mind.

Is Boss Capital a Scam?

Traders who are interested in trading binary options, want to know did they choose a reliable trading platform and is it safe to deposit with a particular broker. Therefore, they want to have confirmation is there any Boss Capital scam activity.

Boss Capital started its business in 2020 and is operated by Marblestone Partners Ltd. The founding group is made out of professionals and experts in binary options trading sector from numerous financial markets all over the world. It was formed to cater to all types of traders and that includes those who do not have any prior knowledge on binary options trading. Its main objective is to help such traders profit from the equity rush on a worldwide basis.

Review done for this broker have showcased positive narrations in the field of binary options trading. We have tested their platform and haven’t noticed any signs of Boss Capital scam. This was done through a process of inspection and deep testing. It was found that this broker treats their customers and traders with full respect and cared about their success.

This was made clear through one of its major strengths and that was the trading platform provided by Tech Financials for the purpose of binary options trading. This platform has gathered repute and is also used by many famous binary options brokers. This platform looks good for beginners as well as experienced professionals. The platform providers do not have a history of collaborating with scam brokers. So far, based on the feedback, there is no Boss Capital scam.

Boss Capital Withdrawal

Boss Capital has set up very minimal barriers for the transfer of funds of traders when compared with its competitors. It supports the elementary banking services. The credit cards it accepts are issued by Visa and MasterCard. The facilities of wire transfers and other e-wallet services like Skrill Moneybookers and CashU are also provided. The process of depositing and withdrawing requires a verification feature.

A Boss Capital withdrawal request has to be submitted and approved by Boss Capital financial services section. Once approved, traders will be able to withdraw their funds from trading account.

The speed of a particular withdrawal and its processing will depend on the account package selected by an individual trader.

This works in the favor of traders as it gives them more options when they want to trade more volumes while the standard options may still be applied to them when they are trying out the trading platform on the standard and executive accounts. An important consideration here is that there is no amount for a minimum Boss Capital withdrawal for all account packages.

Traders who operate the Standard Account will be allowed one withdrawal every month without any fees being charged to them. Any subsequent withdrawal will be charged $30 to take care of the banking expenses.

Traders operating the Executive Account are also allowed one free withdrawal every month and they can avail of expedited withdrawals. Additional withdrawals attract the same charges of $30.

Gold account holders can enjoy the facility of same-day withdrawals. The Platinum Account holders will attract no additional fees for any number of withdrawals besides the same-day withdrawals. The same applies to the VIP Account holders.

Boss Capital withdrawal is an easy and safe process. The facilities for withdrawal get better as the traders adopt higher loyalty programs. The traders only have to log in to the software section of the cashier and opt for the “withdraw funds” feature. The agents online will help if there is any query or difficulty while withdrawing.

The finance department of Boss Capital takes care of all the withdrawal requests that are submitted. There is a requirement for certain documents for the withdrawal requisition to be processed.

When the credit cards are being used, the scanned copy of both the front and back portions of the card are required to fund the account. Along with this, a scanned copy of a government issued identification document such as a passport or a driving license is required. A scanned copy of utility bill confirming the residential address is required.

All traders are entitled to one free wire transfer every month. There are no fees levied when withdrawing through a credit card. Once a Boss Capital withdrawal request is submitted, it will take two working days to have the request processed. When the request is approved, it will take seven working days for your account to receive the funds.

Is Boss Capital Legit?

Many traders would be asking a question, “Is Boss Capital legit?” before they start trading with this brokerage company. If this broker was not legit, then it would have certainly not captured a big slice of the trading market in binary options in only a few months since it began operations recently.

Boss Capital is committed towards using sophisticated technology to help their traders in achieving their portfolio. This has become possible on account of its experienced professionals that work to focus highly on its global service and trading experience.

These arguments make Boss Capital legit:

  • Boss Capital provides plenty of support features which help in enhancing the results in trading and also increase the chances of profit making for the traders. The amount that is made will depend on the loyalty program that is selected by the traders. When a trader deposits more funds, they will be able to unlock many additional features. The initial deposits are not subscription charges; they can be used by the traders.
  • Even though Boss Capital is not regulated by CySEC, it still has features which support the traders and help them with access to knowledge about binary options through its training academy. It is one of the only brokers that are established in Gibraltar which accepts traders from the USA legitimately.
  • US traders can leverage their online webinars and enhance their trading skills. Rewards can also be used in increasing the payouts with the support and help of personal analysts.
  • Risk-free trades are a good feature when the traders have a particularly risky strategy that they have in mind and they want to try it out without the danger of risk.
  • What makes Boss Capital legit is that it uses Reuters, a global provider of financial data, to support its training interface that can be executed directly from your browser. The trading window supports an intuitive workflow for the placement of trades. It looks highly professional and it is not so cluttered. It is set up in a way that it is consistent and the traders will have no difficulty in getting familiar with its trading platform..
  • they offer Trading Academy provides videos and books for all traders to sharpen up their trading skills to a level that they can start using advanced strategies and employing technical opportunities within a reasonable period of time.
  • Boss Capital has a tremendous global presence with its network offices in more than forty countries across the world. It is able to provide an international support which also caters to local markets. Their customer support on all days of the week and round the clock in eight different languages.
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