Review Is Btc MiningCrypto Scam or Legit HYIP

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BTC Mining Crypto ( – Big Fraud!

BTC Mining Crypto is a new mining platform allegedly operating from China which is turning a lot of heads in the niche. They promise a huge reward of over 85% every 96 hours once.

While newbies drool over these kind of numbers, every experienced professional trader knows that, it is impossible to achieve them consistently. Moreover, they have somewhat believable narrative around their shady scheme which is tricking newbies into depositing with them.

The sheer number of red flags we found during our investigation is mind blowing. Read our detailed review till the end to find out all of their flaws and take an informed decision with regards to their platform.

Company, License and Support

A firm regardless of what they do, if they raise money from the public in the name of investments which have a high degree of risk, then it should be regulated. The last couple of decades have shown that, it is not worthwhile to deal with any sort of unregulated entities as the conflict of interest between the parties will be huge.

This platform claims to be operating from China and even provides the address details on their website. However, when we tried to find the details about them on the regulatory bodies, nothing relevant showed up.

So, it is clear that, they are bluffing about their legal status which makes them outright frauds. As far as their support staff is considered, these crooks clearly know how to operate without leaving a clue about their whereabouts.

If you have any queries to ask, then the only way to get in touch with them is through email which means it is extremely hard to track them down. In short, these traits clearly indicate the shady behaviour of the firm and it should tell you a lot about their moral values.

BTC Mining Crypto Operational Model

BTC Mining Crypto as the name indicates is a firm which allegedly is involved in trading and mining bitcoin. While the crypto market sees wild swings every day, it certainly should not be considered as an easy way to make money.

Many fraudsters are using the glory of Bitcoin along with ridiculous narratives of their own to delude the investors. This firm though it brags about their accomplishments, they haven’t gone into any of the details about their approach nor have provided any proof to back up their claims.

The physical address of their mining farms are unknown and the equipment they employ are also a mystery. Moreover, we did not find any trading history on their platform.

In short, do they expect us to believe their words blindly? No rational investor would even dare to invest their money with them regardless of what they promise.

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Investment Plans and Profits

The motive of most of the business is to make money. After all, without profits sustainability of a firm is impossible. However, just like every successful business, you need to acquire certain skill set to gain an edge.

This platform advertises returns which tops out at 85% after 96 hours which is impossible to earn through trading or mining. If anyone in the whole world would really be able to achieve that, they would certainly never give it away for free, right?

So, always avoid the hype around a product or service and understand the fact that, they are using fancy numbers just to lure people in. Take a look at their investment plans, don’t they look like a pure fantasy tale?

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Affiliate program

This firm uses the affiliate business model to drive new clients to their platform in a pocket friendly manner. They provide some percentage of the revenue from the cumulative deposits made by the investor to the marketers.

So, for the sake of fat commissions many shady networks are already creating fake reviews and misleading the public. If you ever come across anyone promoting them, then they are just financially slaughtering you for their benefit.

Refrain yourself from indulging with any source or the channels associated with this scheme because their only goal is to make money off of you.

Fake Withdrawal Proof

There is a screenshot of the so called recent transactions on their website. At first glance, many newbies might consider them as a sign of transparency. However, the reason behind these fancy screenshots are more sinister.

Scams like this one put up these sort of altered screenshots only to seem legit to the potential investors, but none of the transactions showcased are true. So, do not make the mistake of giving them the benefit of the doubt because if you do, then you will lose your money for sure.

Domain Insights

Here are the general info of this domain and website. Source – and

Registered On – 19/04/2020

Alexa global Rank – 8,027,761

Target Audience – Currently Unknown

BTC Mining Crypto Review Conclusion

BTC Mining Crypto is a fraud organisation which is following the ponzi operational model. Basically, they are just using or circulating the cash received from the new victim to pay out the old ones while skimming something on top for themselves.

All the platforms which follows this method will crumble and it is just a matter of time before the inevitable happens. In short, the likelihood of making money from them is zero which means you should never indulge with them for any reason.

BTC Mining Crypto Scam Review


The BTC Mining Crypto high yield investment program claims that it is currently the most profitable Bitcoin miner in the world. Allegedly, these folks use some really high tech methods in terms of Bitcoin mining in order to provide you with returns of up to 85% in just 4 days. Yes, if this is true, it would definitely be the most profitable system of its kind in the world today. However, it does beg the question of why there are no other such highly profitable Bitcoin miner HYIPs out there at this time.

It might very well be because the BTC Mining Crypto HYIP is full of hot air, not profits or honesty. To be clear, we did a lot of digging here, and what we found does not exactly inspire confidence. The fact of the matter is that we found a whole lot of scam factors which indicate that this is just another cryptocurrency scam, not a legit way of making money for investors. At the same time, it’s really hard to believe anything found on the website, seeing as its all nothing more than smoke and mirrors. We are here today doing this BTC Mining Crypto scam review to find out exactly what is going on here, so let’s get right to it!

BTC Mining Crypto Bitcoin HYIP Scam Factors

Folks, there are a whole lot of BTC Mining Crypto red flags and scam factors that came to our attention here. Let’s go over what exactly makes this cryptocurrency investment program so dangerous, suspicious, and highly unreliable.

It’s Anonymous!

First off, this BTC Mining Crypto HYIP is totally anonymous and lacks any form of what we would consider to be transparency. There is not a single place on the website which tells us who owns or leads this company, just nothing. It always makes us extremely suspicious when people ask us for a ton of cash, but won’t tell us who they are. Unless there is something illegal and shady going on here, why would the owners purposely choose to remain hidden from sight? This anonymity and complete lack of transparency is highly indicative of a scam.

The Company Behind It Is Unregistered!

Something else that stands out about this BTC Mining Crypto Bitcoin miner is the fact that the company itself is not real or registered. Sure, the website displays a company registration certificate from Hong Kong, but there is simply no way to confirm that it is real. Certificates like this are super easy to forge. All it takes is some computer software and a cheap photocopier, or even simpler tools for that matter. We checked with the Chinese, and it’s pretty clear that the Chinese business registry has no data concerning this BTC Mining Crypto company. Therefore, the company is not registered. At the same time, it’s not licensed either, which means that it has absolutely no legal authority to take money from you under the guise of it being an investment program. It’s simply illegal.

No Evidence Of Bitcoin Mining

The next BTC Mining Crypto scam factor which came to our attention here has to do with the fact that there is no actual evidence of any Bitcoin mining taking place here. We are not told what the hash rate of mining is, where the mining farms are located, what the hardware is like, what overhead costs are, or anything else of the sort. Such a lack of evidence is another very strong indication that there is something less than trustworthy going on here. From what we have gathered so far, it’s pretty clear that no such Bitcoin mining ever takes place here at all.


Totally Impossible ROI

Yet another big time red flag that popped up here has to do with the level of ROI promised by the BTC Mining Crypto system. We are told that this Bitcoin miner can produce up to an 85% ROI in just 96 hours, or 4 days in other words. Even the lowest tier investment plan here features a daily 20% return. Folks, this is simply not possible. Although the mining of Bitcoin can be fairly profitable, it’s not that profitable. Heck, if this were a real BTC miner, even 20% ROI per month would be pushing the boundaries of reality, but 20% per day is totally impossible.

Fake Payout Charts

Something else we noticed about this BTC Mining Crypto scam is that the website comes complete with bogus payouts or withdrawals charts. These are nothing more than cheap graphics made with low grade computer software. Based on the fact that we have already received hundreds of complaints about this Bitcoin miner scam, it’s pretty clear that these payout charts are totally bogus.

BTC Mining Crypto Affiliate Program – More Bologna

Finally, it also came to our attention that the BTC Mining Crypto referral program is total BS too. These crooks promise a 5% referral commission if you get other people to invest through you. Of course, these criminals will steal money from anybody and everybody, but you won’t ever see that 5% bonus.

BTC Mining Crypto Review – Final Thoughts

The bottom line here is that the BTC Mining Crypto scam is nothing more than a total rip off. It’s highway robbery at it’s finest, just a way for the anonymous crooks running the show to get their dirty digits on your hard earned money.

We have no idea who is in charge here, which is not a mistake on behalf of the con artists behind this BTC Mining Crypto app, plus of course, the company behind it is totally bogus. We aren’t ever shown any evidence of mining, and the promised ROI is totally unrealistic, not to mention that the completely fake payout chart shown on the site isn’t a confidence booster either.

When all is said and done, the BTC Mining Crypto system is just another scam meant to steal as much money from you as humanly possible! Please folks, don’t be fooled by these snake oil salesmen, because they will take you for everything you have!


IMPORTANT : If you have any questions, issues or you experience any problems please email us and we will be glad to assist you. Our contact customer support email is: [email protected] . If you register with this service from our website then you will always have our full free support in case you run into any issues or problems. Remember that you are not alone, with us you will always be safe!

To date, we have settled close to 2,000 trading disputes and we will not stop until we put every last scam out of business! If you have been cheated out of money or scammed by any fraudulent trading service, we encourage you to reach out to our complaint center for free help. If you need help, we will provide it for you! Review: Is Btc MiningCrypto Scam or Legit HYIP?

BtcMiningCrypto Review: Scam or should I Invest? is offering enticing investment plans. Is btc-miningcrypto legit? You may have come across many systems on the internet promising you quick fortunes, the truth is that majority of them turn out to be scams. In this review we provide you information based on our investigations and user experiences to help guide you make the proper decision.

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BTC MINING CRYPTO Scam Review: Disturbing Things Found

Most of this scam quick-profit investment schemes are HYIPs. What is a HYIP?

It is a just a type of ponzi scheme. Initial investors only get paid when new people sign up and invest, what this means is that you are under pressure to bring in new investors so that you will get paid. As soon as the amount of new investor drops, the owners do away with the money invested, and the site is closed down since there is no longer enough money to pay initial investors. Those that benefit most times are the first investors. The system is not sustainable because it will surely shut down abruptly leaving your money trapped in the hands of the scammers that set it up initially.

Most of them provide a registration certificate and so-called evidence of payments. Don’t be deceived, anybody could get a sham address and certificate most especially from the Company House in UK which most of them use, for just £5. These companies claiming to be located in the UK or similar countries are not in actual sense located there.

Sometimes these platforms might pose as an investment platform, doubler platform or even a mining platform. Often times they might run an ads through the google ads academy or even get a youtube ads making them look legit. But the truth is that they do not have the equipment that make them what they claim to be. Rather what they do is circle the funds of investors, and when they have made a lot of unsuspecting investors trust them, they stop paying. i s not a legitimate mining platform . Don’t be deceived by their promises.


Everyday we get complaints of people been scammed. Most people fall for these schemes because of the sweet promises of making huge profits within a short time. .On a serious note, legit systems exists but scams are very very numerous. So you need a guide to help you make a good decision. We have made it our duty, by exposing scams.

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They are lots of online investment opportunities which could fetch you money and give you a good Return On Investment. We constantly search them out to guide our readers so they don’t fall for scams. Always feel free to interact with us in the comment section.

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