Capital Traders Scam Test

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Capital Traders Review: Scam or Legit Broker?

Capital Traders Review: Scam or Reliable? Capital-Traders is a forex and Cryptocurrency Cfd broker that offers trading in a huge range of assets spanning commodities, indices, stocks and currencies including cryptos. They have a registered address at Digital World Centre 1 Lowry Plaza, The Quays, Salford, Manchester, Lancashire, M50 3UB, United Kingdom and are owned and operated by Option Solution Online Ltd. Their contact phone number is +44 208-089-2434

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This broker uses the TraderSoft platform for Cryptocurrency CFD and Forex trading.


The available methods are Bank Wire transfer, MasterCard, Visa, Skrill, Neteller, Bitcoin, Ethereum, WebMoney. The minimum deposit is €500.


NO! Capital-Traders broker is not licensed. Therefore, no regulatory body is acting as a watchdog overseeing that they comply with best practices in the financial market.


This broker offers support to its traders, they could be reached through phone calls or emails, whichever you prefer.


CapitalTraders is an unregulated broker. They claim to be located in the UK, yet they are not regulated by the FCA(the licensing body in the UK). This is a source of major concern. When trading forex, CFD and cryptocurrencies we always recommend you use a regulated broker that is licensed to trade financial instruments

Hi capital traders are a f*&^en scam! Tony Allen their broker called me so many times to install money. Once 1100 eur was installed no one would answer mails or pick up the phone , they are a bunch of bastards . I cant get my money back. I can see it on the scrren and thats it …. I ask anyone to help me out from this point on. Who do I take this to ? Advice anyone ?

I am in the same position right now. I’m going to the police and the FCA entity in my country to try get my money back. I suggest you do the same.

Hi, This same T.A. called me many times. After having invested an amount that I prefer not to mention, but exceeds the 1100 mentioned above, significant. I should and could have been warned, but trusted this man.

finally we’re all been robbed, by people who claim to be professional brokers.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    1st Place! Best Binary Broker 2020!
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  • Binomo

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No other advise, than to stay away from these people. Finally one day they will be confronted with their miss behaviour.



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Capital Traders Review

Capital Traders Review

Making investments can be a challenge, particularly if you do not have the relevant know-how. Capital Traders is here to help you out with that. This is a global leader in providing financial services and a company that has an excellent record of offering a wide range of investment products. Of these products, there are more than 1000 top class assets that fit into five categories which are stocks, indices, cryptocurrencies, forex and commodities. As a trading platform, this broker makes the most of the latest comprehensive technology so that all investors using the website have a brilliant experience. We will show you exactly what they offer in the rest of this Capital Traders review, so stay with us.

A lot of benefits

With Capital Traders platform being your platform of choice, you will be able to adequately open several trades with a small amount of capital. This becomes quite profitable as there is no need to send any fees to a third party. Another benefit comes in during ownership, as there is no need to purchase any assets, yet you can trade them and enjoy the profits. This saves you from entering binding contracts that could tie you to an institution.

It is possible to immediately start investing simply by opening a segregated trading account. This is brilliant news for anyone, no matter what level of trading skill that they have, to experience the trading process.

There is also incredible flexibility in the trading process, since it is possible to trade from anywhere. This is due to the possibility of mobile trading which makes it possible to trade from anywhere using an iPad, iPhone or an Android device. The next part of this Capital Traders review will tell you more about all of that.

Main features

There are several features that make this a one-of-a-kind trading platform. The first of these is the fact that the platform is highly intuitive which means that it is constantly getting better. The more you invest, the greater the functionality that you can experience.

This technology also helps you to enter and exit trades in record time. If you are a rookie trader, you will find that it is possible to control how you can execute your trades. If you are short on time and can try out the one-click trading feature. This makes it possible to complete a trade in an instant.

There is also a range of trading tools that you can benefit from. To ensure that you always make an informed decision you can consult the financial news which brings you the latest developments from the industry. There is also the economic calendar that helps elevate trades as you track the best trades you can carry out. In addition, you can choose to go through the asset index to decide which assets you want to invest in. So, you have a lot of analytical options, but the trading options are even better. We will analyze each type of trading in this Capital Traders review next, so just keep reading.

Capital Traders Features

CFD Trading

This is an increasingly popular method of trading, and that comes down to just how simple it is to carry out. On Capital Traders platform you can choose from more than 1000 assets including leading stocks like Facebook, Apple and Amazon. There are also commodities available including gold, coffee and petroleum. Indices available include Nasdaq and Nikkei. Finally, you can trade in currencies including USD/CHF as well as USD/RUB. Through this type of trading there are numerous benefits that you can enjoy including leverage, profit opportunities, diversification as well as risk management. More on that in the next paragraph of this review.

Capital Traders Forex Trading

With Capital Traders forex, it is also possible to trade in the most liquid market in the world, and that is the forex market. Here, you can make the most of leverage so that you can elevate your investment. To get started, you only need to open a trading account and gain access to all the supporting services that Capital Traders has to offer. An incredible amount of choices will open up in front of you because there are loads of Capital Traders forex pairs at your disposal. All the main fiat currencies are there, but you can also check out pairs containing things like SGD, MXN, ZAR, NOK and more. In total, there are 45 different pairs at the moment, with some of them containing even the most popular cryptocurrencies. But that’s not the only thing you can do with virtual coins. Check out the next part of our analysis to learn what else is on the menu here.

Capital Traders CFD Trading Advantages

Capital Traders Cryptocurrency Trading

Digital assets are rapidly growing and are the future when it comes to trading online. With the Capital Traders platform it is possible to access the cryptocurrency market, and investors have found that they are especially attracted to one of the leading currencies online – Bitcoin. Although this is a market that is highly volatile, by using this platform it is possible to get a great return, as you can learn to understand just how this market works. There are resources available that will ensure that you are clear about all the risks which are involved, as well as how to prevent emotional trading and set up insurances that will protect you. In addition, Capital Traders Bitcoin and Ethereum investments can also easily be made on this website, meaning the broker accepts those two cryptocurrencies as a regular payment option. And while the first option is not that unusual in the trading world anymore, accepting Ethereum is a much bolder move. Hats off to the broker for that!

Capital Traders Cryptocurrency Trading

Get the Capital Traders app

We mentioned earlier that you can trade with this broker from your mobile device too, so let’s take a closer look at how that works, shall we? Yes, there is a Capital Traders app you can download, and it is available for all types of devices, meaning you should be able to easily trade no matter where you are. The app essentially brings yout the main platform described earlier, although in a form that is perfectly adjusted to the fact that you are operating it from something that has a touchscreen. Apart from that, you have pretty much all the features we already mentioned at you disposal, as well as most tools and indicators. Of course, you can also easily manage your funds this way, plus the whole thing is completely free of any costs. You simply download it and you’re ready to trade. In short, Capital Traders app is everything you’d expect from this kind of tool, so no matter which account type you have you will be able to use it effortlessly. Speaking of account types, why don’t we take a look at them, too? Sounds like a good idea, so stay tuned for more from our Capital Traders review.

Capital Traders Apps

What about the account types?

Everything becomes real the moment that you set up an account to begin your trading journey with this broker. There are five different Capital Traders accounts that you can create, and the account you choose will depend on the amount that you put down as a deposit. The more you deposit, the more exclusive the services you will have access to will be, making it easier to receive a great return. Capital Traders account types, starting with the lowest, include Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, and they offer some pretty interesting features. For example, all account types except Basic will provide you with a personal manager. Additionally, starting with the Silver account, you can receive trading and SMS signals from the broker, which can be pretty useful if you don’t know where to turn next. There are even more things you can get this way, but we will leave something for you to discover yourself.
In any case, the amounts that you can deposit start from €500 and can go up to €50,000. If you want to put down even more, it is possible, and for this you will receive the black account holder status with special benefits. How can you do this exactly? Our Capital Traders review will go through the deposit methods next. Read on!

Capital Traders Account Types

How to make a Capital Traders deposit?

Funding your account here is really easy. The main reason why we say that is because you have a huge selection of ways you can do it. Obviously, a Capital Traders deposit can be mad via wire transfer or Visa or MasterCard, but there are many more options. For example, Skrill and Neteller are also there, but you can also go for Yandex, Qiwi, WebMoney or even paysafecard! Don’t forget that we mentioned earlier that there are two cryptocurrencies Capital Traders accept (Bitcoin and Ethereum).
There are no deposit commissions you need to worry about, but we have to say once again that the minimum Capital Traders deposit is set to 250 EUR, although you will need 500 EUR to open the most basic account type. Now, that’s more than what you usually find in the trading industry, but we believe it’s worth it. Simply, you have so many choices and trading options here that you really don’t want to make a too small deposit. In addition, making a deposit can also mean extra trading funds for you. What do we mean? Read the next part of this Capital Traders review to find the answer.

Capital Traders Deposit Page

Are there any Capital Traders bonuses?

Yes, like all serious brokers, this one also has included ways you can get additional trading funds added into your trading account balance. Right from the start you can increase your trading balance by accepting a Capital Traders welcome bonus worth 250 EUR. That’s quite a decent start if you ask us because you get a 50% boost if you go for the minimum deposit. There are also bonuses you can get on deposits after that, but they depend on the broker’s promotion and may be influenced by other factors. Because of that, we recommend you explore the conditions of every Capital Traders bonus you accept.
Yes, accept. Getting a bonus does not come automatically nor will you be getting free money. It just means you have more to trade with and can potentially make bigger investments. But there are certain conditions you need to abide by if you want to withdraw that additional value. By this, we primarily mean that your turnover has to be 30 times greater than the Capital Traders bonus you get and you have to add the deposited amount to that. Compared to many other brokers, this is not that big of a requirement, though.
However, those aren’t the only options you have! The Capital Traders bonus policy allows for referral bonuses too, so get out there and drag your friends to this website – it could be well worth it.

Will Capital Traders withdrawal go smoothly?

Finally, we also have to talk about way you transfer your money back to you from your trading account. We already said that there are some Capital Traders withdrawal requirements when you want to withdraw your bonus, but if that’s not the case, there is nothing to worry about. The process is completely safe, and you can learn more about the security here if you read our Capital Traders Scam Test. Do note, however, that you will have to make the withdrawal to the same account or card you used to make your deposit.
Most of the deposit methods mentioned in the deposit part of this review are available here too, except things like paysafecard, for example. Your Capital Traders withdrawal will be processed within 10 days, but this can take as little as three days, depending on where you are and which method you’re using. Just don’t forget that you’re obligated to verify your identity before you can initiate the process. A big advantage of Capital Traders withdrawal is that there are no fees you need to worry about on the broker’s side of things. Do check how much your payment service provider can charge, though.
If you need any additional info, not just about this process but also about anything else on the website, don’t hesitate to contact the broker. We’ll show you how you can do that in the next part of our Capital Traders review.

A great support team

Getting help at the right moment when trading is incredibly important, as you may need instant information to make sure that you can finish a trade and make some money. Capital Traders support team is typically available five days a week, from Monday to Friday between the hours of 7 am and 9 pm. You can reach out and speak to them directly by using the live chat option, or you can leave a message through the contact form. For instant results, there is the FAQ section where you can find answers to the most commonly asked questions. On top of all that, you can also find the company’s phone number in the contact page of the website if that’s how you want to talk to them. The company can also be found on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and LinkedIn.
In any case, Capital Traders support team is full of competent and experienced individuals who will answer all your requests quickly. Moreover, they will not waste your time trying to recruit you or offering various promotions. We’ve learned to appreciate that kind of approach over the years. This part of the offer definitely deserves a thumbs up!

Capital Traders Contact


If you’re not sure what to do with your Capital Traders deposit or bonus, perhaps educating yourself about the market can help you make the right decision. On this website, there are currently several e-books you can read to expand your knowledge, but we expect more features to be added in the future.
It is interesting to note how much Capital Trader cryptocurrency trading has been covered by these materials. You have two e-books (one for beginners one for advanced traders) of 12 pages each on the subject, plus there is a whole series of videos on the subject. You will have to complete the login to access most of them, though. Apart from that, you also have some very interesting videos on trading strategies, which can help you a lot to trade more efficiently. It pays to put some time aside to go through all of this, especially if you’re still not a very experienced trader. But before we go, we’d like to also mention some things that could be better. A separate part of Capital Traders review is dedicated to that, so stay tuned.

Capital Traders Education Center

What about Capital Traders complaints?

As you can see, we took a look at pretty much everything this company has to offer. While we’re generally very satisfied with the level of quality here, there are some things that could perhaps be slightly better. Some might say that we have some Capital Traders complaints, which is technically true, but we’d like to emphasize that they do not affect our overall impression of the broker.
We already said that we expect more educational materials to be added, but the main thing we think this offer misses is a demo account. It would benefit traders a lot if they could test things out before investing for real. Nevertheless, trading itself remains on a very high level, and if you’re looking to invest you’ll enjoy it here. The important thing is that the most important features work flawlessly.
Those were our only two Capital Traders complaints, but other traders we interviewed said that they were put off by the minimum deposit requirement. True, this is higher than usual, but like we said earlier, we believe it’s worth it to start out with that much in this case.


In conclusion, Capital Trade is a modern, professional platform that offers all traders a great number of trading assets. It is possible to make a great return, especially with all the tools available, plus you have many other features at your disposal here. There are several account types to choose from, plus you can do your trading on the go very easily thanks to an excellent app. What we have to emphasize once more is the number of payment methods accepted here, which is extremely impressive. You think of a way to make a transaction and it will be there. Another big advantage is the fact that Capital Trade withdrawal is free of charge, but don’t forget that special conditions apply if you want to withdraw your bonus.
A few words also have to be said about the fact that you can use cryptocurrencies here. Not just as investment targets, mind you, but as a way to actually pay for everything. Two cryptocurrencies are accepted by Capital Traders, Bitcoin and Ethereum, with the latter being extremely rare to find in this role in the trading industry. Therefore, we can definitely say that you can find a lot of options on this website other brokers simply don’t have.
With that in mind, opening an account with Capital Traders could be a great move. Do it now to experience a very special offer!

Capital Traders

Capital Traders Review

  • Great proprietary web-based trading platform
  • Wide array of tradeable assets across numerous markets
  • Great customer support
  • Unregulated broker
  • New and inexperienced
  • Trading fees are unknown

Capital-Traders is a world renowned financial services provider who offers a wide range of tradeable products through CFDs (Contract for Differences). The brokerage is dedicated to their client’s success and provides them with all the necessary tools and software to help them succeed. Capital-Traders operates their business based on three core values/principles being; Innovation, Transparency, and Growth. The brokerage was only recently established in 2020 and is owned and operated by Option Solution Online Ltd, with their headquarters located at Digital World Centre, 1 Lowry Plaza, The Quays, Salford, Manchester, Lancashire, M50 3UB, United Kingdom. Being located in the UK, one would hope the brokerage is regulated by the FCA, however this is not the case. Capital-Traders is an unregulated trading brokerage but operates their business in a very safe, secure and fair manner.Though Capital-Traders appears to be an excellent brokerage to deal with, how do you know if they’re right for you? Find out in the following review where we’ll delve deep into the aspects that make up this online trading brokerage and see what sets Capital-Traders apart from the competition and whether or not they can be trusted.

Trading Platform

Capital-Traders features their very own proprietary web-based trading platform which has been designed from the ground up. The platform is very innovative and provides traders with many unique features. For instance, the platform is constantly evolving to accommodate traders needs. Also, the technology the platform runs on helps traders to enter and exit trades in an instant with one click trading technology. In addition to the lightening fast order execution, traders also have access to an extensive list of advanced charting and analysis tools, as well as live market news and notification updates. The trading platform is available on all desktop and mobile devices through nearly every web browser. Also, the platform is available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. All in all, the trading platform offered by Capital-Traders is impressive considering it’s a proprietary trading platform.

Exchange Markets

One area Capital-Traders really excels in is the wide range of tradeable assets and markets. Capital-Traders allows traders to participate in traditional markets such as Forex and CFDs on Stocks, Commodities, Indices, and Currencies. Also, Capital-Traders provides access to more innovative markets such as cryptocurrencies and the ability to participate in new ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings). In total, Capital-Trades features over 1000 tradeable assets.

Fees and Commission

Capital-Traders does not charge any commissions or hidden fees; however, traders are required to pay the spread on each trade. The spreads imposed on traders vary from asset to asset but are relatively tight compared with the industry standards. Unfortunately, we cannot list the available spreads here because this information is not disclosed on their website. We found this to be somewhat disconcerting as the brokerage advertises themselves as being fully transparent and yet they do not disclose their associated trading fees. As for deposit and withdrawal fees, there are none. However, third party fees ay apply for deposit/withdrawal methods.

Security and Fairness

Capital-Traders number one priority is their client’s privacy and peace of mind. Therefore, the brokerage employs the latest and greatest security measure to protect their client’s data and funds. All transferrable information and data is secured by top of the line SSL security protocols and clients funds are held in secured segregated accounts. The brokerage is not yet regulated, which is disappointing considering the brokerage is located in the UK and could achieve regulation. However, being regulated is no easy task and the Capital-Traders brokerage has been offering secure and reputable trading services since their establishment in 2020. Also, since the broker is so new, they may try and become regulated in the future, but for now, they are providing confident and secure investment services without regulation.


The customer support provided by Capital-Traders is quite phenomenal, especially in comparison with many of the new online trading brokerages in the industry. Clients can reach support representatives from Monday to Friday between the hours of 7am and 9pm. The support methods available are live chat, email, online contact form, or telephone. The support offered is only available in the English language despite accepting traders from all over the world. Additional methods of support include an FAQ page and a glossary. While the glossary is quite extensive, the FAQ page is very limited and not very helpful at all. Besides that, the support offered by Capital-Traders is pretty good.


Capital Traders is a leading online trading brokerage offering traders the opportunity to participate in a variety of financial markets including traditional markets such as forex and CFD trading, and more innovative markets such as cryptocurrencies and ICOs. The brokerage features their very own proprietary web-based trading platform which is jam packed with tools and features. Capital-Traders is an unregulated broker but offer very safe and secure trading services. However, the brokerage has yet to prove themselves through the test of time, as Capital-Markets was only established in 2020. Although, the broker has thus far proven to provide competent trading services and could be a lucrative option for new and experienced traders.


The following are the common questions that customers inquired about Capital Traders.

Is Capital-Traders regulated?

No, it is not a regulated broker.

Is Capital-Traders a scam?

No, Capital-Traders is not a scam and is a licenced financial services business in the UK.

Where is Capital-Traders based?

Capital-traders is based at Digital World Centre, 1 Lowry Plaza, The Quays, Salford, Manchester, Lancashire, M50 3UB, United Kingdom.

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