CWE Bot Review Is this Bot A Scam Or Legit Software

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CWE Bot Review: Is this Bot A Scam Or Legit Software?

CWE Bot Review: Is this Bot A Scam Or Legit Software?Crypto World Evolution is a Crypto trading bot that claims to make trading hassle free and profitable. Unlike most bot, CWE bot is supposedly unique in the sense that it allows users to tweak its setting according to their choice and then connect it with the exchange one wants to trade with. According to the information on, CWE bot is great because it is the first cloud hosted Crypto bot, it is safe and secure, and it offers a lucrative referral program.

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How does CWE Bot Work:

CWE Bot is a cloud hosted Bot that can be connected to Bittrex, Binance, HitBTC and five other exchanges via API. Setting up this Bot is quite easy because many people already interact with these exchanges. There are two plans for traders; the baby plan which costs $500 and the Pro plan $2,000. Though you can create your own bot and strategies, the bot also gives daily recommendations, generating supposedly profitable trading signals.

What You Should Know About Crypto World Evolution Bot:

Though CWE Bot does not explicitly promise profits, the testimonials in the site indicates that the robot can trade profitably for you. This shows a red flag as it is borderline investment advice, which is a regulated activity, while CWE Bot is unregulated. There are also no contact information on the web page. Also, the testimonials are entirely made up. The pictures were gotten from stock photos, thus proving that Crypto World Evolution is a broad day scam trying to convince people it is otherwise.


CWE Bot is nothing but scam. Any national financial regulator would classify it as an unlicensed illegal software you need to stay away from. The fake testimonials and review pictures are enough indication that the software is unsafe for you. Stay away from it!!

Does The CWE Bitcoin Trading Bot Software Pass The Howey Test

Crypto World Evolution, or CWE, recently launched trading bot software. That trading bot, like other trading bots, claims to generate profit by buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

You give money to the CWE trading bot software, then expect to earn a profit over time. The company mentions returns as high as 1% to 3% per day – which is absurdly high compared to any legal, real world investment platform or robo trader.

It’s unclear whether Crypto World Evolution auto trading bot provides returns anywhere close to 1% to 3% per day.

However, the main way in which people make money through the platform is by referring other people. CWE’s trading bot comes linked with a membership-based multilevel marketing program. The company pays 15% commissions on users you recruit into the platform. You’ll also need to continue paying money to the company to stay active as a representative (i.e. you need to stay continuously subscribed to the CWE trading bot software).

There’s some question about whether or not the CWE trading bot software passes the Howey Test.

The Howey Test, for those out of the loop, is a landmark ruling by the US Supreme Court. In that ruling, the US Supreme Court clearly defined the rules for what is and is not a security. Basically, if someone is selling you something as an investment, and you can earn money on that investment through the work of someone else, then that may constitute a security.

If someone is selling a security to you, then that security sale needs to be registered. Otherwise it’s illegal.

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Cryptocurrencies and ICOs often struggle with the Howey Test. Some cryptocurrencies represent a genuine stake in the company’s business – which means they’re securities. Other cryptocurrencies are simple utility tokens.

So where does the Crypto World Evolution trading bot software fall on the Howey Test scale? Let’s take a closer look.

The Four Main Elements to the Howey Test

There are four main characteristics behind the Howey Test. These four elements must be met in order for an “investment contract” to fall under the definition of a security:

Investment of Money:

Are users investing into the service? Did the investor give up specific considerations in return for a separable financial interest with the characteristics of a security?

Common Enterprise:

Courts look at three approaches to determine “common enterprise”, including horizontal, broad vertical, and strict vertical. Without going into extreme detail, these three characteristics refer to how the investors are linked together in the enterprise. These characteristics rarely apply to cryptocurrency enterprises.

Expectation of Profits:

Is the investor buying a cryptocurrency with the expectation of profits? Is someone depositing money into the Crypto World Evolution trading robot software with the expectation that they’re going to earn money? Typically, this is the easiest aspect of the Howey Test to prove: people typically invest in something with the expectation of earning money. However, point 4 also comes into effect here.

Expectation of Profits Strictly from the Efforts of the Promoter:

Is the investor buying into a business with the expectation of earning profit – despite the fact that they intend to do no work themselves? Individual investors don’t typically play an active role in a company. If someone deposits money into the Crypto World Evolution trading robot with the expectation of earning money despite taking no action themselves, then it could trigger this part of the Howey Test.

Does Crypto World Evolution Pass The Howey Test?

Ultimately, I’ll leave it up to you to decide if Crypto World Evolution passes the Howey Test or not. However, as regulators clamp down further on the crypto industry and its enterprises, we’re going to see more companies get into trouble for violating the Howey Test.

Check out the file and see your thoughts on how it stacks up against the Howey Test. Available on a Google Drive here: CryptoWorld Evolution Howey Test

Crypto World Evolution: Real Bitcoin Trading Bot Software MLM?

In the land of bitcoin and blockchain, cryptocurrency MLM companies are a dime a dozen. Many of them try to claim they are trading and mining but never offer real transparency or visual legitimacy – so how is Crypto World Evolution hybrid bitcoin trading bot any better?

Crypto World Evolution can be found online at (registered August 16th, 2020) and is a company that prides itself on delivering a multi-hybrid trading algorithm software via API to facilitate daily micro transactions to earn with your own bot.

Here is the catch that the company is saying makes them different from dozens of others:

The CWE “plug-and-play automatic software robot” makes trades on your behalf – with your permission – through your own crypto exchange accounts (currently Binance, Bittrex, HitBTC and OKex). The CWE bot can execute transactions in milliseconds, trading 24/7/365 days at profitable target levels with your selected coins/tokens in your account.

The automated trading algorithm bot makes micro-cryptocurrency buys and sells with your own coins at your own tolerance risk and offers unique customization to cancel any trades at your own discretion. The CWE bitcoin trading bot software backoffice has features like stop lost, order bots and kill-switch safety support. It also attaches a MLM referral opportunity that promises to help you get small returns by trading coins via the automated algorithm and API as well as referrals to do the same.

Look, we are going to do our best to find out if Crypto World Evolution’s bitcoin trading robot is a scam or is a genuine way to earn from trading daily. They promise to have a solution in the form of a cryptocurrency trading software that helps people in the process of buying and selling a variety of virtual currencies.

What is Crypto World Evolution?

Crypto World Evolution, also known as Crypto WE or CWE, describes itself as “the best way to invest and reach your financial freedom.” The Belize-registered company (#168057) is attempting to position themselves in a unique ‘sweet spot’ due to the fact that they are trading the crypto coins on your behalf through your exchange accounts (without giving up login details or 2FA passcodes) and have zero ability to withdrawal or get in your exchange.

Designed as an automated trading robot with an opportunity, the ultimate question that determines the CWE bot future is how well it works and performs as it scales. From the limited information available, the CWE trading bot is making many micro-trades that can net 1-3% profit per day however they are very adamant that nothing is guaranteed and the marketplace at large can make a turn for the worse if the market caps all decrease too.

While there are many shady cryptocurrency MLM programs, Crypto World Evolution’s product is the “trading bot” that will automatically trade cryptocurrency in an attempt to see positive return on investment without risking large percentages per trade. You just give access to your Binance or Bittrex account through API and the bot will start placing micro-trades on a variety of coins and close them out based on A.I. and market conditions.

Aside from the trading robot, Crypto World Evolution does offer a tech-friendly back office portal for all crypto trading bot customers and affiliate members. Let’s take a closer look at how Crypto World Evolution works to determine if it’s a scam or a legitimately good investment opportunity.

How Does Crypto World Evolution Work?

Cryptocurrency World Evolution offers all of the following features and product sets:

Pro Miner Membership (2000 PV):

  • 365 day subscription
  • Automatic & Hybrid Robot
  • 15% direct commission
  • 5% indirect commission
  • 10% binary
  • qualify for leadership bonus

Young Membership (500 PV):

  • 365 day subscription
  • hybrid robot only
  • 10% of direct commission
  • 5% of indirect commission
  • 10% binary
  • can not qualify for leadership bonus

Bitcoin Education: CWE has a bitcoin education program in development that tells beginners how to earn profits through cryptocurrency trading.

Trading Video Tools: Learn the fundamentals on how to trade any asset to make profit.

Deposit Any Cryptocurrency: Crypto World Evolution’s Pro Miner trading bot cost $2,000 and allows you to trade any cryptocurrency of your liking up to $10,000 worth per account.

Fast Setup: You can setup a CWE account within minutes and sync up to your exchange accounts to begin trading right away.

Trading Bot: Crypto World Evolution has a trading robot that makes consistently high profits over time. Everyone who uses the crypto world trading bot dedicates and allocates how much crypto funds you want to trade with it and it will start executing the trades (low as $500 and high as $10,000) in your accounts and you can shut off or cancel at any time.

Bitcoin Advisors: Crypto World Evolution apparently offers “consultation services for bitcoin” through its platform. Again, there’s no further information about this service as of yet.

Overall, the Crypto World Evolution website has vague information about the company but seems to be a growing opportunity with more transparency coming in the near future (we will update when we get more information).

The main point of Crypto World Evolution is their bitcoin trading bot software making trades for you that after you pay for the initial activation (annually) there is no other funds you will send the company as they only take a mere 20% of trading profits (after they are actualized) and then redistribute these funds back into the members’ compensation plan.

The trading robot says it will then “perform hundreds of operations under a hybrid or automatic program based on CWE API to exchange API access.” In reality, when someone starts talking about micro returns through a trading robot, it’s possible you’re involved with a Ponzi scheme – not a legitimate investment opportunity – but CWE seems to be on to something a bit different in that they are not asking for user funds yet are trading with what you dedicate and are willing to invest per user. But to date, we are still searching for members profits based on the trading the CWE bot is promising and claiming to be able to do.

Who’s Behind Crypto World Evolution?

Crypto World Evolution doesn’t disclose any information about who’s running the company. However, the two main names to know are Tomas Perez-Quevedo and Guillermo Perez Biasco who seem to be part of the management admin team. We can find no additional information available online even though it looks like they have a Bitcoin Trading Convention coming up in March 2020 in Phuket, Thailand per one of their main PDFs.

Typically, when someone is advertising a “powerful” investment opportunity to you, but refuses to disclose his or her identity, it’s a red flag you’re being scammed but it is early and many of the top leaders seem to think very highly of the trading robot and the compensation plan (which includes a binary tree, forced matrix and unilevel). All of the customer balances will be expressed in PVP as well as payments will be made in bitcoin only.

There’s also no contact information listed for Crypto World Evolution anywhere online but they do list a handful of educational how-to videos on how to use the CWE Trade platform:

Here are also some CWE bot software screenshots found inside a facebook group:

These were found online but never expect for things to pan out 100% and every trade to be successful.

CWE Compensation Plan For Cryptocurrency Earnings

CWE appears to be one of the first companies ever to combine a unilevel, matrix and binary all in the same compensation plan in which company keeps 50% and 50% paid out.

Here is a quick look at the levels of the CWE comp plan:

Direct Unilevel Commissions (20%):

  • 15% on level one (300pv – personals)
  • 5% level two (100pv – indirects)

Binary (10%):

The binary compensation plan structure for CWE has the left and the right leg in which you will need one in each leg to activate the payouts qualifying you to earn commissions. The 2,000 PVP or 500 PVP trading robot product orders will be placed in the binary as volume points in which you get paid on the lesser of the two in volume. It is paid out 10% and capped at $10,000 per day and $60,000 per week in payouts.

Forced Matrix (20%):

The commissions for CWE found within a 3×20 matrix tree are paid weekly. The matrix plan starts with a frontline of 3 and starts getting bigger each level at 9 – 28 – 84 – 252 – 756 – 2268 – 6804 – 20,412 – 61,236 and so on per level. It places from top to bottom and left to right, no spaces but compression dynamic and distributes 20% of the daily gains.

CWE Club Leadership Rank Rewards (Bonus):

There are 4 primary rank rewards in the CWE compensation plan:

  • Regional Director (3 direct, 50K pv)
  • National Director (5 direct, 250K pv with 2 regionals)
  • International Director (8 direct, 750K pv with 3 regional/2 national)
  • Global Master (12 direct, 1.5M pv with 3 national/3 international)

The other extremely important part you need to know about is the company service rate fee. The CWE company makes it so each customer of the trading bot has to pay 20% of the weekly profits obtained through trading use. You will also see this dispersed as 10% forced matrix, 5% traders and 5% development improvements.

Crypto World Evolution Conclusion

Crypto World Evolution is advertising itself as an excellent investment opportunity that anyone can use to earn consistent profits. After reading the a Crypto World Evolution review, the statements above are what makes this company’s bot-product opportunity from all the other ones currently available (there’s hundreds of these ponzi-like schemes) a bit different from a product standpoint by showing 100% trading transparency that happens.

However, that doesn’t imply everything is kosher from then on. This is where we will try to investigate both the Crypto World Evolution bot and networking opportunity. Also, they very specifically state on all of their documents of absolutely no guarantees the CWE trading bot can generate which can be very noteworthy when considering what’s a security which is what all MLM-scam minded sites will say.

Every user and cryptocurrency trader must realize that true speculation is happening and markets are known to be highly volatile at any given time which means the risk is real and downside has dire potential to rekt profits. However, CWE does say their bot is not a 1-click profit solution but does use real-world technical analysis indicators and A.I. trading signals to complete user trades.

We will continue to update this review about CWE Trading Bot once more information is available but for right now – if you are into trading, it may be worth a shot to hook it up and see what kind of data and profitable trades it can make on your behalf.

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