Daxrobot Review 2020 Is Dax Robot Automated Trading System Legit or Scam

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Robot Name: DAXrobot
Founded: 2020
Type: Robot
Price: *Free
Return: 200%
Trading: CFD
Demo Account: No
Minimum Deposit: Up to Broker

DAXrobot Review

Seems like everyday there’s a new autotrading robot coming out, with fresh new promises to end all your financial troubles at the touch of a button. Nothing new here, but sometimes the people behind these robots don’t even try to be original, or they don’t even try, period. Today we will take a look at Daxrobot, a carbon copy of Centobot, which is yet another marvel of engineering that we’ve reviewed in the past.

The “Magic” Of DAXrobot Revealed

You will not be treated to a sales video (too expensive I guess), you will not see pics of cars and mansions and you will not get an entertaining story about a poor guy who discovered a loophole in the market, became a millionaire and now he is willing to share the secret with the whole internet. What you will get is a webpage that looks like it was put together in 3 hours or so. Just scroll your mouse twice and you’ve reached the end of it.

The info on that minimalist website is bare of any help. You will see stuff like “Daxrobot is the automated CFD trading system designed to trade for you”.

And you’ll be rich in “only 3 easy steps”. It doubles or even triples whatever you invest on a DAILY BASIS. Imagine that…

We can also see this is the “Ultimate” autotrading robot… it must be good, right? Sure… but anyway let’s look at what we’ve got so far: a robot that is used to autotrade Contracts For Difference (CFD) with a designated broker. No info about how it works or how much money we can make (unless you count that claim about doubling or tripling your money every day). So what’s next? Let’s sign up and see, of course!

How does the DAXrobot Works?

Using my trusty ol’ fake details, I signed up and once I got in, I saw the same interface as Centobot (an older autotrader, just as useless as this one). A collection of robots on the left-hand side and the main part of the screen covered by assets. I don’t understand why we need to have 70% of the screen covered with currency and cryptocurrency pairs, but it is what it is – someone in their design department deemed it good enough.

To use the robots you have to unlock them and to unlock them you have to deposit. You will not pay for the robots – what you deposit is still your money (at least in theory). As for the robots and how they actually work, we have the usual BS claims of profits ranging from 99% to 352% and some talk about the indicators they are based on (RSI, ADX, Moving Averages, Bollinger, etc.). It is not clear if the profit percentage will be reached in a day, a week or a millennia, but it looks nice to see three-digit percentages, so why not put it there. In fact, they mention earlier that you can triple your money in a day, so probably you’ll get what they claim in a day’s time. Surely…

What about the indicators the robots are based on? Well let me tell you, these are free tools available on any decent trading platform and if they were as profitable as Daxrobot claims, everybody and their grandpa would be rich.

I mentioned before that you have to deposit to unlock each robot (the highest I’ve seen at the time of writing is $500 deposit). Now here comes the interesting part: the broker you will be depositing to is called Daxbase and has the same color scheme as Daxrobot. By looking at the 2 sites and taking into consideration the obvious similarities in names, it’s almost certain that Daxrobot was built by Daxbase as a marketing tactic to attract clients. All or the vast majority of robot websites work as affiliates for brokers: if you want to use the autotrader for free, you need to deposit with their recommended broker and they get an affiliate commission. But I’ve long suspected that some brokers are building robots on their own – that way they can keep all the profit, without paying any affiliate commission. This Daxrobot/Daxbase thing confirms what I’ve suspected and although that may not be true for all robots, in this particular case, I believe it is.

Should You Use DAXrobot – Yea or Nay?

Most autotrading robots claim to use special algorithms, powered by tears of unicorns, rainbow dust and Batman’s grappling hook. I appreciate the fact that Daxrobot doesn’t claim to use any of that special stuff and instead it simply explains that you will be using an automated system powered by common technical indicators. Ok, but does that mean that you should open an account and deposit money into an unregulated brokerage that you don’t know much about? I think not!

DaxRobot Review: An Wide Analysis Of Automated Trading Robot

Reviewed By Binoption

What Is DaxRobot

Why Choose DaxRobot

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Trading Platform

Top Robots By DaxRobot

Demo Trading

Is It Scam Or Legit



DaxRobot Review: A Wide Analysis Of This Automated Trading Robot

DaxRobot is a newly launched robot for automated trading. Today’s trading industry seems to be overflowed with trading robots of different categories.

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This trend has some positive impact on the market as well as some negative. However, these robots are versatile and resourceful, which help traders to trade according to the market fluctuations.

You are guaranteed a quick, safe, and secure 24/7 trading experience. The automated robot usually trades with no emotional involvement, fear, greed, ego, etc. It also helps traders to keep himself aloof from indulging in random trading.

But choosing a scam robot can easily put a trader into huge trouble. So, make sure that you have done complete research.

In today’s article, we are going to share our analysis of DaxRobot. We can assure you that you will get a transparent review here. It will also help you to choose your favourable auto trading robot.

Make yourself comfortable and let’s get started!

What Is DaxRobot: DaxRobot Review

DaxRobot is a CFD and Forex trading platform. The automated trading platform produces signals by considering a variety of algorithms and systems of recognizing patterns that allows them to identify correct signals and to use them for making profits.

Although very new to the trading industry, this robot is already getting a great deal of attention. As with this robot, you will be able to make money with minimum interference.

DAXbase is the only broker that DaxRobot supports. It has a nice reputation in the CFDs market that is operated by Clever Technologies. Other than this broker, DaxRobot has 10 readymade robots for the traders’ convenience.

It has a wide range of payment methods including credit card, Bitcoin, Litecoin and so on. Unfortunately, there is no detail information about the robot on their website, nor even any historical data.

On the other hand, this company is compliant with financial regulation standards; however, as their business is international, they are not limited within the particular country regulatory framework.

DaxRobot Review and Guideline

Trading can be both thrilling and disastrous depending on the knowledge you possess and the platform you choose. It has multiple underwater stones and traders, especially new ones, may face a variety of problems if not devoting enough time to researching and learning.

One of them is choosing a right broker. If you fail to find a reliable, reputable and competent platform, you risk of losing investments. That is why this manual will be useful for users of all proficiency levels and for those, who are thinking whether to entrust their money to DaxRobot or not. Make yourself comfortable and let’s get started!

About DaxRobot

DaxRobot is an automated platform for trading, which generates signals taking into account a variety of algorithms and systems of recognizing patterns. It allows to identify correct signals and to use them for making profits.

In other words, with Dax Robot you will be able to make money with minimum interference just sitting at home and sipping coffee. What can be better than that?

Benefits of DaxRobot include:

  • A simple and convenient interface, which allows users to master trading with ease. Even if you are completely new to the world of online investments you will easily understand how to get started;
  • Customer support always provides timely assistance and their managers speak multiple languages for maximum convenience. In addition, they can be reached through the phone or via email and a live chat with a video option;
  • There are no additional fees for those, who decide to use DaxBase. Only the minimum deposit!
  • Considering that the service is relatively new, there is a slight incoordination on the website and the income claims may be quite challenging to achieve;
  • DaxBase is the only broker the platform can be integrated with, which greatly limits traders;
  • Demo sessions are only one minute long and afterwards you need to make a minimum $250 deposit;
  • Partner-broker is also new to the field and is unregulated.

DaxRobot Features

Although DaxRobot doesn’t have such a long operating history, it definitely has a few features that competitors can’t boast. Here are the main of them:

Automated Trading

DaxRobot can offer a variety of trading bots with new ones emerging on regular basis. Every robot is listed depending on the profits and if you look at the top ten you will see that their profit percentages start at 97%.

Every robot has a number of characteristics. For example, you can choose a bot depending on the market it works with. You can also choose a market depending on the cryptocurrency you are interested in (BTC/USD, LTC/USD or others).

It is important for every trader to choose a robot that complements trading strategies and levels of risks. Don’t forget that every robot is locked after a demo period and you can unlock it by making a certain deposit (different for various bot types).

Broker Integration

At the moment, DaxRobot can be integrated only with DaxBase (a partner service and a forex broker). Unfortunately, representatives of the company didn’t give any information on their plans on integrating other brokers, for example FXTM.

For a regular user this means that you should first create a DaxBase account and only then start utilizing DaxRobot. However, despite the fact that DaxBase is quite new on the market, it has a solid reputation and more and more users choose it for their trading operations.

DaxRobot Availability and Pricing

Luckily, DaxRobot can be used almost in every country. For example, its partner-broker DaxBase can be utilized anywhere except the USA.

DaxRobot has a demo version but it ends after a minute. To start trading you need to unlock the chosen robot, each of which has its own minimum deposit (starting with $250).

To make deposits or withdraw money, you should first create a DaxBase account and place your money there. Here are only some of the deposit methods: Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin, Netteller and Skrill. On top of it, credit/debit cards can also be used.

The same methods are applied to withdrawals and the processing time is very short.

DaxRobot Deposits and Withdrawals

As it has already been mentioned above, there are no concrete fees for utilizing DaxRobot. You are only limited to two facts: your deposit should be minimum $250 and you must use DaxBase broker. These rules should be followed not depending on the bot you choose.

Keep in mind, if you use credit or debit cards, the system will charge 5%. The platform offers three types of accounts:

  • Bronze. $250 deposit minimum;
  • Silver. $1000 deposit minimum. You get access to Champion Class;
  • Gold. $3000 deposit minimum. You are assigned with a personal manager.

How to Use DaxRobot Software

At first it may seem quite difficult to master this automated trading platform. However, DaxRobot is really friendly and simple to use, so even beginners will understand what to do. The platform did their best to make the interface easy to understand even for the users, who have never traded before.

Actually, the only thing you should do to turn on automated signals is to log in to the system! You will get a chance to alter the system based on your preferences but DaxRobot took care of everything and have already configured the process to initialize winning signals!

If you look at the panel on the left, you will see a variety of bots that are listed based on the accuracy percentage. This allows choosing the best session depending on the strategy you have. The system will also prevent you from overly impulsive decisions if you know that you can lose your head.

Unfortunately, some beginners or too emotional traders decide that it is better to place signals without a robot, which results in losing all the investments. To be on a safe side it is better to take your time, choose a proper robot and then just sit and watch!

To register in the system you need to follow the stages below:

  1. Open a free account;
  2. To activate it you need to make a deposit (minimum $250);
  3. Before starting a new session, read the news (for example, on investing.com) to be sure that the pairs you are going to trade with are stable and strong;
  4. To increase your chances of winning, make sure you watch a variety of tutoring videos and read articles of reputable traders;
  5. When you have earned the money you wanted to earn, initialize the withdrawal and enjoy the earnings!

To avoid any problems with synchronization, it is recommended to make a deposit right after you create an account.

DaxRobot Results

DaxRobot offering is very clear and understandable: this automated system for traders produces speedy results. However, before starting using the platform you should keep in mind that there are several reservations.

First of all, you need to put aside the thought that you will double or even triple your money within a day. Market situation is constantly changing and trading robots can’t predict or greatly influence the situation.

Income rates of 200% are very rare on all of the platforms, including automated systems. That is why DaxRobot’s suggestion of doubling or tripling incomes is far from reality. Although, if you don’t expect a speedy result or a whirlwind income, DaxRobot proved its reputation and can be recommended to traders of all levels of expertise. The only disappointment is that DaxRobot uses a single broker, which limits options of traders.

Trustworthiness and Support

Any trader knows how important it is to choose a reliable broker. Actually, most of the users will choose a more expensive system if it has additional guarantees. Luckily, DaxRobot is one of them. This system has just enough information to show that it is reputable (awards, reviews) and not to bore the user with irrelevant details.

Another important fact that shows that DaxRobot is worth attention is the quantity of positive testimonials. Actually, it is almost impossible to find a negative comment and users seem to be very satisfied from using the platform.

Customer support is another important issue that indicates whether the platform can be trusted or not. You can contact their managers via live chat, email or a phone call. You can even have a video chat with the support team member, which is quite weird but why not?

Such a variety of options means that they take care about the users and are always ready to provide necessary assistance. Moreover, if you become a gold member, you will have your own VIP manager.

Recommendations when using the Dax Robot

Now, when you know what DaxRobot is and how it operates, you only need to keep in mind a few tips (actually, they can be applied not depending on the trading platform you choose).

Considering the fact that DaxRobot is quite new on the market, you will need to control the trading session. Moreover, it is highly advisable to follow the news: if something unpredictable happens, your earnings may burn and you will lose everything.

In addition, it is recommended to turn the system off when you earn the profits you planned to earn. Over-trading is a popular problem for users, who don’t know when to stop. If you want to earn and not to lose, shut the system off and withdraw your money to be on a safe side.

Final Conclusion

It is now a right time to summarize everything that was stated above. DaxRobot is a new automated trading platform, which has lots of benefits. It is very simple to use, so even if you are new on the game it won’t be difficult to start trading.

Managers of the support team show their professionalism and can always answer any of the questions, even if your native language is not English. However, you need to remember that DaxRobot is relatively new on the market, so slight imperfections may happen.

The system has all of the chances of being called a reputable and profitable platform, so the only thing they require is time. Users can entrust their money to the platform, choosing the robot they prefer, making no additional payments and withdrawing earnings within minutes.

It is a great start for a trading platform and DaxRobot is surely worth your attention if you are looking for an automated system that will save your time and money.

DAXRobot Review – CFD Trading

DAXrobot is a new trading system that is particularly customized for automated CFD trading; thus making trading more fun and easier than ever. Although very new to the trading industry, this robot is already getting a great deal of attention, which means that we need to provide a review and let you know if it’s viable or not.

The parent company of DAXrobot is a DAXbase that has a nice reputation in the CFD trade market, although there are some who would hesitate in agreeing to this. The concerns and hushed up “e-gossips” about DAXrobot or DAXbase circulate primarily around scanty information on the company’s background. However, with a little bit of dedicated research it becomes very apparent that behind the enormous success of DAXbase is Finanace Group Corp; which is a well-known company and global leader in the Forex trade industry. When you are considering a broker it is always wise to prefer credibility and market reputation and Finance Group Corp has both, so it seems to be a safe bargain.

DAXRobot Review

When you really think about all of the features and the promised payouts, it does seem too good to be true. However, when you scrutinize the available information it does hold some plausibility; for instance the user interface that this robot offers seems to be very friendly, interactive and does appear to take the stress out of CFD or forex trading. In essence, to use this software or robot, you do not need to be “certified” or receive any special training.

The procedure of getting started with this automated system is a breath of fresh air and the developers claim to be one of the best brokers available in the markets with a promise of lavish returns on invested amounts. All you have to do as a user is to follow a simple signup process, fund the account through bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum or credit card and (as the claim goes) simply enjoy watching the robot get to work for you.

Other automated systems we prefer include:

Strategy: How does it work?

Nowadays, there is an ever-growing demand of crypto currencies and FX. Tending to this market needs companies (such as DAXrobot) come up with smart and automated solutions for traders to maximize profits. These bots operate on the cutting edge AI oriented strategies that absolutely wins at luring the investors into the world of Crypto currencies and Forex.

DAXRobot is one of those smart and solution oriented companies that have worked relentlessly towards launching a competitive and most efficient automated CFD and Forex trading system. The company claims to serve the needs of all investors, whether they belong to the retail or institutional side. In addition to all of this, the customers enjoy scalable solutions for compound or fixed strategies, and can easily sift through available assets and several investment opportunities in a systematic manner.

They provide very little detail about their actual trading strategy.

Some Facts about DAXRobot

  • Type: It’s an automated trading system/software
  • Price: It’s FREE…!*
  • Asset: CFD and Forex trading
  • Broker: DaxBase (the parent company)

DAXRobot does not cost a user fee, however, to be able to benefit from all the services, you must make a deposit with DAXBase (their broker).

Trading Results

The company does claim to provide a higher profit margin but there don’t seem to be any verified trading reuslts. DAXRobot is undoubtedly fast, simple and promising; however, all investors must operate on realistic grounds while making an investment. The concept of multiplying your wealth overnight is largely impractical because the returns always rely on prevalent market situations. The difficulty is in assessing the extent to which such a trading bot can influence the market trends.

Considering the fact that this robot is essentially a free software, the results that one can obtain from this are quite impressive. However, the traders must consider all possibilities and should not deposit with DAXRobot if they are expecting an overnight wealth multiplier.

Client Feedback

DAXRobot has a conflicting collection of reviews, although, a lot of them are skewed towards positive…with an average rating of 3 out of 5 stars.


Although DAXrobot appears to have various tools and features to automatize and enhance the profit margin in Forex trading…there’s a concern of under-representation. This lack of information about ‘how the product works’, ‘what type of results to expect’ etc., gives rise to certain rumors around the authenticity of the software. Another factor of concern is that they claim to be an award holding company, however, there is little to no evidence to corroborate this claim.

Although, one can infer that Finance Group Corp being a parent company, actually holds wonderful market repute and therefore the subsidiaries must not be too far away either. The company could use the criticism and incorporate more transparency about how the bot actually works. In addition to this, potential customers would be able to establish a greater connectivity with the company if they can view some user reviews, viedos, pictures etc.

In conclusion, this software appears reputable, but without real strategic insight or trading results, it is still difficult to recommend.

Leave us a comment below to share if you are considering DAXRobot and what are some of the things that you are keeping in mind. Or if you have already used it, let us know how did it go for you?

DAXRobot Autotrader Review – IT’S LEGIT!

Yes, there are some decent automated trading programs out there, such as the DAXRobot app, but they can be very hard to find. We here often review some of the best ones, so you know which ones to use in order to make money through day trading. With that being said, there are also many scams out there which want nothing more than to steal money from you, and we are here to keep you safe. Today we want to do a DAXRobot review to tell you everything you need to know about this autotrader.

We have done a heck of a lot of research and digging around when it comes to this DAXRobot software, and the signs are indeed quite positive. We have found a lot of positive facts about it, many pieces of info which indicate that this autotrader for various assets is the real deal. If you know a thing or two about day trading and have a decent amount of experience with it, then this DAXRobot autotrader might be for you. Let’s get to it and discuss all relevant DAXRobot platform features, the brokers, ease of use, and so much more!

What Is DAXRobot Software?

Alright, so first things first, the DAXRobot autotrader is both a fully automated and semi-automated trading platform. In layman’s terms, it provides you with trading signals that you can use to execute highly profitbale trades. It’s fully automated in the sense that you can indeed just let it run and place trades for you.

It definitely helps make life a heck of a lot easier, and it allows you to save time too. At the same time, you can choose to use the manual or semi-automated mode, where you are provided with highly quality trading signals, and can then choose which signals to execute trades upon manually. It’s pretty convenient that it comes with both of these trading modes, as it helps to increase versatility too.

This makes the DAXRobot system an ideal choice for all sorts of traders, whether more or less experienced. At the end of the day, this is a type of software which quickly provides you with reliable trading signals, which you can choose to execute manually or automatically, depending on your preferences.

The DAXRobot System & Trading Assets

Something that you might really like about this particular autotrader is the fact that it is very versatile in terms of what kinds of assets can be traded with it. As you probably know, some platforms only allow for Forex or crypto trading, some for stocks, some for commodities, and so on and so forth. However, it can be extremely difficult to find a good piece of software that allows you to trade all of these asset types within one system.

Well, the DAXRobot app is this system, because it allows you to trade with Forex, cryptocurrency, stocks, commodities, and more. It’s like a little one stop shop for all of your trading needs. Personally, we find this extremely useful and beneficial, because it means that you don’t have to use multiple platforms for different asset types. Whether you want to trade stocks, commodities, crypto, Forex, otherwise, or all of the above, the DAXRobot autotrader can do it all. It’s just another reason why we would recommend giving it a shot.

How Does The DAXRobot App Work?

Something you would probably like to know about this software is how it actually works. Alright, so there are actually multiple trading algorithms you can choose from here. On the left side of the dashboard, you will see a list of possible algorithms, otherwise known as strategies, which you can choose to activate. Depending on the strategy you choose, you will see different results.

As you will realize from a bit of practice, some of the bots you can choose from here are better for Forex, some for crypto, and some for other asset types. On that same note, some of the bots are better for long term trading and others for the short term, not to mention that some come with high risk levels and high profit potentials, while others come with lower risk levels and lower profit potentials. Whatever the case may be, there truly is a strategy or signals generation bot for everybody out there.

All you have to do is choose the bot or strategy which appeals to you the most, so maybe a medium risk and short term strategy for Forex, just for example, let the bot run, and let the trades be executed. It’s all really quite simple. Yes, you might want to do a bit of news research, market research, and take a look at some charts, especially for 3 Bull News, but other than that, you simply have to choose the best bot for you at any given time and let it run its magic.

Creating Your Own DAXRobot Trading Strategy

What definitely needs to be mentioned here is that the DAXRobot is a fantastic option to keep in mind if you want to create your own trading strategy. Now, we have already discussed how there are multiple trading bots you can choose from, over 10 of them. However, did you know that you can customize any bot with your own parameters, so you can make your own?

That is right folks, here, you can alter one of the pre-existing bots and make it your own personal strategy. You can choose what kind of signals are to be generated, whether crypto, Forex, or otherwise. You can then also choose the trading indicators, time frames, and all other necessary parameters to create your own coherent and profitable bot.

If you ask us, this is by far the best way to go about trading with the DAXRobot system, because you can set the exact settings and parameters which work best for you. This allows for highly customizable and personalized trading, so everybody can make the most of it. We would definitely recommend using this software for Forex, crypto, and more, especially if you plan on making your own strategy bot.

What Are ITM & ROI Like With DAXRobot Trading Software?

Yet another aspect that you probably want to know about here is how reliable the signals are and how much ROI you can actually expect to make with the DAXRobot system. Well, it really all does depend on the specific bot or strategy you are using, but generally speaking, the signals provided here are always very reliable. Depending on which strategy you opt to go with, you can expect ITM rates anywhere from 70% to 95%, which is of course amazing. This means that you can expect to win up to 9.5 out of every 10 trades placed, which is nothing short of spectacular. This is a great feature which allows you to put real money in your pocket on a daily basis.

Now, in terms of the expected daily ROI, it does once again depend on the specific trading bot you are using. However, what we can say is that even the lowest profit bots can provide you with an ROI of 50% per trade. The highest earning bots, although their ITM rate is not as high, can technically provide you with returns of well over 200% per trade. Whether you go with a low risk and low reward or a high risk and high reward strategy, chances are massive that you will walk away with money earned at the end of the day. The bottom line is that the DAXRobot autotrader is indeed very accurate and profitable too.


DAXRobot Autotrader Brokers

What’s also quite important to note about this DAXRobot platform is the fact that all brokers connected to it are legit. Alright, so there are not many brokers to choose from here, and no, you don’t actually get to choose yourself. You are assigned a specific broker, and that is the one you will have to work with. Not being able to choose your own broker may be a bit of drawback. However, what we can say is that at least all brokers connected to the DAXRobot app are legit, not scammers, so that is a definite bonus.

Is DAXRobot Trading Software Trustworthy?

Perhaps the most important aspect of this DAXRobot system to note for us is that it is indeed trustworthy and legit. As we mentioned before, yes, there are lots of trading scams out there, and they are all designed to steal money from you. Of course, this a bad thing, and every single day, thousands of people get scammed out of their hard earned money by these kinds of criminals. However, we know for a fact that this DAXRobot app is indeed the real deal.

It has tons of positive reviews from around the world, it has no complaints pertaining to anything scam-like, and through all of the research we have done, we were not able to find a single scam factor. If you are worried about being scammed, when it comes to the DAXRobot system, you really don’t have to be. This is the real deal and it is here to help you make money, not to steal it from you. This is one of the few automated trading applications out there which is designed to assist traders and help put money in pockets.


DAXRobot Demo Version

Something that does come in extremely handy with this DAXRobot autotrader is the fact that it does come with a demo version. If you are unsure about using this software, or you just want to take it for a test drive without risking real money, you definitely want to look into trying out the DAXRobot demo account. It allows you to get the hang of things, see how the platform works, and see exactly how it performs in terms of results, all without having to risk real money. It’s something that every autotrader out there should come with in our opinion.

How To Sign Up For A DAXRobot Trading Account

Just to get you started, all you have to do to create your own account is to follow the official links which we have provided here today. Go to the official DAXRobot website, click on the link to create your own account, and then follow the steps from there. All you have to do is enter some personal information, verify your account through a verification email, connect your broker, deposit some cash for trading, and you are good to go. It really does not get much easier than that!

DAXRobot Review – Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that if you need a reliable and profitable autotrader for Forex, cryptocurrencies, and more, the DAXRobot seems to be one of the better options out there. Now, it is very user friendly and it comes with a really intuitive interface, but you do have to know a thing or two about the markets and day trading in order to be successful with it.

That being said, anybody can quickly learn to make healthy profits with this system. One thing that we can say for sure about this DAXRobot system is the fact that it is legit, trustworthy, and it certainly is not some kind of scam.

This is the real deal and it’s designed to help put money in your pocket, not to steal it from you. Therefore, if you have been experiencing difficulties finding a legit autotrader that won’t rip you off, the DAXRobot autotrader is probably a good bet to go with. At the end of the day, just ask anybody and you will find out that this is one of the most highly trusted and recommended automated trading systems in the world right now. Remember folks, there is also a free demo version that you can test out, so you don’t even have to risk real money at first. It allows you to test the system out and get the hang of it before you start trading with real capital.


IMPORTANT: If you have any questions, issues or you experience any problems please email us and we will be glad to assist you. Our contact customer support email is: [email protected] . If you register with this service from our website then you will always have our full free support in case you run into any issues or problems. Remember that you are not alone, with us you will always be safe!

To date, we have settled close to 2,000 trading disputes and we will not stop until we put every last scam out of business! If you have been cheated out of money or scammed by any fraudulent trading service, we encourage you to reach out to our complaint center for free help. If you need help, we will provide it for you!

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