Endotech.io Review Is Endotech Scam or Legit Artificial Intelligence

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EndoTech Review: Is EndoTech.io AI System Scam or Real?

EndoTech Review: Is EndoTech.io AI System Scam or Real?


Last Updated: May 6, 2020 @ 3:57 pm

Crypto currencies are constantly growing in popularity. With this rise in popularity certain innovative companies (think Endotech.io) are creating solutions involving the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. These new AI driven strategies are attractive enough to woo investors who dream of putting their money in the Crypto currencies market and a strategy that works long term.

Endotech is one such company that has invested heavily in AI, and providing trading portfolio systems for Crypto, FX and Futures market traders. They believe that their business will help investors from a retail to institutional level and of all kinds of risk profiles to grow their returns substantially.

It should also be noted that Endo Tech, as a regulated company is focused on providing investors with scalable solutions for both fixed and compound strategies, while also systematically filtering through the spectrum of available assets with various investment potential.

The main idea behind this approach is that Endotech.io wants to make it easier for investors of all experience levels to pick automated trading portfolios with confidence.

Instead of a trading bot or EA that you must set up and maintain yourself, EndoTech delivers a professional managed set of abilities to cater to any traders appetite and needs.

A nice touch is that the official website for EndoTech is also a platform that is designed to provide real data and real time information regarding multiple asset classes such as digital currencies.

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Their VP of trading even has his own daily youtube show where he verbally explains various highs and lows of market activity for that day.

So the question that many investors are asking of course right off the bat is whether this platform is the real deal?

Can they be relied upon? Is it safe to use? Does it work? To answer these questions and more, we will start this review by looking at what EndoTech really is, who the people behind it are, what they are doing (their current and future plans along with their current roadmap of releases to come) as well as their available products today.

If what they are offering is good for investors, then this company will deserve a 5 star rating because clearly this platform seems to have much to offer from first glance alone. Even the online chat support team for EndoTech and the people who run the basic support desk also appear to have a wealth of knowledge concerning digital currencies, a great sign. Let the EndoTech review begin!

Full unbiased EndoTech.io review

The company was founded in 2020 and it comprises a world class team of PhD Scientists and iconic Chicago Mercantile Exchange traders. Their key founders are well known for their experience and histories connected with trading digital currencies, classic FX and Futures.

They are also well known for creating and growing in-house AI trading algorithms, and for the application of automated trading strategies based upon machine learning. The list of people working in this team is actually very long and you can actually see the real team on the about us section of the EndoTech website, along with genuine links to real LinkedIn Bios and more.

From the CEO herself (Dr Anna Becker) to the Co-Founders, Engineers, Customer support and so on. It paints a nice clear picture in terms of what this team has done before, what they aim to do together and the expectations of where the company will get to in the future. All in all it’s really quite impressive when compared to any other auto trading today.

Transparency, performance, contact: EndoTech explained

One of the key driving forces to why you should check out Endo Tech today is because the site owners are completely transparent. There is nothing hidden right down to a server level.

Their entire team is published and known. They are fully regulated (NFA) and they also have published all their total performance from inception until today, definitely a first for us to see here! Connecting or establishing contact with any of their professional team is as easy as clicking on the EndoTech website, or sending a new chat or email.

Their support team seems to work around the clock as answers to our questions were instant and always prompt; it felt nice to receive such a wide range of care even without being an official client of the business.

Another amazing part of their portfolio team is that they ENCOURAGE video calls and getting to know you as well as possible. So if you like connecting on WhatsApp, on telegram, skype or LinkedIn, then these are the guys to use.

All company locations, full office address, contact numbers and of course their regulatory license number and links can be found alongside their team, on the about us page. Their headquarters is in Austin, Texas, United States, with another key location in the tech hub district of Tel Aviv, Israel.

Another important fact here is they seem to be the only regulated providers of AI based auto trading portfolios that any investor from the around the world can connect to. It was nice see a lack of any restrictions for potential new clients.

Target customer base: EndoTech wants opportunity seekers

Talking about being a client, the company was setup with certain people in mind. In the beginning they dealt only with the very large institutional side (banks and funds only). EndoTech can service the whole market, from a level of a small retail trader, to a big corporation or family office. The best way to find out what services you can be eligible for is to talk to their team.

They will intelligently advise you which service you can most benefit from and also what will be most cost efficient for you to use. They aim to work with each client over a time horizon of 1-5 years. Again this is pretty cool to see as most of the time companies only care about us traders for a few months at a time.

The type of people EndoTech are looking for are opportunity seekers aka “people who have some risk capital they can potentially afford to lose”. It is definitely not a casino and it is not a service for gamblers to get a fix. So this means that if you are not an opportunity seeker, then this service may not be the best fit for you.

Lastly, they inform us that they are interested in people who are interested in multiplying their investments by a factor of 2x, 5x, or 100x in the next 1 to 5 years. They provide a safe way to achieve numbers such as 100x, 500x and 1000x (as they did in 2020 when most were losing), by putting a compound set of strategies to good use in retail. The way to make such large returns safely is to have and stick to a custom made long term plan for your investment.

In return, EndoTech are promising that they will go after at least a 100x return for each investor per year in service by smashing results daily using an AI based systematic methodology that tracks down explosive market opportunities using rigorous risk management at the same time.

So if you are a Beta investor they can save you potentially 25% losses a year by avoiding market downturns, and if you are an Alpha trader seeking Alpha opportunities they have you covered there too.

Frequency of signals traded, to assets traded, to risk control settings, to profit target calculation and so much more. Every fiber of your potential portfolio is explored by the EndoTech.io team and a plan created just for you before any market risk is taken on your behalf. EndoTech promises to “hunt down investment opportunities until they become a reality 24/7”.

In our experienced opinion, this company is comprised of genuine people who love the financial markets and the investment opportunities they present to the masses. Their team is focused, driven, come from proven backgrounds and even the AI itself has been proving itself for almost a decade.

This is a no brainer, as without this level of experience and expertise in their given fields, we don’t see how it would be possible to create the published returns they have, or that they would gain such a high level of financial regulation and licensing.

For now, and the rest of this review, we will introduce the team members, then go into deeper details of what type of products that Endo Tech is offering. Perhaps some of their available services will be something good for you. Keep reading as we peel away more layers to the EndoTech Company and offering.

Service Policy: What EndoTech is and isn’t

  • They do not guarantee profits
  • They do not provide gambling or games
  • They operate a transparent business
  • All performance is published live
  • They are regulated as an official CTA and FOREX firm by the NFA in America

These points above give us an easy clear understanding of what level this company is on. It is not a joker-broker or auto-bot signal generator. They do not make silly promises or try to deceive you into thinking you will get rich quick.

From what we can see just on the intro part of the how it works page on site, you are immediately shown they mean serious business, and that they aim to work with you and for you over the long term. This attitude and proven ability to generate returns is why we have decided to review them and their services today.

Partner exchanges: Who EndoTech connects with

When you want to work with EndoTech you need to check to see which exchange you can use to connect. In order to ensure that their service has the highest level of accuracy and minimal slippage on execution, the EndoTech team has partnered with the industry’s finest online exchanges and Prime Brokerages.

For using their crypto currency portfolios you can connect using an API key for linking your Binance, Kraken or Bitfinex accounts.

When connecting to their Forex portfolio management EndoTech will only work with the largest Prime Broker in the world – Gain Capital, and their website/platform forex.com. We don’t need to tell you how refreshing it is to see the largest forex provider in the world as a chosen partner to connect to, this really shows us how big and powerful the solutions from EndoTech are.

The Forex side for EndoTech and retail traders has just launched this month, so do expect some key website changes and introduction of new FX based portfolios into their platform. For the best news and information relating to their FX systems simply open a chat or connect with their support team so they can explain what’s to come and what’s available.

The team expects profitability for these new FX portfolios to be extremely impressive, we are also excited to see how the rest of this year pans out there. It is really important to understand however, that while these guys have access to the best automatic trading strategies, they do not have access to an investor’s funds at any time.

Instead you connect parts of your account via a secure API key. The trading from EndoTech you pay for using a simply yearly subscription when you start. That way both sides are segmented and your funds are 100% under your control and secure at all times. Once again, seriously impressive stuff from the EndoTech team there.

Social media pages: Does EndoTech have presence?

The team has a social media presence in 5 different channels. These include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Telegram, WhatsApp and LinkedIn. In the company’s official LinkedIn page, they introduce themselves using the following statement:

‘’EndoTech market-proven Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is the first cohesive and actionable set of crypto AI/ML techniques to service the block chain investment market.

Endo Tech solutions are designed to scale with the increasing size of different crypto assets available for trading. As the number of coins continues to grow so will our ability to filter the noise of the market activity and provide the valuable content on what is moving, happening and developing.’’

In addition to this, their LinkedIn page has introduced all their team members together with their respective profiles. Their Twitter page seems to be very active as it has over 300 followers so far. The engagement is not that bad. However, their Facebook page doesn’t seem to have good engagement and that is because the company only has a few followers. We believe that they have not been active on Facebook and that’s why their following is not up to expectations.

However, this does not mean that they are not a serious company. When we asked their response was that very few genuine investors find Facebook a serious platform, and so their marketing efforts there have been quite considerably lower than that of YouTube or twitter for example.

What Endo Tech offers: Products and risk management

They are offering a wide range of products that are suitable for two types of investors; those who are aggressive in nature and do not fear taking risks and those who fear taking risks and are conservative in nature. If you are an investor that falls within the two categories, you qualify to find out what EndoTech is offering.

Now, obviously in all kinds of AI trading, an AI trading bot must exist. This one is called ∑TBot which is described as a systematic, artificial intelligence based technical analysis algorithm. The purpose for using this AI trading system is to connect to various financial markets as opposed to just the Crypto currency market. They even trade Stocks, Forex and Futures.

The mode of operation is quite complex as the various strategies of trading to make money are hidden in the algorithm of the AI bot. To locate opportunities for making returns, EndoTech can do the following:

1. Focus on a single stock to watch its behavior over a long period of time.

2. They trace high volatility when it has been detected for a period of time.

3. They look for inefficiencies in the speed of execution and take advantage of the situation

4. They look for arbitrage trading opportunities and they hunt these trading opportunities 24/7 in a real market.

Risk Controls: How EndoTech protects equity

The benefit that they are offering when investing with their system is that no investment opportunity can be initiated if a complete risk assessment has not been carried out.

There are 4 types of risks that EndoTech.io mentions in their official website and these risks will affect investors’ activities in one way or the other. These risks include market risks, execution risks, exchange risks (we will get into this shortly) and systematic or what they call model risk.

EndoTech gives us a clue on how they manage risks on the accounts of their investors. They tell us that if the risk is higher than 50%, they only stake 50% of capital and no more than that. They also do not increase capital when they intend to use advanced money management compound techniques until they see that the account of the investor has accumulated at least 30% profit.

They track investment opportunities using an AI based tool called ET opportunity score. This tool tells them when to hang on to opportunities or stop tracking opportunities once and for all. So that’s basically how they handle risks.

In terms of products that are offered by Endo Tech, as a new potential client of their services you must first purchase a subscription level to connect with. This subscription will enable you to use their automated portfolios and strategies to connect for Forex, Stocks, Commodities and other financial assets.

There is no demo or trial sadly due to over demand, however their plans are flexible and dynamic enough to allow even the more nervous of you to take a small step in and forwards with them.

Usually most new clients start with a gold level subscription; this brings full automation for the trading and also provides a list of extra benefits and features. From this level you can enjoy an automatic portfolio which is managed for you. If you upgrade and get bigger with them, you can run multiple portfolios and even have their key team, such as the CEO and VP of trading assisting hands on with your account. Obviously the more you pay in subscription costs the higher your market risk should be, try to stay cost efficient when starting for best effects.

At the end of the day with so much information available, along with all the performance, stats and strategies the website can be a little overwhelming for a new visitor.

We highly recommend connecting with their top level support team for help the minute you get online. That way you won’t miss out on any key relevant information when starting with them. In this sense, a demo isn’t actually required and we like that kind of approach where we can all save time and energy right from the start. If you are a potential investor and would like to start the process of checking EndoTech out, please sign up here and familiarize yourself with the website now.

Let’s have a look at some of the bottom line pricing for connection to the EndoTech services available. As we said earlier, any new investor is expected to pick a subscription plan to connect to.

There is a clear distinction to make here; that is, having a proven professional team manage your market risk is never cheap. The key to remember is that this company wants you to be with them for at least one year, that way you get best results and consistency over time.

What EndoTech Subscription is right for me?

Silver Subscription: This provides manual signals only, which are generated inside the platform and delivered to you via notifications and email. This subscription is only recommended however for the most pro-traders out there, as you will need to be on point 24/7 and act on any buy/sell signal that the AI pumps out.

The cost for the Silver plan is $1188 for the year and provides the manual signals as mentioned, along with daily and weekly indicators and market analysis. There is no minimum amount to have in your traded account as the trades come as signals, not automated trades connected and placed via API key.

Gold Subscription: This is the most popular chosen plan by investors and EndoTech clients. It brings full automatic delivery of portfolio positions to your Crypto, FX or Futures accounts connected.

You can enjoy all the benefits of a managed investment, be completely hands free and have zero need to bother looking at the charts or market news. This level brings access to the entire platform and the cost is $5988 for the year.

The minimum equity that you connect with is up to you. However, after asking their experienced team it is recommended to start with no less than $500 in your trading account to make sure you stay cost efficient and low risk at all times.

PRO subscription: This is a key level as from Pro and above we start to receive the assisted care of the senior EndoTech team on our portfolio. This brings us a great hybrid of man and machine, where we get the best of the AI and machine learning and the best of the trading team at the same time.

The other great benefits of PRO are; enabling of the exclusive Auto-Hedge feature at EndoTech, this is a perfect counter against big market manipulation. You also are able to request a custom created strategy based on your own asset of interest. The cost for a PRO subscription is $11,988 for the year and most clients who use it will have $10,000 or more in market equity.

VIP subscription: Many times we see VIP offered but no actual VIP service provided. At EndoTech this is very different. Their VIP plan costs $29,988 for the year and is one of the most highly sought after accounts to have.

Just one level before the ultimate Institutional account, this plan brings you all the perks and then some! Activate multiple automated portfolios, enjoy fully custom created portfolios based on any of your favorite/most important assets and most importantly – enjoy a direct WhatsApp connection to the most senior team, while they bring you the best of man and machine on your account.

The EndoTech team from VIP levels and above basically works like a classic hedge fund, and they share about 25% based on profitable performance, so their interests are aligned with yours. This is awesome for us all, as usually you would need $2M at least liquid to gain such a level of assisted trading and care. Don’t forget, their trading team is based on individuals like Robert Heffernan, a gentleman who ruled the Chicago exchange physically for more than 35 years!

Institutional subscription: This account is extremely high level and only for the biggest of us to consider. The minimum market equity needed to run this level of subscription is normally $500,000 or more and the subscription itself costs $129,988 for the year. As you may expect this account is reserved only for those with a suitable eligibility and equity status level.

Regardless of your market trading budget, and regardless of where or whom you might be connected to and using as of right now. We truly recommend you to get in touch with the EndoTech team. Their specialty is to profile traders like us, understand our needs first and worry about fees second.

They aim to preserve our wealth and then expand it. The right subscription plan is based on your profile, your risk appetite and your available means. We like this approach as we are all unique, and as different traders and investors we each have our own set of unique needs and issues. Fully custom like EndoTech in our mind is the right way to go for a more profitable future.

Super Alpha 100X

EndoTech provides solutions for two types of investors; those who are profit oriented and those who are loss conscious. They have dubbed the two categories of investors as Alpha and Beta. To determine how risk averse an investor is, EndoTech.io has included a simple test that involves answering quick simple questions regarding your investment needs. Check it out it’s on their portfolio page.

The team behind this platform appears to have conducted thorough research as they have also deduced that some investors possess these two types of portfolio. And of course Endo Tech, based on the description of their products, is taking care of the Super Alphas, or those who are always willing to make the maximum returns even if they are going to risk all their capital to get there.

According to EndoTech, these investors are simply sensitive to the probability of such an outcome. These investors are normally those who use Crypto currencies as a financial asset for multiplying their wealth or for hedging other parts of their market activity.

How Super Alphas can attain 100x returns with EndoTech platform

The platform provides 3 types of trading systems namely high frequency systems, high leverage markets with professional systems and trading in a highly volatile market using aggressive money management tactics using professional systems.

These methods of investing are self-explanatory but if you want to know more about them and how EndoTech allows you to take advantage of any of these methods, you can visit their official site because there is a guide which highlights what investors should expect based on their risk appetite, the amount they are willing to invest and other factors.

The trouble with ICOs

EndoTech admits that ICOs are profitable but can be troublesome since not all of them make profits for their investors. At the same time, their AI systems are designed to spot profitable ICO opportunities for investing. We actually do not know how they plan to help investors get started with profitable ICOs but in another part of their site, they tell us that profitable ICOs like Stratis which made 1000X returns are indeed rare to find.

They end that statement with the promise that their team will be venturing into this area in their next project as it is part of the company road map of releases to come. At this juncture, we are thinking that this is something you should keep an eye on given that the team has already proven their investment expertise and are likely to create life changing investment opportunities in relation to future ICO and new token engagement

Crypto hedging consulting service

Traditional business operations accept payments through fiat currencies and there are risks associated with these transactions. The risks have been categorized as foreign exchange risk, interest rate risks, commodity price risk, Crypto currency holding conversation risks and many more.

Companies and Individuals that have Crypto to Fiat currency conversion risk from getting Crypto in an ICO or accepting Crypto as a merchant, all have the need to manage this risk since most have the majority of their operating cost priced in fiat currency. Ignoring this risk has proven to be disastrous for many involved in the crypto sector in the last year or so.

EndoTech provides consulting and active hedging services for those with this risk in the Crypto sector. Regardless of the direction of Crypto responsible risk management should be an active part of any company that has or accepts crypto as payment for goods and services. EndoTech’s founders have years of experience in hedging risks in agricultural, financial and foreign exchange markets.

Endo Tech works with clients to identify, design and implement an effective hedging strategy that meets the clients’ specific needs in managing their Crypto to Fiat currency conversion risks.

According to EndoTech.io, the volatility that the Crypto currency is experiencing right now is bound to continue with the same momentum and companies with an active risk management strategy like hedging stand a better chance of better stability and efficient performance compared to companies that don’t have hedging in place.

EndoTech provides a Crypto currency risk management service that all companies or small businesses need.

The people behind EndoTech

We said initially that this was a very long list of people working in order to build EndoTech and make it a better service provider for investors who are interested in creating wealth through trading in Crypto currencies.

EndoTech was founded by Dr. Anna Becker, who leads the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning teams at EndoTech.

A key global technology influencer and well-known specialist in the financial market, her deep-learning algorithms manage over 1 Billion dollars of investment (AuM) and have been deployed in managing institutional monies for more than a decade.

Her teams of AI scientists have more than 20 proprietary AI systems in operation and serve as the AI investing backbone of trading at more than 150 investment firms across the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Conclusion: EndoTech.io Final Verdict

Yes, EndoTech is a real profitable company you can trust and are never a scam! It is the safest and most proven way to test AI based trading for your own accounts and trading. The company is transparent, regulated, offer proven products and a wide range of access to their profitable systems and strategies. If you are ready to potentially better your financial future and give some proven AI a test, then this is the best opportunity to try that. We truly believe it will go well and look forward to some happy comments over the next 12 months as we all set up and connect to EndoTech for the first time. Make sure to get in touch and let us know how it goes for you!

Endotech.io Review: Is Endotech Scam or Legit Artificial Intelligence?

On 23 April 2020, an unbiased and highly positive review on EndoTech’s AI-driven system was published by the reputable portal BinaryScamWatchMonitor.

“For investors already inside seeking to gain higher performance, or for those on the outside wishing to get in on a safe footing with reliable and proven consistency, EndoTech is here to get you connected, scale up your portfolio and achieve your market ambitions”.

“Please note that EndoTech.io has no access to your currency exchange funds, they are not allowed to take withdrawals or access it. All of your funds are safe within your currency exchange account and endotech.io can only trade within your account through an API which only you can get it”.

“Is EndoTech.io a Scam?

No, they are NOT a scam, besides their reputable CEO and their team, EndoTech is an NFA Member, FOREX Firm and Registered CTA which you can check out here. Not only that, but you can also see their leading IOS application and Android application, meaning they passed the compliance needs of both Google and Apple – not something that would be the case if it was a scam.

In addition, results are legally audited and offer proven results, meaning that what you see on the historical results page will always match up to your account and vice versa. It’s real”.


Past performance, real or hypothetical, is not indicative of future results.

There is a risk of loss in virtual currency trading.

The EndoTech and Pareto Partnership: Artificial Intelligence has officially replaced Tone Vays

Sometimes you think you found a truly valuable project and think that it can’t get any better, but then it does. Like I explained in my previous posts, cryptocurrency has become crowded to the point most investors cannot see the trees for the forest anymore. And like I also mentioned, Pareto Network provides a comforting hug to all crypto investors left in suffering these past few months. However, it gets better. Pareto’s goal is to give its community exclusive access to valuable actionable information; that means that the main focus is on content that can be acted upon. This is of course in the sphere of crypto so rest assured most information is about how to get around and make the best profits in crypto.

As Pareto promised, organizations would be part of the content creators on the platform. Well, what kind of organizations you might ask. Let me tell you, these are the true Einsteins of finance, namely organizations who as their sole business is to program systems to do the due diligence and technical analyses for us humble humans. Up until now it was mainly possible to sell such information in the regulated markets, but through Pareto Network such high profile financial analysts have a way of selling their information to the crypto sphere and thus it is finally becoming interesting for them to move over to blockchain.

Yes, I am talking about the valuable partnership between Pareto Network and EndoTech Ltd that will bring only good things to the Pareto community. Let me explain.

Endotech: AI is starting to prove its usefulness

By forming a strategic partnership with EndoTech, Pareto Network became the exclusive distributor of world-class investment knowledge. EndoTech started their company in 2020 and has been developing AI technology to help with actionable content. They already have a large database of know-how and practical knowledge to benefit the Pareto community, giving the users access to fifteen years of experience in operating trading strategies for Forex, commodities, and derivative financial instruments. EndoTech has already delivered upon the expectations that had been set before the product was launched. They were able to offer innovative and high-quality portfolio allocations that helped even the most seasoned crypto investors to finally have a sense of security with their investments. This is invaluable information from a company who specializes in defining the meaning of due diligence, not some self-proclaimed crypto guru on YouTube. This is something that all crypto investors dream of, someone with true expertise to help them find the valuable signals in this sea of noise. So what are the services of EndoTech and why are they so important for the crypto investor?

The human mind can only account for so many variables at a time when trying to make the best decision. In crypto this means that all the variables, like the performance of a project, the risk versus reward ratio, the short and long-term value, the market cap, the circulating and total supply, and of course, the current price, need to be taken into account when deciding on the most balanced portfolio allocations. We try, believe me we do, but at the end of the day we get ruled by emotion and keep changing our portfolio. We have promised ourselves so many times to not be ruled by emotion, by fear, uncertainty, and doubt or by the fear of missing out, to make rational long-term decisions, but most of the time we are shuffling around our crypto portfolio, never really content on our allocations.

I remember that one time very well. I had assembled a “dream portfolio” as something to aspire to. The total value of that portfolio was much higher than my current balance back then so this portfolio was something I could only hope to achieve one day. Like a warm ray of sunshine that pleasantly surprises you on a rainy day, one of my biggest investments appreciated around 400% overnight and I came closer and closer to realizing my dream portfolio. This was back during the notorious December of 2020 bull market and unfortunately I have never again woken up to that amount of gains. Following many weeks of tireless research and trying to get the portfolio I wanted, I finally was able to do so. After finishing my ecstatic buying spree and allocating the exact amount of funds to each project as I had determined beforehand, I said to myself “life is good”. Instead of constantly focusing on crypto, lying awake at night to check my Blockfolio, I thought I can now lay back and just have fun in life. I finally acquired the portfolio I thought was going to make me rich in the long-term.

This comforting thought lasted for about an hour, max. I thought of one variable after the other I had not really taken into account and suddenly these seemed more important than they seemed when I started composing my dream portfolio. Doubt started flowing back in and my mind was racing again, asking myself the questions “is this really the best allocation?”, “If I just go all in on project X won’t that give me much more profit?”, “why have I invested in so many projects at once, I cannot really keep overview” etcetera, etcetera. Not long thereafter, I started again shuffling around, again thinking I now really discovered how to allocate my funds in the most responsible manner for long-term profit. After around ten more of these cycles it finally dawned on me; I will never be truly happy with my portfolio because for every ten variables I take into account there are always ten new variables that I did not think of, and which, if lingered long enough in my mind, would ruin my trust in my investments again and again. Like a slippery bar of soap, each time you want to grab it with conviction it just slips out of your hands again, to the point of frustration and just using shower gel instead. This all contributed to my crypto burnout. I just could not get myself to be satisfied with my portfolio allocations and research qualities.

Get ready to be finally relieved of this burdensome duty. I am already a fervent user of the Pareto Network and only yesterday discovered on of the best features to date, namely the “portfolio allocations” option by EndoTech. Endotech as a human force already has around 20 years of experience on how to best balance portfolios in the different financial markets they are active. However, rather than using only their humble human brains, EndoTech has now developed a set of Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven quantitative models in order to allocate portfolios. All these models consist of an underlying algorithmic engine and make use of AI and Machine Learning (ML) technologies. By using these fundamental technologies, the AI helps investors to make informed decisions on the risk management levels of the different crypto projects. In other words, the use of active AI guided re-balancing is used to minimize risk and maximize the returns. By implementing these management tools, EndoTech offers their users a clear and strategic oversight for allocating their crypto assets. The main features this portfolio management offers, are the Alpha and Beta based portfolios. In the figure below you can see how the AI/ML guided portfolio allocations were able to perfectly grow the portfolio of its users and sustain the all-time high even after Bitcoin crashed. This is wonderful news for those of us always wondering whether the top is in sight, when we will dip back again. For once, we have AI to guide us.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

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  • Binomo

    2nd place! Good choice!

Now comes the best part; these portfolio allocations are free from fees, interests or any commissions. The service is free to use for Pareto token holders logged in to the platform and who are interested in a diversified portfolio approach. Making decisions on what to buy and hold has never been easier. I can honestly say I am very grateful for the partnership between Pareto and EndoTech and grateful for this extra layer of knowledge provided by EndoTech for free.

The Blockchain Vitals system

So the next problem that has been attended to by the EndoTech partnership is the continuous and ever plaguing issue of “who is the best TA analyst I should listen to”. I have tried my fair share of TA analysts, and Tone Vays was my favorite until the market went bananas and he started to have each and every prediction wrong. Logical in hindsight since Tone Vays motto is “I don’t trade Bitcoin”. Well, why the hell are you giving advice on trading Bitcoin then. Never mind. After a while, my friends and I came to the genius conclusion that if he was wrong so many times the only logical thing to do was “sell when Tone is bullish and buy when Tone is bearish”. Stupidly enough, it worked for a couple times until it did not. Crypto is like those viruses that adapt to the natural immune response of the human body, each time you think you have found a solution, a better theory to predict future market movements, it is like the entire game changes again. Many of us have had that Truman show feeling and there have even been some ingenious memes based of this commonly shared sentiment amongst crypto traders (hint: Bogdanoff he bought the dip).

Again, EndoTech comes to the rescue. Namely the “Blockchain Vitals” system. The Blockchain Vitals system is an automated technical analysis on a daily basis for all the major crypto currencies, including, but not limited to TC, ETH, LTC, NEO, XRP, BCH, ADA, XLM, EOS, and XMR. This daily snapshot is called the “Vitals Sheets” and combines three trading methodologies;

1) A pivot system

2) Value range numbers

3) A momentum system.

Combined these three trading methodologies are the backbone of the system which offers traders with clear oversight and an in-depth risk evaluation.

The veteran Chicago brothers Robert and John Heffernan have spent 25 years on perfecting this system for trading non-crypto assets including financial and agricultural commodities at the CME and CBOT. However, we all know by now that cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile so in order to make sure the system is not caught off guard by this volatility, the Heffernan brothers have now adapted the system and adjusted several parameters for crypto currencies.

Thank you Heffernan brothers!

The future is bright for the Pareto community

The stream of valuable content from EndoTech is not over yet. No, these geniuses are here to stay. The Blockchain Vitals and Portfolio Allocations are only the beginning of a series of content that will be available to Pareto holders in the coming times. Over the coming weeks and months, EndoTech will introduce more products to the platform. In order to make use of the services, token holders will be ranked and accordingly have access to the invaluable trading information as provided by EndoTech. EndoTech is paid fairly for the service and can thus grow their company, and the community receives top-notch financial advice, a win-win situation.

ETBOT Review: What You Should Know About Etbot.io AI Crypto Trading – Guide!

Etbot.io Reviews: Should you trade with etbot.io? With the recent happenings in the cryptocurrency market one can’t help but develop cold feet when an opportunity like this presents itself. This is because no one wants to fall prey to online scammers in the guise of crypto experts/ brokers. Is Etbot a Scam? Or is Etbot.io legit?

Our review of Etbot Simplified Crypto trading serves as an eyeopener. We hope it guides you in making the proper decision.

HAVE YOU BEEN SCAMMED? If you have lost your money to online scammers, there is an opportunity you could get back your money.

Click HERE to start the recovery process

What Is Etbot.io

According to the information on etbot.io homepage, ”ETBot is a systematic AI/ML powered technical analysis algorithm created to capture and exploit market opportunities. Our system filters the noise of the market activity and provides valuable content on assets potential and price movements

You might be trying to wrap your head around these words, wondering if they are true or just hogwash. There is no cause for alarm. We were once in your shoes, until we decided to run an underground investigation, by subscribing to their intermediate plans.

And true to their words, Etbot is a 100% automatic Crypto trading Bot software service. This software uses AI and machine learning, and applies technical analysis to trade long and short depending on the profile you chose. What this means that, with this software you’re not required to set anything or do anything, you don’t even need to be online or switch any indicator. You can also chat with the team here

Hear this now; ETBOT provides a 100% hands free connection to proven profitable Crypto trading strategies.

Who is Behind Etbot-

One of the beauties of this platform is that it is 100% transparent. You can easily trace the team behind etbot AI trading. When we ran a photo check on the images, we had no cause of alarm. Infact, Etbot has a crystal clear history, being a child of Endotech which has being in existence for more than seven years now.

Established in 2020, EndoTech successfully provided proprietary algorithms for hedge funds. Their vision has always been to help both retail and institutional clients to take control over the trading process and risks by developing and constantly improving their software.

In 2020, they re-invented their approach by making ETBOT a stand-alone product for every individual (retail) clients. So now, come all and sundry, and tap into this bounty. But Remember, the balance per connected account is $5000 USD/USDT.

Anyone wanting to connect more than $5000 can take multiple subscriptions or if they have the right needs and abilities they can walk over to the Institutional side at EndoTech.io and set up there.

How Does Etbot Work?

Etbot is designed for all types of retail traders. Whether Apprentice, Intermediate or Expert. However, you have to decide which type of trader you are. An Alpha or a Beta trader?

Alpha traders want more risk, more reward, more trading volume. Beta traders on the other hand are notoriously patient. They are happy to settle for a lower potential set of rewards and gain, therefore reducing and minimizing their potential risk per position traded or per investment account.

So we go back to the questions on your lips: How do I connect to Etbot? who is in control of accounts? Take a deep breathe, we will answer these questions one after the other!

  • How To Connect To Etbot– Gone are the days when connecting to a third party account trading software to privately owned broker was extremely tedious. Today it is easy, safe and fast. At ET BOT the situation is no different; their systems are connected to your trading funds using a secure API Key connection. An API Key connection to ETBOT provides the Company with the ability to order and execute trades inside your account in real time – the strategy initiates a signal and your account takes the exact same trade live. However take note; You’re in absolute control of your funds!

Fun Fact; You’re the only one in control of your account balance. This means that you can simply withdraw from your account at will as and when needed.

  • Who Controls Your Trading Funds and Exchange Accounts– Hear this now; ETBOT does not have access to, or touch client funds. Only clients have control of their money and coins in their own bank, private wallet or exchange account. You either make an API KEY connection which gives ET BOT ability to deliver their strategy to your account, or you go through basic KYC procedures to join their Dolphin/Whale OTC desk.

ETBOT Account Subscriptions And Plans

Like us, you are probably stuck in what plan to subscribe for;

  • Beginner- $125 (3 Months)
  • Simple- $250 (3 Months)
  • Advanced- $350 (3 Months)

Well, well, just take a deep breath. Etbot.io is run by dedicated lots and experts in crypto trading. Knowing fully well that you might be at a loss of which plan to subscribe for. They provided a ‘Compare’ button below the pricing page. Once you click the button, you’re redirected to a page with table that explicitly shows the tips and tricks of each subscription plan.

+ ETBOT Pros

  • Standard Website
  • 100% Transparent
  • Multiple Choices
  • Affordable Plans

This is just to mention few. Having tested this amazing crypto trading software, we can’t help but exclaim ‘Etbot.io is a dream come true!.

Etbot.io Review Conclusion

We’re certain beyond doubts that Etbot AI Crypto trading is the best automatic crypto trading platform. With this bot, you are totally in control of your funds, and can easily reach the Etbot communication team 24/7. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or an expert trader, this software uses AI and machine learning to trade for you.

EndoTech: Actionable Intelligence For Fintech And Investments?

Cryptocurrencies continue to show promise for investors as they become more and more popular over the years. But with the rise in popularity, also comes different companies trying to get investors to use their AI systems to gain bigger returns for their investments.

EndoTech is a company that provides solutions for investors that are designed to scale and filter through the different cryptocurrencies. The idea is to make it easier for investors to pick digital currencies with confidence. But is EndoTech a safe platform for investors looking to get real data and solid information about digital currencies?

What Is EndoTech?

EndoTech was founded in 2020. You will be able to find a long list of people that make EndoTech worth checking out. From the CEO and Co-Founder down to the IOS Developer and Engineer, you will find them all on the site.

The fact that EndoTech offers complete transparency of who owns and operates the site and system makes it worth checking out. An added plus is how easy it is to contact EndoTech either by their email or phone number that is listed on the site. You will also find that the company provides two locations. One in Israel and the other is located in Austin, TX.

You will also be able to find the CEO, Co-Founder, VP Marketing, and VP Trading personnel on LinkedIn. As for other social media sites, you can find them on Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.

EndoTech Product

EndoTech offers subscription services along with crypto investor products. Their demo subscription is free which allows you to check out their platform and see how things work. The “trial” for those who would like to see how their indicators work will cost $19 for a three day trial. The “Silver” subscription package costs $99 a month, but is billed annually. With this subscription you can get daily and weekly indicators, along with market analysis and daily signals. The minimum capital is $5,000.

They also offer a “Gold” subscription package that will cost $499 a month which is also billed annually. The recommended capital for this package is $10,000. The investor will get daily and weekly indicators, marketing analysis, daily breakout signals and market sentiment plus wallet analysis.

Their “Pro” subscription plan will run $999 a month but is also billed annually. Investors will get daily and weekly indicators, market analysis, along with market commentary, and unlimited daily signals along with a few other perks that are only for Pro members. There is a minimum $50,000 capital for this package.

EndoTech also offers a VIP subscription that runs $2,499 a month billed annually with all the perks of previous subscriptions and a few extras. The minimum capital for this plan is $125,000. If you happen to have an investment capital of $500,000 you will need to talk to EndoTech directly about their “Institutional” membership plan.

As for EndoTech Investor Products, they offer real-time market analysis, ICO by sectors majors, Leading and Lagging, and exchanges. Plus you will find information on signals, market commentary, indicators and portfolios.

EndoTech Opportunity

EndoTech offers a referral program that allows its members to earn a small percentage when they get others to sign up for their subscription plans. The commission an affiliate can get from EndoTech’s referral program is set at a rate of 0.5% with the possibility to be raised to 2.5% per total subscriptions referred. However, if you are interested in becoming an affiliate, you will have to contact the company before you can sign up.

EndoTech Verdict

If you are looking for a solid company that will help you invest in cryptocurrencies, you might want to give EndoTech a try. The fact that everything about their company is transparent is a breath of fresh air. Plus, they offer a free demo along with a reasonably priced trial to find out if EndoTech is right for your needs.

Please remember though, trading and investing does has a certain level or risk that is involved. It is important that you never invest with funds that you can’t afford to lose. However, EndoTech does offer a trading platform and subscriptions that helps you to make educated decisions on cryptocurrencies.

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