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In the following lines, we would like to discuss a binary robot that came with a lot of promises but with very few features, except those made to attract the victims. Fast Cash Formula became quite promoted online, but we will try to stop their advertising by writing this objective review. The system claims to make a lot of money. Can this be real? Keep reading and you will find out what is the true potential of Fast Cash Formula!

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 100%
Minimum Deposit: $200
Countries: All nations

– It has a mobile trading app;
– The interface is user-friendly;
– There are more payment methods

– The system is not licensed
– There are no positive comments from clients

7BO Verdict:

Not Reliable Service

What is Fast Cash Formula?

Fast Cash Formula, as the title suggests, seems to be a system that can general money very fast. Can it be real? There are so many binary robots out there – is there additional place for something more relevant? Well, according to Daniel Machowski, who presents this binary robot in the promotional video, this system is better than all the rest.

Fast Cash Formula is designed to operate in the binary options markets on your behalf. The system can place trades on its own, which sounds great for busy traders. The amateurs can find it even more helpful, since they can’t do an in-depth analysis of the markets. A robot should do it better, right? But, in reality, there are too many signs that this binary robot is a scam and is only made to steal your deposit.

Here are a few things that we consider suspicious:

  • There are pictures of huge bank accounts that are shown as proof;
  • There are fake testimonies made by actors who are playing their role really bad, at least from our viewpoint;
  • There are used all kind of pressure tactics, such as – do it now!
  • There are used all kinds of poor arguments against the global financial system. We don’t really understand what the link between the global system and this scam is.
  • And the list can continue. This system is very poorly made, which is why we think that many experienced traders can realize on time that they don’t have to make any deposit.
  • We would like to see real proof of positive results, winning trades, and so on.
  • If this system wants to be trusted, it has to be approved by the binary community. It has to deal with regulated brokers – at least a few of them. Yet, we found the opposite.

How does Fast Cash Formula work?

The bad thing about this system is that you have to fund your account in order to start using it. This is so different compared to other binary systems which have a trial period. Even scam systems have a trial period.

Fast Cash Formula is dealing with short-term trading. In fact, it trades on 60 second options – an instrument that we don’t encourage at all. The price moves are so random in the short-term that even the robots can’t predict what’s going to happen next.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    1st Place! Best Binary Broker 2020!
    Best Choice for Beginners — Free Education + Free Demo Acc!
    Sign-up and Get Big Bonus:

  • Binomo

    2nd place! Good choice!

In order to get access, you should sign-up and choose a broker from their list. Next, you can open the broker’s platform and let the robot trade on its own or choose the manual trading mode. If you are lucky to make some profits, you can withdraw money by using one of the payment methods presented by the chosen broker.

The good news is that this binary system has a mobile trading app version, which offers more convenience. However, we don’t know if this is really good news, since the system is probably a scam.

Final Conclusion: is Fast Cash Formula a scam?

Our final verdict is that Fast Cash Formula is a scam and you should stay away from using this system. You won’t become wealthy with this system. In fact, we are sure your deposit will evaporate within days. None of their listed brokers is licensed, so we cannot trust it.

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Latest posts by Marcio (see all)

  • How to Become a Great Trader? – March 2, 2020
  • 7 Mistakes Novice Traders Make (Please, Avoid Them) – February 12, 2020
  • 5 Day Trading Tips You Want to Know – January 20, 2020

As one of the fastest growing industries in the financial world, it is not surprising to find the binary options trading arena constantly being flooded with all kinds of trading solutions said to enhance a trader’s trading ability.

While some of these trading solutions may be genuine, many are actually scams. This is the main reason why this website exists. We are constantly monitoring the internet for any new trading software that claims to help traders generate profits at an astronomical rate and see if the claims holds up to our scrutiny.

For this review, we will take a look at the CashFormula trading system that was introduced by their founders, Tim Stafford and Professor Drew Cummings. Claiming a win ratio in excess of 70%, can the CashFormula trading system live up to its claims? Keep reading our review to find out.

What is the Cash Formula?

Also known as the CF Files, the Cash Formula is said to be a trading software that uses a secret algorithm to trade the financial markets with a phenomenal winning ratio. It is distributed by a company that was founded by both Tim Stafford and Professor Drew Cummings.

Here are some red flags about the software:

  1. One of the first red flags that we noticed about the Cash Formula trading was its purported origin. According to Tim Stafford, it is based on some secret algorithm which was stolen by some hackers which later sold the algorithms to a banking cartel which in turn accidentally leaked details of the algorithms to his anonymous mentor. Frankly, this is the kind of story that you only find in thriller movies or spy novels.
  2. The main issue with this story is the fact that the algorithm was stolen. Given the fact that it is illegal to deal with stolen material regardless of how many parties the stolen material has passed through, you will also become complicit in the handling of stolen materials. And if there is no actual risk of the authorities coming after you, then it stands to reason that the story of the algorithm origin is most likely fake which by implication means that the software is a fake too.
  3. Furthermore, given the anonymity of this so called mentor, there is no way to verify the legitimacy of the Cash Formula trading system.

The Man Behind Cash Formula

The promotional video for Cash Formula, presented by Tim Stafford, is light on the details, but here’s what we’ve gleaned. Tim Stafford, discovered a ‘secret loophole’ that has enabled him to siphon billions from the financial system, and made him a very wealthy man.

And now, because he grew up poor as the single child with two alcoholic parents, he feels empathetic and wants to give back to people in need of money, at no charge.

A quick Internet search will reveal that Tim Stafford is entirely fictional, with the only information to be found about him relating to this robot. Here’s the truth: Tim Stafford is an actor, and not a particularly good one.

Is This System Free?

The robot itself may be free but opening a trading account with their affiliate broker, FMTrader, which is completely unregulated, will cost you $250.

Are Those Testimonials Real?

Just like Tim Stafford, the testimonial givers are all paid, and because all of them are filmed in front of the same white background, they are likely actors as well (if the testimonials looked like they were filmed in their own living room, we would say they were from Fiverr). None of it is real, and there is no ‘secret loophole’ that will make you $20,000 a day sitting on your couch doing nothing.

If you don’t believe us, you can simply do some research on the names of these Cash Formula ‘success stories’. Such as ‘Lauren T’, who claims to be LinkedIn entrepreneur yet a quick search on the LinkedIn database will show no such person looking like the person in the video.

The Window Dressing Which We See

Here’s what the promotional video for Cash Formula shows us to convince us that the robot is legit. Some are so obviously faked, while others might need a more trained eye to spot.

  1. Photoshopped bank accounts showing hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in the bank. This is standard with 99% of binary options robots.
  2. Fake testimonials, typically hired on Fiverr, but may use local actors as well, which is likely the case with Cash Formula.
  3. Countdown timers showing you that only a limited time remains for you to use the robot for free. Another standard tactic used by binary options robots; if you refresh the page you will see the timer reset.
  4. Out of context news clips used to support Tim Stafford’s rant against wealth inequality and the 1%.
  5. A supposedly bulletproof briefcase containing the ‘secret loophole’ that Tim Stafford uses to siphon billions of dollars from the financial system. This is so ridiculous we don’t know where to start.

The Important Information Missing (Partial List)

The ‘window dressing’ above may be enough to fool totally inexperienced people who have just discovered binary options and online trading, or people who don’t do their research in general. But here’s some stuff that is not shown which would have made it more convincing.

  1. Actual balances on broker trading accounts showing how profitable the software is.
  2. How the software actually works beyond a ‘secret loophole’.
  3. Live demonstrations of the software in action.

$20,000 A Day. Really?

In addition to the $20,000 a day promise, the Cash Formula website also says that they will give you $100,000 in free cash as incentive for you not closing the webpage immediately. If you think that’s going to happen, we don’t know what to say.

There is an actual ‘cash formula’ at play here, but it is not the Cash Formula that is being sold to you via their nonsensical promotional video. Rather, the real cash formula is the formula that binary options robots creators use to generate real cash…. for themselves.

There is no way you will be able to make this much money using this program

Where does that cash come from? It comes from binary options brokers, who these robot creators are affiliates of. When you or someone else opens up a trading account with one of their affiliate brokers by going through the robot’s website, they get a nice commission.

So indirectly speaking, the robot creators do in fact make money from you. That’s why they are all offered for free, despite allegedly being able to generate thousands of dollars in profit a day at zero risk.

Making good money trading binary options is certainly possible, but robots with false promises aren’t the way to go. Instead, take the time to actually educate yourself on trading and the markets and progress from there.

Scammy Popups

As if Cash Formula wasn’t bad enough already, if you do visit their website (which is now fortunately defunct), you will be greeted by a terrible popup. It’s the terrible icing on a crappy cake.

How does it work?

So let us take a look at how the Cash Formula works. Based on the explanation offered by Tim Stafford, the Cash Formula uses a trading concept of following “money waves”.

  • Based on the periodical ups and downs which the markets go through, the Cash Formula exploits these cyclical movements by placing trades at the peak and trough of each cycle and compounding the profits each time a trade is made.
  • The returns for the Cash Formula is said to be in excess of 76%. Because of the high winning ratio, the trading system is limited to making $20,000 profits every 24 hours.
  • Anyone who joins the system would be able to generate a maximum of $20,000 in 24 hours of trading. So by filing up the registration form and making a small initial deposit of $250, you gain the chance to make $20,000 every day without any effort at all. If this sounds too good to be true then it probably is after we take into account the dubious origin of this software.

Final conclusion

From our research and observations, we find that the Cash Formula is nothing more than a money making app for its creator. And the marketing of the Cash Formula is solely designed to get you hyped up and register for the software. We strongly advise you against joining this worthless scheme as you are most likely never to see your money again.

The unfortunate truth is scammers are getting smarter and smarter each day. Using paid actors and fancy terminologies to impress and gain your trust, they install a false sense of security and hope in everyone just to get people to sign up with them. So don’t be fooled by their empty promises.

Tim Stafford’s Cash Formula Review Scam

Tim Stafford’s Cash Formula Review: What’s The Story Behind This Program?

There’s no question that a lot of frustration exists for many people because of the current state of the economy. It is very easy to look around and decide that you are being victimized by how the economy is working. You’re struggling to get even a slice of what you used to be able to afford while the top 1% are not only sitting comfortably, they’re making all of the new money.

Not a great deal at all. Income inequality is the highest it has ever been in the United States and while the promise of online riches always seems to be enticing, more and more people are realizing that although it does happen, it is very much like the lottery. Realistically unless you have some type of an edge that gives you the inside track, the chances of any average Joe making money online is slim to nil with slim sprinting for the door.

You need to be part of some type of inner circle if you really want to be part of that high end 1%.

Every year seems to bring more and more online money making systems. If so many are working, then why is there always space for more? This isn’t about greed, but the fact is many of these systems are scams that make the creators money while leaving every other person who dared to hope and dared to dream with wallets that are even emptier than before. This is why these types of systems often had such a bad reputation even though a couple have proven their worth.

It’s a classic example of one bad apple spoiling the reputation of the bunch.

Fortunately there is one program that has pulled its weight and shown tremendous promise throughout the pre-launch testing for those who were lucky enough to get in. This one actually backs up its claims for helping multiple normal people go from basic starting accounts to making hundreds of thousands of dollars and actually getting in sight of that all so elusive stable life and rich retirement that we all dream of.

That one program is Tim Stafford’s Cash Formula program. Read on for a more in-depth review.

So What Exactly Is Cash Formula?

Cash Formula is a binary options trading software that actually follows through and delivers on its promise of allowing the common man, not the common Wall Street trader but the actual common man. The idea behind this system is it reads the markets so well and can act so quickly when the right conditions come up that you set it to auto trade and those algorithms take care of the actual trading and make a profit.

Obviously the important part here is the solid effectiveness of Tim Stafford’s software and the trend recognition software that allows for profitable trading without you needing to get involved at all.

Introducing Tim Stafford?

Tim takes pride in helping the little guy because despite his late in life multi-millionaire success he still completely associates with being the underdog. He was raised in a broken family, suffering in childhood because both of his parents were alcoholics. He worked hard, became a small business consultant, but still couldn’t get a break as he made too little money, suffered in the massive economic downtown, and at that point his wife left him for a rich old guy who came in and swept her out of his life.

Tim was fortunate to find a secret mentor who taught him everything he needed to know: how the game was rigged but the secrets to success were easy if you had access to them. With a flash drive that included the formula and a small book, Tim was able to make $2,000 trading and he ran with it. Soon he quit his job, made enough money to make his dreams come true, and he invested to figure out how to automate the trading process so he could share it with others.

Although openings must be kept limited, he’s dedicated to making sure at least 100 people are able to follow in his footsteps of quitting their job and trading their way to making their dreams come true.

How Does The Software Actually Work?

No one knows the exact trading algorithm that is used. If it was public it would be too easy to take and abuse, but that formula is the key to many of the top bankers and traders in the world making their fortunes, and it’s the backbone of the system. It’s also why you want the trading to be automatic instead of manual – why interfere with a trading system that is right far more often than you would ever be able to pull off?

There’s actually already been some serious grumbling about the formula being shared and more traders getting into that elite 1% club (it seems many members there don’t like having others following in their footsteps), and there are some whispers that this secret formula might be revealed in the Panama Paper leaks that have been showing up all over the news.

These are the papers from the law firms that have been shown to be hiding the money of many of the wealthiest people in the world, as well as their most important secrets. This massive discovering of documents and the leak to follow is going to mean an extended time of covering up and closing up – and Tim believes that among all those documents is the secret formula.

Once certain governments and wealthy individuals find out for sure, they will do everything to make sure the formula is locked up and shut down. This is why it is so important to Tim to share it with a small group of individuals who are dedicated to making it work for them now, before it’s too late.

Pros Of The Cash Formula

There are several pros to this specific trading software, with one of the major ones being that it’s free as long as you get in as one of the first 100. You will need to put in an initial deposit, but that’s what you trade from. You’re not going to buy the system or buy the software or buy a membership. You simply get to enjoy the benefits of having the courage to act.

Next is the automation. You don’t have to be a math genius, or an absolute savant when it comes to trading and reading charts. You don’t need decades of schooling and experience – the formula takes care of all of that. You just need to set up the system to automatically trade and it will start working for you.

In addition to this since you’re trading patterns and not investing stock, it doesn’t matter if markets are moving up or down – the software trades trends so it can make money no matter what direction the markets are going overall. This is part of the power that comes with having a tool that trades trends versus specific companies, markets, or commodities.

What Are The Cons?

The biggest con is that there is a cap to the maximum amount of money any given user can make in one day. That cap is currently set at $20,000 and is there to make sure everyone gets their fair share and that cap can be lifted for more experienced users who have seen the program work and are willing to dedicate more of their increasing fortune to even further building up their retirement dreams.

This also is not a teaching software system. If you want to learn how the trends and markets work this program won’t do it. This is just to make you money without having to think over and over again.

Plenty Of Positive Testimonials

There are many positive testimonials from individuals who were lucky enough to get in pre-release to test the program and get to keep it even after launch. One testimonial is from Julia, who was able to help her mother fix her house with a $5,000 gift that was impossible before the program. Julia has gone on to make nearly one million dollars and obviously is a major advocate of the program.

The introductory video gives so many more from everyday people like Claire, Randy, and Ron who have all experienced the life empowering change that comes from financial security and wealth.

The Verdict?

In a sea filled with scams it is refreshing to see a program like Tim Stafford’s Cash Formula, one of the rare systems that backs up its claims and will absolutely change the lives of the 100 users lucky enough to jump in and grab their copy. Financial freedom doesn’t have to be a dream, but it does require action to get there.

Instant Cash Solution Review: Fast Cash or Big Scam? Here’s What You Need to Know!

Updated: September 13, 2020

Instant Cash Solution is an online money making “system” created by Rich Meyer. Who claims you can easily earn $100 to $500 commissions each day with the system.

He says that all you need to do to make money, is “copy and paste some pre-written ads” on classified ads sites and social media platforms.

Sounds cool, but does it actually work?

It may be possible to see some level of success with this system. But it’s not as simple as posting some ads and watching the money roll in. And either way, there are definitely some drawbacks to consider before joining. Which I’m going to explain in this review.

Read on to learn more.

Instant Cash Solution Review

The Instant Cash Solution website ( is run by Rich Meyer, who says he’s a professional online marketer.

Apparently, he’s giving you a special “done for you system” that can make you $1,000’s per month. And all you need to do is copy and paste some ads online.

That sounds exciting and the truth is you may be able to make some money this way. But nothing is ever as simple as “copy and paste” online. This is an oversimplification of the real process behind earning money online. Plain and simple.

Anyway, the further I looked into this, the more it reminded me of a system I recently reviewed called Copy and Paste Ads. These are basically the same online business model.

Which isn’t exactly a good thing, because Copy and Paste Ads is a chain recruitment based cash gifting scheme. And this operates in virtually the same manner.

Well, this system is all about recruiting as many people as possible into the same system. The idea is to “buy in” at a given membership level, and then convince others to do the same.

And the reason I use the term “cash gifting”, is because you don’t actually buy the membership from the company itself. You only pay the company a small admin fee, the bulk of the money goes directly to your sponsor.

Meaning, this is all about member to member payments.

The good news is, this system is not based on the multilevel marketing (MLM) business model. Because if it were, this in my opinion would be a pyramid scheme.

The bad news is, this business model isn’t exactly legit. And even though this is a high ticket system, that doesn’t mean you’re going to make tons of money.

How Does the System Work?

Here’s how Income Cash Solution works in a nutshell:

  1. Buy in at one of four membership levels ($100, $200, $300 or $500).
  2. Follow the steps to place ads on classified sites and social media.
  3. Receive $100 to $500 payments when people join through you.

Now let’s run over these steps in more detail so you know exactly how it works.

Step 1: Choose a Membership Level

Instant Cash Solution has four membership levels:

  • Bronze membership: Pay $100 plus a $29 admin fee to qualify for $100 commissions promoting the Bronze membership.
  • Silver membership: Pay $200 plus a $29 admin fee to qualify for $100 Bronze and $200 Silver membership commissions.
  • Gold membership: Pay $300 plus a $29 admin fee to qualify for $100 Bronze, $200 Silver and $300 Gold membership commissions.
  • Platinum membership: Pay $500 plus a $79 admin fee to qualify for $100 Bronze, $200 Silver, $300 Gold and $500 Platinum membership commissions.

Each membership level comes with training to help you promote the system. As well as capture pages, banner ads, text ads and access to a back office to run your business.

As you may have guessed, every product you receive is aimed at helping you promote the system. These are not products you can sell to retail customers. Only people interested in this bizopp are going to be interested in these.

In any case, the higher your membership level, the more resources you get to help you recruit others into the system, and the higher commissions you qualify for.

That last point is important to understand. Because with this system, you only qualify for commissions at the level you buy in at.

For example, if you purchase the Bronze membership level, you can only earn $100 Bronze level commissions from people you recruit, regardless of what level they buy. So if the person you refer joins at the Platinum level, you miss out on that commission.

On the flip side, if you purchase the Platinum level, you qualify for commissions on all membership levels. Which is why everyone is encouraged to “go all in” from the beginning.

Step 2: Copy and Paste Pre-Written Ads

The main selling point with ICS is that it’s a simple system that anyone can follow.

According to Rich Meyer, all you need to do is copy and paste some ads on classified ad sites like Craigslist. And social sites like Facebook and Instagram for example.

You can make money posting ads online, but it’s never that simple.

Copying a bunch of pre-written ads and plastering them all over the internet is spammy, not very effective and will probably get your social and ad accounts banned.

Especially because you are promoting an “online business opportunity”.

In any case, you might be able to make a few sales this way. Because when people see your ads, a percentage will click on them. Which takes them to your replicated website, where they can join the system through you.

So it’s not that it doesn’t work. You are basically just funnelling people to the same landing pages you joined the system through yourself.

It’s really a question of how effective this strategy will be for you. In my opinion, it won’t be very successful at all for most people. Considering that everyone is going to be using the same ads, same sites to post them on and the same landing pages.

Step 3: Earn Commissions Recruiting People

The final step is all about earning commissions from the people you recruit.

The more ads you place, the more clicks you receive and the more money you can potentially earn when people signup. That’s the name of the game here.

And as mentioned earlier, instead of earning commissions from the company itself, you receive the entire membership fee from whoever you recruited.

Here’s the problem…

Legitimate affiliate programs are free to join. And as an affiliate, you promote real products to people who really want to buy them, based on the value of the product itself.

In contrast, with ICS you are paying between $100 to $500 to qualify for commissions of $100 to $500 when you recruit people. There are products, but these are not the key focus.

That is how a chain recruiting, cash gifting scheme works.

You could argue that there are real products. But nobody is paying hundreds of dollars for these products without the bizopp attached. They are buying to earn commissions.

Either way, I wonder how the products could be of any real world value. Considering that most of the money goes directly to your sponsor, instead of the company/ person that produced them. This makes no sense to me.

And in my mind, this further shows that these products are just “thrown in” to make the whole thing look more legitimate than it is. And of course, to help you recruit more people.

  • High ticket commissions are nice.
  • You get some training and tools to promote ICS.
  • You have to pay just to promote the system (pay to play)
  • Posting spammy little ads all over the internet is ineffective and generally just a bad idea.
  • No genuine retail products are being bought or sold.
  • Not a sustainable business model.


Income Cash Solution looks like an easy and fast way to make money online.

But it’s really just about buying in at the highest “level”, and then convincing others to do the same thing. Using pre-made ads that you post all over the internet.

I guess on one hand it’s not a scam. Because you do get some training and tools for your money, and it may be possible to earn revenue promoting the system.

On the other hand, I personally would never recommend this system.

And there’s a couple of reasons why:

  • Posting pre-written “business opportunity” ads on classified and social media sites is spamming and not a good internet marketing strategy.
  • This is all about chain recruiting and member to member payments. Which is not a legitimate or longterm business model in my opinion.

You might get a few clicks posting ads like this online. Maybe even a few sales. But if you want to achieve lasting online success, you need to learn real internet marketing skills. There is no shortcut or done for you system in the world that will change that.

Especially when you consider that everyone else will be using the same ads, on the same traffic sources, to promote the same system.

Either way, the business model itself is highly controversial. As I explained earlier, it’s all about purchasing the highest membership level, just so you can qualify to receive gifting payments from those you recruit. This is not how real businesses operate.

I’ve seen systems like this many times before, and they rarely last.

There’s usually a lot of buzz at first. But once the hype dies down, it becomes harder and harder to recruit new people. Until eventually, people move onto the next “opportunity” and those that join towards the end, end up losing money.

You may not know this… but the truth is most people fail to make money online.

So the odds are seriously stacked against you.

I don’t mean to be negative, but that’s the cold hard truth. And I believe it’s mostly because of all the fake “gurus” out there, selling their overhyped “systems” that simply don’t work.

The good news is.. it IS possible for the average person to create real success online, I know because I’ve done it myself. Here’s how I went from zero to 6 figures online (4-step formula).

Tim McKinlay

Hope you enjoyed the article! I’m Tim, founder of Affiliate UNguru. Like most people, my early attempts to make money online weren’t very successful. But I eventually learned how to create a real online business, and these days I earn a living this way. Here’s how I went from zero to 6 figures per year online.

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Hello dear, I am from Turkey, it’s hard and not allowed to my country, to open job or register, sign up, or create an account to your website, any other things are allowing in Turkey to work with you?

Best regards

Hi, not really sure what you’re referring to here but if you’re talking about any of the resources I recommend on this page, then you should be fine.

Thanks alot for your clarifications. I understand ICS now. I don’t think it would be sustainable!

Glad you found the review helpful and thanks for commenting.

I tried to connect to their site,I google-ed the site and google led me to a page where the site was on the first position.But when I clicked that site ( I was turned back to google.
What technology they are using?

I’m really not sure what is happening there to be honest.

Because this system is only available in America, Canada, and UK. It is therefore prohibited in other countries such as Walmart site is not available to all countries. You must log in through VPS America

please how can i join the group

Would it be awful if I rode out the wave of “Instant cash solution”? I mean, really, if I can turn $300 into $600 or more while learning a more consistent way to make money online would it really be a bad thing to get involved with? Thank you very much for the informative review and it has helped me make sense of what the deal is with “Instant Cash Solution”

Thanks you very much and for me this isn’t good for anyone.

Another bullshit SCAM
it is illegal to charge people an up front fee for an online business like this in canada

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This company had me suckered in for a loan. I got one gift card for $100 and had to get another in the same amount tomorrow. Thank God I checked the website and found the comments by others who have been duped out of much more than I was. I was suspicious and it appears with good reason. I am lucky Walgreens will refund the $ on my credit card. I can only hope that others don’t fall prey to this racket. They now go by “Dollars On Call” PHONE # 210-529-7557.

They put $1185.28 in my bank acct. They had me withdraw $1150.00 and buy ITUNE CARDS scratch off codes and send them pictures of them then they had me do another $350.00 because they couldn’t put the money in my account so this was Western Union. This time I never got 1 penny from this company, they have me false MCTN# for WESTERN Union. I lost $2000 from this FAST CASH LOANS, do not deal with this company. 199 complaints on them. This happened Sept 1, 2020.

The next day they wanted $500.00 more dollars to activate the MCTN# for Western Union. 4 different people were responsible, Eric **, Senior Loan, Eric **, Junior Loan, Dennis ** and William **!! I have 32. ITUNE CARDS WHICH THEY HAD ME PURCHASE AND SEND PICTURES SO THEY COULD ACTIVATE THEM I GUESS. 32 x $50 + 3 x $100.00, all to get a loan which they said they would put in my bank account. Of all money spent they did nothing except scam me.

This bogus company has been calling me and sending me threatening emails telling me I owe $874.00 but they would take $250 and the debt would be taken care of. They said that I borrowed money from a online cash advance place. Funny. I never applied something online. If I need money I would go to a local branch to borrowed money. So beware of this fraudulent company, Fast Cash USA. The guy name is Shawn ** is a debt consultant officer. Well I filed bankruptcy on my debts in 2020 and haven’t borrowed anything since. So all my debts are gone. Then my attorney told me to delete these emails because chances are not good to get a physical address to serve them lawsuit papers. So I hope people who wants to go online to put sensitive information to apply for a loan. I wouldn’t due to the fact that there are people who is looking to steal your information and basically lie saying you borrowed money and you don’t know them from Adam.

I am glad I research everything. I got to the bank info part and thought no way I’m entering this before I know if I can even get it. The research of them lead me here! Scam. Always look places up before you do anything with them!

Took my $250. Now all emails are returned back to me as. undeliverable. You’d be better off giving your money to a charity. at least it will do some good. This company just steals your money and disappears. PURE. S C A M.

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I just received a call from this company, Fast Cash, threatening legal action if we did not pay them back for a payday plan we didn’t even get. They tried getting all kinds of personal information from me as well. Don’t fall for it.

I was told I had a loan approved but had to send first month’s payment of $200. We had a bad emergency so not thinking I money grammed it to them. I had looked on the internet and on their website and did not find anything derogatory. Looked at Better Business Bureau and still found nothing. So I fell for it. I closed my account due to fraud and am out $200. After they got that they wanted more money. It wasn’t until I asked for info on my phone that I got the bad info. Do not know why it didn’t show up on the computer. I am reporting the scam. At least I got the account closed before they could do anything. I am a capable person. Only fell for this because of our emergency. I had applied for Payday loan and thought this was from that. A real scam. Their present number is 646-583-2706.

I can’t believe how completely stupid I feel for having fallen for this scam. I kept getting all these emails, almost daily telling me how my investment of $250.00 had made me thousands; all I needed was to login into my account and just like magic, the money would be there for me. NOT SO MUCH. as soon as I wanted my money back, my remaining $225.00 disappeared. I couldn’t even login after that. Stay away from these people, they are liars, cheats who prey on those to pay their way! I had googled to see if there were any complaints against them. I found none. Really folks, this really is a scam that will take cash from you and afford you zero back.

I received an email from Fast Cash lending officer Ricky ** who said I was approved for a loan. Long story short I sent a moneygram for $225 and promised a loan of $3000 and I never received my loan. They of course asked for more money for different reasons and then somehow money was withdrew from my bank account and my bank can’t figure out how they did it. BE AWARE OF SCAMMERS!

There were no consequences except them calling me a **. An agency named Fast Cash advertised on the internet as a loan company, but they needed money to supply your loan. Well duh, if I had money I would not borrow it. This company called me multiple times a day and began to speak harshly when I did not bite at the non-existent loan. If there is a legitimate Fast Cash, get rid of the rip off artist using your name.

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