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There has been a lot of buzz about one of the newest software trading systems, FinTech Ltd. Developed by Daniel Roberts, a professional trader, FinTech Ltd is a completely automated binary options trading program that will initiate trades on behalf of the trader. Since its release, it has made quite an impact in the world of binary options trading. Read our detailed FinTech Ltd review for more details about this innovative new trading software.

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: 97%
Minimum Deposit: $250
Countries: All nations

  • Fully automated
  • Reserve Trading available
  • Brokers are regulated
  • Designed for those who are new to trading
  • Average win ratio of 85%
  • No monthly service fee
  • Some basic knowledge of binary options trading is required to set up your trading parameters

How to Use FinTech Ltd Autotrading Software

This system far surpasses other systems of its kind. One of the key factors that make it rise about its competitors is that it has been designed to achieve top-notch, reliable results.

The creative team behind FinTech Ltd has done an outstanding job as they poured years of hard work, dedication and knowledge of the binary options market into designing this system. It far exceeds the standards of the market as it outperforms similar trading systems.

Obviously, if you are going to make an investment, you expect to make a significant profit. Keeping this in mind, Roberts and his team designed this innovative trading system to achieve that goal. Not only will it benefit those with years of experience, but it can greatly aid those who are new to the world of binary options trading.

It is quite simple to trade with FinTech automated software, all you need to do is fund your account with the standard minimum deposit of $250 and set the software to auto pilot. You have the option to customize many of your settings which allows you to have control over factors such as the type of trade and the risk factors involved.


No Additional Download Required

As FinTech Ltd is a completely internet-based auto trading services, there is no need to download additional software in order to be able to trade with the system.

Getting Started

1. Create an account
Simply create a free account. All you have to do is enter your details and then you can continue with the process. There is no additional cost other than the minimum deposit and, as we mentioned previously, there is nothing to download.

2. Begin Trading
You must then register with a designated broker in order to start trading. The system will assign you one of the best brokers in the field to assist you in profiting from trading. Of course, you will need to deposit the required minimum starting deposit of $250, which is the norm.

3. Withdraw Your Profits
Once you start to accumulate a profit, you can then request a withdrawal and the broker will handle the rest.

FinTech Ltd Returns

FinTech Ltd. has already achieved a solid reputation for having a consistent return rate. The winning/accuracy ratio averages approximately 85%. Proof of this has been verified by our testing team as well as those independent traders who have utilized the service.

FinTech Ltd. Software Cost

One of the main advantages of this exciting new service is that there is absolutely no cost as there is no initial signing fee, other than the standard required deposit. As well there are no monthly service fees, subscription rates or hidden charges. As always, you must make the required minimum deposit of $250 once you are assigned your top-rated broker. Once you have made the deposit, you are able to use those funds to execute your trades with the system.

How FinTech Ltd Works

FinTech Ltd is a fully automated trading software application that generates trading signals for its members. It can also execute the trade on behalf of the trader, according to their predetermined settings. A key component of this software is that it allows traders to greatly maximize their potential for profit by minimizing the amount of risk. The system uses a series of complicated algorithms to determine the market trades and predict the most favorable.

FinTech Limited is Not a Scam

Sadly, a great majority of the available trading systems today are scams that will deplete your account of funds in a matter of minutes. However, this is not the case with FinTech Ltd. Our investigations, as well as online trader’s reviews have proven this system trustworthy. The results of this system have been verified by independent sites to closely match the results advertised on the FinTech website.

FinTech Ltd Benefits

There are quite a number of benefits in making use of FinTech Ltd. They are as follows:

  • You will save a great deal of time and effort that you would otherwise use on studying the market, pouring over multiple charts and graphs, analyzing the market trends and then attempting to make a prediction based on all of the above.
  • FinTech Ltd will do all of the above for you…and more! You can simply sit back and watch your profits accumulate.
  • FinTech Ltd is excellent for those who have no trading experience.
  • There are no additional or hidden fees or charges. Membership is free for life.
  • There is no additional software to download as the system is web-based. It only takes a few minutes to set up an account. Daniel Roberts personally guarantees that you will notice results within the first hour of trading with FinTech Ltd.
  • FinTech Ltd only uses brokers that are regulated. This ensures that the system adheres to market regulations and thus makes the withdrawal process hassle free. You will receive your earnings in the timeframe specified on the website.

FinTech Ltd Special Features

FinTech Ltd has quite a few special features that make it stand out from similar trading systems. In fact, we can honestly say that with all of our years of experience, we rarely come across a service that works as well as FinTech. It may not be the number one system, but it is superior to most of its competitors, as it has the potential to help traders yield substantial profits.

Following are some of the special features with FinTech Ltd:

  • Ability to Control Risk Level: As one of the main goals of binary options trading is to minimize risk, it is commendable that FinTech allows its traders to determine their own risk factors.
  • 100% Automated Service: Once you have set your trading parameters, the system will do everything for you so you do not have to spend a great deal of time trading.
  • Reverse Trading Option: As the market constantly fluctuates, no system can make 100% accurate trades. FinTech Ltd allows its traders to use the reverse trading feature in which they can turn losing trades into profitable trades.
  • Reliable Trading Signals: FinTech uses a sophisticated system to generate their signals through research and market analysis. The average winning ratio is 85% but can reach as high as 97.4%.

FinTech Ltd Customer Service

Unlike a lot of their competitors, FinTech’s highly professional and dedicated customer service support is available 24/7. They are available around the clock to offer their clients support and guidance. We have had nothing but positive and helpful experiences with the FinTech Lts support team.

Final Conclusion

After our thorough investigation of FinTech Ltd, in which we took a close look at customer reviews, actual trading results, our overall experience with the service and the features and benefits offered by this service, we can honestly say that it is a reputable trading system. It has the potential to achieve substantial earnings for its traders.

We encourage those who are serious about using automated trading systems to profit from trading binary options to join this outstanding and 100% reliable trading system. It is all you could hope for and more so why not check it out for yourself!?

FinTech Robot Review 2020

Read our FinTech review and find out the most important facts about this binary options robot.

Ever since the rise of binary options trading began, it was followed by the emergence of automated trading software. Trading binary options are demanding and it takes some effort to follow the market, analyze it and then to finally make a good decision. So, traders always look for an easier path, where a trading software or some market expert can make a decision instead of them.

And this is what automated trading software is for. Even though there is a lot scam that infiltrated the supply of binary options trading services, there are still some websites worth joining. Here we bring you a Fintech review on one of those robots that are worth trading with.

What Is FinTech Binary Trading Software?

FinTech is a binary automated trading software that trades automatically on user behalf after they register. Fintech review showed that trading with this software is based on advanced programming algorithm that is gathering information on global markets without stopping, 0-24, 7 days a week.

Trading with FinTech is completely free. To sign up, only your name and email address are required. Traders will need to make an investment, though. It is an initial deposit. But, all the trades are done by software on your behalf, or any other usage of the software will require no fee whatsoever.

FinTech claims that trading with this software requires no previous knowledge and no extra effort. In that way, it is perfect for beginners, but professionals are advised to use it as well.

How To Start Trading With FinTech?

We have analyzed several facts in our Fintech review. The process that leads to trading with FinTech is pretty quick and can be done in just a few steps. Traders may go from not having an account, to making their first profit with FinTech in less than a couple of hours. What traders need to do is sign up to the website using only their name and email address. Learn how to open FinTech trading account here.

When the sign up is done, users can check out what the website offers. In our Fintech review, we have found out that traders are not able to see the settings and other features until they make a deposit, which can be seen as one of the rare disadvantages from the user perspective.

FinTech website claims to be the perfect binary software for beginners, where traders will be provided with both trading platform and various trustworthy brokers they can trade with. There is a list of brokers each trader can choose to make a deposit with. An account with broker needs to be made directly on FinTech website, and only if the deposit is made on that account, the trader will connect and software will start trading. According to Fintech review, the deposit is made on broker’s website where traders will be able to invest their deposit.

When all of this is done, pressing a simple button can start software trading. FinTech software is able to make a lot of trades in a short time so trader’s balance can change on short notice. Users are able to follow all the trades that are done by software on their behalf.

Parallel to automated trades in our Fintech review we have found out that users are free to make manual trades too. That is great for more experienced, professional traders who prefer a more diverse approach towards binary options trading.

FinTech Additional Trading Features

Even though there is no need to follow and analyze the market, traders can still make some decisions and influence the placement of their investment. This can be done through Settings which FinTech has prepared for its users.

Fintech review showed there are a couple of basic settings that are offered. Traders are able to choose the Trade amount that is used to invest in every trade the software places. They can also choose how many trades they want for software to place in one day.

Another great feature available is the Risk level control. The higher the risk level is set, the riskier the trades will be. Higher risk level is also proportional to the number of trades that will be made.

The most interesting feature in Fintech review is the Reverse trading feature. As the software analyzes the market, it sends signals based on predictions it has on each asset. With Reverse trading, traders are able to make predictions opposite to what signals show. It is a great feature to have when traders are afraid of possible market turmoils.

Among all these great features, there is something called trading sentiment. It shows how many other FinTech traders approved or decided to take a certain type of binary options. Here we can see that FinTech combines the elements of social trading. Fintech review shows this signal provider provides multi-functionality and usefulness.

Last, but not least, is the mobile trading feature. FinTech review showed available mobile trading is also available. It is supported by most of the modern devices and it is very clear and easy to use. Mobile trading allows traders to access their trades and make a profit from any place in the world.

Tip: Trade with reputable and regulated brokers on FX-Advisor.

Fintech LTD Review

Fintech LTD is a fake automated trading software, that has been online since April 2020. The Fintech Ltd automated trading robot is similar to others we have reviewed before, and not much different than QProfit System.

If you are new to automated trading, you should read about the best trading systems, look here.

Fintech Ltd Robot Review

Fintech LTD Review

This automated trading robot, is the classic simple software used for binary options trading. It is a random signal generator, and the only thing a trader controls is how much money the system gambles each time.

Now this is especially bad, when the software is working in conjunction with a broker, who only makes money when you lose money. Read about the best Crypto brokers.

Currently available are more than 100 trading systems just like this one. When you compare it with real a automated trading software, you will see that they offer investors the ability to control aspects like; the maximum number of trades, a daily stop loss feature, and the option to choose specific assets.

Fintech-LTD Review Software

Fintech Limited False Information

When the team at Scam Broker reviewed the Fintech LTD software, we dug deep to see if they are making any false promises or misleading statements.

The problem we found is that they claim to have been founded in 2020. The truth is, their website was registered on January 29th 2020, and their promotional video was uploaded to YouTube on April 15th 2020. This means that we cannot believe anything they say!

Your Broker is a Scam!

A software like Fintech Ltd works with many unlicensed brokers, and that is the cause for many problems.

The first thing that every investor must know, is that there are 2 types of brokers, licensed and unlicensed. You can read why you need to use a licensed broker here.

If you want to really trade the financial markets, then look at the best brokers page, and you will see which brokers have the best reputation.

Warning from ASIC Australia

“ASIC urges all investors considering trading, to check they are dealing with an entity that holds an Australian financial services licence.”

ForTrade is the best Forex and Crypto broker that is licensed and authorised in England by the FCA, look here.

Signup for a Free Demo Account on their custom trading system, register here.

Please tell other readers which scam broker did Fintech LTD connect you with, in the comments section below.

Fintech LTD Review: is the tech legit ?

Looks like we’ve faced another get-rich-quickly scheme for people who easily fall in love with the idea of quick money. Unfortunately, there is no such thing like easy money, despite the fact that such opportunities existing, there is no way possible to get easy money on a daily basis. If you are wondering about what the title means, you can just watch the video they prepared for you. Prepare to instant choke when you’ll see the lady trying to clap.

What does it mean? This means that this video basically is a fake actor casting. Looks like our mentioned lady is figuring out when to clap so desperately that it is impossible to not laugh. Well, enough with the fun part, let’s talk seriously. We’re facing the service, or another robot claiming that it can bring a pile of money for you. Sounds too easy to be the truth, and honestly, this system won’t make any penny for you, due to the fact that people who run this system are scammers.

You are free to think for yourself. However, you have to spent only 7 minutes on this article and discover a way in and a way out. It’s not too difficult, though.

Fintech LTD – Let’s figure it out

We prepared a few simple proofs that Fintech LTD is a scam software. Let’s start with the most obvious one!

Bad reviews

If you see something that is posted publicly, you know that it is a fair source of information. In our case, it is true as well. It is much easier to make a new company profile and post bad reviews about different firms, instead of proving that your company is better. This helps achieve two things; the first thing – a company like FinTech LTD assures that their review is written by people who care about you, the second thing – they basically discredit their competitors on the market. That’s how you starting to trust their recommendations and use their software. Obviously, you shouldn’t know that you’re dealing with the real scam.

Stack photos and scam label

There are a lot of review sites that use stock photos on forex alike websites and different online trading systems. Such photos are only showing that this software is a complete scam. But what about well recognized, global companies that using stock photos as well in order to promote their business. Such an approach is more cost-effective than making your own photoshoot. Fintech LTD and other scam companies posting stock pictures and videos that are obviously fictitious in order to hide their real faces from you.

Fantastic rates of return

Another point that can represent the fraudulent nature of such software is the numbers they offer to you. They’re promising to return thousands of dollars every time, but it’s barely the truth. Investing is not that simple, and it’s a risky business. Even time-tested software programs can’t predict the results each time. Many people calling this system a scam, because they didn’t get promised amount of money. Once again: most likely it is impossible to set in stone the rate of return because you are dealing with a huge number of variables that affect the result.

Fake CEO

As it goes, the CEO of FinTech LTD is the “Daniel Roberts” had a story where one of his employees Ben got into financial trouble and defaulted on his mortgage installment. Apparently, he realized that his skills are fit well in the stock market, and that’s when they decide to develop the software that comes without transparency at all. You can only see the broker that has been assigned, the message section, where you can manage your account before you even get in touch and see the software.

These people have a tricky idea of not to mention their real faces and names, so they can do the crime without the judgment day. But they are wrong. Moving a little bit forward, if you don’t have any experience and you are under some kind of misconception about how to use such strategies like scalping or perform technical analysis, you can click this bate and lose your money because people with experience in such business will recognize this scam from half-look.

Is Fintech Limited free?

Not at all. You have to pay at least $250 at Fintech Limited and there is no way you can revenue this money because they are going directly to the broker. Basically, that is how they making money. The main goal – is to design a good wrapper for their scam project, share it as widely as possible and wait for careless user who wants to make quick money. This story is as old as time. Remember that you should look for a proof by any licensed authority that the trade system you are looking for is not a fraud. Systems like “Tool Trades” are transparent and you can find proofs of that transparency without an effort. In other case you can just lose your money and forget about the revenue.

The bottom line

Fintech Limited software, application, and auto-trader system along with so-called CEO “Daniel Roberts” are obvious binary options investment scam. There is no single proof that you’ll get the revenue from your investment. We want to warn our users to stay away from Fintech Limited Software by any means. You should always analyze and read about any system that wants your money first. Never trust people who hiding their face behind the scene.

Alternatives to Fintech Limited

Let’s talk about some serious alternatives. In our opinion, there are a lot of fair systems, for example, you can check out the Tool Trades system . This system will not make you rich instantly, but at least It can really help on your way to success! Tool Trades system performs accurate statistical calculations and it’s based on a serious algorithm. Consider it as you own financial organizer or a simple assistant with signal notification feature.

We hope that this article helped you to avoid this scam system and saved your hard earned money. The web is filled with hundreds of fake binary options, real estate and other “companies” that are nothing less than a bunch of scammers. If you find this article helpful – share it with your friends and leave a comment, if you think that we missed some point. That’s pretty much it for today, stay with us for new updates and reviews.

FinTech Ltd


What is FinTech Ltd. Software & Who is Daniel Roberts?
Read 100% FREE & Exclusive FinTech Ltd. Review
Is This Forex Trading System Legit or FinTech is a Scam?
How To Start & Profit With FinTech Software – See Below!


Broker FinTech Ltd
Official Website URL
Support Types Live Chat, Phone, Contact Form, E-mail
Payout 97%
Free Demo Account Open FREE Demo
Deposit & Withdrawal Methods VISA, MasterCard, Skrill, Wire Transfer, Neteller, CashU
Number of Assets 80+
Overall Score 9.6/10

Full Review

The Forex auto-trading systems, also called Forex robots, are becoming especially popular with traders of various levels of proficiency. One such Forex investment application is FinTech Ltd created by Daniel Roberts and released several months ago.

Among the advantages of using FinTech Limited is the fully automated trading process, which allows both new and seasoned traders to profit. At the same time the system doesn’t require them to spend long hours in front of the computer.

This is especially useful for those who have busy schedules or want to reach larger trading volumes. FinTech Ltd. also has several distinct special features, which make it stand out among other Forex systems. Among them fall the opportunity to carry out reverse trading and to adjust the risk levels according to the user’s very own preferences.

We conducted an exclusive investigation into Fintech in order to determine whether it is scam or legit. The results are presented in the present review.

How to Work with FinTech Ltd.?

The FinTech Ltd. robot is a powerful software that scans the markets, identifies investment opportunities and then executes multiple trades automatically according to the preferences set by the trader. The Forex trades the software places are in fact the difference in value of a company’s share value over the period of one hour.

That means really significant amount of trades being placed within this time period, due to the fact there are over 2600 companies that trade only in the United Kingdom.

The robot’s interface is intuitive and with a simple layout, so traders can easily spot everything they need and optimize their trading performance. A major advantage of the FinTech robot is the variety of customizable options, because that gives traders unique control over the execution of trades, while also saving a lot of time.

After traders set their preferences the robot starts executing trades according to them, but they can always choose to change those parameters. The software continues to work even when a trader is not online.

Nowadays traders can choose from all sorts of Forex trading systems. With the expansion of the Forex sector, brokers and trading platform providers have been improving and upgrading the systems in order to attract more traders with new functionalities. There are also other trading systems available on the market including social trading networks and Forex robots.

No Download Required

Users are not required to carry out any additional downloading of software or updates. Fintech Ltd. is entirely web-based and will work on any given device, without view if it is a desktop or smart one. It will also operate in a hassle-free manner on any given browser.

How to Start With FinTech Ltd?

Each trader has to pick an asset to invest in. One can choose from a variety of tradable assets including stocks, indices, commodities and currency pairs. Afterwards, users can use the wide range of settings to optimize their trading process and apply diverse strategies.

Traders have to open an account by completing a quick and free of charge registration where they have to provide their contact information. At this stage they are not required to deposit any money.

When traders feel ready to start trading, they have to make a deposit and set their personal preferences. Then the software will begin executing trades achieving significantly profitable results.

The final step is to withdraw the earnings one has accumulated from trading.

Using the FinTech robot is easy and can be described with the following simple steps:


The most important thing about financial trading is, of course, accumulate significant amount profits. FinTech is an efficient and flexible solution with a wide range of customizable settings and features, which allows traders to achieve optimal returns on their investment.

The estimated return on the initial deposit of Fintech Ltd. is 80% which is more than good.

Review Verdict: FinTech is NOT a Scam


Opening an account with the FinTech auto-trading robot doesn’t cost anything. Registration is free of charge and traders don’t have to deposit any money before they decide to start trading. Once a new trader feels ready to trade he has to fund his trading account in order to be able to invest.

The initial deposit users make is only used for placing trades and nothing else. Therefore, if they just want to see what FinTech Ltd. offers, they can sign up and check out the services before deciding whether to commit to a monetary deposit.

The main reason this Forex trading system provides free access is that the more trading data it collects from its users, the more accurate and profitable it becomes. The number of open spots per day is limited to just 7 new ones.

Is FinTech Ltd. Scam or Not?

FinTech Ltd. is a fully automated Forex trading software with various customizable features and settings, which allows trades to execute large trading volumes without dedicating extended periods of time to monitoring the markets.

A good indicator that shows whether a Forex robot is a scam is other traders’ feedback. After researching what traders think about the FinTech Ltd. robot, we couldn’t find any serious complaints and it looks like this Forex robot provides satisfactory services.

The automated trading software has an excellent success rate, solid characteristics and our investigation has proven that it is a legit and reliable mean by which one can amplify his online earnings.

Customer Support Service

One of Fintech Ltd.’s best features is the friendly customer support service. It can be reached via live chat, Skype and email. The team works 24/7 in order to ensure that trader’s needs and concerns are being catered to and promptly addressed.

User Testimonial

“Fintech Ltd. is one of the top Forex robots which I have tested. I opened my account with it a couple of months ago, when I was knee-high in debts. I had recently lost my job and was desperately trying to figure out how exactly am I going to make ends meet.

Now, thanks to the profit-amplifying system’s wonderful features, I am enjoying life to the fullest!”

– Olivia Abaroa, 33, Madrid, Spain


This review concludes that Fintech Ltd. is a trustworthy and legit piece of Forex automated software. It has connections only with reputable and regulated broker platforms and is widely regarded as having some of the best special features in this particular sphere of online finance. Users can safely proceed to sign up with it.

BONUS: Get Risk Level Control Feature to set and minimize the risk of losing funds.

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