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Forex Fury

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Client Testimonials

Updated weekly, the feedback for our product is 99% positive . This is very difficult to achieve in a market where there are competitors writing fake negative reviews. All the testimonials in this section are collected from third party websites including trustpilot, sitejabber and fpa.

Happy with the Fury service. Forex Fury wins over 90% of the trades it places, which is what you should expect from a product with a strategy like this one. Upgrading my account to Diamond soon as I get the chance.


Pick your pairs and go! Forex Fury is a very intelligent system. I am now running 5 accounts, AUDJPY, USDCHF, USDJPY, EURUSD, and GBPUSD. Although, I am going to stop using GBPUSD because I saw Fury said to avoid it during brexit / election news smartly. Just have to keep with it.


Happy with my journey. Forex Fury has renewed my faith in automated trading. I have been with the company 2 and a half years and have had mostly ups during this time. All of my accounts are positive, and it’s clear that the system works better and better the longer you use it. If you have a bad month or bad week, don’t worry, just keep at it. It’s a long term strategy, that will always turn up


Signed up a year ago, been on and off with it, but I’ve found a strategy that works well for me now. I run 10 demo accounts, and every month I

Ariyeh B

I’m a long term Fury member with 3 licenses, as I run 3 live accounts at the same time. If you aren’t having success with this software, then Forex simply isn’t the market for you, or you aren’t putting in the work.

Survis K.

Does exactly what they promise. Trades on your behalf, and takes less than 15 minutes to set everything up. I like running 20+ demo accounts to test different pairs / settings

Duno K.

EA Forex Fury is really excellent! 5 stars! I recommend it to everyone, it is very easy to install thanks to the video and the pdf manual. I’m using it with the EUR / USD and GBP / USD pairs and I’m getting really top results! WOW! I am very happy . Thanks to the assistance that responds quickly and with competence and courtesy! thanks ForexFury I have tried many automatic EA but ForexFury is number one!


It is the best for me. If you use conservative parameters and abiding by the suggested time limits will work very well.


Forex Fury is a very helpful tool. It has made trading a much easier, and fun process. I was tired of staring at the charts trying to figure out when the next reversal was coming. Now, all I do is let Fury run on it’s own, and sometimes I’ll shut it off if the markets are looking volatile. Very low effort for stable gains.


I like quick, short trades and “easy wins” which makes this the perfect ea for me. Most other styles or strategies hold into trade too long and it works up my anxiety. So this is what I needed.


Good robot on GBPUSD, USDJPY, or USDCHF as long as no big news event happen. Use for few month and win my trade so 5 star for me.

Spending years in this market without success, I’ve grown a thick skin, but the success I’ve had with Forex fury has been making that soft again. With the win streaks

I’ve been trading on and off for approximately 3 years. Mostly, used indicators and traded manually. This past year I decided to give expert advisors a try, and it didn’t go well at first. BUT.. Then I came across Forex Fury, a time restricted scalping system and I’m really doing great. I have 9 demo accounts running, and 1 live account. But I have 3 demos doing really good so I will upgrade to a diamond soon so I can get more wins.


Just got an email from the Forex Fury team asking me to share my experiences and I’m more than happy to oblige. Been with Fury for a year and a half. Wasn’t really much of a scalping trader when I first signed up, but I’m to say that has chgd and I’m now on board. I run USDJPY, AUDUSD, EURGBP, XAAUSD on 4 separate accounts with settings pretty close to default. Though, I’ve done some testing over the years and made some small adjustments.


This is my favorite robot by far. Support 5/5 Trade quality 5/5 Consistency 5/5 Updates 5/5 Myfxbook 5/5 Forum 5/5 Settings 5/5 This is hitting everything for me, I have 3 licenses all winning on 1 different pair each. USDJPY 5/5 USDCHF 5/5 EURGBP 5/5 Running demo acconuts on other pairs in testing!


A very impressive service, with the best customer support team I’ve ever dealt with. I went into this investment very skeptical, with little knowledge of Forex Fury, or automated trading in general. The support team helped me understand how the system works, and I’ve started to make gains of 100 pips per week consistently on my account. A very good experience to say the least.


Everything you need from an automated Forex Tool Convenience Consistency Killer Instinct These three items make up Forex Fury in my eyes. It is a ferocious trading system that only cares about winning trades and avoiding risk. The perfect addition to the Forex trader’s arsenal who want to grab an extra 35 pips a day.


It’s a great system, but just like any other robot in that it takes a little bit of a learning curve. If you’re just going to let it run all the time in all conditions then it won’t work. It’s built to work only in ranging conditions, so if you spend the few minutes a day making sure the markets aren’t volatile you will win with the robot for many years. If not, then you will struggle.

It’s a good product with good support and a safe strategy. If you are a talented trader you should be able to adapt quickly and make easy wins in ranging markets. If you are a trader who is used to losing, it will take longer, and you will have to test or learn more.

The software exceeded my expectations right out of the gate, but it takes a bit of testing at the beginning. I’d say a learning curve of about 3 weeks. It’s really not much, but if you are looking for get rick quick, look elsewhere or don’t look at all.

I am happy w Fury because they keep updating and adjusting. They are so different from when I first signed up I think they might even be under a new ownership group in the past year. Best $200 I’ve spent in FX.

Forex Fury Review

Here we go! Forex Fury is a well-known robot across traders. That’s the reason we’d like you to read this review.

The system is positioned like an all-in-one robot.

The forex robot has got a second version for itself. So what are we informed from the slider of the presentation: it’s the fully-automated trading robot, results are 100% verified, low drawdowns, #1 rated in 2020 (there’s no link about who rated the robot and via what criteria), proven 93% win rate, package of settings to manage, and 5-10 trades per day.

The second slide tells us that there’s a limited quantity of a product (it’s a very laughable statement. Lack of copies of the e-product. C’mon! We’re not stupid like that), lifetime membership, and free updates

So, the devs tell us that they run on the Forex market for a long time and their goals were creating a really profitable and well-worked robot.

The fx robot has got some features: compatibility with NFX, NNO, MT4, and MT5 Build platforms, low drawdown level less than 20%, ECN supported, well-designed money-management system, various currency pairs to work with, working with the MT4 and MT5 brokerage companies, various filters that understand how to avoid bad market conditions.

Applied strategies

How devs said to us, the robot opens trades between 4-5 p.m. EST. “During this time, the market is lacking in volatility which is perfect for an advanced scalping approach to picking up easy wins. This means, that our robot is in and out of the market within 1-2 hours every single day. The approach has proven to be profitable on multiple pairs, which you can see in the trading accounts we provide on the front page of our website,” they have said. They’ve noticed that the robots that run for a long day have got high chances to fail, and this looks kinda true.

Forex Fury trading results

So, let’s take a look at the trading results.

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So, as we can see, there are infinity demo accounts and just two real once. We don’t spend so much time on the first one, because it looks like introducing loss-free trading. During over two years of running the robot has been performed 109 deals with the 100% win-rate.

There have been traded 614 pips. The average trade length is one day.

The robot runs only one currency pair on this account: GBP/USD.

The second account is wise interesting.

Especially, taking into account intel that how devs said that their robot runs with 20% of DD, reality proves that DD can reach 50%.

During two months the robot almost halved the account, falling down from 537% to 247% and a little bit recovering, having grown to 318% on December 31.

It’s not the first loss but it was the highest one. In general, the robot shows good monthly gain that equals 7.44%.

Despite the loss, Forex Fury is able to raise the annual gain to +172% (+118% of crown comparing to 2020). Pips are grown too 1873 have been traded, growing is +1176. Win rate grew too to 75% (+5% compared with the previous year).

There have been traded 1157 trades, with the average win-rate equals to 74%. The average trade length is 15 hours, and the profit factor is 1.24.

As you can see from the sheet, the most pain has been brought by longs GBP/USD and USD/CAD, shorts NZD/USD. So the best currencies to work with are UAD/JPY, and EUR/USD. The rest aren’t profitable and just wasting your time and nerves.

So, the robot starts trades just only in one hour.

Forex Fury has been set to trade with very high risks. In order to lose 10% of the account, there’d be just 5 losses in a row.

So, the robot trades vary, but it knows how to recover after huge losses.

It runs from two currency pairs to six, depends on the month.

Pricing And Refunds

The robot’s price is in the mid of the pack, comparing to others. For $230 will get 1 live account, for $440 two live accounts.

Other notes

Forex Fury lives for not less than three years and still provides good fully-automated trading.

Forex Fury Review: Is it a Scam or a Genuine Forex Trading System

Forex Fury is a forex robot application designed to automate trading through MetaTrader 4. The algorithm used by the platform was prepared after studying a number of relevant indicators. Under the platform deals open with a short expiration of time, making it appear as a Scalper.

This explains the rather confusing reputation that Forex Fury has. This is because it is generally not possible for a Scalper to claim such results.

Table of Contents

General information about the Forex Fury trading robot

  • type – an automatic robot;
  • type of trading – scalping;
  • trading terminal – Metatrader 4;
  • availability of technical support – yes;
  • forex steam for trading – GBPUSD;
  • timeframe – till M5.

This review will allow users to evaluate the advantages and disadvantage that this platform provides. It is evident that this trading robot works best with the GBP/USD currency pair, even though tests can be conducted on other pairs as well. The robot displays trading performance stats for both real and demo accounts.

The developers themselves ensure users that the robot opens up to 10 to 15 transactions in an hour, allowing users to earn 50 to 70 pips in a relatively short period of time.

Main Advantages of the Forex Robot

  • The downloadable file contains a manual for detailed settings, with descriptions attached for every methodology.
  • Advisors can be conveniently and informatively set, allowing users to immediately respond to market conditions and adjust the robot accordingly.
  • Can be installed on ECN Account types

Main Disadvantages of the Forex Fury

  • The official version costs in excess of $200, which is beyond the reach of most novice traders.
  • Trading Results are not satisfactory when it comes to markets affected by economic or political events. Thus, you are required to monitor the economic calendar frequently.
  • The frequent discharge of the whole deposit by the robot is marked by numerous users.
  • The spreads are expected to be very low as it uses the scalper trading strategy.

Trading results

To conduct a proper evaluation of this automatic robot, trading results should be examined on either a demo or a real account.

According to the screenshot attached above, the results of an independent testing came out as follows.

The total deposit increased by more than 200 % during the entirety of the testing period. It is generally possible for such results with a 76 % yield only for a month. However, the drawdown indicated here has reached almost 20%, suggesting a possibility that these results are outdated. On further examination, it is found that a drawdown in the absence of reaction from the trader, can reset the deposit completely. Thus, the above results do not seem plausible and cannot be considered as reliable.

It should be noted that, Forex Fury trades using a scalping strategy where trades are opened for a short expiration time, lasting anywhere between 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

Firstly, it is necessary to abstain from trading during the time of release of certain global economic or political news, no matter what currency pair you select. You should open the economic calendar and deactivate the fx robot for the time where such news is expected to be released.

Users are thus advised to make a minimum deposit of $100 to $200 to achieve an optimal result, Leverage is set between 1:200 – 1:500 to achieve a good acceleration of the deposit, but at a higher degree of risk. You will be prompted to select or optimize the settings once you install the trading robot the terminal. Settings include Stop Loss, Take Profit Levels, Setting up indicators and other related parameters. However, always considers the prevalent market condition at the time of setting up Forex Fury.

As far as the trading methodology is concerned, the robot generally opens deals in the afternoon, when volatility is the least in the market. Since manually trading by Scalping is difficult during such periods, Forex Fury does all the work for you. Always pay close attention to the levels of spreads, which should be low. Without a low spread, there is a high chance of broker commissions eliminating the profits achieved.

This robot has been tested using both the USD/JPY and USD/CHF were the latest drawdown is more than 50%. At this point, the robot forced traders to stop the testing and switch to another currency pair.

Reviews for Forex Fury

After searching for reviews, we found a multitude of client feedback which contain mixed reviews. It is true that there is a substantial amount of negative reviews on several portals, forums and even on the official site. The reviews include ones with exaggerated test results.

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