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Hexa Trader raises a couple of red flags and suspicions even to the untrained eye. The scam is so blatantly obvious that the review will perhaps serve to outline how similar scams work and help people avoid them. Hexa Trader was launched some time back, and since then we’ve seen reports of people claiming that they have become wealthy using the robot.

Now that’s itself suspicious, to say the least. After putting it through our thorough review process, we can tell you from the very beginning that the software is not worth your time. Though we also provide you with proof below.

The software has been developed by a guy named Rupert Connor who is supposed to be a professor. Though we will dive into the background of this fake professor later on in the review. The objective of this hyped robot is to just steal your money.

We would like to warn everyone reading this that they shouldn’t consider using the service because it will only steal their money. Our review will expose all the lies and fake names laid out by the creators of Hexa Trader to finally conclude that it is a scam like many others out there.

Hexa Trader: Is it just another scam?

The claim made by the founder is that the Hexa Trader trading bot is revolutionary. After having watched the promotional video from start to finish, we can safely say that it’s hard to determine what the software bot is about.

Mr. Rupert Connor claims to be a computer professor and expert, which enabled him to develop the software. He claims that the software uses the most advanced trading technology to execute winning trades which is why the robot can’t lose a single trade.

Mr. Connor also claims that he has over the years made millions using the Hexa Trader bot. He has in his words just made money sitting around with friends. The decision to make Hexa Trader available to the public is so that everyone could have the ability to make a lot of money just like he did.

These earning summaries are all false, obviously

According to him, the robot works by using hexadecimal numbers which was a method he developed. He also claims that traders can end up making up to a thousand dollars if not more every day and that too on autopilot.

The system is allegedly so efficient that it has a 94.7% accuracy which is an extremely high figure by any measure. At the rate claimed anyone could become a millionaire in just a couple of months using the Hexa Trader App.

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    1st Place! Best Binary Broker 2020!
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While we have pointed out a couple of issues with the Hexa Trader app above the fact is that these are just the tip of the ice burg so to speak. The robot is not meant to help traders make money. The many inconsistencies and various inaccurate statements are highly misleading, and by exposing them here, we are perhaps doing the trading community a service.

No Trading System Associated with Hexa Trader

After watching all the Hexa Trader review videos, we still don’t know how the system works for sure. The creator is supposed to be a professor of computer science and relied on his overall knowledge of computers to create the robot. But he still can’t tell us how the robot can make money or what trading strategy is used.

All the talk about using the so called hexadecimal mathematical technology is well and good, but that can’t be driving the system. Math alone does not mean that you’ll become a successful binary options trader. If you ask us there is no trading algorithm at play and there is no way that this or any similar software can help you make money as a trader. It will only drain your trading account because that’s what is meant to do.

The Fake CEO Rupert Connor Exposed

Mr. Connor claims to be the chief executive officer or CEO of the Hexa Tradera bot. Then he also claims to be a professor of computer science something that he cannot prove. It has been impossible to trace the claims made by professor Connor, and that’s strange.

As a professor he should have a profile at the school, college or university’s website where he teaches. There is also no mention of him in mainstream media. All of this points to Mr. Connor being a fictitious person, and as for the photo, it has been taken from some guy on Fiverr.com. He probably hired a Fiverr actor to talk about the system and then stole his picture. It’s a widespread method used by scammers on the internet.

This system won’t be earning you enough money for any mansions

We managed to track down his profile on Fiverr, and it’s clear that he has no prior or even present knowledge of trading binary options. If the robot was arguably as profitable as it is claimed by Mr. Connor, then why use a fictitious character to promote the system. If anything it is a serious negative point against the system.

The use of Fake Testimonials and False Earning Reports

All the reviews and testimonials presented are fake and as such shouldn’t be believed. These people are hired helped most probably from Fiverr, and so you can’t expect them to be objective in the reviews. But you will be making a wise decision of staying away from the software.

This is false, as a deposit is required to use the system

If you watch the promotional video, it boasts of being able to help traders make over six hundred dollars every day and that too from just two hundred and fifty thousand as seed money or investment.

However, we found that this too like everything else associated with Hexa Trader is a lie. The type of earnings being claims is next to impossible and that too with the investment of just two hundred and fifty dollars.

Perhaps the most blatantly false claim is that the Hexa Trader system can help you boost ITM rates by 90%. Though it appears as if they aren’t even talking about the financial market but rather some other market because it has nothing to do with the binary options trading industry.

Final Word

We have mentioned close to half a dozen reasons as to why Hexa Trader is a scam. So, if you were planning or considering it for use as part of your trading toolbox then think again. The creator says that the system has been earning hundreds if not thousands of dollars since 2020.

Though we checked to find out and the robot was created just a couple of days back. Our question is how a system like the Hexa Trader software, created a few days back can be making millions for the past four years? It is misleading information with malicious intent in our experience!

Hexa Trader Review – Scam Software Exposed By Sofy!

The moment we noticed an email which was offering an invitation to access the Hexa Trader software, we quickly started on our task of screening it. It’s always been our top priority to review new binary options software quickly and judge them. In the case of Hexa Trader, there is not a speck of doubt when we say that it is a SCAM, you all should give a miss! We have exposed all the malicious intentions of the scammers who try too hard to sell their software by giving false statements on its capabilities. Read the full review and find out why we so confidently call the Hexa Trader, a SCAM.

Official Website – hexatrader.co

The Hexa Trader – What is it?

The Hexa Trader software has allegedly been developed by the best programmers and market analysts in the year 2020, and we are just starting to hear about it now! Prof. Rupert Connor, who is the supposed voice in the video, is stated to be an Ex-MIT professor of Computational Science and the CEO of Hexa Trader. The professor explains how the Hexa Trader software is capable of generating incomes averaging $1,100 to $1,600 per day. The whole idea of the algorithm called the Hexa Algorithm revolves around the hexadecimal number system in computers. The algorithm converts binary strings into hexadecimal format which renders it the ability to analyze trades and market trends in a fraction of a second.

The Hexa Trader software claims to have a winning rate of over 94.7%. This by any standards a false claim as it has never been achieved in reality and definitely not consistently. The only area we see consistency in the video is in the fluctuating figures of statistics served to us. There is just no clarity on the amount of profits a trader can make. Figures ranging from $1,100 to $1,600 are told to be the average profits achievable. The software is advertised as the perfect solution to earn over $1,46,000 per year.

Who is the Professor?

A professor of a world renowned institution like the MIT, Prof. Connor deserves special mention in our Hexa Trader review. The irony is, his students like the man who appears in the testimonial, Jake, were finding it hard to earn a living and a decent job. Can you imagine, an MIT student not getting a job? Who in the world would land a job if not an MIT graduate! Anyways, we did not manage to find out the details of any professor, current or ex, to have taught in the MIT let alone computational science. This is a proof that the Hexa Trader is a scam and even its creator is a fictitious character.

False Claims

The website and the sales video of Hexa Trader scam claim to be giving away the software for Free. This is not true. You are supposed to deposit the minimum recommended sum of $250 into your trading account to be able to trade efficiently. The software can be called free if it generates profits over and above the $250, and then may deduct the sum when a sizeable amount has been accrued. To pretend as if they too have a solid interest in our trading through their software, the scammers introduce a clause of deducting 2.5% from your monthly profits.

The winning rate stated to be over 94.7% is also not true. As we stated above, it is just a means to attract prospective traders. The scammers plot to get you signed up and make an investment with the brokers of their choice and credentials. Once you start trading, you’d soon realize that the software doesn’t make winning trades. Rather, it ends up losing most if the times. In no time the traders would find themselves cheated and in the frustration seek help from the fraud support team. The support ‘expert’ may encourage the trader to increase his investments citing low trading balance for the bad results. This is a vicious cycle which we never want you to get trapped in.

Avoid Scams like HFT Finance & Tesler.

Fake Testimonials

The testimonials as suspected are also fake. The lady named Ashley who appears first, is an actor. The mother of four children seen thanking the professor from the “bottom of her heart” is just reading a script. Even the MIT pass-out Jake is an actor who can read out anything on your behalf if you are willing to pay him around $5. Whats noteworthy is that out of the over one thousand beta testers, the scammers could manage just three of them to appear in the video or on their Hexa Trader scam website to testify on their behalf!

Good for Nothing – Hexa Algorithm

The scammers come up with hilarious new technologies and algorithms. The Hexa algorithm which converts binary numbers 0 and 1 into hexadecimal numbers, is surely an idiotic introduction. It is falsely stated that because of the conversion of binary to hexadecimal, the software is able to analyze and open trades in a fraction of a second. Had the hexadecimal number system been so advantageous in computation, it would have long replaced the binary number system. Moreover, the conversion would require compute resources which would again eat some time. This is something anyone with basic computer science knowledge would be able to tell that binary to hexadecimal conversion is not such a big task that would need a ‘proprietary’ algorithm.

Fake Stickers

The Hexa Trader scam website has many fake stickers of VeriSign Trusted and look-alike kind of stickers to make you think it’s McAfee protected or SSL signed certificates are used on the website. These are the cheap tricks of scammers to induce a feeling of trust in the visitors. All they have there is a bunch of images which do not have any clickable links to led to.

Final Verdict – Hexa Trader Is 100% Scam. Avoid It!

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Time and again, such scams present their rears only for us to kick them hard. The Hexa Trader software is a complete scam, and you must avoid it at all costs. We recommend you to warn your family and friends too. Never keep the information we share with you just to yourselves. Sharing knowledge, especially on scams is definitely worth the time. This habit could prevent many people from getting tricked into such scams. Thanks for reading!

Hexa Trader Review – The Innovative Scam Exposed

Today We gonna do an unbiased Hexa Trader review. When we come across auto-trading robots like the Hexa Trader software, we instantly think about how fantastic would it be if we could just filter all the scams that are out there, so that none of you would be prone to becoming victims of, but of course, that is not possible. The only thing that we can do is provide you with well-structured reviews, ones that get straight to the point, hence this Hexa Trader review. We found a lot of different cons about the Hexa Trader scam signals that deserve to be exposed. Keep reading so that you can know about every tactic that the losers who created it are utilizing to make you believe in a reality that does not exist.

Why Hexa Trader Is A Scam? App Review Reveals

Satisfied Customers Since 2020?

The problem with this statement, which can be located on the official site, is that the Hexa Trader system was recently registered; therefore, there is no way that people knew about it since 2020. This is a huge lie, one that deserves to be exposed right here and right now. So there you go!

Website: hexatrader.co

Professor Rupert Connor of Hexa Trader Software?

It is incredible the many shameless people that we have to deal with in the binary options field. Just so you know right off the bat, this Rupert Connor is the alleged creator of the Hexa Trader app, but he is nowhere to be found. This is something that one would not expect from somebody who is saying to be a “professor.” Yes, nowadays scammers are utilizing fictitious characters that are supposedly these great professors who know the 411 about the auto-trading world. It is reported on the Hexa Trader website that the shameless Rupert Connor is an Ex-MIT computational science professor. In the introductory video, this loser says that the Market Filter system is the most advanced auto-trading robot in the world. He goes on to also mention that since 2020, he and his team of “experts” have been able to garner millions of dollars thanks to the Hexadecimal Number system that they were able to develop together. Lies! This is not even his real name. Not only that but he is not even a professor. There is no record on this man know matter where you search at. He is a total scammer that deserves to be put on blast like there is no tomorrow. Yes Hexa Trader scam news are 100% true.

With Hexa Trader signals at least $1644.00 a day?

When someone states the exact number of money you are going to be able to make when utilizing Hexa Trader program’s auto-trading system, you can conclude that they are lying. There is no way somebody can provide you with the exact amount that you will be able to garner from utilizing an auto-trading system, as things in this field are constantly changing; therefore, nobody can pin point to an exact sum. Never fall for this type of guarantee, because they are not truthful. This is a pressure tactic that is highly used by a great percentage of scammers, but even so, people still fall for them like Hexa Trader system. Don’t be one of them!

You should also read our revealing Tesler App review!

94.7% Accuracy?

The scammers now are taking advantage of decimals in order to make more people fall into their fake Hexa Trader app. You see, they know that using decimals will actually reflect that their system has been carefully analyzed. We have to admit, these scammers are really thinking as far head as possible to find new tactics that will make you not have any doubt whatsoever that their system is worth the investment. Sadly for them, they cannot fool us not even one bit. This Hexa Trader software does not even come close to a 94.7%. It is more like a 0% accuracy, as you will not make one penny. You will lose your investment and regret it for the rest of your life just like the people who have recently tried it.

Hexa Trader App Presented a Few Days Ago and . . .

It is already receiving numerous negative reviews, left and right. People are so upset that their investment went down the hill with the Hexa Trader scam. They want to get their money back, but no “expert” from the Hexa Trader software is responding. They should know by now that they will never get a response from the “experts” of this worthless system. This is why we came up with this negative Hexa Trader review.

Actors Everywhere

The people that you will see in the introductory Hexa Trader review video are actors that were hired from fiverr.com. Just in case you were not aware, this is a site that many scammers go to in order to hire people who are willing to lie in front of the camera. Most of these actors charge $5.00 per lie. Yeah, this is quite laughable, but quite true. It appears that these actors want to eat caviar for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and thus, are willing to do anything that they have to do to have enough money in their pockets to make this happen for them every day. Hexa Trader review scam is just like the viral Rubix Project scam which we have exposed recently.

Fraudulent Customer Care of Hexa Trader System

There is no customer care available when you have a question that pertains to requesting proof of their statements. The only time you will receive a respond from Hexa Trader app is when you are telling them you want to join and asking them how to go about it. How do we know? We contacted them twice. When we ask for proof, they did not respond. When we asked them to help us sign up, they responded with a very friendly email that mentioned the steps that one must undertake to sign up with Hexa Trader signals.

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Conclusion – Hexa Trader is an innovative SCAM that you might fall for.

We have noticed that a lot of people are asking ‘is Hexa Trader a scam’ on different sites. This review should be sufficient to adequately answer this question. The Hexa Trader is not the type of software that is going to make your investment grow. Just like us, you should expose it, too, so that no other person falls for it. We invite you to share this exposing Hexa Trader review with everybody you know to make this happen faster. The more united we are as a whole and warn others about scams, the faster these scammers will realize that they will have no luck in trying to do wrong.

Don’t fret. There are a handful systems like Lexington Code and Penny Millionaire to trade safely and profitably. Go with those instead of sign up with scams and loosing all your money.

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