Hourjustpaid.com Review Is HourJustPaid Scam or Should I Invest

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Hourjustpaid.com Review
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Hourjustpaid.com is registered in the United Kingdom as company number 11829667.Crypto currency is growing every day, and our professional traders know how to get the greatest benefit from any investment. Not everyone understands how crypto works, but everybody understands getting a great return on an investment. Our company has traded on the markets to find the best strategies for growth and we share our profit with our investors.

Q: Can I have multiple accounts?
Hourjustpaid.com only accepts one account, multiple accounts is not allowed,it will be blocked by the system.

Q: How long will it take me to make a profit?
Hourjustpaid.com is an hourly plan, the system will generate profits after you make an investment, For example, if you invest at 5: 00, you will receive your profit at 6: 00.

Q: Can I make multi-deposit?
Yes you can deposit at any plan but you can invest different plan when first plan finished otherwise it may cause some problems.

Support Email: [email protected]
Address: 36 Lewisham Road, London, United Kingdom, SE13 7QR
Company #: 11829667

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Disclaimer: Anything you see in this article is based only on my opinion and experience since it’s just a review. You may also see others opinion in the comment section and is not a guarantee as well. This is not a financial advice so do your own research first before investing. We are not responsible for any damages and losses related to any products or services mentioned in this article.

Hour Just Paid Review – Blatant SCAM!

Hour Just Paid is a viral high yield investment program which is taking the internet by storm. Most of the people indulging with this firm does not have a basic understanding of finance.

Moreover, their lack of knowledge is the main exploit which the scammers are taking advantage of. Their business model is without a doubt an illegal one and they are bound to face severe consequences in the near future.

We all can agree that making money per hour sounds interesting. However, do not let those dreams enable these crooks to burn a hole in your pocket. Go through our review to fully understand the real nature of this firm.

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Company and Registration Details

The whole financial sector is overseen by regulatory bodies in most countries. Much of the strict rules is due to the fact that, this industry is full of manipulation and the average investor was not able to identify it.

This company takes pride in displaying their incorporation certificate. Many newbies have fallen prey to this deceptive trick because their certification should not be taken as a seal of trust. We went over the database of the FCA and there is no information about this firm.

In short, they are not legit and their only motto is to give you a false impression by featuring some legal documents. The customer support of this company communicates only through email.

So, it is almost impossible to track their real physical location. Here are their contact details.

Address – 36 Lewisham Road, London, United Kingdom, SE13 7QR

Hour Just Paid Business Model

Hour Just Paid is supposedly a cryptocurrency trading institute. Their only tagline is that, they want to help people become financially independent. Trading has the potential to enable everyone to earn a living.

However, the process of mastering it requires skill and dedication. With regards to their approach, this firm hasn’t put up any sort of explanation. We do not know their statistics till date.

Without having any idea about their win rate, maximum drawdown and average profit and loss statement, it is certainly not the one you want to mess around with. After all, how can anyone justify sending them their money without knowing all the parameters?

Remember trading any markets is like stepping into a battlefield, if you are not prepared, then your account will get slaughtered.

Investment Packages and Profits

Realistic returns is one of the main things every newbie should give attention to. After all, no one can become rich overnight, right? This firm promises huge returns in the span of hour which tops out at 18% per hour.

At this rate, you can triple your money every day. However, think for a minute, is it really possible to achieve or sustain them? Check out their investment plans, aren’t they the perfect bait to lure people in?


Returns – 1.80% Hourly

Duration – 70 Hours

Minimum Deposit – $5

Returns – 6% Hourly

Duration – 30 Hours

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Recover Money from Scams

Minimum Deposit – $480

Returns – 18% Hourly

Duration – 15 Hours

Minimum Deposit – $4,850

Affiliate Program

This whole platform is nothing more than a swindle. They need traffic to spread their false narratives and in turn earn more revenue. So, to achieve their goals through pocket friendly method, they feature an affiliate program.

In simple words, if anyone drives traffic to this website, then he or she will get a piece of the revenue. As you can clearly see, the conflict of interest between the promoters and the clients are the reason as to why many websites are giving them fake favorable reviews.

Seems like these people will do anything to make a quick buck. Stay away from them regardless of the kind of hype they create.

Fake Testimonies and Withdrawal Screenshots

There are a few testimonials floating on their website. From early 200’s many websites started to incorporate social proof to increase their reputation. However, this firm is manipulating this idea to their favor.

All the glittery comments showcased by them are from bogus profiles. The images shown are stock photos which can be found for free on the internet. Ask yourself, why on earth would they lie about their performance unless there is something fishy going on?

This platform is known to provide a lot of payment proof in the form of screenshots, but they are also fake. So, under any circumstances, never give them the benefit of the doubt.

Domain Whereabouts

We were able to find the details regarding the kind of demographics they are targeting. Unfortunately, any information about the owners is still untraceable.

Global Rank – 24,606

Rank in Ukraine – 1,843

Target Audience – Ukraine, Russia, Brazil, Venezuela and Mexico

Hour Just Paid Review Conclusion

Hour Just Paid is a viral swindle which will only make the owners rich. They will certainly pay some of their earlier clients. However, once they are happy with the amount of money they have made, they will flee away.

In short, this scheme is not the one which is going to help you financially. So, to be on the safer side and protect your hard earned money, do not entertain them.

Hourjustpaid.com Review: Is HourJustPaid Scam or Should I Invest?

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hourjustpaid .com is a legit site

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i got my payment in bitcoin instantly to my bitcoin wallet. her’s the proof too. this site is legal and pays in many wallets online. Go and check this out guys . you will regret afterwards.

HourJustPaid Review

Hello Readers, today I’ll review a very interesting high yield investment program called Hour Just Paid.

HourJustPaid Review

I checked on CompaniesHouse.gov.uk and their company HOURJUSTPAID LIMITED was incorporated on 15 February 2020 in the United Kindom with registration no. 11829667 and the postal address registered there is 36 Lewisham Road, London, United Kingdom, SE13 7QR . According to what is mentioned on their website Hour Just Paid specializes in the trading and exchange of cryptocurrencies and offers quality profit pool to all investors. Let’s move one to the investment plans and other features of this attractive high yield investment program.

Investment Plans

Hour Just Paid has four simple and very profitable investment plans, all of them pays a hourly profit.

First investment plan pays 1.49%-1.80% hourly for 70 hours so the total return on investment that the investor will be making at the end of the plan is between 104.3% and 126%. Principal amount invested by you will be included in your profits. Minimum amount you will be needed to invest in this plan is $5 and maximum would be $4,850. Investors who want to try the program by investing the minimum amount should definitely put their hands in.

Second investment plan pays 5%-6% hourly for 30 hours so the total return on investment that the investor will be paid at the end of the plan is between 150% and 180%. Principal amount invested by you will be included in your profits. Minimum amount you will be needed to invest in this plan is $480 and maximum would be $48,500. $480 may sound a little bit high but you would be making more profits and get your seed money back in a couple of days which is quite fast.

Third investment plan pays 12%-18% hourly for 15 hours so the total return on investment that the investor will be making at the end of the plan is between 180% and 270%. Principal amount invested by you will be included in your profits. Minimum amount you will be needed to invest in this plan is $4,850 and maximum would be $485,000.

Their fourth investment plan pays 1% hourly forever for 1 year so the total return on investment that the investor will be making at the end of the plan will be 365%. Principal amount invested by you will be included in your profits. Minimum amount you will be needed to invest in this plan is $2,850 and maximum would be $48,5000.

Hour Just Paid offers a very attractive affiliate program paying 3%-15% referral commissions.

Earnings Example

Let’s say for example that you will invest $1000 in their first investment plan. In this case you will get paid $18 hourly for 70 hours. This means a total of $1260 in three days.

Payment processors accepted in Hour Just Paid are PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum and Dash. So, the combination of payment processors chosen by the admin of Hour Just Paid is good and we can see all the major payment processors included in any program.

Technical Features

Hour Just Paid has been designed on Licensed GoldCoders script and looks very nice with a focus on green and yellow color. All the sections on the site have been updated regularly, and you can find answers for your questions in FAQ section. You can contact the admin through contact us form available on the site. Hour Just Paid can be accessed through an SSL encryption to keep investors personal info in a secure environment. We can see so many positive points about the program right from the design to plans.

Final Thoughts

The admin has certainly done a pretty good job at putting together a nice looking site with very profitable plans and a sufficient choice with the various payment processors for the investors to choose from. Everyone needs to make your own due diligence however when it comes to investing online and you should consider their minimum deposit of only $5. It’s easy to make a small test spend before deciding to invest a larger amount. With all these positive features Hour Just Paid has every potential to become one of the most successful online investment programs. Like always, it is on investors who decide the fate of every program in this industry. So, I invite you all to add your comments bellow and share your experience with this program.

Acorns Review 2020: Pros, Cons and How It Compares

Acorns’ spare-change savings tool and cash-back rewards program make investing easy. But the management fee on small accounts is steep.

At NerdWallet, we strive to help you make financial decisions with confidence. To do this, many or all of the products featured here are from our partners. However, this doesn’t influence our evaluations. Our opinions are our own.

Our Take

The bottom line: Acorns merges the robo-advisor model with an automated savings tool, making it easier to build a nest egg. But whether Acorns’ flat fees are a pro or a con depends on your account balance: $1, $2 or $3 a month sounds cheap, but can be a high percentage of assets for investors with small balances.

on Acorns’s website


on Acorns’s website

Account Minimum

no promotion at this time

Pros & Cons

Automatically invests spare change.

Cash back at select retailers.

Educational content available.

Small investment portfolio.

High fee on small account balances.

Compare to Other Advisors

Account Minimum
Account Minimum
Account Minimum

no promotion at this time


career counseling plus loan discounts with qualifying deposit


amount of assets managed for free

Best Online Brokers

Full Review

Acorns has modernized the old-school practice of saving loose change, merging the robo-advisor model with an automated savings tool. Acorns charges $1 a month for a taxable investment account, $2 a month to add on an individual retirement account, or $3 a month for an Acorns checking account — called Acorns Spend — plus investment and retirement accounts.

Acorns works by rounding up your purchases on linked credit or debit cards, then sweeping the change into a computer-managed investment portfolio. That approach is certainly a useful tool to save more.

Acorns is best for:

People who struggle to save.

Acorns at a glance

Where Acorns shines

Automated approach: We’re behind any tool that encourages mindless, automatic saving. If you don’t have to think about saving, you’re more likely to do it.

Acorns sweeps excess change from every purchase using a linked account into an investment portfolio. You can connect as many cards as you want, though all roundups are taken from the same linked checking account. With each purchase, Acorns rounds up to the nearest $1 and gives you the option to transfer that change into an investment portfolio. You can do that either automatically, so every purchase is rounded up and the change transferred, or manually, by going through recent purchases on the app and selecting which roundups to transfer.

Although these roundups are the bread and butter of Acorns’ platform, you can also invest lump sums manually or set up recurring deposits on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Lump-sum transfers may be as small as $5.

The new Acorns Spend account is an online checking account and debit card (not just any plastic card, though — this one is made of tungsten, a heavy metal). Acorns Spend offers real-time roundups to your investment or retirement account, mobile check deposits, free ATMs (or reimbursed ATM fees), and requires no minimum balance.

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Minimum investment: There’s no minimum to open an account, but the service requires a $5 balance to start investing in one of Acorn’s five pre-built portfolios.

Found Money: The only thing better than building an investment portfolio out of a bunch of spare change is building an investment portfolio out of someone else’s money. Acorns’ Found Money program essentially lets you do that: It’s cash back for your investment account.

Acorns has partnered with more than 350 companies — including Airbnb, Warby Parker, Walmart, Nike and Sephora — to give you cash back when you use a linked payment method at one of the partners. In most cases, you get the cash back automatically, without an additional step. You simply use a card linked to an active Acorns account to make the purchase, and the Found Money rewards will land in your account in 60 to 120 days.

Educational content: We found the website well-suited to new investors, as it defines key terms and uses clear language. Acorns also publishes Grow Magazine, an online personal finance site geared toward millennials with advice about side gigs, credit card debt, student loans and other financial topics. Grow content is also integrated in the Acorns app.

Where Acorns falls short

Management fee: Whether Acorns’ fee is a pro or a con depends entirely on your account balance: it costs $1 a month for an Acorns Core taxable investment account; $2 a month for Acorns Later, an IRA account, plus the taxable investment account; and $3 a month for Acorns Spend, the checking account and debit card offering, which includes the investment and retirement accounts.

Flat fees like this are rare among robo-advisors, which typically charge a percentage of assets under management. A $1, $2 or $3 a month fee sounds cheap, but can be a high percentage of assets for investors with small balances. If you make only roundup contributions, you could hover in that zone for quite a while.

Here’s a look at Acorns’ fees expressed as a percentage of assets under management:

For context, Acorns competitors like Wealthfront and Betterment charge 0.25%, and generally offer a higher level of service, with tax assistance, better user interfaces and more diversified portfolios. Stash charges $1 a month for a brokerage account, plus a bank account with a debit card that offers rewards. For $3 a month, Stash gives you those offerings plus a retirement account (a traditional or Roth IRA). We would argue that Acorns provides more value than Stash by way of portfolio management.

Account fees: If you decide to move your investments out of Acorns to another provider, you’ll pay a steep fee for that convenience. Acorns charges $50 per ETF to transfer investments. Acorns isn’t alone in charging this type of fee, but theirs is on the high side. If you have, say, five ETFs, you’re looking at a $250 fee. A more common scenario among providers is to charge $75 to transfer all investments out.

Still, you can always choose instead to sell your investments and transfer your cash to a bank account. There’s no charge for that, though you might face capital-gains taxes in a taxable account.

Small-ish portfolio: Like other robo-advisors, Acorns takes the investing reins from the user. The app considers your data — including age, goals, income and time horizon — and then recommends one of five portfolios that range from conservative to aggressive. You can accept that recommendation or choose a different portfolio that takes more or less risk.

The portfolios themselves, though, are smaller than the average robo-advisor portfolio, made up of low-cost iShares and Vanguard exchange-traded funds that cover just five to seven asset classes, depending on the portfolio: real estate, large-cap stocks (domestic and international), small-cap stocks, emerging markets, and corporate and government bonds.

That’s enough asset classes for a diversified portfolio, no doubt. But if it feels too restrictive, you might prefer to build your own portfolio without the help of a service like Acorns. Our guide to how to invest in stocks will get you started.

» Want to compare more providers? See our picks for best robo-advisors .

Is Acorns right for you?

If you want to make the most of your spare change and get the occasional retailer kickback, there’s really no better place to do that — especially now that Acorns offers IRA accounts. The automatic roundups at Acorns make saving and investing easy, and most investors will be surprised by how quickly those pennies accumulate.

The downside? At small balances, Acorns fees can cut into or completely wipe away investment returns.

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