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How do we work?

The internet is full of misleading information, especially when talking about financial markets. It is our mission to make sure our readership has some of the best information possible with which to make informed decisions about their trading future.

In order to live up to our mission, we’ve decided to focus on three areas which we felt were lacking online.

Market Analysis:

Every week we publish market analysis by our in-house expert analyst. We felt that too many people have a vested interested in how you interpret the market. Binary brokers may be pushing a particular instrument because it benefits them. You can be sure that each analysis posted on is free of hidden interests. We post our interpretation exactly as we understand the market. Of course, our analysis may not always be accurate and any future looking statements cannot be guaranteed.

Broker Reviews:

We review brokers so you have a better idea of which platform will get you closer to your trading goals. Brokers that review themselves clearly have a marketing element involved. We don’t think that’s right. Each potential trader should have access to unadulterated information that will help make the correct decision when deciding on a broker.

The Importance of Work Analysis & Job Design

Examples of How a Job Analysis Can Affect Productivity

As your small business grows, hiring new employees becomes paramount to avoiding overworking your existing team. You might even need to create a brand-new department based on your needs. Having more hands on deck is an exciting sign of a blossoming business, but it can also be daunting – how can you best hire and manage additional team members?

The success of a new position and new employee often begins with the job description. You’ll post the job description on hiring websites to attract applicants, so it needs to be comprehensive. However, it also needs to be realistic. And when the position is new, that can be difficult. Performing a work analysis comes in handy at this point.

What Is a Work Analysis?

A work analysis, also called a job analysis, is a comprehensive description of all the duties performed by the employee. It also includes the policies and procedures to be followed by the employee and a list of the managers to whom the employee directly reports, as well as any other employees that the position supervises.

How Is a Work Analysis Performed?

It’s easiest to perform a work analysis for a position that already exists and is already filled. The current employee can give an accurate description of their day-to-day tasks and procedures.

  • What meetings do they regularly or periodically attend?
  • What types of phone calls do they have to make?
  • Which departments do they collaborate with on a regular basis?
  • What types of reports do they write?
  • What kind of research do they perform?
  • What software, apps and other tools do they use?
  • Describe a typical work day.
  • Do they often experience overtime or have trouble meeting deadlines? Why?

Conducting a survey like this with the current employee allows you to create a comprehensive description of the position. Once the picture has been painted, it’s important to analyze what procedures could be improved or what kind of tasks could be delegated to another employee to free up time. It’s common for employees in small businesses to wear multiple hats, but delegating is important, and a work analysis offers a great way to determine what needs to be taken off an employee’s plate and passed on to another team member.

Designing a Brand New Job in Your Company

There are many different approaches to job design, but one method for putting together a brand-new job description involves performing a work analysis of current positions. Specifically, you want to know what kind of tasks overwhelm current employees. What do they simply not have time for? What constantly gets put on low-priority and shoved to the back burner?

Assembling these tasks into a new position (or two) can help you create an accurate job description for potential candidates to consider. In addition, consider the types of reports that you might need the new employee to create, or the meetings they might need to attend so that their supervisor can keep tabs on their work.

Another tactic could be to start by outsourcing the position to an experienced freelancer or contractor and letting them develop policies and procedures from scratch. If all goes well, you could hire this person full-time. Or, consider hiring a consulting firm to develop a new position and department with you.

The Importance of Job Design

The importance of job design cannot be understated, so take the time to regularly perform a work analysis to make sure your employees are not overworked. A great job design ensures that everyone can work efficiently without being burdened and stressed beyond belief. Remember, creating new positions means your company is growing, and that’s a good thing.

WorldatWork Education

Gain Human Resource Job Analysis Skills to Attract and Retain Employees

The right methods of job analysis, documentation and evaluation will help you attract and retain the talent your organization needs to meet its business goals. In this course, you will review the importance of conducting job analysis in human resources management and discover processes and methods of job analysis to put into practice in your role as an HR professional.

In this comprehensive HR job analysis course, you will:

  • Review standard practice theory of HR job analysis, documentation and evaluation.
  • Discuss current trends in compensation and job analysis.
  • Learn methods of job evaluation including quantitative and market-based approaches.
  • Gain skills to strategically approach job analysis planning and implementation.

This course is for the HR professional with experience in job analysis. However, it is also designed to be accessible to those who seek to broaden their total rewards perspective and gain expertise in the area of HR job analysis.

Specific areas covered include:

    Strategic Overview
    A strategic overview of the elements of compensation, building a base pay structure and terms and definitions will set the stage for deeper learning throughout the course.

Job Analysis
Dive into job analysis and learn about sources of job information, job analysis communication and possible sources of error.

Job Documentation
Learn the types of job documentation, job descriptions, job description formats and job description preparation.

Market-Based Job Evaluation
Learn to differentiate between job evaluation with a market data emphasis and job evaluation with a job content emphasis and discuss key considerations in data collection within the context of market-based job evaluations.

Non-quantitative Job Evaluation Methods
Understand job-content evaluation methods, including ranking and classification methods.

Quantitative Job Evaluation Methods
Gain depth of understanding on job-content evaluation method, compensable factors, job-component method, point factor method and quantitative plan summary.

  • Selection and Implementation Issues
    Learn about approaches to selecting job-evaluation strategies, gain skills in assessing different strategies and understand potential issues and challenges that may arise during implementation.
  • After you complete this course, you will have the confidence and expertise in HR job analysis and evaluation to support your organization’s goals of attracting and retaining talent. The course will serve as a powerful refresher for the seasoned HR professional who is already knowledgeable in job analysis and will provide a solid foundation for the professional who is new to the job.

    Ready to discover more about HR management job analysis?

    This course is available in a variety of formats, including online, self study and in-person.

    Find a class format that works for you and register today.

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