How To Trade With Daweda I Different Trading Experience With Daweda Exchange

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How to Trade With Daweda Exchange?

Daweda Exchange is closed! Try our BDSwiss instead!

Some of you have maybe heard that Daweda Exchange provides different trading experience than other binary options brokers on the market. Daweda Exchange offers trading experience in exchanging contracts which might be another interesting opportunity traders will want to try. What binary options exchange means is that traders trade against each other and not against the house.

But, how to trade with exchanging contracts on Daweda Exchange? We will explain more in our detailed guide.

First Steps With Daweda Exchange

Like with every brokerage company, traders should first open the account with Daweda Exchange before they can start placing trades. The registration is free and traders just need to fill required fields like name, email, and phone. During the registration traders also need to choose their password that will be used for further logins on their trading account.

After completing the registration with Daweda Exchange, traders will immediately be connected with Daweda Exchange demo account which might be a good place to start with. According to the broker, a demo account is exactly the same as Daweda Exchange real account, so it is good to check demo platform and get some insights about it before you start placing real trades. Trading with demo account allows traders to place risk-free trades and to practice without the need to lose their real funds. Daweda Exchange demo account is injected with $500 virtual funds .

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Placing Trades with Daweda Exchange

Just like on Daweda Exchange demo, trading with real account includes the same trading platform and features, except traders, invest their real money. The moment the trader is prepared to switch from demo to real account, he can easily make a deposit with Daweda Exchange and start trading. We think it is great that traders take the advantage of trading with the demo account first.

When logged on their Daweda Exchange trading accounts, traders will see the interface with a nice overview over the trading platform. The upper part of the platform offers an assortment of trading assets while under them traders will see charts and more information about the call and put orders.

Choose the Asset

In order to place a trade with Daweda, traders first need to choose a preferred asset . Traders can choose between stocks, indices, commodities and Forex. When asset group has chosen the list below the chart will show available assets traders can choose to trade with.

For example, when we have picked commodities, we have been allowed to choose trade with Gold, or Oil. This list also shows the expiry time and real time values for easier orientation.

The trading chart allows traders to see different time frames for each asset they analyze. The default view shows one hour chart, but this can be modified according to preferences (4 hours, daily or weekly overview).

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Select the Number of Contracts

The next logical step is to set preferred number of contracts. Daweda Exchange platform allows to simply pick +/- button to choose how many contracts will be placed. When adjusting the contract number, the platform will automatically change the potential profit. It is important to say that Daweda Exchange charges traders $0,50 for every placed trade which is visible under a number of contracts box.

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Decide Whether you will Trade UP or DOWN

After choosing the number of contracts, traders have to decide if they will trade PUT or CALL. If the trader thinks that the level of the asset will increase then they will choose UP button and if it is the opposite, then they will pick DOWN.

The values of contracts can also be easily modified next to UP/DOWN buttons using the +/- signs.

Confirm the Order and Execute a Trade

The latest step that needs to be done is to confirm the trade. When a trader is ready to execute the trade, the pop-up window will automatically appear. If the trader approves the action he needs to confirm the trade by pressing Confirm button. If a trader makes no action in next 5 seconds, the trade will automatically be canceled and trader has to choose another trade.

The pop-up window shows the most important information about the trade that will be executed. We have chosen to trade UP on Gold and our potential profit was $10.

After we have accepted the trade, the right side of the Daweda platform will show the information about our trade – this includes the name of the asset and expiry time.

The open position will also be visible on the chart with more detailed information. While trader waits for a trade to be executed, Daweda gives the option to hedge the trade.

After the trade has been executed traders will be able to see their result.

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Hedge the Trade Before the Expiry Time

Like we have already mentioned above, traders are able to hedge the trade if they additionally want to reduce the risk and change their trading strategy. According to Daweda Exchange, this is very accepted trading strategy and often used by many traders. Hedging can be applied to different types of trading strategies.

What does Hedging Mean?

For example, if a trader has decided to trade Gold and he has made a decision to buy Call contract at the level 1,251.37 like we did in our Daweda demo account. The value 1,251.37 is called Point A, since we have predicted that the price will go higher than 1,251.63 at specific expiry time.

Since there is always a doubt that the Gold won’t reach predicted value until expiry time ends, several brokers (including Daweda), give you the option to protect your trade and hedge against that trade. Since the position is already opened, traders can buy a preferred amount of Put contracts in order to reduce the potential loss.

What happens is that one option will possibly end in the money, while the other one will end out of the money which will balance your investments.

If you are interested in trading with Daweda Exchange, find out more information about this broker in our Daweda Exchange review. We have found valuable information that might be helpful for traders before they decide to register and start placing trades.

7 Binary Options

UPDATE (12.06.2020):

Daweda has shut down their operations.

We recommend choosing one of our top binary option brokers instead:

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Old Review:

As a binary options exchange, Daweda Exchange functions in a different manner than most binary options brokers and services. In a binary options exchange, traders compete with other traders so there is no interaction with a broker. A binary options exchange services simply serves as a mediator between traders. You will most likely be charged a small fee for each trade you place with a binary options exchange.

How to Use Daweda Exchange for Trading Binary Options

Daweda Exchange is a bit different from other services so here is a breakdown of how to best use this helpful service for successful binary options trading:

  1. Create a trading account with Daweda Exchange

Similar to other binary options trading platforms, you must create an account to be able to trade with Daweda Exchange. Simply fill out the required fields and you will be redirected to the trading demo platform, which is an exact duplicate of the real thing. However, in lieu of real money you will place practice trades with virtual money to avoid risk while you gain experience and test your skill level.

  1. Trade with Daweda Exchange

Once you feel comfortable with the system, you can make a deposit and begin trading with real money using the system. Remember trades are initiated in the same manner via the real platform as they are with the demo so make sure you take full advantage of the demo system to gain experience and confidence in your trading skills.

First you will choose an asset with which to trade. Next you will select the number of contracts (NB: each contract is worth $10). Then you will choose the number next to the “Down” and “Up” options, which is the price of that trade. You will have the ability to see the trades that are being executed by others so you will see a number of waiting trades to be placed, bought or sold.

When you are ready to initiate a trade, you will see a pop-up on which you have to confirm your trade. In the event you do not confirm a Dawade Exchange trade, it will be automatically canceled.

  1. AutoTrading with Daweda Exchange

One of the advantages of Daweda Exchange is that you are able to use the automated training feature. You will see a red button in the upper right corner that will enable the auto trading process.

If you don’t have a great deal of time to devote to trading, or are looking for a simpler method of trading, auto trading is a great option. It is also a great addition to the demo account for those who are less experienced at trading binary options or for those who don’t have much insight into the financial market.


As you can see, there are a great many advantages to making use of Daweda Exchange trading platform. You will have the ability to interact with and gain insight from other traders. Make sure to take advantage of both the automatic trading option as well as the free demo account as both of these features can assist you greatly in your trading endeavors.

Daweda Experience – Review

The trading platform Daweda Exchange is one of the first providers and, of course, does not yet enjoy such a high level of recognition as the renowned broker. In detail, this is an EU-regulated trading platform, where users can directly interact with each other as binary option contracts. At Daweda, therefore, only the seller and the buyer take part in the trade. The Daweda Exchange platform follows the proven “peer-to-peer” principle. Users make binary option contracts directly with each other, thus ensuring a transparent and honest trading process. The operator Daweda receives a low service fee for each transaction collected through the trading platform.

  • First online stock market in the world
  • Determine the price of your trade regardless of the broker
  • Strict regulation by the CySec and BaFin
  • trader receives 100% of the return
  • Trading from trader to trader, without broker
  • Specially designed modern trading platform/li>
  • Easy and fast account opening/li>
  • Cashback bonus for very active users
  • Information-rich how-to area for newcomers

SafetyGeneral information about Daweda

The Daweda Exchange trading platform was introduced in 2020 and is not yet known. However, since this is the first online exchange in the world, where the trade with binary option contracts is possible, the popularity of the platform is growing rapidly. Users do not have to worry about safety. The company is subject to strict regulation by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission and has the EU license number 289/16. In addition, Daweda Exchange meets the stringent requirements of the International Payment Card Industry Standard, the European Markets in Financial Instruments Directive, and the strict rules on money laundering. The trading platform is thus regulated within the European Union and is subject to the applicable regulations. As additional security, the users ‘ financial resources are strictly kept in a separate account and the personal data are kept strictly confidential. As a result, new customers can easily choose Daweda Exchange’s trading platform. Through the direct trade between the users there is a maximum possible return of up to 100%. Daweda does not intervene in the pricing process, nor does the platform benefit from unsuccessful trading. This allows a completely fair and transparent trading of binary option contracts.

Trade opportunities as well as trade opportunities and functions at Daweda

On Daweda Exchange, users interact directly with each other. The offerer keeps out of the shops and takes only a small commission with a successful concluded trade. The way Daweda Exchange works is very easy to explain. For example, a user is of the opinion that the price of euro and US dollar will rise and decides to buy a binary option contract. The seller is of the opinion that the price of euro and US dollar will decline. The user who is right earns money with the trade. Once the contract expires, either the buyer or the seller gets 100% of the return on the fund . The users of the trading platform have full control at all times. You can determine the price levels as well as the number of contracts themselves. Furthermore, it is possible to observe offers or create your own offer. The order book of Daweda Exchange works in real-time. This allows users to see all available sellers and buyers on the platform at all times. On the basis of this information, appropriate purchase decisions can be made. First, the traders select an asset and either opt for the sale or purchase. In the next step, users determine the number of contracts and the price limits for their sales and purchases. The price of a contract is 10 euros. Now the traders submit their order and wait until the matching is finished. If the trader runs out of money, then users get 100 percent return. In addition to normal trading, the platform also offers the Professional Client Program. This is ideal for professional traders. As part of the program, users can utilize the automated trading tools through an API. In addition, Daweda Exchange offers an ATS (automatic trading system) that automatically creates orders and forwards them directly to the platform. The traders can automatically place orders without having to sit on their PCs. The ATS can be set individually and saves the users a lot of time. This is ideal for professional traders.

Min. Deposit required

Platform of Daweda

Daweda uses as a trading platform a specially developed solution . With its blue and white design, the platform immediately makes a clear impression. It is therefore very easy to use and is also suitable for beginners. Daweda’s trading platform offers users all the important trading functions. In the upper section are Forex, commodities, indices and shares. In addition, the users can save favorites or view the recommendations. The traders receive a lot of information and a very clear chart display for all contracts . A few clicks can be used to buy or sell differential contracts. The “Hedge” button allows users to secure their position. Thus, regardless of the outcome of a trade, they do not lose their entire stake. This works quite simply by placing the trader in a counterposition. If the hedging result is positive, the users gain 100 percent . Customers who want to trade with their smartphone or tablet PC while they are traveling can also use Daweda’s trading platform. In the two official app stores, the users will find a suitable trading app from Daweda. The mobile applications can be downloaded and used free of charge. Daweda ‘s mobile trading platform looks almost like the classic platform and provides traders with all the features. The operation is very simple and the apps are stable and reliable. Potential customer, who are not yet sure whether to use Daweda Exchange, can test the trading platform without financial risks. To this end, Daweda offers its users a free demo account. However, to use virtual money customers also need to create an account at Daweda.

Account types and account opening

The account opening at Daweda is done within a few minutes. In contrast to many other brokers, Daweda dispenses with different account versions. Every new customer has the choice between a real money and a demo account. A new account is created in 3 steps. Among other things, the users must enter their e-mail address and some personal data. Due to strict European directives and the fight against money laundering, users have to submit various documents. In order to set the place of residence, an operating expense account is required and in order to determine the personal data, users must send a copy of their photo ID to the provider. In addition, a copy of the credit card must be sent to Daweda Support. If the new account at Daweda is confirmed by e-mail, then a first deposit can be made. For this purpose, the customer has several methods at his disposal. Deposits are possible via all major credit cards, by classic bank transfer or via the modern e-Wallet Skrill. Depending on the chosen method, the money will be credited to the account either immediately or within a few days . For each deposit, the users receive a confirmation by e-mail. The minimum amount for an order is € 10. Payouts can be made via the main menu. The requirements are handled within 24 hours. Each customer can make a payout per month free of charge. Every customer who creates a real money account at Daweda, profits from the cash-back plan. Month by month, the users get a cashback credited to their account. Its amount depends on how long users are already customers and how often they are trading. The cashback amount is paid to the traders as a deposit directly to their account and can repay the entire amount without restrictions. A bonus for deposits or bonuses for the advertising for new customers unfortunately is not available.

Education possibilities

The customer service of Daweda is unfortunately only available to the users via e-mail or via the contact form on the website. In addition, users can also send a fax to support. An additional e-mail address has been set up specifically for solving problems . Currently, it is not possible to contact customer support by phone or via Live Chat. Perhaps these will become available in the future. On the website of Daweda, there is an education area. This should be used mainly by beginners and inexperienced new users. Here, the users learn the basics of the trading platform. The customers are provided with a video tutorials and illustrated instructions.


Daweda Exchange is not a traditional broker, but the first online exchange on which users can trade with binary options contracts. The provider has its place of business within the European Union and is subject to strict regulation. In any case, this is a serious and secure trading platform. The opening of a new account is done within a few minutes. Customers can either immediately open a real money account or use the demo account without any financial risk. All major deposit methods are available. Both incoming and outgoing payments are carried out promptly . However, in order to save money, users should only pay a maximum of one payout per month. The Daweda Exchange’s trading platform is very clear and user-friendly, and can be used without any major issues. The provider has also thought of the mobile traders and offers a free trading app . Support and training opportunities leave an average impression. On the whole, Daweda Exchange is definitely recommendable.

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