IQ Mining Review 2020 What we Found! Is IQmining Scam or Legit Cloud Mining

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IQ Mining

IQ mining was founded at the end of 2020 by a team of experts in blockchain programming and IT engineers. The current members of our altcoins mining team come from different scientific disciplines, but our common faith in cryptocurrencies has brought us together.

IQ Mining is a smart cloud mining service developed for affordable cryptocurrencies mining, meanwhile designed to provide frequent mining payouts within the shortest possible timeframe.

The IQ company continuously maintains mining of several of the most profitable cryptocurrencies in the field using hardware and the power from several large data centers around the world to minimize costs of electric power.

Their professional analysts manage IQ assets to convert in into bitcoin on the most profitable price as of Bitcoin is most liquid cryptocurrency at the moment.

Why use IQMining?

  • $100 worth 7 days free trial option for any contract
  • Daily payouts with instant withdrawals
  • Monthly giveaways with valuable prizes from Apple

Important information

This website is only provided for your general information and is not intended to be relied upon by you in making any investment decisions. You should always combine multiple sources of information and analysis before making an investment and seek independent expert financial advice.

Where we list or describe different products and services, we try to give you the information you need to help you compare them and choose the right product or service for you. We may also have tips and more information to help you compare providers.

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IQ Mining review 2020: Is This Cloud Mining Platform Legit?

Do you want to learn how to mine cryptocurrency? There is one platform called IQ Mining, but there are questions about its legitimacy.

You know that there are multiple online cloud mining platforms, but it impossible to say clearly if they are a scam or legit.

Let me guess you want to find a trusted platform to mine crypto and consider IQ mining for this purpose.

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Good news: this article will tell you everything about this platform and conclude if it is worth your investment.

  • Easy and convenient purchase and withdrawal methods without any commission.
  • Smart mining strategy with income up to 70% higher than standard mining contracts.
  • Unique USDT contracts.

IQ Mining Review

Today, you can find a variety of cloud mining services listed in the search engine results, but the question remains: how to understand if this platform really brings about profit and pays it out?

It is possible to invest money into a risky service which promises awesome revenue and never get it. That is why the choice of the mining platform must be thorough and careful.

This article will focus on one of the cloud mining platforms called IQ mining. You will learn everything about the service, how it works, how to earn crypto through it, what pros and cons it has, and if it is legit. By the end, you will understand if this platform is worth your attention and whether it can be used as a source of getting profit.

What is IQ Mining

IQ mining is a cryptocurrency mining company founded in 2020 by the team of blockchain programming professionals and IT engineers. It suggests miners investing a certain amount of money in their own cloud crypto farm and mine different altcoins to exchange them for a more popular crypto Bitcoin. The number of active users of the platform is not known exactly but it reaches 113,000 people according to the official website

The company offers to rent mining equipment and start making revenue almost immediately. People say about 860.000 MH/s of the platform total power being rented and the payouts for 2 years of its existence are estimated at $32 million.

The official website of the company says about the daily income you can earn. Since there are three main packages to purchase, you can earn $100 every day if you make a minimum investment of $500. However, the bigger your investment is, the higher the earnings you get.

Where is IQ Mining Located?

IQ mining is a company registered in Seychelles Islands in 2020 under the name IQ Mining Corp (Seychelles IBC No. 199574). The official address is Suite 10 Premier Building, Albert Street, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles, tel. +44 1224 459763.

According to the official websites, the main data centers of the company are located in the following states:

The customer support service numbers are located in the United Kingdom (+44 1224 459763) and Russia (+7 (499) 677-68-19). The project is available in 4 languages including English, Russian, French, and Spanish.

Who Owns IQ Mining

Unfortunately, there is no official data who has founded the company. It is possible only to suppose that the company was founded by Russian crypto enthusiasts. This conclusion has been made on the basis of a video on the official website of the company. It features an engineer George Virsky who admits working in the company. He speaks Russian clearly and is filmed in the background of a big farm.

Any other information about the company owners is absent.

How Does it Work?

IQ mining is a cloud mining platform which rents power from several data centers. The last ones always have surpluses which are taken by the service. This power is used by the platform to mine altcoins and exchange them automatically for Bitcoins. All the profit is sent directly to the wallet of the user. Any maintenance fees are minimum, while the service guarantees risk-free operations for every miner.

One more thing that influences the amount of the miner earnings is the Hash Power, the computer power you have. Miners with higher hashrate and power will discover a bigger number of blocks and get more profit from the mining process.

Pricing & Contracts

It is natural that you need to pay money to be able to rent the equipment and start mining altcoins. IQ mining website mentions about a possibility to obtain one of 3 basic accounts.


  • Profit is paid out every hour;
  • Once a week withdrawal;
  • Minimum payment: 0.01 BTC.


  • Profit is paid out every hour;
  • Every day withdrawal;
  • Minimum payment: 0.1 BTC;
  • 10% bonus to every payout.
  • Profit is paid out every hour;
  • Every day withdrawal;
  • Minimum payment: 1 BTC;
  • 20% bonus to every payout.

In fact, the price of the account depends on several important factors. There are 4 types of equipment offered (SHA-256, SHA-256 PRO, Ethereum, Equihash) to mine different types of altcoins. Moreover, you may wonder ‘how long are IQ mining contracts?’. You can buy contracts for 1, 2, 5 years or lifetime contracts on the platform. One more factor to influence the cost of the account is the power chosen.

If you want to learn how much you should pay for an account, the official website has a
calculator. You can indicate the type of the equipment, length of the contract, and desirable power and get a total cost to be paid to the service. Moreover, in addition to the contract details, the calculator also shows the payout forecast (though without maintenance fee).

One more point to remember is promo codes offered by the company to increase mining profits. If you enter a promo code on registration, you can also get a discount for the cost of your account thanks to that. Later, promo codes will activate extra bonuses for miners, so it is important to take advantage of them as well.

How to Start Mining

Mining with IQ Mining company is very easy and fast. If you come up with the solution to earn money by mining altcoins, you need to go to the company website and sign up. There, you will be offered to choose one of three accounts and complete the registration process.


If you are one who has decided to try mining altcoins and earn your living thanks to that, it is necessary to complete the registration procedure on the website of the company.

It begins with the feeling that you sign up an ordinary website.

We have all been there when you need to complete a simple procedure to make one more responsible step in your life.

Get this: The registration process consists of several simple steps including:

  1. Press ‘Sign in’ button, enter your login and password.
  2. Proceed to the registration form.
  • Enter your name and surname, mobile phone number, email address, and agree with the rules of the platform.
  • Enter your online cabinet, which indicates the current capacity, balance, and purchasing process.
  • Choose the account type, mining power, and type of the cryptocurrency to mine.
  • Proceed to the payment page and complete the process.
  • The system starts working automatically after your payment proof is received by the company. The first profit is added to your balance in an hour already.

    • Easy and convenient purchase and withdrawal methods without any commission.
    • Smart mining strategy with income up to 70% higher than standard mining contracts.
    • Unique USDT contracts.

    How Much to Invest

    Since the mining platform is quite young and there are not many reviewers about its work, not every person is ready to invest thousands of dollars in this project. However, according to several online reviews of IQ miners, it is useless to buy a bronze account with a minimum maintenance fee and low power, since you will need more than one year to return your investment only.

    You can use a calculator to count your profit from mining and understand if it is worth investing money and how long you will return it. Having analyzed data provided by the company calculator, it is possible to make a conclusion that the highest profit can be received by mining Bitcoin using SHA- 256 PRO algorithm. With the minimum investment of $120 and power of 1,200 GH/s, the annual profit is 103%, where the payback can be received less than for 1 year. The highest profit of 169% can be received if you choose a gold account with the power of $50,000 GH/s, but its cost is quite impressive too – $30,660. It is worth reminding that the maintenance fee charged every day is not included in these figures, so the payback for the cheapest BitCoin mining will return only in a year and a half.

    If you are thinking of earning with IQ Mining, consider this information. You will need at least one year in the best case to get your payback, and only then you will earn your first profit on the platform. Moreover, since all the earnings are exchanged for BTC, your income depends on the price of BitCoin too. Any fluctuations will impact your profits as well.

    What Coins to Mine?

    The company website says about over 200 altcoins to be mined on the platform, but the most popular ones are the following ones:


    When it comes to purchasing and withdrawal methods, they are the same. In general, it is very comfortable to process payment for the account or withdraw your profits, since the number of payment methods is quite extensive.

    It is possible to withdraw money to credit and debit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, Maestro.

    You can transfer cash to and from the bank account via wire transfer.

    Since profit is received in cryptocurrency, it is possible to get a payout to such crypto wallets as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Zcash.

    Electronic payment systems are also included in the list of payment methods, so your income can be stored on e-wallets of such payment systems like PayPal, WebMoney, Yandex Money, Qiwi, Neteller, Load, and Dash.

    IQ Mining Profitability

    Do you want to know the secret? Imagine what it would be like if every person could pay a certain amount of money to the platform and earn great revenue to live happily.

    Let me take a wild guess: everyone dreams about that but the reality is much less promising.

    Fact: IQ mining profitability is much lower than it is described by the official website.

    That’s true that you can get your investment back by mining on the platform if you spend about a year or more there. At the same time, your investment must be very high if you do want to make it your main source of income. The highest annual profitability according to the website calculator is about 169%, but you should extract the maintenance fee and follow market fluctuations not to lose your profit. Moreover, you will spend the first 6-9 months on getting your money back and only then start earning.

    Is IQ Mining Legit?

    Unfortunately, it is difficult to if IQ mining is legitimate cloud mining since there is not much information about the company. The only thing that speaks about the way how this platform works is the feedback of miners who have made their investments and began earning on this cloud mining service. Many of them confirm that they do find altcoins and get Bitcoins to their e-wallets regularly, but the power and profits received are much lower than they calculated on the website.

    Pros & Cons

    Like many other cloud mining services, IQ mining company has its benefits and drawbacks. It goes without saying that the main pros of the company look as follows:

    • Easy start;
    • User-friendly interface;
    • Low prices;
    • Smart mining feature;
    • Multiple bonuses and promotions;
    • Free subscription and registration;
    • 7 days free trial;
    • Possibility to mine several currencies simultaneously;
    • Qualified team of professionals and customer support.

    At the same time, IQ mining is a relatively new player in the crypto market, so there are things to be improved too. The list of cons is the following:

    • No information about the creators and staff of the company;
    • Inaccurate profit forecasts which are different in reality;
    • Some algorithms do not allow to recoup funds invested;
    • No mobile support.

    What Does the Crypto Community Think About IQ Mining?

    In fact, there is not enough information about IQ mining in the crypto community. Some people call it a scam, the others support the platform calling it a great place to earn money even for people who are not familiar with crypto industry well. It seems that two years of the company existence was not enough to give the only right solution to IQ mining legitimacy. At the same time, there are many reviews which confirm the capability to earn on mining on this platform and disagree with people who call it another scam project.


    The greatest benefits of IQ cloud mining is a very low cost of mining as well as using a unique mining technology which selects the altcoins which bring the highest profit. Moreover, since all the altcoins mined are immediately exchanged for BitCoin, miners do not lose their profits. They can choose the right contract on the website and calculate which payback period it has to understand how long it will take to return your investment.

    All in all, IQ mining is worth your investment, but begin with lower sums and change the amount only when you see that it is worth that.

    IQMining Reviews

    227 • Great

    Write a review

    Write a review

    Reviews 227

    Mining is going well

    i’ve started mining about 2 months ago with the investment of 1.1 BTC and so far the mining is going well. the fees are bigger then I thought it would be, but still I will get my investment back in 5-7 months, thats good and fair enough, that’s why I can recommend this mining platfrom to all

    After mining for 5 months,Here is the results

    IQMining have asked me to leave the review here and here it is! After mining for 5 months with SHA 256 contact I’ve got the part of my investment back. The thing that I like most is that the mining feesare fixed! From the very beginning and if everything goes the same, I’ll get my investment of almost $7000 back in 3-4 months if it continues!!

    This site is a scam

    This site is a scam if I could add photos I would to show you how much they lie and scam you.

    My contract is SHA-256 BCH

    My contract is SHA-256 BCH and from the beginning I’ve invested 0.4154 BTC and after 8 months of mining I almost got it back. At the moment I have 0.4003 BTC on my account. I thought that I’ll have more till the end of the mining contact by still I’m getting more then I’ve invested.

    Perfect timely payouts

    Perfect timely payouts. No more words to say I ‘m thankful. Payouts are low now because of difficulty and hashrate decrease and it is pity BUT still let’s wait for BTC up.

    Lovely company!!

    Payouts decreased in the last 2 weeks but I can get it perfectly – the market prices are fluctuating.

    Quick customer service

    comparing to genesis and nuvoo – IQ is the best option: fast payments, quick customer support, high returns.


    Someone using USDT here? I’m on ETH mining and it’s perfect.

    I’ve bought USDT contact for 1 year and…

    I’ve bought USDT contact for 1 year and mining is superb, the mining fee is not changing for about 2 weeks and payouts are fixed – it’s great! Day to day calculations are 100% accurate so far.

    Trusted minning platform

    Reading all comments here below and laughing. Guys who put 1 star rating do you really think you will be getting same payouts with $5K BTC price as when you bought the contract when BTC was $10K? Lol, NEVER. BUY your own miners and try to earn anything on it when BTCUSD is $5K. Nah. Company LIT. Keep it up guys.

    Happy with my mining experience

    Happy with my mining experience. No problems withdrawing my mined coins. Completely satisfied.

    Simple but profitable

    simple and very positive platform. I like all.

    11 months and my investment is back on…

    11 months and my investment is back on my account, thanks. 1 month of pure profit – is not the situation I wanted, but still is very nice.

    5 star services

    IF my mining continues in this way I will buy more. Now – 5 stars service.

    Simple and straightforward interface

    Simple and straightforward interface. Having here a mining contract (chose 5 years contract) and put auto reinvestment tool on to boost my hashrate up to the skies :) Gonna get 350% profit ROI (450% income) in 5 years!

    Another week is past

    Another week is past. I had 2 mails from IQmining: they needed more details so they can research my account to see if anything is wrong ������. Instantly i gave them the information. Ofcourse nothing changed. These are tactics to keep you busy and keep quiet. Stil “no” or “poor” payouts ��. They are so cruel that they still send me mails for 30% discount when you purchase another contract. I am not stupid so i will discard these bait mails. Yesterday there was a mail why in “corona times” the payouts are LOW and the maintenace fee HIGH. These are also lies because as you can read in my other posts its always the the blame of other things instead of saying iqmining is a scam. I wish they just give my money back but that aint gonna happen. So i hope that they realy change they’re policy and realy payout what they promise people☹️. If they dont i am gonna contact MASTERCARD to start research for my payment. Please apologise my bad English. I chose to do this in English to WARN MORE PEOPLE. In dutch it has no impact.I will be back.

    My advise stay efen away from this…

    My advise stay efen away from this guys- been there for almost a year – and it starts good end will end up like that:
    33907798 17.03.2020 03:52 Payout USDT Done + 0.59196 USD
    33907795 17.03.2020 03:52 Maintenance fee SHA-256 Done – 0.0000744 BTC
    33907794 17.03.2020 03:52 Payout SHA-256 Done + 0.0000744 BTC
    33907787 17.03.2020 03:52 Maintenance fee SHA-256 Pro Done – 0.0009064 BTC
    33907786 17.03.2020 03:52 Payout SHA-256 Pro Done + 0.0009064 BTC

    33543127 14.03.2020 00:33 Maintenance fee SHA-256 Done – 0.0000716 BTC
    33543126 14.03.2020 00:33 Payout SHA-256 Done + 0.0000716 BTC
    33543119 14.03.2020 00:33 Maintenance fee SHA-256 Pro Done – 0.0009335 BTC
    33543118 14.03.2020 00:33 Payout SHA-256 Pro Done + 0.0009335 BTC

    IQ Mining Review 2020: What we Found! Is IQmining Scam or Legit Cloud Mining?

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    IQ Mining Review

    About IQ Mining

    IQ Mining service started its work in the end of 2020. It has been functioning not for a long period of time, but there is a quite good customers’ feedback describing the project nowadays. The service offers remoted equipment – so users are able to rent it and join process of Cloud Mining.

    IQ Mining Bonus!

    Summer has come to an end, it’s time to get back to work! All mining contracts are 25% off until the end of September. Prices have been already reduced, this offer works without a promo code.

    IQ Mining Bonus!

    Summer has come to an end, it’s time to get back to work! All mining contracts are 25% off until the end of September. Prices have been already reduced, this offer works without a promo code.

    IQ Mining Promo Code

    Summer has come to an end, it’s time to get back to work! All mining contracts are 25% off until the end of September. Prices have been already reduced, this offer works without a promo code.

    IQ Mining Promo Code

    Summer has come to an end, it’s time to get back to work! All mining contracts are 25% off until the end of September. Prices have been already reduced, this offer works without a promo code.

    If you are new to the market or had a negative experience before, names in the service will always come first. Unfortunately, when reading different reviews and getting familiar with official papers, we couldn’t find any particular names apart from two: George Versky, the engineer, and Brad, the support member.

    On one hand, it is a good sign that means that IQ Mining work as a Team and don’t distinguish any participant. In this review we won’t be able to familiarize you with CEOs and founders but will surely give enough important information.

    At the moment, IQ Mining has more than 50 000 active users, who rent around 860.000 MH/s of total power and have a payout of almost $5 million within two years. When mining on this platform you can get familiar with more than a hundred cryptocurrencies.

    Project follows conception, including next aspects:

    • Minimization of energy consumption purchasing. IQ Mining co-works with TOP suppliers of electricity.
    • Rent of excess capacity in large data centers. That allows to make Cloud Mining 2-3 times cheaper than other services offer.
    • Data and money security. Service uses smart-contracts to protect transaction, provide payments and stabilize prices.
    • Converting Altcoins into Bitcoins searching for better prices. Though Altcoin Mining is very profitable, there are too many risks. IQ Mining solves the problem in this way by using special limiting orders which are installed on crypto-exchanges with low spreads.

    According to the statistics, IQ Mining has more than 7000 miners and nearly 981000 capacities.

    Users are able to know more about the service and join the process of Mining on project official page:

    Crypto Mining: Great Opportunity to Earn Money

    Market participants or people, who at least know something about the world of cryptocurrencies, know that there are two main ways of making impressive money: mining coins or starting a new cryptocurrency. As you understand, the first option is much simpler.

    If you refer to the term ‘mining’, you will probably think that the process is quite simple and doesn’t require any specific skills. All you need is to buy hardware and install software, set them up and then just relax, watching how your coins are being mined. It seems that people, who are familiar with creating viable systems, are also able to create their own mining farms.

    However, everything is a bit different in reality. You not only need hardware but you also need it to be really good. Moreover, when any problems arise, you should be able to have enough experience and skills to handle all of them.

    On top of it, you need to take into account regulations of your country and bills for electricity. If you sum everything up, you will see that it is impossible to mine cryptocurrencies without huge investments of time and energy.

    Website Interface

    Interface of IQMining online resource is very understandable and convenient. User is able to read main information about Cloud mining and know more about principles of service functionality there.

    Different pages such as ‘Offers’, ‘Pricing’, ‘FAQ ‘and ‘About Us’ make the information sorted and it’s easier to find topic user is interested in.

    Client can easily see the ‘Sign in’ button and join the Mining process by clicking on it and fulfilling next steps:

    • User is to input data into fields: Name and Surname, mobile number, email, choose password and agree with the rules.
    • Open Online cabinet. Client can find information about current capacity, balance and purchasing process there.
    • User should choose capacity after looking through the cabinet functionality and decide how much of it he or she is going to buy, what crypto currency to mine.
    • There is a special page where capacity may be purchased. So after paying IQ Mining will start to work on user. The system will start the process automatically and one hour latter first profit will be added to the balance.
    • Client can withdraw currency once a day without any limitation. Profit on balance will appear every hour. User can fund his or her account through MasterCard or VISA cards, BTC, ETH, LTC and other digital currencies.

    How to Profit With IQ Mining?

    There are different ways to get profit with help of IQ Mining service. User may choose special account during the process of registration. There are three types of profiles:

    • Provides each hour profit. Withdrawals are allowed once a week. 0.01 BTC is minimal payment.
    • Adds bonus of 10% to every payout. Provides each hour profit. Withdrawals are allowed once a day. 0.1 BTC is minimal payment.
    • Adds bonus of 20% to every payout. Provides each hour profit. Withdrawals are allowed once a day. 1 BTC is minimal payment.

    Prices are quite available:

    • Service offers 300MH/s of Scrypt for 840 USD.
    • User can buy 3000GH/s of SHA-256 for 240 USD.
    • Ethereum costs 540 USD for 30000KH/s.
    • Price for 2CASH is 480 USD for 300H/s.
    • To purchase DASH user must pay 840 USD for 300 MH/s.

    What Coins to Mine?

    There are different digital currencies which user can chose for Cloud Mining:

    • LiteCoin, abbreviation – LTC;
    • Ethereum, abbreviation – ETH;
    • Scrypt;
    • Monero;
    • DASH;
    • Zcash, abbreviation – ZEC.

    Unfortunately, Bitcoin capacities may be unavailable. If you are interested in mining of this currency, firstly check if there is a possibility to purchase capacity.

    Altcoins Pool of IQ Mining

    When you enter the IQ platform, you get access to instruments that help to mine a variety of coins or tokens. At the moment, IQ Mining offers around 150 Altcoins based on the selected plan.

    For now, the most popular coins include Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash, Monero and Dash. They are the most reliable and profitable coins, so are definitely a great choice for experienced miners.

    When the altcoins are 100% mined, the platform assists in exchanging them on bitcoins and sending to the indicated wallet.

    How the Mining Processes Look

    1. IQ Mining owns multiple data centers and a variety of mining instruments, which the company rents out and exchanges on hash power;
    2. IQ Mining power is now used for mining the most profitable coins on the market;
    3. When you have mined altcoins, you can trade them for bitcoins that will be sent to your wallet address.

    All you need is to buy one of the plans and IQ Mining will do the rest for you!

    IQ Mining Pricing

    To choose the best option for work, you can give preference to one of the three cooperation packages, depending on your possible investments and wishes:

    • Bronze package – your basic opportunity to invest in cryptocurrency without bonuses, but at the same time without a minimum deposit. In order to start cooperation on the “bronze” conditions. To obtain it, an investment of 0.01 BC is enough.
    • The silver package is an opportunity to receive a bonus with an investment of 10% with an investment of 0.1 BC.
    • Gold package is given to those who invest from 1 Bitcoin in recalculation at a time. And the bonus, in this case, reaches 1/5 of the deposit.

    If in general, depending on your investment, on our platform you can set up mining from 100 to 150 altcoins (we listed the list of available currencies above). In addition, you can choose among the most popular cryptocurrencies, including Etherium, Litecoin, Zcash and others.

    Regardless of the chosen cryptocurrency, after its mining, you can automatically exchange it for Bitcoins at the exchange rate of the platform and get into the account specified during registration an already accepted version of cryptocurrency.

    To reduce the risks on our platform, small smart contracts are used. In addition, we are actively using cooperation with the capacity of large data centers – they help our customers with the provision of physical resources, so you can mine without the hassle and earn three times more of your investment simply by using our platform without enhancing your own resources.

    SHA – 256 (mining strategy – 10 majors)
    – $0,0014 for 10 GH/s maintenance fee;
    – Everyday payout;
    – Price of the contract: starting with $50 for 1000 GH/s
    – Historical earnings: 73% for year.

    SHA – 256 PRO (mining strategy – 100 altcoins)
    – $0,0014 for 10 GH/s maintenance fee;
    – Everyday payout;
    – Price of the contract: starting with $120 for 2400 GH/s;
    – Historical earnings: 128% for year.

    Ethereum Mining (mining strategy – ETH)
    – Nill maintenance fee;
    – Everyday payout (in ETH);
    – Price of the contract: starting with $40 for 4 MH/s;
    – Historical earnings: 60% for year.

    You can pay using BTC, Zcash, LTC, Webmoney, PayPal, Credit and Debit cards, wire transfers, kiwi and so on.

    IQ Mining Innovations

    With the help of smart contracts IQMining managed to reduce costs and to protect investments, income and profits. In addition, they always use huge data centers and never rent hardware, always working on their own.

    Also, time frames of delivery and consumption of power are also secured by smart contracts. As a result, you can be sure that with IQ Mining your investments will be safe and will return three times bigger compared with other cloud mining platforms.

    Pros and Cons

    IQ Mining has lots of advantages. Thanks to its unique features, it stands out among other similar projects.User can start Cloud Mining process purchasing only 0,01 BTC or other equivalent digital or real currency. Minimal withdrawal sum is 0,001 BTC. To get payout user should only leave an application in the Online cabinet and wait within 24 hours until the payment falls on the wallet or account. There is a possibility to win bonus of 20%. Service offers reinvestment option which allows to increase the profit client gets. There is no subscription fee and registration is free. Disadvantages are too short period of existing time and wide variation in reviews, both good and bad. Though there are articles describing IQ Mining as a Scam, no real facts of false are registered. Anyway clients should use the service at their own risk. Unfortunately, fake projects are everywhere nowadays and not only IQMining is risky.

    Why to Choose Cloud Mining?

    However, you shouldn’t think that everything is useless and there is always a way for those, who really want to achieve something. If you are familiar with web hostings and their work, you probably know something about cloud hosting.

    Basically, instead of being attached to a certain location with physical servers, cloud hosting offers a variety of connected servers, which make up a single system without any particular location.

    Now you can try and transfer this idea on mining. With the help of CPU/GPU you will be able to mine a variety of coins. Considering that cloud mining can offer additional power, when servers are connected, the chances of mining a proper block become higher and you will certainly earn more money.

    This means that a cloud is a connection of several mining instruments and multiple different locations. To be brief, when you are turning to cloud mining this means that you will rent a certain space in a variety of networks that are interconnected.

    We have analyzed, researched and tried out a variety of cloud miners for the past years and IQ mining remains one of the best in the field. Reviews are truly amazing, so we decided to tell users about the service, its offers and algorithms.

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