Liqui Review is Scam or Good Crytocurrency Exchange

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Liqui Review: is Scam or Good Crytocurrency Exchange?

Liqui Review: is an investment venture that deals with cryptocurrency exchange where about 200 digital assets are traded against bitcoin, ethereum and USD. ether. Though, the presentation seem nice, there are still some factors that makes us doubt the authenthicity of liqui. Also we there has been lots of complains from users of liqui, therefore, we advice our readers to carefully go through this review for a better understanding of this cryptocurrency exchange so as not to regret signing up for it at the end.

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Who is behind Liqui

We do not have any idea about the owners of this exchange. it is not even regulated and this gives us more reasons to worry. All we know is that it has its headquarters at Kiev, Ukraine.

Liqui- packages

According to their website, we were told that you can earn up to 24%APR daily by exchanging bitcoin with any other cryptocurrency using their platform. To get started, you have to create an account with them by simply clicking on the sign up button on the homepage of their website and then fill the required details.They also stated that your account could be turned into a savings account too. That sounds great. There is no stated minimum deposit for exchange However, fiat currencies are not accepted by liqui.

Trading fees

Here there is the maker fee and the taker fee. The makers are the ones that creates and list a trade order while the makers are the ones that purchases the orders listed. Trading fee for the maker is 0.1% and 0.25% for the taker. The same rate applies to the three payment means which are BTC, ETH and USDT

Below are the good sides and bad sides of this cryptocurrency exchange.

Good sides

  • Multiple digital assets to trade with
  • It offers savings account

Bad sides

  • Hidden identity of the owner
  • Unregulated
  • Does not accept fiat currencies


Having listed the packages, good and bad sides of this crypto exchange platform known as liqui, it is now left for you to decide if you will go ahead with it or not.

Liqui Review – is it scam or safe?

Trading Accounts

Account type Minimum deposit Leverage Maker Fee Taker Fee
Standard Undisclosed 1:1 0.1% 0. 25 %

Liqui is a Ukrainian cryptocurrency exchange that also features savings accounts and intends to offer margin trading and lending in the future. Like most similar venues, trading at Liqui is done via a single account type and there are almost than 200 digital coins available. Besides, Liqui, keeps adding new ones.

As regards Liqui savings accounts, they have 24% annual percent rate (APR), which seems unrealistically high to us. Allegedly, interest is paid every 24 hours, and interest fees are calculated every minute.

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The Company. Security of funds

Company Country Regulation
Liqui Trade, Inc. Ukraine N/A

Launched in 2020, Liqui o perates out of Kiev , Ukraine and is no t regulated. This, of course, may bring a bit of worry, but the majority of the companies in the crypto-world are neither licensed, nor overseen by any authority. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that Bitcoin is a relative newcomer in the world of finance, but on the other, digital coins and related services are recently attracting billions of dollars. Therefore, authorities across the globe seek ways to regulate ICOs, crrypto-exhanges and the like.

Recently, there has been a new law proposed in Ukraine that would bring the local cryptocurrency ecosystem under the oversight of the country’s central bank. Yet, currently crypto-exchanges in the country are not under the oversight of any government agency.

That is why doing your due dilligence check before depositing any money or coins is a must for every crypto investor. We went through numerous negative reviews on Liqui. Some of the common problems users of this exchange have experienced are delayed or blocked deposits/withdrawals, non-responsive customer support, slow and laggy platform, salty withdrawal fees. In fact, most of the users directly accuse Liqui of being a scam.

Some of Liqui’s clients have reported that their accounts have been hacked, but remains unclear whether this is the case, or this has been done by some of the exchange’s team members, as some suggest. Either way, Liqui seems a bit shady, although it is rated 28th in terms of 24 hour trading volume at the time of writing of this review. That puts Liqui in between exchanges like BitBay and Cryptopia.

Trading conditions

Trading instruments (cryptocurrencies)

As we have already mentioned, t here are over 190 digital assets available for trade at Liqui against Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT (USD Tether, a cryptocurrency, backed by real dollars). However, fiat currencies (like USD, EUR, etc.) are not supported by this exchange.

Minimum initial deposit

Liqui does not provide information on the minimum deposit amount. This is more or less typical for crypto-exchanges. As we review mostly forex brokers, we are used to companies stating the minimum investment required to open an account with them . There are, however, some major players like IG that don’t have a required minimum.


Trading on leverage is planned by Liqui, but has not been launched yet . While some traders would probably enjoy such a service, it is not supported by the majority of exchanges, as cryptocurrencies tend to be very volatile. By comparison, all forex brokers offer margin trading, including for cryptocurrency CFDs .

Liqui charges “takers” ( those who buy/sell from the first available bid/ask ) with 0. 25 %. On the other hand, traders who provide liquidity to the exchange by placing their own bids and asks have to pay 0.10% in trading fees. These are relatively competitive commissions, however, many companies don’t charge market makers, and some even gi ve them rebates (HitBTC) .

Trading platform

Liqui offers a browser-based trading, which is common among crypto-exchanges. Its layout is fairly nice with neat order book, instrument list on the left where the digital coins are into three categories, depending on whether three categories, depending on whether you wish to trade against BTC, ETH, or USDT. Besides, charting is a lot better than many other similar solutions, and there are plenty of technical analysis indicators.

Here is a preview

Trade history is placed at in the bottom of the page, and there is also the “Trollbox”.

Methods of payment

Liqui does not provide much information about its deposit and withdrawal procedures. We suppose that it supports only blochchain transfers, as fiat currencies are not offered for trade, and therefore, bank wire transfers and credit card payments are probably also unavailable . Also, it must charge some transaction fees, at least on withdrawals.


Liqui is a is a Ukrainian exchange that offers only crypto-to-crypto trading, however its digital currencies portfolio is very extensive, and keeps growing . While its platform is equipped with some advanced functionalities and its trading fees are relatively competitive, Liqui does not accept fiat currency transfers and does not provide information about the transfer fees it applies . Nonetheless, o ur main concern with this exchange comes from the numerous negative user reviews. It also offers savings accounts with a promise of 24% APR , which makes this company even more shady. Here is a summary of what Liqui has to offer :

Pros Cons
Relatively competitive trading fees Not regulated and with pretty bad reputation
Nice trading platform Little info about the company
Wide range of coins offered Does not support fiat currency transfers (no bank wire, credit card payments)
Savings account offered Unrealistic interest offered on savings accounts
No information on deposits/withdrawals and the realetd fees
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Cryptocurrency Exchange Closes Down, Likely Exit Scam

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The cryptocurrency exchange has replaced the front page of its website with an announcement that says “We gave you the right to decide whether you want to be with us in our Crypto Exchange journey by accepting the changes. Much to our regret, after this step Liqui is no longer able to provide liquidity for the Users left. We also do not see any economic point in providing you with our services… Hence, we decided to close all accounts and stop providing our services. It broke our hearts to do that… After 30 days we cannot guarantee that we will be maintaining our website.”

The closing of comes after months of scam accusations due to suspicious delistings in September and October . Popular cryptocurrencies like 0x (ZRX) and Basic Attention Token (BAT) were delisted for no apparent reason, just after these tokens increased in popularity due to being added to Coinbase.

Users were only given 15 days to withdraw funds after the delistings, and failure to withdraw led to the cryptocurrency being seized. Numerous users complained that withdrawing funds by the deadline was not even possible.

Today, site is not allowing me to withdraw my tokens.. please help me.
It is saying withdraw blocked till November 12th..
But tomorrow is last date.
Please help me..

@Liqui_Exchange we cant withdraw and withdrawals are stuck in”Awaiting confirmation by email”. What will you do about this as you are delisting/taking coins tomorrow?

I am stucked with ANT @AragonProject @AragonOneTeam withdrawal, and support is not responding since Dec 5th. The Tx failed 0x83c0ca8d63357f8734a75fbca8a82699cda0ff7d27fcfa2fc4bfb44c1a41ea7b , and the the tokens are nowhere to be found now.
Ticket ID: #56153

In response to all of the complaints that coins were seized without users having a chance to withdraw, changed its terms of service .

“We may charge a fee in the amount of 3.33% a day from the total amount of the Delisted Digital Asset left after No-charge Withdrawal Period passed… Liqui does not accept any liability, either directly or indirectly, with any loss caused by delisting a Digital Asset,” according to the new terms of service.

I have the same issue. I accepted all the terms of use and couldn’t access my account! Hope this issue gets solved quickly or at least explain the reason why this is happening.

I can’t get my token balance for liqui. how to do it? �� asked users to agree to this new condition, where 3.33 percent per day is deducted from balances left after the “no fee” withdrawal period ends, and is not responsible for any user losses. Unsurprisingly, most users did not agree to the new terms of service, which would let off the hook from lawsuits due to the negligent delisting practices.

So per your email, you suddenly had a change of heart and decided to return our stolen/delisted assests. However it is appalling that you force us to agree not to sue you to even get the process going. Also you have zero instructions on how to recover them.

A lack of customers agreeing to these new conditions is supposedly the reason is shutting down. However, customers reported that they could not access their accounts even after accepting the new terms of service.

At least one user who just got the message today managed to get into their account, only to find all their coins are gone.

So i missed all announces and got a mail today. I went straigt to login and i ve seen my coins are gone. Is this seriously a exit scam? Support ticket doesnt answer. Anyone can confirm or help me please?

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