MaxFX shutting down, but…

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3ds Max



3ds Max 2020, 2020, 2020 or 2020 do not load or perform properly under Windows 10. The program either freezes upon launch, locks up or crashes shortly after launch. It may also perform slowly, taking all the CPU usage, or experience user interface refresh issues.

3ds Max 2020, 2020, 2020 and 2020 are the only versions of the software that Autodesk has officially certified to run properly under Windows 10. (Many users have run earlier versions of 3ds Max under Windows 10 successfully, although Autodesk hasn’t officially certified these older copies.) However, some 3ds Max users have reported various issues when running under Windows 10:


  • 3ds Max cannot load files through the File browser without crashing.
  • 3ds Max may not launch properly when started (the program freezes or simply closes).
  • 3ds Max exhibits serious program instability and closes without warning.
  • 3ds Max cannot save files properly (including both manual saves and autosaved backup files).
  • Data loss.
  • Undo stops working.



Includes, but is not limited to:

  • Windows updates altering their file/folder permissions so 3ds Max won’t launch/work properly.
  • Windows updates causing system-wide changes that affect performance.
  • Nonsupported video cards and video card drivers under Windows 10.
  • Various other driver conflicts.
  • Faulty MAXscripts.


There are a wide variety of possible ways to resolve these issues. Here are some common troubleshooting steps:

Update software:

3ds Max updates include consistent stability fixes. This keeps up with the ever changing environment of Operating Systems and hardware. Make sure the latest version of 3ds Max is installed, see the article: Install Updates, Add-ons, and Enhancements.

Create a new Windows User Account:

Create a new Windows User Account to ensure that the account has administrator privileges for 3ds max to run.

3ds Max or Maya load slowly or freeze when launching from SSD drive under Windows:

This slowdown may be caused by a BIOS/UEFI settings issue on the PC. Changing the drive mode from IDE to AHCI can fix this.

Creators Update Issues:

After installing the Windows 10 Creators Update, 3ds Max potentially may have issue starting. To resolve this issue re-install 3ds Max using the Autodesk Uninstall Tool. In some cases the following error message may appear: “The code execution cannot proceed because MSVC110.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem.” However the file does exist in the C:\Windows\System32 folder.

To resolve the error, use the following methods:

Preferences Issues:

Reset the 3ds Max default user preferences by following the instructions at this link.

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If Windows 10 does not allow you to rename the \ENU folder in the preceding instructions because of insufficient permissions:
See the Article: Boot into Windows 10 Safe Mode to rename the folder. Then, restart Windows 10 normally and relaunch 3ds Max.

Download and run the Windows Easy Fix tool:

Automatically repair files and folders.
See the article: Automatically diagnose and repair Windows file and folder problems (applies to Windows 7, 8 and 10.)

Reset Windows Administrator privileges for certain folders/files*:

In Windows Explorer, right-click on the drive that is causing the problem.

Left Click to bring up the Properties menu.

Click the Security tab.

In the first window, click Administrators (the computer name-PC Administrators).

Just below the window, click Edit.

Click Administrators (the computer name-PC Administrators) again.

Note: If Apply is dimmed, select a box in the Deny column to bring up Apply.

Select a box in the Allow column. This selects all the boxes except the last one, and deselects all the boxes in the Deny column.

Click Apply to run a scan of the files in the drive.

When the scan is finished, click OK.

The first box should still be open.

In the first window, click Users (your computer name-PC\Users) and repeat steps 5-9, clicking Users (your computer name-PC\Users) instead of Administrators (your computer name-PC Administrators).

Note: You may not have to click in the Deny column after the first scan is completed, as indicated in the preceding instructions.

Add a System Variable:

Open the Windows 10 Control Panel.

Change the Control Panel settings to View by: Small Icons (or Large Icons.)

Select System, then click the Advanced system settings link.

Click Environment Variables.

In the System Variables section, find the PATH environment variable and select it.

Click Edit. (If the PATH environment variable does not exist, click New.)

In the Edit System Variable (or New System Variable) window, add the following line (or substitute the relevant version of 3ds Max):

Reboot the PC and see if the preceding steps fix the issue.

Enable the Hidden Windows 10 Administrator Account (you may need to check with your IT personnel/network administrator first):

Graphics Issues:

Change the graphics display drivers in 3ds Max before launch:

Disable the ViewCube:

Right-click on the ViewCube in any viewport and pick Configure > Viewport Configuration > View cube tab, and uncheck the Show the ViewCube button. Then restart 3ds Max.

Note: To prevent the ViewCube from loading even after changing 3ds Max templates, workspaces or resetting default user settings, go to the C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2020\stdplugs folder, and rename the AutoCamMax.gup file to AutoCamMax.gup.BAK.

Windows Dependency and security issues:

Uninstall and Reinstall the Latest Visual C++ drivers and Visual Studio updates:

Note: Some customers have reported that older versions of Visual C++, such as 2020, need to be uninstalled and reinstalled for 3ds Max to launch successfully after certain Windows 10 updates.

Add a Windows Defender program exclusion for 3ds Max:

Disable Windows Defender Real-time Protection:

Try temporarily disabling the Windows Defender Real-time Protection to see if these steps affect the startup of 3ds Max.

Fix the Error: “Required privilege is not held by the client”:

Right-click on Start in Windows and go to Run.

Type: secpol.msc and press OK.

Go to Local Policies > Security Options.

Scroll down and find:

User Account Control: Run all administrators in Admin Approval Mode.

Double-click and change to Disabled.

Restart Windows, and the error should disappear.


If 3ds Max crashes when trying to load a file from the File browser:

MaxFX shutting down, but…

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The seating area at Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis. The Big Ten Conference announced that the remainder of the men’s NCAA college basketball games tournament was cancelled. | Michael Conroy/AP Photo

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Fauci told lawmakers that America’s test system “is failing,” noting that it’s not set up for mass testing like other countries.

maxFX scene


Anyone who has enough knowledge in MaxScript is encouraged to update it and, hopefully, share it with the community :)

maxFX scene exports several types of objects from 3DStudio Max space to After Effects 3D space as Cameras, Lights or Placeholder objects. The script writes down the pivot point positions of the selected objects for every frame for Cameras and also for Lights and Placeholders (if Animated Lights\Placeholders checkbox is checked). The output file is a javascript file (*.jsx) which generates a composition containing all objects selected for export and converted to AFX’s Layers.

Updated version

– Updated camera and light picking algorithm – now the Add button brings up a list of the compatible objects (lights or cameras)

– Fixed a drop frame bug (the exported comp was one frame shorter than the actual max range)

Short video presentation is available here:
maxFX scene workflow

More info is available on my website or in the included readme file.

*Download the script somewhere
*Open 3DStudio and choose MAXscript -> Run Script.
*The script generates a *.jsx file which is a JavaScript recognized by AfterFX
*To run the *.jsx file open AfterFX and choose File -> Scripts -> Run Script File.

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