Opus Formula – Scam or Not

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a Complete Guide for Binary Options Trading

The charm of binary options trading is that it is easy to understand and often perceived as a gambling game rather than trading. Still, a game or not, it is very lucrative for binary options brokers who make real money in the industry. On the other hand, to make money as an options trader, one has to be pretty skillful to achieve long-term financial success.

The industry has meanwhile become overwhelmed with different tools and expert advisors which guarantee above-average success rates. Their main mantra is that people do not have to be involved in the complex trading strategies; they can simply hire or buy expert help in the form of software which will do the work for them.

All of this sounds nice, but if all the ads were true, wouldn’t we all be millionaires by now? One of the latest software inventions is the Opus Formula software which is an auto-trading tool promising unrealistic profits. Can we really trust software to run our trades independently, or is the Opus Formula yet another scam? Let me break it down for you in detail below.

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 88%
Minimum Deposit: $250
Countries: All nations

  • Provides hope for future inventions
  • A launch of a well-known scammer software under another name
  • Unrealistic predictions
  • Negative user feedback

BinaryMinery Verdict:

Not Reliable Service

What Is Opus Formula?

Opus Formula is an automated trading tool which executes trades automatically on your behalf and supposedly makes fortunes. The founder Simmons Jr. claims a success rate of 98% which is just as ridiculous as it sounds.

Another red flag is spam e-mails sent to registered binary traders stating that they happened to be one of the lucky individuals selected to test the new software. The email mentions unrealistic daily profits of $1000- $7000. We have all been victims of spam e-mail one or the other time and you probably know that nothing good comes from such e-mails.

The Opus Formula promo video displays positive testimonials which have little to do with the real feedback of users who seem not quite satisfied. This also indicates that the software is claimed to be something it is not. The inventor of Opus Formula states that the software won the so-called 2020 Commodities Hedge Awards, whereas no evidence can be found on that.

The biggest alarm and indicator that Opus Formula is a scam is that it is not brand new as it claims to be, but yet appeared and reappeared in the past under different names like Millionaire Blueprint or Quantum Code. Both versions advertised the same idea and worked on the same principles like its latest 2020 spin-off, the Opus Formula.

Opus Formula is clearly something we already have seen in the options market and it is not good news folks. New options traders should be especially careful because they are the main target of such scammers. They try to lure novice traders by promising them the impossible. There is no way a trader can sky-rocket to $5,000 from a $250 deposit on the same day. This industry does not work that way.

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    1st Place! Best Binary Broker 2020!
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How Does It Work?

As every auto-trading software and tool, Opus Formula is based on a set of mathematical and algorithmic calculations made by expert traders and programmers who claim to know how to predict the market and incorporate the knowledge in a computer. The idea is definitely revolutionary, but the technology, regardless of how far it has come, is not yet at the peak of its performance and the robots are usually full of defects, e.g. they freeze in the middle of a trade, they are complicated to operate so that traders can easily set the wrong patterns and lose stacks of money due to stupid technical mistakes, etc.

In addition to the already complicated auto-trading software which should be only operated by true professionals who know to combine it with their manual trading skills, we are presented with a sudden miracle worker who is supposed to make us rich with no knowledge and no skills. Therefore, if you ask me how the Opus Formula works, I would say it does not work at all.

Final Conclusion: Is Opus Formula a Scam?

As we live in an amazing world full of great inventions and fancy technological devices, it is not that unlikely to believe that it might be possible to have a robot making money on our behalf. Still, the world has not come that far yet. The unrealistic promises always end up in disappointment. The binary options market is a perfect target for scammers since it is an online business on the one hand and highly decentralized on the other.

The Opus Formula is just one rip-off tactic in a row, and sadly, there will be more Opus Formulae in the future. The software is not reliable, and according to the feedback of many users, it is a money-eater instead of a money-maker.

Opus Formula Review

Opus Formula is a fake automatic trading software for binary options, that has been tried before under many different names. Consider yourself warned, this product is nothing more than a scam and a gimmick which works with the worst scam artists in the industry.

We also got the same email you did about Richard Quincy. So before you become the next victim, read this review carefully.

Opus Formula Scam Software

There were so many false statements made in the video we watch about the Opus Formula. He tries to convince you that he is doing you a favor, and that you are one of only 100 people who got this special invitation, but in fact they spammed millions of email addresses.

Don’t worry, you are not the only person who actually believed his fake promises of wealth.

There is no software available that makes $1,762 each day from a $250 initial deposit at an unlicensed broker.

Opus Formula Review

The actual trading software that they use we must have seen already fifty times. You can read about review of Quantum Code and Millionaire Blueprint and you will see it is the exact same product.

With the Opus Formula autotrading software, you have no ability to control the outcome, or limit your risk. Once it starts, it just keeps going until your account is empty.

A real professional trading robot will give you the options to select assets, limit number of trades, and choose the type of signals.

Opus Uses Scam Brokers!

You must understand that your money is not held at Opus Formula, your money gets deposited into “binary options broker”.

That binary options broker must be licensed and regulated by the FCA, CFTC, CySEC or ASIC.

Opus Formula told us that we should make a deposit at Banco Capital. We labeled them a scam broker when we could not get in touch with anyone for the money they owe us.

If you want to see a real broker, then go choose one from the best brokers page.

We have a few other trading robots and signal providers on the Trading Signals page.

Tell us which scam broker Opus Formula directed you too, in the comment section below.

Opus Formula Scam Review – Way To Bankrupt!

The Opus Formula is the new name of a series of previously exposed scam sites which is back again with its dirty business. The site has already fooled many innocent new traders and is likely that you too got an email from unknown sources asking you to check out their site.

If you are a new trader and probably in doubt about this heavily promoted trading site you have found the right blog to get answer to all your doubts. If you have already deposited $250 and came to know the truth about the system then I am sorry to say that there is no way to get your money back. But if you want to know why I am calling Opus Formula software a scam then go through this Opus Formula Review thoroughly.

Opus Formula Review Points

Inauthentic Claims!

The Opus Formula software as shown on the website is an automated trading software which will help you earn $2000 to $10748 per day which is quite an exaggeration. It claims to be a free website with guaranteed success but in reality it will rob you of your $250 as it will not be giving you anything in return.

Once you open the website the presenter in the promotional video claims that you are chosen carefully to try out their software. According to him there are more such people who have been privately chosen and you belong to that group. This is a very unprofessional and inauthentic way of luring innocent people.

The whole thing about this claim lacks evidence because if you open the website after some days, you will see the same thing repeating. So how do you again become chosen when they have already done it before? Here, you are actually dealing with a bogus scripted presentation that can never lure an experienced trader.

Moreover, the presenter tells us that the software works with 98% accuracy and will start generating the above-mentioned amount of money with just a single investment. The high accuracy rate is not something very unusual as binary options trading software doesn’t really generate profits with that much accuracy.

Fake Owner, Fake name, Fake Stories!

Now let’s talk about the person behind the Opus Formula Scam who seems to be the owner and founder of the software. The person in the promotional video Lex Simmons Junior is our man and he claims to have made $29,976,882 in a year. It is amazing to hear such success stories but not so amazing to know that such stories are fake. This is the case with Simmons Junior and I even doubt if this is his real name at all.

The person is a paid actor and has been hired by the scammers to say a few words in their promotional video in exchange for some money. This is the usual trend of every scam sites and has been going on since time immemorial. The whole process has now become very foolish and predictable.

One desperate attempt to make us believe that this site is authentic is the claim that the video will be deleted after you have played it 100 times and this will make us lose a very good opportunity to earn around $10000 a day. Well this is a very good try but it’s nothing more than the usual scam that I find on the internet every now and then.

Lex also makes up a fake story about how his girl friend left him and about his dad’s passing away but then he says he has a supportive family who allowed him to make this move of making money online by establishing his company which he called Opus Formula. There was a time when he started this company with a few clients who were his colleagues from his previous job. Along with them he worked hard and started making money slowly. Later many big financial institutions would start funding him and that gave him a big opportunity to develop his software more and reach out to people.

He was also approached by 2 famous US banks the names of which were not mentioned for the obvious reason. They saw his newsletters and became interested in him and they showed him the right way to increase his profits and helped him grow his business. These are the kinds of nonsensical stories that he was sharing in the video.

How does the system work?

During the course of the video, Lex tells us that he is going to explain how the software works. Well, this is not what I actually saw and heard in the video. He was just blubbering about his life story which obviously is a fake account. He says that the software’s trading technology is not related to forex, stocks or any internet marketing technology.

He promises to share a secret with u which the gurus of money-making were using to earn millions of money every year. Money is supposed to flow in but you will never know how to spend it. In one word the software is going to give you the ultimate financial freedom that you have been looking for.

In midst of all these tall tales he never really explained how the software does the trading. He is just making up stories and trying to convince everyone that the software actually works. He also tells very confidently that he doesn’t care what the outcome will be if he exposes the secret of these gurus to everyone and doesn’t care at all if he receives any threat email too.

But what actually is the secret of the software or the gurus, he doesn’t share. It’s only because there isn’t any secret. This secret system is nothing but a totally fake non-existing formula which doesn’t comply with binary options trading.

Regulations and Licensing

There is actually no need for bringing up this topic but for more evidence building you need to know that this system is neither licensed nor regulated. There is no sign of any official body which is backing up the site. This simply proves how unreliable the software is. Although many unregulated auto-traders provide professional trading experience but Opus Formula software is not one of them.

Fake Testimonials and Success Stories

Opus Formula also has a few actors who have been paid to give positive reviews about the software on the video in exchange for some cash. This is not an anomaly; instead it’s the actual proof that the site is not normal. No trading website will ever boast and try to paint an exaggerated image of themselves. So we tried to find about those persons whether they are really authentic or not.

For example, the person shown below speaks highly positive about the Opus Formula software and exalts Lex for sharing with him the formula behind earning such amounts like$10000 a day. BUT all he got is just 5$ for making that testimonial video on fiverr.com.

Hidden Facts; what they don’t want you to know!

One more thing I would want to make clear is the claim that with the help of the software there has been a total profit of $29,986,871 in the last 12 months.

I have no problem with all the fake claims that they are making, but it gives me immense pleasure to expose such fake claims because I don’t know how much people they have already victimized by making such fake estimations.

The flaw here is that when I made a detailed investigation of the website in the well-knew domain age checking website who.is I was shocked to find that the website was actually registered a few months ago, and this proves that there was no Opus Formula System 12 months back.

You can see clearly in the picture above that the domain of Opus Formula was registered on June this year. This is a very strong evidence to prove that Opus Formula is a recently opened scam just like all of its predecessors which came with different names.

Lex has made more such unrealistic claims like the software trades in binary options but there is no clear definition of the trading options available in the website which is necessary to make a trade. So what binary options trading was he actually talking about? Nobody actually knows the answer, because all his words are vague and has no clarity.

He also tells that he broke a few records in Wall Street and had been nick named the Golden Eagle by fellow people who I believe is a brilliant fairy tale. Moreover, he speaks about a particular article in which his team’s name has been mentioned, but that too holds no firm ground of authenticity.

I am unable to find any authentic support to this claim as there seems to be no evidence to such a claim online anywhere.

Opus Formula Review Verdict – Opus Formula is confirmed Scam!!

Our Recommendation – NEO2

Final Verdict.

So, you must be aware by now what sort of software system you are dealing with. The problem with Opus Formula system is that there seems to be more of stories and less of practicality. You are fed with imaginary and fake ideas and no authentic evidence to any of the claims that the scammers are making. The only thing that I would advise you is to stay away as far as possible from Opus Formula scam and save your hard earned money for a better platform. You can check out Blacklisted auto-traders list to find similar scams. Visit our Recommended Auto-Trader Software page to find trusted and reliable auto trader.

Leave us a comment below and let me know if you have any more queries.

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