Profits Infinity by Mark Bromovich Review

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Profits Infinity Scam Review! Is Mark Bromovich a SCAM?

Profits Infinity is a SCAM Review! Mark Bromovich’s No Loss Trading System, Scam or Legit?

Welcome to our Profits Infinity Scam Review! You are probably here because you have received an email inviting you to invest with Mark Bromovich‘s special No Loss Automated Trading System. And you are curious to whether this software is going to generate profits. We’re sorry to say that Profits Infinity (webpage: is just another scam system that aims to dry up your initial deposit. Poor performing algorithm like Profits Infinity with common scam tactics have indeed loss innocent traders money. That is the reason to why we have received negative feedback from traders and also the negative reviews written in the internet.

Profit Infinity is allegedly created by Mark Bromovich whom had claimed to create a software that generates massive amount of profits. He claims that he had helped many high net worth clients to double and even quadrupled their investment. The reason for his claimed success is because Profits Infinity has “NEVER LOST A TRADE” since 2020. To be honest, that claims itself is already outrageous and completely unrealistic. Any auto trading systems that claims to have such an ability are 100% scam! Aside from that, we have identified other scam tactics that the scam creator of Profits Infinity uses during our investigation.

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Profits Infinity’s SCAM-like Elements and Suspicious Claims!

Very often, scam binary options auto trading systems that sells by claiming to make you an extremely wealthy person are NEVER going to perform. Scammers figured that it is effective to lure innocent traders by over-promising unrealistic returns/profits/money and we certainly hope that you will not be one of the victim. The claim of making you $3,874 today from your initial deposit of $250 or even $500 is never going to happen. Let’s be real guys, you will need to grow your initial deposit 7 times or even 15 times to actually make that claim a reality. Although binary options trading can get you there someday, but definitely not in ONE day! It requires good money and risk management in order for you to profit consistently over the long term.

Mark claims that Profits Infinity has never lost a single trade since 2020. That is a HUGE lie and a very unrealistic statement as well. Based on the presentation video, he mentioned that the software does not win all the time, but it never lost a single trade. He goes onto sharing that once Profits Infinity’s algorithm detects a winning rate of less than 96.8%, the system will then execute another trade on the opposite direction. If you are experienced in binary options trading, you will know that this does not work quite the way Mark imagines it to be! Binary Options Trading does not allow you to “exit” your earlier trades (as proclaimed by Mark). While there are some brokers that allows you to do that, BUT you will only be able to sell that options for maybe 1% or 2% of your investment. At best maybe 80% of your investment if the trade is “In the Money” at that point of time. At the end of the day, you will still lose money if you do that! Apart from that, trading the opposite direction does not guarantee you will be able to win, because in binary options trading, the options that you invest in have a specific expiry time and strike rate. Hence, by simply entering another trade puts you in another separate Strike Rate and Expiry Time which not necessarily you will be able to WIN especially when your odds is just a little lower than 96%. It is quite clear to us that Mark Bromovich may not know what he is talking about and he probably has no experience in binary options trading.

The other common scam tactics that Profits Infinity employs are fake trade histories as well as fake testimonials. We have investigated Profits Infinity’s proof of success but we discover that the proofs are fabricated! The video testimonials which you may noticed in the presentation are simply paid actors that reads from a script! We will disclose one of the actor that you may find in the video presentations HERE . Apart from that, the testimonials attached on the members area page are also self fabricated by attached random names and pictures on it too. We noticed that the pictures used in the testimonials are stock pictures that can be found on the internet! Hence, the named individual earning the “good” profits are not trustworthy because they are not authentic!

The Trade History in the members area page has an obvious flaw to it. We know that it is fake for a fact because it includes weekends trading activities for almost all major currencies pair! That is technically impossible because the forex market closes on weekends! Please refer below for a snapshot of the trade history which is attached to Profits Infinity Members’ Area in attempt to fool innocent traders!

Do Not Invest into Profits Infinity

Binary Options Sentinel have been actively Blacklisting many scam auto trading systems that lures innocent traders to waste their $250. The worst part is these scam systems have zero intention in profiting for it’s users. While, more scam systems are being produced very frequently, there are some which steps up in the binary options industry with genuine intention of being reliable and profitable.

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Profits Infinity’s Conclusion

We conclude that Profits Infinity is a scam binary options auto trading system! This scam system clearly employs common scam tactics such as unrealistic WIN RATE, nonsensical “No Loss” algorithm, over-promising profit statements, fake testimonials and fake trade histories. Please stay away from Profits Infinity and invest into something more reliable!

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Verdict: Profits Infinity is a SCAM!

Profits Infinity by Mark Bromovich Review

Profits Infinity is a new binary options system that claims to make traders nearly $4000 per day. The developer is Mark Bromovich and he tells us that they haven’t had a single loss since 2020. A claim of that magnitude is a very difficult to believe.

Today I’ll be reviewing this software and informing the binary today traders of how it works and whether or not I believe it’s truly making people $4000 a day.

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Profits Infinity Review

My initial thoughts about the profits infinity system aren’t good. The promises being made by Mark Bromovich are so aggressive in nature that it’s nearly impossible for me to believe that they are actually true. The fact that Mark says that his system hasn’t had a single loss since 2020 is outrageous. I know many successful traders in the binary options market and none of them go an entire month without a loss, let alone two years. If his system was truly doing what he says it does he would be very highly regarded but he has no reputation in this market whatsoever. I’ve never even heard his name until coming to this page today. People have been making $4000 a day since 2020 and nobody online is saying anything about it? I don’t believe that.

The profits infinity video is the only element on the website that provides us with any information. Sadly, this video is comprised of poorly acted testimonials that only add to my skepticism. I’m not sure who Mark is talking about to the majority of this video. He goes on some sort of a tirade about how the people in your life don’t want to see you succeed and that they would rather have you stagnate and be in a bad position. This tirade lasts a couple of minutes and about halfway through I start to ask myself, why isn’t Mark talking about the binary options product he’s trying to sell us here? Instead, he’s doing something all the other binary options marketers do, confuse us and try to anger us so that we make a poor decision. I don’t respect this approach.

I do not and will not recommend the profits infinity software to any of the binary today readers. I feel that Mark is not telling us the truth in any aspect of the sales video, and that’s quite disconcerting. There are no real results anywhere on the website and a handful of testimonial videos is far from genuine verified proof. We’ve seen webpages like this thousands of times and none of them have come through for us and our trading accounts. I don’t believe that this one is any different. Please let me know what you think about the software and Mark Bromovich by leaving a comment and letting me know your thoughts. I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend and that you have some time to stop in here and check in the progress of our many successful readers.

The Profits Infinity Review – Lie After Lie After Miserable Lie

Let me generate $3,874.92 for you today,” claims Mark Bromovich, the alleged co-founder of the Profits Infinity system.

This is not his only promise to you, though. As you will see in the Profits Infinity review below, he promises quite a few lucrative things to you. Everything is 100% safe, no credit card required, etc. etc.

The question here is – Does he tell the truth? Or, is he lying? Is Profits Infinity a scam or legit?

And, is he a real person in the first place? And then, if it is real, how much must you pay to start trading with the Profits Infinity?

To answer these and other similar questions, I did extensive research and wrote the review below. Read it through and see whether it is for you.

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Quick Review

Name: The Profits Infinity
Profits Infinity login:
Niche: Binary Options
Price: Software: free. Funding your trading account: minimum $250
Founder: Mark Bromovich
Skill level: Complete Novice
My Overall Rank: 0 out of 10

The Profits Infinity Review

The Narrative

Mark Bromovich, the founder

Before the 2008 market crash, Mark Bromovich was allegedly one of those Wall Street sharks. He made millions of dollars by working for the Blackstone investment fund and trading all areas of the markets. However, the market crash in 2008 sent companies and individuals into bankruptcy. Mark, too, discovered that he was dead broke.

In his desperate attempt to survive, he became a truck driver. And the truck driver he was the next three years working 50 hours a week.

Then, on one lucky day, he ran into his college buddy, whom he had not seen for years. The buddy was working for IBM, and his expert team was developing a new generation trading software. The only missing piece was…

…Right, the single missing piece was a trading expert. As you might guess, Mark Bromovich joined their expert team, and together they finished their unique trading software. They called it Profits Infinity.

The unique advantage of the Profits Infinity trading app over its competition was that it never loses a single trade. When the probability of winning drops below 96.8%, Profits Infinity app exits the trade. Yes, in that particular case, you did not win. But you did not lose either. And that’s why investors’ money is 100% safe.

That’s what they claim.

Even though such a breakthrough software is not available for the ordinary people, Mark Bromovich is willing to give it to you for free. But only for a limited time and to a limited number of people. Why? So that you could achieve your financial success as well.

The only string here is that if you want to grab your seat, you need to act at once.

That’s the story behind the Profits Infinity trading app.

Do NOT hurry to sign up, though. There are some crucial things you must know. Therefore, please read my review to the end, and you will see whether this app is for you or not.


See what Mark Bromovich and Profits Infinity promise to you:

  1. Make $3874 per day (also daily profits from $17,000 to $27,000)
  2. No credit card required
  3. An easy and consistent income without having to risk all your life savings
  4. Profits Infinity never loses a trade, and therefore your money is 100% safe
  5. You don’t need any skills or experience to replicate exactly what Mark Bromovich has achieved (from $300 to $3874 in 24 hours)
  6. No complicated charts to monitor
  7. Zero work involved
  8. Upon activation, you will have $300 deposited into your trading account

All these promises look like a dream come true, don’t they? The only question is – Is it real? Or is it bogus? Can you trust Mark Bromovich and his Profits Infinity system?

7 Alarming Lies

Frankly, there are many more lies, but these seven are more than enough to make a point.

Lie #1: Mark Bromovich is Former Wall Street Trading Expert

No, he is not. He does not even exist. Honestly, the whole narrative of Profits Infinity is a fiction, and I am going to prove it to you. So let’s start with Mark Bromovich – the “former Wall Street shark.”

Similar to other such scams, you can find no traces of Mark Bromovich from the internet. There are none. With all his colorful career as ‘the Blackstone trading expert,’ there are no images of him, no articles, no quotes, no TV or radio shows, no interviews, nothing.

Listen, Mark Bromovich is a fictional character, played by an actor – just as paid actors give all the other fake testimonials on the Profits Infinity site.

Here’s the proof:

Lie #2: Ordinary People Make Money With the Profits Infinity App

If you think all these testimonials in the Profits Infinity website are real then look at these examples below:

Fake Testimonial 1: the Video

Below you see a screenshot from the Profits Infinity video (a grateful customer explaining how much money he has made with the Mark Bromovich’ trading app):

And now look at this:

Do you still have any doubts?

Fake Testimonial 2: Ruth Myers

Here’s the Profit Infinity login page:

Let’s take Ruth Myers. Why is she fake?

Because her face image is shamelessly stolen from the internet. The original photo belongs to Florence Colgate – the girl with the most beautiful face in the UK.

This way, I could prove that every single testimonial on this page is bogus.

Lie #3: No Credit Card Required

It’s funny how all such Binary Options trading scams promote their software for free. They do every trick they can to assure you that no credit card is required.

It makes an impression to you as though you can start trading without any involvement of your own cash.

That’s plain wrong, though!

While trading Binary Options requires the trading software, it also requires a trading account. Not only that. You also must fund your account with a minimum of $250 (in most cases).

Therefore – the claim that no credit card required is plain wrong. Yes, you need to use your credit card AND your hard-earned cash to fund your trading account.

Even worse, if the broker happens to be some shady unregulated offshore company (which it probably is), then you are going to trust your sensitive credit card data in the hands of nasty scammers.

Lie #4: You Will Have Only One Shot

This is an outright lie designed to pitch you into a quick signup process. The truth is, NO people are waiting in lines ready to take your seat.

The scammers launched the Profits Infinity on March 14, 2020. Yes, that’s right! Since then, they have been promoting it the same old way – that there are only a few vacant spots available, and if you want to grab this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, you must act immediately.

You will have only one shot, and if you hesitate, you’ve lost your chance for good.

Wrong! If you visit their site tomorrow (or next week/month) and your vacant spot will still be waiting for you.

Lie #5: Such Opportunities Are for Only Wealthy Elite

This is another plain lie to sugarcoat the deal and make you feel as though you are somehow stumbled upon some exclusive opportunity.

Don’t buy it, though. Because, first, the Wealthy Elite have no interest in any shady Binary Options software. Second, there gazillion crappy Binary Options software on the market. All of them are touting pretty much the same – their software is by far the best trading bot in the world. Only they have discovered a secret formula – a holy grail of trading – which they are exploiting now.

I have reviewed many of such binary options scams. Try these out for size and see if you agree:

All of them claim that their app is for the wealthy elite only… But for the limited time, they are going to give ordinary people free access to it.

Lie #6: The Profits Infinity Never Loses a Trade

This claim is such a foolish lie that it can deceive only those who don’t bother to use their brain for thinking. Because if you think about it, you would understand that there’s no such software in the world. And never will be.

Let me give you some perspective.

If there were such software, its owners would be way richer than George Soros. He is one of the most successful investors in the world, with net worth of $25,2 billion (in 2020).

And guess what? Mr. Soros, too, loses some trades. He has failed in the past and will fail in the future as well.

Now let me ask you – how many people on Earth are richer than Georg Soros? And how many of them have got their wealth by running some Binary Options trading robot on autopilot?

Is it Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft? Or is it Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook? Michael Bloomberg?

You see how ridiculous their ‘never lost a trade’ and ‘our clients never lose’ claims are.

Lie #7: Daily Payouts Up to $27,000

Again, screenshots like the one above are meant to sweeten your signup process. However, if you bother to do the math, you understand that their claims don’t hold water.

Because, as you can see from the image, they are targeting people with a relatively small amount of money available for investing. If their trading software turns my $300 into $3,874, then what if I invest, say $30,000? Then Profits unlimited grows it into $387,400 in 24 hours.

Next step, what happens if I invest that $387,400 tomorrow.? Well, it would generate me $5,001,334 by day after tomorrow.

After investing $5 million in day three, the software would make me $64.5 million by day four. You get the point, right? The growth is exponential and goes rapidly through the roof.

Things That Mark Bromovich Says Correctly…

Even though Mark Bromovich keeps lying with a straight face, there is one thing, though, that he says correctly. Apparently, Mark tries to convince you that all other make-money-online products are nasty scams. And that ONLY THEY are the holy ones.

However, his words in the right context are prophetic. If you ever want to join Profits Infinity scam then remember these Mark’s words:

The system is rigged against… YOU! The house always wins, and you always lose.

Thank you, Mark. It cannot be said better. Thank you for bringing it out.

Final Verdict

As far as I can see, the Profits Infinity is an outright scam. They can’t hide behind anything anymore. Therefore, this is my recommendation to you: Walk straight out of the gate don’t look back. Instead, stick with something that is legit and will not rip you off.

What About You?

Now that you have read the Profits Infinity review, what do you think of the product? Is it a scam or legit?

Do you have any experience with Profits Infinity (good or bad) that you want to share?

Please leave me a comment below.

My name is Egon and I am the owner of I am a devout husband and a father of 4. Also a former missionary to Indonesia where I worked as an IT, Math, and Sci teacher; in schools that served the poor.
Now I am committed to combating online scams and helping those who want to make *honest* income online.
If you’re interested, just pop over here. You’re in for a treat.


Hello Egon, thanks for this review, very well thought out and well put together. You are extraordinary at your research, to not only be able to decipher this scam but to even find out who these people really are, and know that they are attempting to put false identities on themselves.

It leaves me speechless that scams like this aren’t banned yet, you would think that people would report that they would be getting scammed, then the perpetrator would get some sort of punishment or something, but we all live in the wild west of the internet after all.

This is a little off topic but the founder Mark Bromovich reminds me of some villain from a 1990’s action flick for some reason.

Hi Jacob. Thanks for the feedback and kind words. It is encouraging. Truth be told, it is heartbreaking to read how innocent and unaware people get hooked and victimized by shameless rip-off schemes (like here – read those complaints on the comment section). It is even more heartbraking when children get hurt.

So therefore, what I can do to combat those vile scams is write reviews like this one here – to warn and protect people from falling into those traps.

Thank you again for the comment, sir. I appreciate it a lot.

Hi there my friend,

Thank you kindly for creating and sharing this rather informative and detailed warning about an absolutely shameless scam! It is appreciated. Thanks.

Kudos and karma for saving many from losing their hard earned cash!.

There are so many scams out there I am beginning to wonder if there is actually any legitimate ways to earn and honest dollar online!

Hi Derek and thank you for the feedback. I am glad you took time to share your thoughts. As you might suspect, I often have the same feeling – like almost every opportunity you stumble across is some kind of wicked scheme.

Fortunately, there are many different ways (legit and safe ways) to make from side money to full time income online. My personal recommendation is this. Take a look!

What I like most here is the fact that it suits you even if you happen to be a complete newbie. The training has been broken down into a bite-size, simple, easy-to-follow classes. And all of these classes are very practical. Awesome! I have found them extremely useful as I also started as an utter dummy :)

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