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Mteel Com Reviews – Be A Smart Shopper, Read Post!

Mteel Com Reviews – Be A Smart Shopper, Read Post! >> Before ordering anything from this online store; checking reviews is certainly a good habit!

Need premium quality products of shoes with broader selection and excellent services? If yes, then go with, which is an online shopping store offering premium quality of products.

In Countries like the united states, it is the most popular site as most people buy premium products at the lowest price.

According to mteel com reviews, it has been found that products such as Jordon, Nikes, Adidas are available at an unbelievable price. The thing to think about is whether mteel com legit or not because the customer does believe that how a company can sell premium products at cheap price with free shipping.

About Mteel Com

It is an online shopping store where you can watch, scroll, and buy premium products of Jordon, Adidas, Nike, Yeezy shoes with secure shopping, and excellent services. It sells all the running and sneakers shoes of high brands at an unbelievable price.

Address:3111wyandottest suite 207, Kansas City, MO 6111 United State

About Shipping

There are two types of shipping methods that is firstly the worldwide free shipping method, where it provides guaranteed free shipping to online consumers. To make sure that your orders have to send timely, we sent the products directly from the warehouse. Also, for the information, their warehouses are located in the united states, the united kingdom, and Hong Kong.

Another shipping method is freight tariff, where they provide express delivery within the days less than worldwide free shipping. For this, it is evident that the customer has to pay some amount according to the distance and weight of the package.

How to Order

While purchasing firstly, you have to create an account on the , and if you have already created an account, then you have to log in. You will find that there are four brands available on the website that is Adidas, Jordan, Nike, and Yeezy. You can open, scroll, and scan full website products. With the design, you will get the prices too available in USD.

Then you can collect your choices and put it in the cart from there you can place your order. For the payment mode, you can only use your credit, debit, and all the online payment mode. They don’t give cash on delivery service.

Is Mteel Com a Geniune Online Shopping Store?

Mteel.Com is an online store which sells branded shoes of all sizes for running and also all kind of sneakers for men and women.

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But when we ask questions such as is mteel genuine or a scam, the customers do not get answers. Also, on the website, you will notice that there are no reviews of the customers.

Mteel.Com Reviews

It has been found at reviews that this website looks so amazing and attractive, but the questions arise here is which online store sell such premium products with high discount with worldwide shipping free?

Here are some reasons we think why is untrustworthy:

  • There are many anonymous things to be seen as when we search who is the developer behind this website, we don’t find any name or the contact.
  • When we try to open the address on the map, we have found that this store doesn’t exist at his place; in fact, the address belongs to another store.
  • The discount given by the website is so at an unbelievable rate or so cheap that you will feel you got a bag of gold, but when you search the prices of the same products at Amazon, you will be amazed to find the difference between there prices.
  • You will find that the website is just a copy of some other website. There is only a difference in the domain name.
  • It has also been found that this website is not even a year old.

How Can You Get Your Money Back If You Got Scammed by This Online Store?

The customers feel very sad and terrible when they complained that they got scammed by this company. So not to worry now, you got good news to recover your money with the help of MyChargeBack. It is a company that has helped a lot of people who lost their funds in online scams. You can also contact mychargeback website if you need any assistant.

Final Verdict

The Mteel Com Reviews gives all the information about the products it is selling and what are the reviews of customers. You can visit the website to learn more and get detailed information.

Hillorest Reviews 2020 – Smart Shoppers Must Read It!

Hillorest Reviews 2020 – Smart Shoppers Must Read It! >> Yes, reading about it before placing order is the habit of smart shoppers. Read to know more about it.

Want to have the best deals on many products? If yes, then check out hillorest online store where you will get every product with the best deals. According to available hillorest reviews, they provide filling cabinet for home and office, headboards, nightstands, and office and desk chairs. This online store provides the best products for the offices with the best shipping and unexceptional service for customers.

About Hillorest

To make your office and a home filled with best cabinets, relaxing headboards and comfortable chairs and desk, go with hillorest. Com. hillorestcom reviews say that they provide the best description of each product with the best deal and offers for customers. But the questions arise when customer explore the sites and notices many things which makes him or her think whether hillorest scam for people or not? The site is unusual for people as their products are attractive and force the customer to buy the products.

How to Buy

By entering , you will reach to its official site. From where if you are a new customer, then you have to create the account; if not, then you have to log in to your account.

The products available are filing cabinets for home and office, headboards, nightstands, and office and desk chairs. In each category, you will find multiple choices which you will love to buy.

According to your choices, you can fill your cart with the product which you love.While ordering, you have to pay online as there is no choice for cash on delivery. You can pay with a credit card, debit card in us dollar, EURO, AUD dollar, CAD dollar.

Pros of Hillorest.Com

The website is protected with a secure socket layer, which is a secure connection between the web server and web client on the internet.

The website has a suspicious code that shows that nothing is illegally happening or nothing is wrong as it also a good sign.

Cons of Hillorest.Com

It is necessary to get cautious when the number of external links is so less. It also shows that it is abnormal for any website that wants to get known at online platforms. These things indicate that something fishy or something wrong is going on in this website.

You will notice that most scam websites use new names the same as how hillorest has used.

The address they have placed in their contact details doesn’t exist on the map. Also, if any new scam website is designed, they wrote any address of any country as they knew many people don’t know the international places or street name because of that, they wrote anything on websites.

The next thing to notice is the return policy does not have any return address on the return policy, and they also the amount of shipping as much as your product cost, which is useless and worthless.

According to hillorest com reviews , it is advised for all the online users that it is necessary to check each and everything of untrustworthy websites as it increases the risk for not believing in other genuine online stores. Also, it makes online or ecommerce business weak.

Is Hillorest Scam or Legit for Customers?

According to hillorest reviews , it has been found that hillorest is a scam as they have written in there terms and conditions that in user comment, feedback section they are allowed to edit, modify, delete, or will not answer to any comments. And, they have written that they don’t take any responsibility for any comments written by the third party which shows this website is very untrustworthy.

Even they have also warned you by writing in terms and condition that we agree from time to time, they may remove the service without prior notice.

They have written so many things in a sarcastic way which show they are creating scam for new users.


According to valan, she says that their products are misllenieous, and the images provided by them are also not the same as she ordered the chair, but the product quality is excellent.

Final Verdict

The Hillorest Reviews provides all the information about the products the company is presenting with every single detail. The reviews given by Hillorest.Com Reviews have also shown that the website is a scam for new customers as there terms and conditions is showing that they are not responsible for anything. In the end, it is highly recommended for abroad customers not to buy or if buy then on there on conditions as reviews are showing more negative comments about the website. It is only benefited for United states people so that they can trace the place and their packages.

For every new customer, if they are buying products from the online store, it is highly recommended that they should check the terms and conditions before purchasing any products and should also read their reviews from the available websites. reviews – Smart shopper Should Read This! reviews – Smart shopper Should Read This! >> Here, you will read information that is must to know before shopping over this website! Read first than order!

Are you looking for an online store to have designer shoes at reasonable rates? If yes, you must have heard about Valuedshoes. Your presence over this web-page indicates that you were searching for reading some reviews posted by experts and customers. Well, this post will give you a conclusive idea of all such reviews and expert remarks over this online store.

Table of Contents

What is

The is an online shop to sell the products at reasonable rates. You can visit the website to find the latest and eye-catching collections of clothes and footwear. You can find different deals; offers and discounts are provided to the customers frequently. New users of customers are also given discounts, which seems like a way to attract people to purchase items from the store.

Is a scam or legit?

It is an international online fashion store, and it is a website protected by SSL (https), which protects the visitors from middle man attackers and provides the encrypted channel. There is no suspicious code that can interrupt the service. It offers different products to wear following the ongoing latest trends. The products include jeans, sweaters, shoes, pumps& heels, sandals. domain registered since Oct 22, 2020. It delivers to The United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada.

You can reach the customer support at [email protected], which claims to revert to the customer’s mail within 24 hours. We visited the website and gone through the various collections available on their site.

In this competitive world, the business aims to make money only. These companies can do anything to make money, whether it is acceptable or not. It has become challenging to differentiate between reliable and unreliable companies. Every marketing company claims that their priority is customer’s satisfaction, but it is your responsibility to test and their loyalty and so that you do not suffer in any situation.

About Return Policy of valuedshoes mentions the easy returns process on their website. But we must realize that no one says the dark side of their business. Beware of fraudulent and scams because they are the sour faces of the corporative sector. Return phase is also an essential aspect of sales because it increases the sale and trust of customers on the brand they are purchasing from. When a customer does not as the product received, they could opt for returns. Every online shop features this policy with their terms and conditions apply. Usually, the images uploaded on the websites have undergone many editing. So it is evident that the product that customer gets are somehow different than they viewed on the site. For this, return policy is very crucial because it assures the customer that they can take a chance by purchasing it online because they can return it if you don’t like the product or have any other issue related to that product.

The customer needs to contact support at [email protected] for any issue regarding any

service issue. They can also raise the return query directly through their account on the website. The company has to make sure that the customers get smooth returns so that they face less trouble and leaves good feedback about the company.

Customers should read valued shoes website reviews written by those who experienced the purchase from that store. Generally, people go through feedbacks and reviews. It helps to judge the brand and the product quality along with the service which they provide.

Can you trust

We always keep doubts in our minds that we should trust the online store or not. It increases doubt that the domain is just a few months ago. Building trust in customers takes a longer time than this. The domain’s life is expected to be short. The domain name is linked to various countries. If we calculate the trust, it scores very poorly. We got more negative feedbacks as compared to positive feedback.

Do before purchasing from an online store

  • Go through the website and read and analyze as much as you can.
  • Search everything from different websites and various sources.
  • Ask your friends and people you know and take their opinions about the company
  • Going through social media posts where people share their good or bad experiences about the product.

Final Verdict

After reading all the reviews, we must say that we all can find various ways to make money and run a business. Are people facing such scams fool, or are they just careless and ignore to give time in researching a brand name? People are busy balancing between their professional and personal life. They save their time, which is the invitation to stuck into a scam and fraudulent.

We have come across cases where people lost their money and felt deceived by this brand. They don’t even receive their product delivered. This is so heartbreaking to know that these types of online stores get a license for their business. Why are they not reported as a fraud who are running a scam, not a company? They don’t even respond to the emails of customers who were complaining about the product quality, the wrong item delivered, longer shipping duration is taken. What should a customer do in this case? Should they ignore that incident? If the customer ignores it, it would have been a big mistake. If you raise your voice against such scams, it will make it more accessible for others to decide if they want to purchase from this store.

We have also read people mentioning in their valued shoes website reviews that they were charged more money for the return process, which costs them more than the price of the product, which is unethical in terms of business. Don’t make yourself stand in the row of people who are deceived. Be smart, and stay away from such scams. Only you can value your money and always protect your known ones from sticking into this scam. All the buyers shouldn’t give a chance to these cheats to make you fall into the trap. It is your responsibility to alert yourself and avoid reaching to fake brands who are just showing that they care about the customers and lying about their authenticity. Alert yourself and beware of fraudulent, which has the aim to snatch money from your pockets and increase their bank balance.

Shopify Reviews

557 • Bad

Write a review

Write a review

Reviews 557

Bully, Thug, Callous – 3 Adjectives to Describe

Shopify deleted my store, with no warning. I was completely bullied, harassed, and victimized by an unscrupulous member of their risk management team who was on a major power trip. I called customer service 3 times: all 3 times, the customer service agent was very pleasant but basically powerless to do anything at all because of “lack of knowledge”; “inability to see system”; etc. I was told to simply respond back to Micheal the bully and ask correspond with him. Which is really not a good enough response at all.

At this point in time, for someone to be allowed to arbitarily close your store with no justification; is completely and utterly unacceptable. People are losing their jobs across the US and the world; and, this unscrupulous Shopify person has been allowed to pull the rug from under my business because he has a personal issue with me. He is spineless and spiteful. However, blame Shopify for giving the likes of Micheal the latitude to do something like this. There is clearly no oversight whatsoever; and people in Shopify can do whatever they want to do, whenever they want to do it.

So. buyers beware. I would HIGHLY recommend using another platform where you have a lot more control over your livelihood. Shopify and its team are dangerous and could not give a toss. So, be VERY CAREFUL. USE ANOTHER PLATFORM. I can not stress this enough.

NOTHING is free with Shoify

NOTHING is free with Shoify! You pay for everything, the upsells are crazy. The worst part about it is the super long wait times to talk with somebody over the phone. I get it theres a nationwide pandemic, but you claim to have hundreds of customer reps around the world, WHERE? They just want your money folks, Im trying to make some buck in dropshipping but their pricing really takes a hit on your pockets.

Washing their hands of fraud

Washing their hands of fraud
I purchased an item via the Shopify platform only to have the shop that I purchased it from miraculously disappear from the platform and all tracking links for my order to stop working. I reached out to Shopify hoping for their assistance but received a mixture of deflecting template answers along the lines of “we are only a platform”, “we can’t provide you with any information about the process”. I appreciate that there are data protection laws in place, I didn’t want the address of the seller but their whole attitude of “people can commit fraud on our website and we don’t care” is a sad business model and terrible display of customer service. They need to take more responsibility for actions occurring on their platform and stop hiding behind ridiculous excuse templates.

I want my money Back I been looking for…

I want my money Back I been looking for my order four 3 months

The company I ordered from did not…

The company I ordered from did not exist. They just steal.

Rip offs

Scammers should not be allowed on the net. People work hard for their money. If the items that were supposed to be promised for the money were not needed all of these good people would not have ordered the items represented. I surely am going to advise my friends to stay as far away from this website as possible.

I got scamme for my bed it’s ok I got a…

I got scamme for my bed it’s ok I got a lawyer on this case I am coming to get you for stilling money from people I will bring you to justice your baster I work hard for my money I don’t still it to make rich like you I won’t stop to I get you for it everything you stole from people I will get every penny for pain and suffering

Worst service ever

Worst service ever, not reliable at all. After placing a payment for the subscription is currently unavailable. So funny when it happens already 3 times and you send 4 weeks on emails.

DO NOT USE Shopify

I’ve given some time to write this review because my partners and I were extremely shocked, blind-sided and beyond frustrated by how Shopify treated our stores.

First, our goal was too start building two Shopify stores over the course of 3-6 months which would not sell any products. Only have an updated blog (every week) so we can start generating organic traffic using our SEO techniques for our industry (Decor & Furniture). We completed our first store (with only the blog and home page) in the beginning of December of 2020. Our Shopify plan we were paying every month was their $79.99 plan. We also were paying for some Facebook and Instagram ads from December until the beginning of February for our pre-launch campaign (to generate subscribers and identify a relevant target market). So, by the end of January, everything was working smoothly and we were starting to see some organic growth with our SEO techniques being used on our updates blog. Because it was working we decided to launch our second store (with the same type of products, only in a different country). Everything was the same. The second store had no products being sold and only had a blog and home page (with the blog being updated frequently). What happened next, is absolutely UNBELIEVABLE. When editing our second site, the site all-of-sudden became unavailable. I could not login to the sites editor nor could I even login to the dashboard. So I contacted Shopify via their chat option to ask what the issue was (Remember at this point the first store we started in December was still up). The customer support representative told me that the account has been forwarded to their risk department and that I should wait until they inform me of what the issue(s) are. So I waited patiently. Two days later I received an email from the risk department stating that our Shopify store has been officially closed and they could not even tell us why they shut our store down. To give you a better idea of our business. 1. We are not a drop shipping store
2. We manufacture and design all of our products internally
3. We do not create or sell illegal products (we make home decor and furniture products)
4. We did not violate any of the terms and conditions which Shopify states for all their merchant stores (I’ve read through it multiple times and have understood we didn’t do anything to violate these terms set out by Shopify).

Now remember, this happened 4 months after Shopify has been collecting payments from both of our stores (one store being 4 months of payments. the other store being 1 month of payment).

So my next action was to call Shopify’s number you speak to them directly. The person who I spoke with told me there was nothing she could do and that if the risk department says they made a final decision to close the store then this is final. She only had one recommendation, which was to email the risk department back (which I did). The risk department replied the next day and said they’re not at liberty to disclose any information on why they closed our store.

During this situation (the same day they closed our newest store), I checked our first store we opened in December to see if it also got shut down. And it was. We were completely shocked at why this happened but also Shopify’s complete and utter-lack of effort / nor showing any professionalism whatsoever to inform us of the problems they had with our store. You would think that after being a paying customer at least they would have the curtesy of informing us of why this happened. But they didn’t.

Imagine our stores were making money and selling products?! This situation would be much EXTREMELY worse.

We are extremely put-off that Shopify had the capability of shutting down our store down w/o even speaking to us about fixing any problems that they had.

Do NOT use Shopify. They have no respect for your hard-work, time and money you give in creating a store with them and they have no problem shutting you down w/o any explanation on why.

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