Sofiawears Review Is a Scam or Legit Shoe Store

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How to Spot Fake Shoe Websites: 8 Ways to Tell Legit Sites

It has never been easier to shop for shoes online. Sadly, it also has never been easier to create a fake website. To help protect fellow shoe lovers from these scammers, we put together this guide on how to tell if the website you’re shopping on is only out to rip you off.

You don’t even need to do a Whois search, a domain name registration check, or anything technical. The following 8 red flags should already tip you off that a website is a scam right at first glance. We’ll also show you websites to avoid and the 10 best shoe stores online!

1. The URL looks wrong or suspicious

You can’t expect a legitimate transaction to happen from a website with a URL that reads “cheapdesignershoes,” “designershoeswholesale,” or “brand-name-shoes-outlet.” However, some scam websites have gotten creative.

In the image below, you can see how they have worked around the suspicious URL problem by using other seemingly innocent-looking albeit non-shopping-related URLs. If you click on them, they redirect to another website, which is a clear sign that a shopping website is fake.

2. The website uses poor English

If a shopping website makes you ask if you’re on an online store or, then you should probably close the tab. No legitimate e-commerce site would publish misspellings and bad grammar. Valid sites would put more effort into the product names, descriptions, and overall content.

Stay away from a website that instructs you to get your shoe size like this:

There’s a lot more leeway for mistakes in the product feedback, but be suspicious if a buyer reviews “sexy red stiletto heel platform shoes” when the actual item is a pair of polka-dotted pumps.

3. The product images are stolen

If the photos of the products a site is selling are not uniform, it’s a big, flashing red sign that they were just taken from other websites. Legitimate websites use their own images taken by their own photographers. Fake websites, on the other hand, just take images off the internet.

Below are two examples of images that were obviously lifted from other websites. We’ve been shoppers at Neiman Marcus for a long time, so we know that the shoe images on the left are theirs. In the image on the right, you can even still see the celebrity cropped out of the original pic.

Scam sites also typically offer many of the same products using the same pictures.

4. They don’t accept credit cards

It’s very easy to copy and paste credit card images on a website, but on fake ones, they are only there for show. Scammers don’t like credit card payments because credit card companies can give the customer his/her money back if a dispute is filed.

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Watch out for a website that accepts Western Union and Moneygram. Through those anonymous direct cash payment services, scammers can run away with your money scot-free.

5. The deals are too good to be true

Limited edition, out-of-production Christian Louboutins for $205? Get outta here! No, seriously, get out of the website.

The shoes sent to you will most likely be pirated or fake, that is if they are even sent to you at all. The old adage prevails: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

6. The contact email addresses are free ones

You don’t even have to contact a website that uses a free Hotmail email account to know that it’s fake. If they provide a phone number, call during business hours to check if anyone answers.

If they provide a street address, look it up on Google Maps to see if a business at that location really exists. Be wary if a website only has a contact form and provides no contact information whatsoever.

7. The site’s payment or checkout page does not begin with “https.”

Any kind of payment, checkout, or shopping cart page must have a URL that starts with “https.” If a website asks you to fill out a form and the URL for that page only begins with “http,” don’t enter anything and exit that page immediately.

On unsecured pages, anyone can hack your information, and you can stand to lose a lot more than just your hard-earned cash.

A reputable shoe retailer like Zappos has been mentioned millions of times on the Internet. Try looking up the retailer that you’re planning to buy from. You should quickly be able to get an idea of how long the website has been around and which websites are linking to it.

Examples of Fake Shoe Websites

Be extremely careful if you intend to purchase shoes from the following websites. They are known to steal product images from other retailers and the shoes are often knockoffs of poor quality from China.

  1. Dresswe
  2. Shoespie
  3. DHgate
  4. AliExpress
  5. Tidebuy
  6. FSJ Shoes
  7. Mollyca
  8. Sandkini
  9. Joy Shoetique
  10. Chellysun
  11. Chic Me
  12. Make Me Chic
  13. TBdress
  14. Pearlzone
  15. Coochic
  16. Joygos
  17. J20Style
  18. Storenvy
  19. Putshy
  20. Elegant Shoe Girl
  21. Bagsincart
  22. MeetYoursFashion
  23. Calceus (always be suspicious of retailers using .org domains)
  24. Yokest Shoes
  25. Gift Her Shoes (Gifthershoes)
  26. Sneaker Wholesale
  27. Lazajoy
  28. Pearlfeet
  29. Yeesone
  30. Teacalgary
  31. Oxanne
  32. A.M.Z Shoes (Amzshoes)
  33. Ameliazz
  34. Tristta
  35. Kaaum
  36. Honey Star

Is Yokest Shoes a legit website?

Registered in China in March 2020, Yokest Shoes appears to be a scam website. They use product images that are copied from other retailers. The company behind Yokest Shoes also operates Lazajoy, which is another site you should stay away from.

Are Pearlfeet and Pearlzone legit companies?

No, they are not. The reviews are horrible and both websites (likely owned by the same company) do their best to hide the identity of their owners.

Where is Gifthershoes based?

As of March 2020, Gifthershoes is no longer in business. The company shipped shoes of extremely low quality from China.

Is Yeesone a legitimate company?

No, it’s definitely a scam. The fraudsters behind Yeesone also operate a number of other websites including Teacalgary, Oxanne, Ameliazz, and Tristta.

Are Kaaum shoes any good?

No, the reviews of Kaaum are awful. We’ve not read a single good review about this company.

If you purchase from a fake shoe website, please note that it’s possible that you’ll get a shoe of some kind. However, we can almost guarantee that you will be disappointed. Don’t end up like the lady below!

A racegoer suffers a broken heel during day one of Royal Ascot at Ascot Racecourse on June 19, 2020, in Ascot, England

Best Online Shoe Stores

While we think Nordstrom is the best shoe store online, there are hundreds of legitimate retailers to choose from.

To make your shoe shopping experience way easier, we’ll show you the 10 best online shoe stores to start your shoe shopping:

This company is not yet accredited. See reviews below to learn more or submit your own review.

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So, I was concerned after reading the negative score here, but I had already ordered. There was nothing I could do but wait AND READ what the Negative Nancies were complaining about. I began to feel better after reading the substance of the complaints – there really wasn’t much there. I ordered a pair of 1460 Dr. Martens on 2 Jan. I got a confirmation e-mail in 30 min. I got shipping confirmation the next day. I received exactly what I expected about an hour ago (7 Jan). My experience was positive, the boots are authentic, and I saved about $30. Don’t swear it. The site is owned by Walmart and fully legit.

Like all the other positive reviews, I was very skeptical purchasing shoes from this website. simply because the negatives far outweighed the positive reviews. However, after reading the recent good experiences people had I decided to take a chance and I am so glad I did! I got this special collection shoe for my younger sister and it is exactly as described. I must say I have never ever in my life left a review for a product but given 1.6 star rating, I felt that they deserved better recognition. Immediately after ordering I received a email confirmation and the charge was only pending in my account.

Upon shipment, my account was charged (as stated on their website). I became slightly concerned when I never received a shipping confirmation email and I started considering ways to cancel the order. However, I found a spot on their site where I could type in my order number and I was able to check the status of my order. Much to my surprise, the order had already been shipped and there was a UPS tracking number that I could follow. Everything about my order was very transparent, there were no hiccups, and I’m very glad I can surprise my sister with these shoes.

Thank you, you have successfully subscribed to our newsletter! Enjoy reading our tips and recommendations.

My husband ordered my running shoes off this site, after finding an amazing deal. After he placed the order, and the money was immediately debited from our account, he still hadn’t received a confirmation email, so began to research the site. Right away we started freaking out after reading all the horrible reviews. We made a call the bank and try to cancel the transaction, as it was after hours for the company and we couldn’t get through. Our bank wasn’t able to cancel, but told us that if we were unable to cancel the order with the company, or any other problems with the transaction, they would be able to open a dispute for us and get our money back.

The next day my husband was able to get a hold of the company and they sent a confirmation email right away. Still, we had all the reviews we read in the back of our minds, and still weren’t too sure how this would turn out for us, but did take a gamble as we did read SOME good reviews. The shoes shipped within a day or 2 of placing the order. I’ve read other reviews that said the shoes they received were ‘Chinese knock-offs’, so I made sure to look up detailed photos of the shoe we ordered to compare when my order arrived, and my order actually shipped from Louisville, KY, so that also calmed our nerves.

The shoes arrived in the original Saucony box, and looked brand new. They are NOT knock offs. Aside from the anxiety from the bad reviews we read about the site/company, we had a VERY GOOD experience. We felt it was necessary to write this review, due to so many bad reviews that we did want to let other potential buyers know that the site is not all bad.

Like many others on this review site, I had actually bought the shoes before checking the site if it was trustworthy or not and I was very afraid of what I was going to get. After I placed my order it took awhile for my confirmation email to send but when I got it, I realized I put the address in wrong. I was so stressed out and I tried to see if I could get UPS to correct the address since all the reviews said that the customer service was very bad. Ups told me that they couldn’t update the address for me so I called number hoping to be able to fix it. The lady on the phone was very helpful and understanding with me and she was able to change the address for me right away.

The shoes I got were actually Dr Martens for my friend last Christmas and I chose the write a review almost a year later because I remembered how bad the reviews were when I decided to buy a pair for myself. Despite all of the bad reviews here about the bad service and everything, I personally look here for cheaper prices before I buy from anywhere else and when my friend received his shoes, they were in perfect condition and he was really happy with them. Please give this site a try instead of reading all the bad reviews and decide not to. It could save an extra buck or two.


161 • Bad

Write a review

Write a review

Reviews 161

Awful Customer Service 0 Stars had terrible customer service. I purchased a pair of Doc Martens in the wrong size and I wanted to exchange them, but when I called they told me that I had to purchase the shoes again in order to exchange. The customer service was horrible and I could not understand the customer service agent because of his thick accent. Do not purchase here.

Canadians stay away

Canadians stay away! I got hit with a customs COD of over $120 to get the package. At first I refused delivery and asked for refund but was told the goods could not be returned so I had to accept or they would be destroyed.

Don’t know what this company did, but I always order stuff including shoes like this time from the states and have never paid additional duties. Feels like a big scam.

Stay away

Stay away! I tried to make an exchange, and they charged me for the new shoes and then claimed that returned shoes were worn and damaged and wouldn’t give me my money back. I wore them long enough to try them on and even then the shoes were so small and stiff that I couldn’t even get my feet into them! I asked the customer service “ “manager” (after speaking with 4 other “managers” all in a call center in India) if we are allowed to try on the shoes and she said “yes of course” to which I said well then why would you consider what I did with them wearing them? She didn’t have an answer. This is a scam to sell off damaged or defective merchandise. Sell it at a discount and when the customer realizes they can’t wear it the company claims it’s been worn or damaged and won’t accept the return. Stay. Away.

DO NOT BUY from!

Worst company ever! I should have checked their reviews the way I normally check prior to purchasing. This company has the most unjust, worst customer service you could possibly receive. Buyer beware! If you buy from them and the shoes don’t fit, they charge a restocking fee unless you buy another pair. So I did buy another pair, sent the first pair back, and they have refused to give me my money back! My son wore them for less than an hour to see if they would work and they were too tight. So they say they are “worn”. WORST COMPANY EVER! I’m making this public so share it, folks. They are awful!

I ordered a pair of original muck boots…

I ordered a pair of original muck boots for my toddlers I choose to go with bc the price of the boots where around $55 with free shipping and Amazon had them for $80. So I placed my order on a friday didn’t pay extra to get them faster and they arrived on Tuesday. This is my first time ordering from them everything went smoothly. Shoes where exactly what the picture was and awesome. I would definitely order again. I felt it was necessary to write this review bc of all the negative ones. I had an awesome experience with this company.


BUYER BEWARE. This is company is shady, they say free returns back and forth and they charge a restock fee. Not only that but I wore my shoes in the house for 1 day and returned for a refund and they send the shoes back saying they looked worn. I called customer service and get nothing except sorry and we can give you 15 percent off something else. I told them that lots of companies send stuff for you to try and honor the return/refund. nothing so I am done with I have been buying shoes since 2020 and lots of orders and this is how they treat you.

I ordered some shoes on on…

I ordered some shoes on on February 4. Today, February 18 I called and after 4 attempts to get through, to check on the status of my order, I found out that that my shoes were never ordered and that I would have never received them. I suppose I would have never have been contacted and I would have been out my $87 had I not called to check the status of my order. Not too happy with Plus, I really wanted the shoes.

I bought a $150 pair of Hokus at…

I bought a $150 pair of Hokus at I wore them for an hour inside the gym in my exercise class and found they did not work. I had recycled the box and it was a little bit smashed. But for that kind of money I figured it would be fine, I packaged it up and sent it back. After numerous phone calls being told I would have my money in 24 to 48 hours I finally asked to talk to a customer service representative. I was then told that my shoes were not returnable. I filed a complaint with the better business . They eventually mailed the shoes back to me and both times they arrived at an address miles away from me and the woman was kind enough to bring the shoes to my house. I will never buy from them again.

I ordered a pair of shoes a while back

I ordered a pair of shoes a while back. They were too big so I sent them back immediately to get a refund.They sent the shoes back to me and I asked them why. They lied to me and tried to tell me that they were worn. Completely total lie.Oh wait! I did try them on to see if they fit.So I was standing o solid ground. What a horrible company to order from never again.


Let’s start with the don’t even know the merchandise. They sold me shoes I didn’t buy! Because they don’t look to see that running shoes come in more than one variety?
So I called about it, having noticed it after wearing them a grand total of an ten minutes and instantly noticing this was not my beloved ASICS GT-2000, but instead the GT-2000 Twist. No good for my feet.
Nope, they won’t let me rerun them. Yes, I should have probably noticed that small detail when everything else appeared identical and they actually sold the shoe as the model I was expecting.
Now here’s some fun info: I purchased the shoes through a rebate site (Rakuten).
After my call to customer service I noticed my cash back had gone down. When I reached out to ask why, Rakuten told me reported the shoes as returned. SO shady.
Now I’m stuck with useless shoes that hurt my feet.
I will never shop with this company again.

I received a pair of shoes that were…

I received a pair of shoes that were too small. I returned them in the original box (I didn’t realized I had to put them inside another box). They claimed the box was damaged and wouldn’t accept my return. The shoes were never worn and in perfect condition; and what they claimed was damaged was a label on the box I was able to peal off with no problem. A manager was supposed to call me back and instead sent an email so I called again. When I received a call back the manager was rude and I will not purchase from this website again. I said that I have never received such terrible customer service and the manager said, “well now you have.” IF I COULD GIVE ZERO STARS I WOULD!

Does not honor exchange policy- poor customer service

I have ordered from this site several times and did not have an issue until I needed to return several items purchased for my kids for Christmas. Unfortunately I ended up with 4 pairs of shoes that were too small. I went on the website and chose to exchange these items for the correct size. To get a refund for exchanges, you need to purchase the new items first, then return the other items using a label that is sent via email. Once receives the items they will issue a refund. Per their policy “All original packaging should be included. Place the shoes in the original shoe box and ship the shoe box back in a separate shipping box (either the original delivery box or a shipping box with no other exposed labels)”.

What is not mentioned is that they consider the shoe box part of the product and if you ship back the product using only the shoe box they will not honor the refund because taping the box and putting a shipping label on it is considered a “damaged product”. I now have spent hundreds of dollars on shoes that don’t fit as well as new shoes thinking I was going to be refunded. I escalated my concern to two managers over the phone who offered no assistance as well as an email to customer service which was unanswered. It is unfortunate that the company would rather spend the money to ship these items back to me and lose a customer than to repackage and resell. I suppose it does not matter since they were already paid for 8 pairs of shoes.

Sofiawears Review: Is a Scam or Legit Shoe Store?

14808 Shepard St # 700

Omaha , NE 68138-4416

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14808 Shepard St # 700

Omaha , NE 68138-4416

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Accredited Since : 7/15/2020

Years in Business : 14

BBB Rating

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Customer Complaints Summary

6 total complaints in the last 3 years

of those, 1 complaints were closed in last 12 months

Complaint Type
Advertising/Sales 1
Billing/Collections 0
Delivery Issues 3
Guarantee/Warranty 0
Problem with a Product or Service 2
Totals 6

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When considering complaint information, please take into account the company’s size and volume of transactions, and understand that the nature of complaints and a firm’s responses to them are often more important than the number of complaints.

BBB Business Profiles generally cover a three-year reporting period. BBB Business Profiles are subject to change at any time. If you choose to do business with this business, please let the business know that you contacted BBB for a BBB Business Profile.

As a matter of policy, BBB does not endorse any product, service or business.

Kakimoda Reviews – Is This Shoe Store Legit or Not?

Kakimoda Reviews – Is This Shoe Store Legit or Not? >> This post will give answers to all your question s. Read review before placing order.

Internet is flooded with e-commerce websites based on electronics, gadgets, and apparel. If you search, several e-commerce giants are selling all kind of products and items, but what about footwear and handbags? For that, you need fully dedicated online footwear and handbag stores like Kakimoda, which provides you wide ranges of footwear, including sandals, shoes, long boots, and many more.

It is easy to choose the site if it is dedicated to only one section like, for example, if it is for attires and wears or if it is for toys or footwear. Kakimoda shoes are considered as the best option. It has varieties of footwear for men and women; you name it they have it.

For more information you can kakimoda reviews , the website is offering substantial discounts on footwear. The cuts are dependent upon how much product you order. You can request any designer footwear at least and affordable price, which is a crucial factor in this online fashionable footwear store.

Table of Contents

What is Kakimoda?

Kakimoda is online fashionable footwear store which is popular in the United State . Kakimoda allows you to choose any footwear at a discounted price. Kakimoda has varieties of footwear ranges; you can select the size and color according to your choice. They have sneakers, high ankle boots for women, high heel tassel boots, sandals, and many more. Kakimoda also sells sweatshirts, sweaters, bags, and cardigans for women.

They run weekly sales and end season sales also in which you can get any footwear at least price to compare to any other online store or even from any market price. The online store is more for women than men; for women, they have several varieties of flower printed, leopard printed, and funky looking sweaters and handbags.

The handbag section of the Kakimoda website has numerous designs of beautiful handbags, which include chain bag, original buckle leather shoulder bag, waist pocket bag, and fashion kit bags. The varieties of handbags can choose the best out of bests.

Currently, they are running two new offers; one is the 2020 sale, 65% off, and discount clearance. Under this section, you will get 65% off on pullovers, shoes, and bags, and you will also get a chance to get discount clearance products at a very cheap and compatible rate, which is a good option for customers.

Features and Benefits (Pros and cons)

kakimoda is an online shopping store mainly for women where you can buy all the wearable products from sweaters to shoes and from bags to cardigans. Each site has its pros and cons; you can also read the kakimoda website reviews for more detail. However elaborating about this website, the features are:

  • One of the best online shopping store mainly for women
  • You can get thousands of designer handbag and shoulder bag option
  • You can get thousands of varieties of shoes, sneakers, high ankle boots, leather boots, and printed boots.
  • Discounts on the products increases as your number of product increases, which is the best option available.
  • IF you buy five pieces of any products, you will get that 5th product at a 100% OFF.
  • They also deliver products outside the country and provide free shipping if on a minimum of 4pc.
  • No cash on delivery option available, which is somehow is not good marketing if the company wants to gain the trust of new customers.
  • Delivery of the item take long process times, which is sometimes makes consumer irritate.
  • No exchange or return after one hour of placing the order, you must have to call customer care for the information about the transaction or replacement of the product.

Return and Exchange Policy

The company follows some primary return and exchange policies which are:-

  • You can place your order by using any online transaction card like Debit Card, Credit Card, or pay pal.
  • The company is not responsible if you want to exchange or return the product after one hour of placing the product.
  • Return and exchange will only be accepted if the product is damaged, tampered, or in case of wrong items or if the wrong size in footwear or apparels has been received.
  • No shipping charges on purchasing any Footwear or wears.

Shipping policy

  • The company also takes order from outside the country
  • For outside of the United States , the shipping charger will be applicable as per the weight of the combined pieces and import tax applied by the receiving country.
  • For America, NZ, and Australia, if you order more than four pieces, then no shipping charges will be charged.
  • Other than America, NZ, Canada, and Australia, the shipping charges will be $5.

Customer reviews:

19-year-old Malcom says

I ordered two high ankle boots for my sister, and the product came after 15 days of placement. Although the product is right and in excellent condition, but I am not impressed with the delivery time.

32-year-old Linda says

I placed and order of one leopard printed handbag and one leather printed ankle shoes 20 days back. Still waiting for the order and don’t know when going to receive it. Payment is already made then why you people are not delivering the product are you making us fool. I want my money back.

44-year-old Alex says

I am happy with the product I received; I ordered one red color sneaker, which is absolute suits my style. But one thing I noticed in the kakimoda shoes reviews and all faced the same situation what I met, and that is the late arrival of the product. I received the item on the 19th day since I ordered.

Final Verdict

The article is related to the information about kakimoda, which is an online shopping store mainly for women, although they also offer shoes for men. The social media presence and website address is a good sign of legitimacy, but many customer complaints about not getting the delivery of the product. We neither support nor provoking against the website. All the information is solely upon the information available on the internet and customer reviews and feedback.

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