StsRoyal Review Is A Scam Broker

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StsRoyal Review – is it scam or safe?

Trading Accounts and Conditions

Trading account Min. deposit Max. leverage Spread
Intro $250 N/A 0.4 pips + commission
Trial $2 000 N/A N/A
Standard $10 000 N/A N/A
3rd Trier $25 000 N/A N/A
Corporate $150 000 N/A N/A

StsRoyal is an offshore forex and CFD broker that seems to focus on trading in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Although the broker is not licensed to offer any financial services on regulated markets like the European Union, they obviously do, as the company behind it has already been blacklisted by several EU financial regulators. Read all details below.

StsRoyal Advantages

Huge selection of assets

The only potential benefit of StsRoyal we could think of is the wide range of financial instruments available for trade. Its product portfolio includes forex pairs from all over the world, and various CFDs – on indices, commodities, stocks, and, of course, many digital assets.

In spite of this, we would advise crypto enthusiasts among you to trade either on a major exchange, or with a trusted and licensed forex broker.

StsRoyal Disadvantages

No legit license

According to their presentation, StsRoyal is a trading name of Capital Letter GbmH, a company registered in the Marshall Islands. This is an offshore zone where forex brokers do not fall under any regulatory oversight. This constitutes a major security concern for potential clients of StsRoyal, who have no guarantee for their investment and may be open to substantial risk. The offshore registration also means that this broker is not entitled to operate on any regulated financial market, such as the EU, US, Canada, Japan, etc. Yet, many offshore brokers illegally target traders in these jurisdictions, and it seems that StsRoyal is no exception to that.

Company blacklisted by the FSMA & CONSOB

We found out that Belgium’s Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) has blacklisted the broker, warning investors that it is not licensed by it and might be involved in cryptocurrency fraud. Besides, the other brand of Capital Letter GbmH, STSCrypto, was flagged by the Italian financial regulator CONSOB. These are clear warning signs that the people behind these brokerage brands are running some sort of investment scam.

No clarity on spreads, nor the nature of the broker’s services

Furthermore, StsRoyal doesn’t offer demo accounts, nor has specified essential parts of its offer, such as reference spreads, leverage levels provided, transfer and commission fees, etc. We always view this as a huge negative, because it means that the broker is transparent about its services and pricing.

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MetaTrader not supported

Like many other unregulated crypto CFD brokers, StsRoyal offers its services on some unproven web-based platform. The platform seems easy to use, but lacks many of the advanced features of the good old MetaTrader4 (MT4), such as great charting, MQL marketplace, automated trading via Expert Advisors, and more.

StsRoyal’s web platform. Click on the image to view larger.


StsRoyal is one of the many crypto CFD brokers that keep popping up on financial markets, trying to get advantage of the already fading glory of Bitcoin and other digital assets. The broker does not hold a valid license, and was blacklisted by Belgium’s FSMA. This should be enough to prevent anyone from opening an account with StsRoyal – most likely we are dealing with scammers.

Unfortunately, the forex and cryptocurrency markets are plagued with fraudsters, and the only way to trade safely is to only deal with entities holding licenses from reputable financial regulators like UK’s FCA, or Cyprus’ CySEC (in Europe). These regulatory agencies require compliance with a number of strict rules that give significant assurance for the security of the clients funds.

And finally, here are the highlights of the present review of StsRoyal:

Pros Cons
Huge selection of assets No financial regulation
Company blacklisted by several EU regulators
Zero clarity on trading conditions
MetaTrader not supported
Broker Advantages

FXTM a regulated forex broker (regulated by CySEC, FCA and FSC), offering ECN trading on MT4 an MT5 platforms. Traders can start trading with as little as $10 and take advantage of tight fixed and variable spreads, flexible leverage and swap-free accounts.

XM is broker with great bonuses and promotions. Currently we are loving its $30 no deposit bonus and deposit bonus up to $5000. Add to this the fact that it’s EU-regulated and there’s nothing more you can ask for.

FXCM is one of the biggest forex brokers in the world, licensed and regulated on four continents. FXCM wins our admirations with its over 200,000 active live accounts and daily trading volumes of over $10 billion.

FxPro is a broker we are particularly keen on: it’s regulated in the UK, offers Metatrader 4 (MT4) and cTrader – where the spreads start at 0 pips, Level II Pricing and Full Market Depth. And the best part? With FxPro you get negative balance protection.

FBS is a broker with cool marketing and promotions. It runs an loyalty program, offers a $100 no-deposit bonus for all new clients outside EU willing to try out its services, and an FBS MasterCard is also available for faster deposits and withdrawals.

FxChoice is a IFSC regulated forex broker, serving clients from all over the world. It offers premium trading conditions, including high leverage, low spreads and no hedging, scalping and FIFO restrictions.

HotForex is a EU Regulated broker, offering wide variety of trading accounts, including Auto, Social and Zero spread accounts. The minimum intial deposit for a Micro account is only $50 and is combined with 1000:1 leverage – one of the highest in the industry.

StsRoyal Review: Awful Forex Scam

StsRoyal Review: Awful Forex Scam


Last Updated: Jan 29, 2020 @ 12:38 pm

StsRoyal ( is another Crypto Currency scam platform to hit the lucrative trading world. Sts Royal is purporting to offer a platform where traders can exchange, and invest in their platform. STS ROYAL is claiming to be an innovative, reliable, and simple place to enjoy Crypto Currency trading. And this is where we insist you be careful with this platform. Read this genuine and honest STSROYAL Review for more details.

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StsRoyal Review

After receiving numerous email complaints from members of this platform, we knew trouble was brewing. How can over twenty members be having the same issue with one broker? It seems these members have been blocked from accessing their accounts for no reason. And it seems this is a habit the broker has with anyone with a balance of over $500. Scam artists are known to use these types of tricks to fleece funds from investors. Before you sign up, you need to know the truth.

StsRoyal is operating under false pretense and this is how they manage to stay off the radar. Professional scam artists are known to create cloned websites just to steal from unsuspecting investors. Before signing up, these fraudsters will call you using their agents to try and fool you. They are adding a human touch to make the fraud appear legit. Beware of their call agents who only call when they need money from you. STSROYAL is another Crypto trading scam platform to avoid.

About StsRoyal Review

Capital Letter GbmH is the company claiming to be the owners of this platform. Disclaimer at the bottom of their homepage reads they are based in the Marshall Islands. By their own admission, StsRoyal is an offshore brokerage house which can’t be trusted with funds for obvious reasons. To open an account with this broker, you are required to give out your personal details. Account opening takes less than five minutes and this is where the problem starts. We recommend you stay away from this platform.

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Another shocking revelation with this offshore broker is in regards to ownership. Anonymity is a scammer’s best friend and this is what StsRoyal is after. Without giving any details, we don’t know the founding members of this platform. Who are the people operating this platform? Lack of this vital information means we are dealing with an unknown entity. Operating without a credible owner means this could be an offshore scam platform. Traders are asked to stay away from this platform.

Is StsRoyal licensed or registered?

Disclaimer at the footer of the homepage reads the platform is registered in the Marshall Islands. What we would like our readers to know is scam artists will do or say anything such as posting fake details. Numbers posted as their registration detail are nothing but random numbers. Stay away from these fake platforms based offshore. After searching the company registrar, we could not find any company licensed with this name. Another problem is lack of proper documents to prove regulation.

A real platform would post copies of their registration details for all to see. Why have these scammers not posted any document supporting their registration number? A professional scammer will try and hide their true regulation status from investors. Thanks to our years of trading experience, we know how to spot a scam from a mile away. Resist any calls from their call agents and if they persist, ask for their license documents. Asking this will ensure they stay away from you.

Effective and efficient brokers are what you need to start making money. For a satisfying trading experience, go for apparent and seeming brokers. Honest and transparent brokers will keep you safe at all times. Dealing with genuine brokers guarantees you make stable profit margins. Stay safe with innovative and vetted brokers at all times. And that’s the secret of trading.

Features of StsRoyal/ Advantages

Being an offshore broker, we fail to see any advantage of trading with this platform. And what makes this a shoddy broker is lack of proper regulation. We tried to call them and ask them about their registration status. Our calls went unanswered and we had to contact regulatory bodies for confirmation. Some of the bodies we contacted include ASIC, COSNOB, CySEC, FCA, and SEC. And they all claimed never to have licensed or regulated this platform. It means we are dealing with a scam.

Disadvantages of StsRoyal

Account Types

StsRoyal is offering five different account types for investors to choose from. Accounts are named Intro, Trial, Standard, 3 rd Trier, and Corporate. What we immediately notice was an anomaly with this platform is offering a welcome bonus. Bonuses are starting at 30% to 150%, from Intro to Corporate. Why issue a bonus and later ask for it? Members will have to pay back any bonuses issued by this platform?

Deposit and withdrawal

When it comes to depositing funds, investors are given a chance to use a wide array of options. Some of the depository channels include AstroPay, Comodo, MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, and others. What makes this platform a real pain in the neck is lack of withdrawal. As we were publishing this post, no member has been able to make withdrawals. And this is what makes StsRoyal a rude platform. Sts Royal is planning to steal your funds once you deposit with them.

No Demo Account

Another problem with this platform is lack of a demo account. Why would they not offer users a chance to try out their platform first? A demo account is used to give traders a feel of the platform. Sts Royal is hiding their motive behind their platform. They simply want investors to sign up blindly without testing this platform. Apart from the claims of having a web based platform, no one knows how it works.

Web based trading platform

STSRoyal is offering users a web based platform without a proper security feature. Stability is a major concern with their platform as it lacks SSL Encryption. Stay away from any unstable online trading platform.

Are funds safe with StsRoyal?

After confirming lack of license or registration details, funds are not safe with this platform. Where do they bank funds deposited by members? Who is responsible for handling funds? Another problem with this platform is lack of withdrawal options. It seems you have to wait for a thousand years before withdrawal happens. Segregation of accounts is also not being followed. StsRoyal is pooling funds in one account which is extremely dangerous. Stay away from unsafe platforms.

Is StsRoyal a scam?

There is no doubt in our minds Sts Royal is a scam. Lack of a trading license and withdrawal issues makes Sts Royal a scam. Mark all their emails as Spam and never click on any links sent by their marketing team. Warn your family and friends from signing up with this broker. You can also check the negative comments found on the web regarding this broker. Stay away from this platform at once.

Bottom line

Adding this broker to our scam blacklist will ensure we keep our readers safe. Ensure you block any calls from their call agents. Dealing with Sts Royal is committing financial suicide.

Why not use authentic and credible Forex robots at all times? Go for proven robots for a successful trading experience. Make sure to choose vetted robots and start trading safely.

Wishing all investors a happy trading experience.

A Place to Trade Cryptocurrencies Affordably – An StsRoyal Review

StsRoyal Broker Rating

Trading Platform


Asset Index

Account Management

Customer Support

StsRoyal Review

The world of trading is evolving at a fast pace. Today, you have more financial markets to invest your money in than ever before. At the same time, you have the facility to trade in any financial market or tradable asset you want right from the comfort of your home. However, to do so, you have to find the right trading platform. If you are someone interested in trading cryptocurrencies, you have to find a platform that focuses on the trading of digital coins. One such platform is StsRoyal. Let’s get into this StsRoyal investment platform review to know more about it.

Free to use

88% Claimed win-rate
$250 Min Deposit
Accepts Debit and Credit Card
Trade Now

StsRoyal – A Platform Built for Crypto Traders

One of the challenges you will face when you are looking for brokers on the internet is finding one that specializes in a particular type of trading. For example, you will find many brokers that let you trade just about any asset you name on their trading platforms. It seems great to have all the assets on the same trading platform, but it also proves that your broker is not a specialist of any. You might find out that their trading conditions are the same for forex, commodities, stocks, and even cryptocurrencies. You don’t want to see that.

If you are looking for a platform to trade cryptocurrencies specifically, you are better off trading and exchanging your digital coins on StsRoyal. This platform has been designed with crypto investors and traders in mind. From flexible trading conditions to fortified security, you get the best of everything on this platform. Yes, there are other brokers who provide the same services on the internet. However, many of them seem to be lacking focus on the things that matter the most to crypto traders.

A Trading Platform You Can Trust

The trading platform you use is the most important factor in your overall trading experience. Even the best trading conditions won’t do you any good if your platform is slow to execute your orders and makes it difficult for you to enter trades. StsRoyal gives you access to its web-based trading platform. Why should you go with the web-based trading platform when you have mobile and desktop platforms available too? There are many benefits of a web-based trading platform over other types of platforms. First, you don’t have to worry about the compatibility issues of your platform.

When it comes to mobile platforms, they are usually the slashed down versions of the desktop software. Many of the features that you can enjoy on the desktop software are not available on the mobile platform. Furthermore, you have to keep searching for a platform that’s available on the operating system you have on your phone. Just because a trading platform is compatible with Android does not mean it will be available on iOS as well.

All such issues are taken care of with the help of a web trader. All you need on your device is a browser to access the trading platform. Now, browsers are easily available on tablets, smartphones, and desktop computers as well. Once you have opened the browser, the trading platform opens like a website. It does not matter which operating system you have on your device because the trading platform will run on your browser. Another important thing to notice is that the trading signals are there integrated on to the platform to help you enter successful trades. There are companies that charge you big time for trading signals. On the other hand, you this amazing web-based platform with trading signals right there within it.

One of the things that matter to the traders is the look of the trading platform. It does not matter how good or famous a trading platform is, you might want to change a few things about it to make yours. That’s where customization options come in. If your trading platform does not have those options, you have to live with what you get out of the box. When it comes to StsRoyal, you will be able to change the layout of your trading platform according to your needs. This way, you will have the things that are most important to you right before your eyes as soon as you log into the platform.

A True Place for Trading Cryptocurrencies

You will find many online brokers that give you access to the cryptocurrency market. However, you have to pay attention to the minor details to know if you are going to benefit from that access or not. What if you are getting access to the financial markets but all you can trade is bitcoin? Do you think bitcoin is the whole of cryptocurrency market? Of course, it is only a smart part of a huge market that’s growing every single day. You should be able to trade all the cryptocurrencies that have established themselves as successful projects and those that are still in the nascent state. You usually do not get access to these cryptocurrencies when you sign up with online brokers.

When you are with StsRoyal, you will be able to trade and exchange just about any cryptocurrency that you can think of. At the moment, the platform gives you access to more than 500 digital coins for trading. Whether you want to trade the highly valued bitcoin, the most future-proof Ethereum, or the most innovative Litecoin, you will not have to go to any other online broker or trading platform to trade any of them. At the same time, you are able to put money in your account with different cryptocurrencies as well. You are not stuck with bitcoin if you want to make deposits in your accounts.

If you are looking to deposit funds in your account, you can use Litecoin, bitcoin, and Ethereum to make the deposit. Once you have made the deposit, you will get access to the huge list of cryptocurrencies. The best thing is that you don’t have to pay any commissions on your deposits. If you are looking to just sign up with this broker, you don’t have to deposit any money or even provide credit card information to sign up.

The Flexible Trading Conditions

When you sign up with an online broker, you have to see how much opportunity you have of making money. Some brokers are busy making their money and do not leave any space for you to achieve your financial goals. They have huge commissions on your deposits, withdrawals, and trade executions. At the same time, when it comes to cryptocurrencies, even the leverages they give you are too small to make any big difference in your profits. For example, there are some huge online brokers who give you a leverage of just 1:2 when you trade cryptocurrencies. That’s not something that would compel you to enter any trades.

When you sign up with StsRoyal, you will enjoy some of the best and most flexible trading conditions. First, your commissions on the withdrawals are extremely small. Secondly, you don’t have to pay any commissions on your deposits. Thirdly, you can deposit LTC, BTC, and ETH in your account so you don’t have to lose money in exchanging your cryptocurrencies to some fiat currency that your broker accepts. In addition to that, you have to look at the spreads when you are entering trades. Spreads are the differences in prices of selling and buying the same asset. The spreads are tight and the only money you pay to the broker when executing trades.

When it comes to leveraged trading, you will be able to enjoy leverages of up to 1:5 executing your cryptocurrency trades. With this leverage, you can expect your profits to be amplified significantly. In the end, you walk away with a lot of money that can help you make your financial dreams come true.

Customer Support from StsRoyal

Cryptocurrencies are still new. The market is new and so there is a lot that you have to understand before you start trading the digital coins. At many points, you might need the help of the broker you have signed up with. StsRoyal has taken care of that matter already. First, you have the customer support available for your help 24/7. Secondly, you can chat with a representative from the company live on the website through the live chat feature. If you can’t wait in queue to talk to a customer support representative, you can even schedule a call back so the company can reach out to you to help you with your problem.

Bottom Line

When you want to trade cryptocurrencies, it is imperative that you pay attention to choosing the right broker. You don’t want to sign up with just any platform that promises you to help you with your cryptocurrency trades. You want to sign up with a broker who gives you the opportunities to make money from your trades through flexible trading conditions, big leverages, and low commissions. StsRoyal does all of that plus it is one of the very few online trading platforms where you can trade hundreds of cryptocurrencies in the same place.

StsRoyal Review – 5 things you should know

Beware! StsRoyal is an offshore broker! Your investment may be at risk.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Open trading accounts with at least two brokers.

StsRoyal presents itself as a CFD broker focused on the crypto market, which also offers a wide variety of other trading instruments, including forex pairs, commodities, indices and stocks with five account types, competitive spreads and a web based trading platform.

Unfortunately the website is not regulated and what is worse it is blacklisted as a potential scam broker by several financial regulators in the European Union. If you are about to open an account with them be sure to read the following review fist.

StsRoyal regulation & safety of funds

To start with, we are not even sure which is the company behind the broker and where it is based. On StsRoyal homepage we find the name of Capital Letter GbmH, which in one section of the presentation is said to be registered in Munich, Germany, while in another – in the Marshall Islands. See for yourself:

On top of that in the StsRoyal Terms and Conditions we find the names of yet another three companies – BFXNA Inc., BFXWW Inc. and iFinex Inc., about which we know virtually nothing apart from a vague statement that all legal issues regarding the broker are governed by the laws of the British Virgin Islands.

That said we were not much surprised to find out that StsRoyal has been blacklisted as a potential scam website by the Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) in Belgium, while another website – STSCrypto, also supposedly run by Capital Letter GbmH appears in the warnings list of the Italian financial regulator – CONSOB.

So basically what we are dealing here is a website that is more or less anonymous and that is most probably involved in scam.

As usual in such cases our best advise is to trade only with regulated brokers, licensed and authorized by well respected financial authorities like the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) or the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).

StsRoyal deposit/withdrawal methods and fees

Although StsRoyal says to accept payments with various e-wallets, including Neteller, Skrill and PayPal, as well as credit cards like VISA and MasterCard, when we proceeded with our registration it turned out the only payment methods available are wire transfers and crypto coins. Bear in mind that wire transfers and crypto payments can not be reversed, unlike payments made with VISA and MasteCard, where you can file for a charge back within a certain period of time.

Also as it turned out StsRoyal requires a minimum deposit of at least 500 USD despite the fact that in their presentation they say you need just 250 USD with their Intro account.

Finally, beware of any trading bonuses StsRoyal might offer you – the brokers advertises a welcome bonus of between 30% and 150%, and this is another worrisome sign.

The practice of offering trading bonuses is highly controversial and is forbidden on virtually all regulated markets. The reason are the additional withdraw conditions all trading bonuses are invariably linked to, which quite too often are used by scammers as a pretext to cancel your withdraw requests.

How does the scam work?

Each year investors in countries like the UK and Australia lose tens of millions of dollars to fraudsters, and if you are wondering how this might be possible, you should know that scammers are extremely well organized and employ lots of resources to run their clandestine operations. For example they use call centers in places like the Philippines, and specially designed scam portals, like Bitcoin Revival and Bitcoin Profit, which are also known as robo scam websites – if you happen to land on one of those sites, you will be greeted by a cheesy video, promising you fabulous returns in a matter of days, with a tiny investment and no risk at all.

And if you do register, by leaving your e-mail and phone instantly you will be transferred to the homepage of a unregulated, scam broker and will be invited to deposit about 250 USD.

Bear in mind that scammers’ goal is to trick you to deposit as much as you can, so you should not be surprised, by how amazingly successfully your initial trades will seem to be. That however will all be a part of the scam, as your trading account will surely be manipulated.

And you will be getting lots of phone calls as well. It will be your “senior account manager”, who will basically be telling you that if you really want to make some real cash, you definitely have to invest more – like at least 10 000.

And believe it or not but at that stage most people do invest that kind of money without realizing they have been scammed until the very moment they decide to withdraw some of their funds. Than out of the blue it usually turns out they are not eligible to withdraw anything because of some minimum trade volume requirement, they have not met, possibly linked to their welcoming bonus. The excuse might certainly be different, but the end result is always the same – scammers will not be paying a single penny back.

What to do if scammed?

If you are a victim of a scam, probably your only chance to get your deposit back is to file for a charge back with your credit card company. The good news here is that currently both VISA and MasterCard will allow you to do that within 540 days.

And if by any chance scammers have tricked you to give them your credit card number, or online banking password, immediately change the password and block your credit card.

Finally, if you are approached by the so called recovery agencies, do not trust them – they will not recover you a single penny, but simply will ask you for some money in advance, basically scamming you a second time.

StsRoyal Review

It is certainly possible for an online broker to have millions of traders on its platform.

It is a given that more traders will join their platform if they are providing better services than the rest.

The primary reason why traders take an interest in a broker is because of how well it is able to fulfill their needs. There are some online brokers that prefer to cater to new traders because they believe it is a fresh pool they can tap into while others prefer to deal only with experienced ones because they can make good commissions from their trading volume.

However, the best brokers are the ones that are able to meet the requirements of all kinds of traders and do it exceptionally well.

This is where StsRoyal comes in.

It has become one of the leading brokers in the market in terms of how much it is appreciated by its users. The major reason that has helped it achieve popularity in the last nine years is a comprehensive yet powerful suite of features and services that can suit new, advanced as well as expert traders.

Overview of the Company

At its very core, StsRoyal works like most of the other legitimate brokers in the market, which means that it provides CFD trading.

Rather than trading the actual assets with the broker, you will buy contracts for the assets and trade them. These are traded just like the asset, but the good thing is that they are a lot more beneficial and exciting.

This is because CFDs can offer a lot more variety than standard trading options. Since it is an online broker, StsRoyal provides its traders with a platform from where they can keep track of the market and execute trades when they wish.

Apart from providing a platform, it is also a broker’s responsibility to ensure that they have integrated all essential trading tools that can come in handy during the trading process.

Obviously, every trader wishes to make profits and avoid losses at all costs. In order to make smarter decisions that can help you to minimize the risk, you need to have a number of tools like price charts, trading signals and plenty of other tools.

Understanding the role these tools play in trading, StsRoyal brings all these tools together in its online trading platform so you can make the most of them and rake in the profits.

Fairness, Transparency, and Security

These are some of the important issues that you need to be concerned about when you are signing up with an online broker. In order to ensure the broker is doing its job legally, you want them to be transparent in all of their financial policies and dealings.

Moreover, you also expect fairness because you don’t want to broker to exploit you or take advantage of you in any way. Lastly, it is understood that when you sign up with a broker, you will have to trust them with your personal information as well as your money.

Therefore, you want them to provide important security features to make it happen. If a broker satisfies you in all three regards, it is a good choice.

You will have absolutely no complaints about StsRoyal in any of these areas because its aim is to provide its clientele with peace of mind when they are trading.

Consequently, it has paid attention to each of these aspects. Beginning with transparency, StsRoyal has made it clear that its platform cannot be utilized for any form of money laundering. There are certain policies, such as AML (Anti-Money Laundering), which has been specifically introduced for ensuring no illegal activities are conducted on the broker’s platform.

Moreover, the broker has also implemented the KYC (Know Your Customer) policy under which it obtains substantial information from traders for ensuring that only legitimate entities and individuals are using its platform and signing up with their real names.

It is also a way to prevent identity theft.

The problem is how can you trust a broker’s word? It is quite obvious that every broker will claim to be the best, so how do you tell if StsRoyal is really what it claims to be? This is where registration and regulation come in.

The most reliable online broker is one that boasts proper licensing, registration and regulation. This is exactly what you will find when you check out StsRoyal because the broker is fully licensed for providing its financial services and it also ensures transparency by being regulated by renowned third party organizations.

This automatically takes away the risk and assures you that the broker is legitimate and not a scam. Moving on, you also need to check how the broker is keeping your personal information safe and protecting the funds you have deposited with them.

You don’t want either to fall into the wrong hands because this could lead to consequences for you.

StsRoyal uses the highest standard of encryption for keeping all information hidden from prying eyes and maintains segregated accounts so your funds cannot be mixed up or used for any other purpose.

Trading Conditions of the Platform

It would be foolish for any trader to sign up with an online broker without learning about what trading conditions are available. You shouldn’t deposit any money with the broker before you have ascertained their trading conditions are favorable. What do favorable conditions mean? They mean that you should be getting a lot of benefits by signing up with the broker. For instance, you should have leverage available that you can use for making bigger trades. It is not necessary for leverage to be only used by experienced and professional traders. New traders can benefit from it significantly because they already have limited capital and so they want to make big trades.

StsRoyal provides them with the opportunity of doing so as you will find significant leverage offered to both beginners and expert traders alike. Nonetheless, you should understand that the leverage you will get depends on the account you sign up for. Every broker offers several account options and StsRoyal is the same in this regard. The leverage applied to each account varies and may also vary for every asset. This is due to the fact that some assets are more volatile than others and so they don’t need to have a lot of leverage.

After you have taken a look at the leverages, you need to check the spreads as well. This is the difference in the value of the asset when you buy and then sell it. The price you receive for selling it is lower than what you paid to buy it. Spread is the difference between the two and it is how brokers make money. StsRoyal provides you with some competitive and tight spreads on every asset, which can keep your trading costs down and allow you to maximize your returns. Luckily, the broker has chosen not to charge commissions, which is a plus because commissions can really eat into your earnings and not leave you with much at the end of the day.

Asset Index

The type of assets you can trade with a broker is also something you shouldn’t forget. Some online brokers specialize in forex while some only offer options to trade in the stock market. As mentioned earlier, CFD trading opens up a lot of opportunities for you.

StsRoyal gives you the option of choosing an asset to invest in from various financial markets. You can also choose to trade multiple assets, such as commodities, currencies, stocks, indices and cryptocurrencies. Under these categories, you can find a horde of options, which include both stable and volatile ones.

One of the most notable thing about StsRoyal’s asset index is that they have added cryptocurrencies to the mix.

Even though the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was introduced in 2009, this is considered an emerging market. Many brokers have still not added them to their asset index due to their volatility and lack of regulation.

However, StsRoyal doesn’t want to keep its traders waiting and wants to provide them with good opportunities right away and so it has incorporated some good crypto options to its asset index.

Trading Platform and How It Looks Like

Online brokers need to make it a priority to provide their traders with the best possible experience and this can be done if they have a good trading platform.

What exactly is a trading platform?

It is a tool that enables traders to execute their trades in real-time and in actual markets. But, a trading platform is not that simple. There are a lot of other things involved.

For instance, a trading platform has to have a number of tools that can be used by traders for keeping their risks at a minimum because they can be used for making well-informed decisions.

StsRoyal is aware of exactly what its traders need and this is reflected in the trading platform they have to offer. It is a well-rounded and innovative trading platform that not only assists traders in executing their transactions, but also comes integrated with the top tools.

In this way, they are able to get useful information and make better decisions that work in their favor. StsRoyal has provided their proprietary trading platform as a web-based option, which works on any device that comes with a browser.

This is quite convenient because it gives you a great deal of flexibility and prevents at performance issues and lags.

For greater freedom, you can find the mobile platform as well, which works on both iOS and Android platforms. It also comes with the vital tools and does it job well without making any compromises in any features or offerings.

Trading Accounts

As mentioned before, brokers require you to provide some personal information when you sign up with them because you need to open an account. Every broker offers you different account types and StsRoyal has done the same.

These accounts are different in the way that they boast unique features and are meant for traders from varying backgrounds. For instance, newbies don’t need to have a lot of leverage and neither do they need to use advanced strategies and features. Likewise, the deposit requirements also vary because not everyone has the same budget.

When you decide to open an account with StsRoyal, you will have a total of 4 account options to choose from.

Deposits in the account can be made in one of two currencies, such as EUR or GBP.

The first account is known as the Silver account, which is the most basic one that StsRoyal offers. It comes with a senior account consultant, market recommendations and reviews, customer support, 10% margin loan and access to online courses.

The second account option is called Gold, which is for traders with a little bit of experience. The margin loan increases to 35% and free webinars become accessible in this account.

The Platinum account comes next and is a better fit for advanced traders because now an expert account consultant is provided, limited video library is available, leverages are higher, margin loan increases to 50% and risk-free trades can be made.

The last option is the Diamond account and this is for professional traders because it comes with a personal VIP consultant, a personal trading coach, VIP events, exclusive trading signals, lowest exchange rates and 100% margin loan.

Education and Training

The trading market is different from the rest because it is constantly changing and evolving. Thus, having access to excellent education and training is a good thing for not just beginners, but also expert traders in order to help them keep up.

StsRoyal provides a complete center where resources are available in different formats for the convenience of traders. They can choose between webinars, e-books and video courses and stay up to date about any changes and the latest trends and strategies.


StsRoyal doesn’t seem to be lacking in any aspect and is constantly working on its offerings to ensure that its clients don’t have any cause for complaint, making it a legitimate broker to trade with.

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