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If you visit the United Trading Network’s website, you are immediately bombarded by an 11 minute auto-playing video at maximum volume. The video introduces you to Professor Anthony Grecko, a Professor of Business Finance at an unnamed university.

He introduces us to four of his star pupils who have apparently created a social trading platform for forex, which he doubts the ‘Forex Facebook’. The result was so impressive that it won recognition at the International Investing and Entrepreneurial Symposium for Millennials and also won a contest in the International Forex alliance with a grand prize of EUR100,000.

The name of this ‘Forex Facebook’ is of course, the United Trading Network. Professor Grecko then hands over the floor to its project manager, Adam Fletcher. Adam, who as a freshman aspired to be a hedge fund manager, is a member of the campus investment club.

At this club he met, Jaleel Bashir, a talented trader and expert at technical analysis. Since Adam was more of a fundamental analysis kind of guy, they decided to team up.

The idea of the social trading platform was Adam’s idea and after discussing it with Jaleel, they approached Professor Grecko for guidance and support. He agreed to mentor them and brought in the two remaining members of the team, Matt Kirby and Lydia Williamson.

Matt was an expert in investment banking and commodities trading while Lydia, a statistics expert, was there to help them on the systems side. Lydia created the algorithm that the platform operates on and explains how it analyzes potential trades, compares it to the trading strategies and then offers high quality signals based on these strategies.

She further explains that not all members of the United Trading Network are eligible to vote on the signals, only the top traders. This ensures that members of the network will only be following the signals generated by top traders.

The video concludes by them explaining that while using the United Trading Network software is completely free, a minimum $250 deposit with one of their partner brokers is required to join the trading network.

The Truth Behind The United Trading Network Video

Unlike the majority of binary options robots out there, United Trading Network refrains from making the outlandish claims that are so common in the industry. There are no claims of earning thousands of dollars a day risk free, nothing about becoming a millionaire within a year while sitting at home on your couch, and no justification of using top secret algorithms that the big banks are trying to hide from the public in order to maintain the status quo.

Nope, at first glance and to the untrained viewer, the claims made in the United Trading Network seem plausible. An 83% win rate does not seem too excessive, there are no guarantees of free money, and the social trading justification appears to make sense.

The promotional video, while less absurd than other shady robots, is still laughable

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This aspect sets the United Trading Network apart from all the other binary options robots on the surface; unfortunately on the inside they are both the same. Here’s the truth, despite the more plausible claims, every single claim in the United Trading Network is completely bogus. Absolutely none of them are to be believed. Let’s examine the evidence.

First, notice the fact that the name of the university is never mentioned. That’s very strange considering that a lot of their credibility comes from having a reputable professor at the helm.

Second is the ‘award they won from the ‘International Investing and Entrepreneurial Symposium for Millennials’; a quick Google search will show you that no such organization exists. Neither does the ‘International Forex Alliance’; another fictitious organization.

According to the promotional materials, signing up is a fast process

And the reason for this is because Professor Grecko and his students are nothing but actors. In this case, they are all actors from Portland, Oregon, which for some yet unknown reason seems to be the place that shady binary options robot creators like to shoot their promo videos. If you don’t believe us, we even managed to track down the real identities of a couple actors in the video.

First up is Professor Grecko. He is actually an actor named Dennis Fitzpatrick and he is represented by the agency by the name of Arthouse Talent. He has also appeared in numerous binary options robots promotional videos; you may recognize him as ‘Walter Green’ from the Millionaire Blueprint.

Another actor we were able to identify was the actor playing Matt Kirby. He is also a local Portland actor named Matt Sunderland, represented by the Q6 Talent agency. No idea who the other three actors are, but you can be sure that they are also local actors from the area.

Another thing we want to point out is that at no point in the video are the words ‘binary options’ even mentioned in the video. All the actors repeated mention the word forex instead and if you only watched the promotional video, you would think that United Trading Network was a forex trading platform not a binary options one.

Yet on their website they only mention binary options. A possible explanation for this contradiction is that the promotional video was initially created for a forex product and has been repackaged for binary options instead.

Always Read the Disclaimer

When evaluating the truth behind the claims of all these binary options robots, you should always read the website’s disclaimer. Often, that will be the only bit of truthful information you can find. In the case of the United Trading Network, that is certainly true. Here is an excerpt from their ‘Website Agreement’ disclaimer.

“The Videos – the videos displayed on the Website are provided for informational and promotional purposes only and should not be relied upon in making decisions and are for simulation only by using actor(s) and demo accounts.

These videos were made in order to give you a sense and feel for what may be achieved while using the Software. The videos may not be accurate or based on accurate past true events, and are for simulation purposes only.”

The disclaimer says it all i.e. everything you saw in the promotional video was completely fictitious. And by the way, while an 83% winning ratio seems ‘low’ in comparison to what the other binary options robots are claiming; it is no less realistic.

If there really existed software that could generate an 83% winning ratio, you can be sure that they would never give it away for free.

How the United Trading Network Really Works

There is nothing revolutionary about this system.

The United Trading Network works just like all the other binary options robots out there, and that is through affiliate marketing. These binary options robots partner with binary options brokers and in return for referring customers to the broker, they get a nice affiliate commission every time someone funds a trading account with the broker.

This is why the robots are always offered for free, their incentive is for you to sign up with their partner broker, not pay them any money directly (although you are paying them indirectly). Unfortunately, in order to promote their robot services, they have to resort to outlandish claims that are easily disproven.

The auto-trading software itself is just white label software bought off the shelf; in the case of United Trading Network, the software they use is exactly the same as another binary option robot, Trader’s Buddy.


The United Trading Network is not a legitimate social trading network, rather it is just a generic auto-trading software with a fictitious backstory.

You will most definitely not enjoy anything close to an 83% win rate when using this software; further you will also have to use an unregulated and potentially unscrupulous broker to do so. We highly recommend that you stay away from this network.

United Trading Network Review : Seems to Best of All without Scam

Here is Pete’s comprehensive United Trading Network review. So ‘Is United Trading Network a scam?’, from our research we think that its not, lets find out the truth. United Trading app takes social trading to the next level with the aim of benefiting the average Joe who also wants a piece of the pie that the big boys are eating. We know that it’s a little bit difficult to believe what you’re hearing now. But that is exactly the reason why we have written this in depth United Trading review to make some points clear. The first thing to learn here is that United Trading Network software, also known as UTN is a cutting-edge, innovative system for trading binary options in the most efficient manner. It uses the concept of social trading just like the famous eToro platform. However, instead of relying on trader sentiments alone, the United Trading scam free system takes it a notch higher by enlisting the help of technical and fundamental analysis which are all helpful in determining the potential direction of a stock or an asset pair.

Just in case you’re learning this for the first time, you should perhaps feel excited because this United Trading Network review will highlight everything you need to know concerning this amazing platform. Are you ready? If yes, then let’s start with the fact that United Trading is headed by Prof. Greko and managed by a team of 4 students who possess various strengths in the business of trading.

United Trading Review – Why United Trading Network Is Not A Scam

Adam Fletcher is the Project Manager of United Trading Network program. His input is assisted by Jaleel Bashir who is introduced as a skilled assets trader. We also have Matt Kirby and Lydia Williamson aboard. Kirby’s profile shows that he is an investment banking and commodity expert. On the other hand, Lydia is said to be an experienced programmer. With those basics, we can get into the meet of this exposing United Trading Network review.

→ Official United Trading Network Sign Up Page – Click Here

Features of United Trading Network Revealed!

(a) Technical, fundamental, and social trading is at the heart of this scam free app

No one should tell you lies that relying on any one of these trading methods will yield consistent results in the long run. However, by combining all the 3 to make them work as one system, we can significantly boost our chances of success, and that’s exactly what United Trading software does.

Technical analysis involves using tools of analysis which reflect past market data over time. The reason why you can never succeed with this United Trading Network scam free tool alone is because technical analysis tends to lag behind. It takes care of what has already happened as opposed to what shall happen in the future. This is still an advantage and a disadvantage as well. It is advantageous in the sense that past data doesn’t always fail predicting what the market is likely to do in the near future. On the other side, it doesn’t have the ability to forecast news and other events that will suddenly impact market activities.

This is why United Trading system has incorporated the concept of social trading to make up for this shortcoming. Social trading basically rides on the power of leverage, where traders are able to vote their sentiments or general feeling towards market activities in the present time. For instance, if 80% of users say that EURUSD will fall, then it is very likely that this asset pair will plummet, and so traders will go short. If that figure is at 50%, you better stand aside until that percentage is big enough. United Trading Network software is semi automatic by the way, so rest assured that you will have total control over which signals to trade and which ones to ignore.

And finally, the system comes with comprehensive fundamental analysis tools that highlight what news shall affect the market and how it is likely to do that. Combine the 3 methods of trading mentioned here and you will definitely have a bullet-proof trading robot that is resistant to everyday market storms. By this point I have to tell you that your should ignore those United Trading Network scam rumors like Tesler App scam and Quantum Code scam. This system is no swindle, its genuine and profitable.

(b) Specialist education and proven algorithm which yields 83% win rate

The section which is labeled specialist education is all about learning how to approach the markets like a pro. Here, you will be taught the secrets that most brokers don’t want you to know. Basically, by the end of it all, you will have the relevant skills needed to master the market with United Trading Network app and trade in a way that you will avoid errors commonly made by rookie investors.

Our honest United Trading Network review also find that, the high success rate is attributed to the special blend of 3 elements of successful trading. These are fundamental, technical analysis and social trading. When you combine the 3 and identify key entry and exit points for your trading, you will most likely end up with a very high win rate so to speak. It is not magic. This is basically being cautious enough not to gamble your money in a market that is not very well defined.

(c) Wider range of assets to trade, Semi-automatic, and mobile optimized as well

United Trading guarantees total freedom over what you can trade and how to trade it. Once you login to the software, you will see that there are various trading options which have been built into the system to make it even more efficient. With this social trading system, you can choose your trading instruments which vary from indices, commodities, to stocks and Forex pairs.

The software is semi-automatic, meaning that you have to wait for it till signals have been produced. Then you can pull the trigger. Finally, United Trading Network signals is a robot that has been mobile optimized to ensure that one can make money on the go.

United Trading Scam Free App – Advantages

It does not cost a dime to become a member

It appears that this United Trading Network social trading system is very expansive and accommodative to thousands of users who trade the financial markets. You can leverage on the sentiments coming from the majority to make money. The good news is that joining this platform is free.

Reliable and consistent in the long run

This system is very reliable and consistent considering that it was built on sound principles of trading. So if you want long-term success without risking too much of your capital, United Trading Network software is the system to use when kick-starting a trading career.

United Trading Network App is simple to use even for beginners

Beginners who have never read charts before can now trade the markets without the need to go through the hard-work and years of experience that come with learning the market to trade like a pro. Enough reasons for this positive United Trading Network review!

Is United Trading Network a Scam?

Things look promising considering that this software has got the nod from the entire binary options community. Scams are generally short-term in nature, and will not have any credible history or reputation to rely on.

However, United Trading Network system is a little bit different. The team of Forex traders who researched and came up with this social trading platform can prove their backgrounds without fear. They have credible academic background and experience needed to make money off the markets. As mentioned before, this team is led by a professor who is also skilled in matters related to trading. You can’t go wrong here.

Pricing and How to Join the United Trading Network Software

By now, you should know that this system is free. It’s free because United Trading Network software, whose team was awarded a prize of $100,000 for the best innovative trading approach in this category, is all about helping everyone achieve financial freedom. They are doing this by making United Trading system free for all. They have a special agreement with brokers, and thus they will receive commissions when you trade with these brokers. That’s why it’s free.

If you want to join, you should have your email ready. The sign up link is all over the place on the United Trading Network website, so you can’t miss it. Other details which you will be required to give include your name and phone number. This is to verify that you are actually a human trader.

This system links to multiple brokers across the globe, and so you should expect them to guide you to the right broker. The cost of your investment will be $250 or more. $250 is the minimum that you can use to fund an account with. That way, you can start your trading on a high note. Profits will come based on the expiry times which you have selected. Our United Trading Network review is positive and we recommend this trading system to any newbie or experienced trader.

Verdict – United Trading Network is Not a Scam. Its Profitable.

We think that this software is good overall. The general consensus in the trading community is that everyone who desires success in binary options trading should use it. Of course United Trading app isn’t perfect, and there are instances when you will lose. But what matters is that it’s consistent in its results. The fact that you lose 2 trades now doesn’t mean that your next 10 trades will end up in the red zone. Good luck trading with this software! Hope our well informed United Trading Network review was helpful.

United Trading Network Review

by Gary Wilson March 10, 2020, 6:49 AM 177 Views

United Trading Network

United Trading Network a much talked binary options trading network is here today. As usual I and you together going to find out if this binary options software is legit or not. Here in this United Trading Network Review, you are about to find the answers to these question – Is United Trading Network a scam? How does United Trading Network work? And how to sign up United Trading Network?

Besides these questions answers, you will also learn about –

♦ United Trading Network Details
♦ United Trading Network Review
♦ United Trading Network Features
♦ United Trading Network Advantages
♦ United Trading Network Disadvantages
♦ And My Recommendation Regarding United Trading Network

Check out the product details first.

United Trading Network Details

Software Name United Trading Network
Product Niche Binary Options
Minimum Deposit Amount $250
Signup Cost FREE
Developer Team Manager Adam Fletcher
Product Type Binary Options Semi-Automated & Automated Trading Platform or Robot or Software
Trading System Semi-Automated, Automated & Manual Systems are Available
Brokers Best, Trusted & Suitable Brokers
Allowed Countries Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom
Trusted Trading System Fully Trusted & Tested
Skill Need for Operating From Beginners to Experts

Let’s explore together this review.

United Trading Network Review

This trading system is a revolutionary binary options trading system and I realized that in the time of investigation of this software along with my other colleagues of Legit Binary Options Review.

If you are a struggling trader then this trading system is the perfect one for you.

We found the proof of this United Trading Network (UTN) legitimacy and working accuracy. This trading system was built by a group of trading science students and trading professionals. At first, they named it as “FX Facebook” before changed it to the current name.

These group of trading science students participated in a completion called Internal Business Competition for Millennial and they won the first price which is $100,000. This group reinvested this amount for United Trading Network system and now they become one of the biggest social trading platforms.

So why United Trading Network is not a scam? Because this system has some amazing legit features and advantages.

Here I am explaining the features of this system software.

United Trading Network Features

(A) A solid foundation with professional analysis and teamwork

As I said before by a group of trading science students and professional this trading system was developed and this group’s manager is the Adam Fletcher, a specialist on trading. All the members of this team have some experience in online trading with academic qualifications.

This team has investment experts like Matt Kirby, assets trader and analyzer like Jaleel Bashir, and experienced programmer like Lydia Williamson. All together they build this amazing system.

(B) For short, medium, and long expiry time trading this trading system is perfect

This trading system has a powerful algorithm which is able to cope up with all type of expiry times. Traders know the importance of trade expiry times and for the importance of expiry time, this software system was designed with the ability to choose various expiry times in any trading methods.

(C) 85% Win rate

The win rate of this trading software system is very high and that is 85%. 85% win rate is considered to be a very high win rate in the online trading market.

With the various tests, United Trading Network consistently maintains this win rate which concludes that this software is scam free. The trading history of the clients of this system also proves that.

Gaining the high win rate is possible by this software for its multiple uses of charts and indicators. It also smart enough to understand the customers need. I and my colleagues found the truth in our test regarding this win rate.

(D) United Trading Network has educational tools, news tab, trading room tab, and more

This fully automated and semi-automated binary options trading software has educational tools for learning, news tabs for market news and trading room tab for live trading with other tools. In the education sector, you will find the user manual of this software and the instructions of avoiding mistakes of trades.

You can use different methods for trading by using the tabs. They have a voting section for the traders to vote whether the assets price go up or down. You can monitor the market conditions from this software which will help you to make your decisions.

Now is the best part for you.

United Trading Network Advantages

(A) Reliable trading platform

There is few reliable trading system available in the market and this system is one of the best among them. You can rely on this trading platform without any kind of hesitation because of the voting system and technical analysis of this trading software you will know the long-term directions of the assets in the market and we experience that in our testing.

(B) Mobile friendly and easy to use for beginners

Though this trading system software is suitable for all kind of traders, it’s very easy to use specially for the beginners. This software was designed as user-friendly and optimized well for mobile devices. It’s probable, simple and anyone can use it.

(C) Impressive customer support for users

United Trading Network is not like the other automated trading system. They understand the need of their customers and to assists the customers they are running an impressive customer support with skilled professionals who are able to solve your queries.

Scam software systems do not reply your queries but this software does that. Just try that if you want to check. If you feel hesitated about anything regarding this platform, your account, your trading or any other trading problem, knock them and they will solve it within the shortest time period.

Are there any disadvantages?

Well, it has the same disadvantages what other legit binary options software has.

United Trading Network Disadvantages

(A) You will need a good internet connection to run this trading system
(B) You must have PC, Laptops, Tabs, and Smartphones

Ah! The ultimate question is here.

Is United Trading Network a Scam?

Like the Tesler App or the Automata Formula, United Trading Network is not a scam software. They prove it in our test and many other tests by other reviewers. This trading software system earned the good reputation from the traders and professionals which are the certificate of its legitimacy.

Their concept is easy and explained clearly what we found very effective. Their website is reliable and you can express your thoughts by voting which is unique and another proof of its legitimacy.

My final verdict: United Trading Network is not a Scam!

Let me tell you about United Trading Network Sign Up process before concluding this review.

Pricing and How to Join United Trading Network?

Actually, this trading software system is not charging for sign up. It’s shocking, isn’t it? Because joining this type of impressive system for free is pretty rare. They keep the sign-up process free so that anyone can join, but you have to deposit before start trading.

You read this review this far with me, thanks for that and let’s sign up with this system – Click Here

You have to enter your email address for free access in the section of best options brokers. Then you have to give your personal details and phone number.

Then United Trading Network will find a perfect broker for you which will suit you. After that, you have to deposit $250 with that specific broker for start trading.

Final words for you.

United Trading Network Conclusion

From the above review, you learned that everything of United Trading Network automated trading software is positive, very safe, and there is no scam. We are unable to find any negative review of this software from its customers.

I didn’t say for one time that this system will make you rich overnight but it has the ability to change your lifestyle.

My recommendation is, go for this trading software, it’s innovative and powerful, you will be benefited and I hope my United Trading Network Review was informative for you.

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