Whales Club Review 2020

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Whales Club Review 2020

Whales Club is a high yield investment program (HYIP), which promises a return on investment of about 5% every day depending on the investment plan and the period an investor plans to invest. The concept behind service, is that it is a small team of investors and crypto traders, who give smaller investors the ability to tap into larger investments. It is a new crypto trading platform that promises a flawless history in trading.

The idea behind the name Whales Club is that the whales are the big fish investors that bring investment opportunities for the small fish investors. The small investors will then graduate to become whales just like them.

Whales Club Review

Whales Club has three investment earning plans, all of which are unique. The first one goes up to 33 days, paying 5% every day. The second one goes for 20 days. It pays 125% after the 20-day round. The third and final round lasts for 100 days paying 5% each day. Each of the plans has a minimum investment starting with $30 for the first plan rising up to $5000 for the third plan.

The system takes part in several activities simultaneously involving trading different assets and content creation. However, they hardly talk about the different concepts and trading aspects in detail. Most readers prefer the binary options software and signals recommended here, because they have more transparency.

Referral Program

Whales Club has an affiliate program that enables them to get customers in an efficient manner. What the affiliate program does is giving promoters good commissions for any referral made on this platform.

Legit Or Scam?

You may be wondering whether this platform actually delivers its promises and whether it is worth your investment and time. The answer is not straightforward looking deeper into their website, thus we have to look at the issues surrounding them to determine whether. Keep reading to find out.

Legality and Support Details

The platform does not disclose any legal documents on the website. Not even their physical location is shown. What investment plan runs without giving such vital details? In addition, even the support team is hardly reachable given that they only communicate via email. With this, you have to take your time.

Trading Results

As already mentioned, Whales Club is involved in many activities including content creation and trading. However, there is no solid proof on their website. It is true that trading crypto has enriched many in just a matter of years. Nevertheless, it should not be taken as a shortcut to wealth. This firm does not offer a clear explanation of the procedures it follows to make maximum profits for investors. This is a huge red flag as far as investor’s confidence and transparency are concerned. We made the same observations in our recent reviews of World Way Capital and UltraTrading.

They do not lay out their average profits or losses, or even maximum drawdown for that matter. Investing with them could be risky, as you may never have the odds on your side. In addition, without any solid data, how will you trust a total stranger with your funds?

Another issue lies in the fact that they do not provide any info about who the traders and investors are. They only call themselves the whales but they do give any proof of any trading going on. How about a portfolio showcase their skills and success? They do not have any report either because they are not trading, or they are trading and the results are terrible.

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Interestingly, the details of the owner are completely untraceable. The owner does not reveal his identity. The stakeholders refer to themselves as a team of people specializing in crypto and similar investments. The term team could be because they probably do not exist. This is also a red flag because such info should be made available to the public.

Is Whales Club Paying?

For the time being, WhalesClub is paying although this may not last long.

Just like all the other HYIPs, it will eventually collapse.

Apart from the above noted red flags, it could be important to note that WhalesClub is not insured or regulated. The company is not legit, so even if it does not follow regulations nobody will follow to check if they are being honest.

In addition, since it deals primarily with cryptocurrencies, you may never be able to get your money back. In any case, WhalesClub.io is not particularly secure and it could not be surprising to learn that somebody hacked into it and stole investors’ earnings.


Making instant profits is the dream for many people. Many such schemes promise great returns but abandon investors in the middle. Whales Club, for instance, promises great returns of 5% every day, which sounds interesting but more of a fantasy.

Whales Club may be sought of a pyramid scheme. However, this does not mean it is impossible to make money from it. It is just not legal or safe so to speak. Technically, claiming to be trading with your money when they are not is considered illegal. All pyramid schemes collapse in the and only the pioneer members will have profited. It could be important that you consider everything said above before investing with this company. Above all, do not put at stake what you cannot afford to lose.

Whale Club: The Trading Room That Loves Bitcoin Price Declines

Pete Rizzo

Whale Club: The Trading Room That Loves Bitcoin Price Declines

“How much is he dumping?”

The phrase comes to surface amid a collection of voices, most discussing the unknown trader. The room focuses on his (or her) observable market influence, dissecting how and why he closed all his short positions for signs of strategy.

“He was defending that position,” one of the voices says with authority. “That price should have gone up on the ratio, it didn’t. I think it was him dumping.”

Whether he’s Clowncontrol, Gregcron or Barry White, or one of a host of other usernames that dot the screen, is unclear.

Salacious talk aside, it’s a boring day in the Whale Club trading room. Bitcoin is trading at $250, up from $230 days before. The rise has been the first jolt in an otherwise “choppy” cycle for the price of bitcoin, weeks of ups and downs with no clear trading patterns to yield profits.

“It’s been out since Monday,” one of the traders interjects amidst sudden silence, clearly bored by bitcoin’s stability. Debate ensues over the hit Netflix series House of Cards.

For a moment, it could be any Wall Street break room.

“Look at this one-minute candle, holy [expletive]!” exclaims another voice. Just as quickly, Whale Club is back to business.

Open secret

Though the rise of a secretive group may be business as usual for the bitcoin community, Whale Club has built up an unusually polarizing reputation.

The informal club of traders is at once reviled in public for its perceived shadowy market practices and heralded in private by exchanges for knowledgeable product insights.

At any given time, traders can be heard on Whale Club’s TeamSpeak channel, discussing market movements and strategy. Notable members of the exchange industry, including Bitfinex’s Phil Potter and BitMEX’s Arthur Hayes, are known to stop by to get a gauge on market activity.

Others like soon-to-be-incarcerated bitcoin entrepreneur Charlie Shrem have made special appearances.

Group leaders like BTCVIX and Flibbr are aware of its more negative reputation, but believe that much of this sentiment has been an unfair byproduct of its name (the term ‘whale’ denoting traders that are large enough to move markets for their own benefit), as well as what they deem a lack of education in the bitcoin community about market dynamics.

As for how the group is viewed by exchanges, the answers differ based on the company. Some are fans and members, while others downplay any relationship.

Bitcoin derivatives exchange BitMEX is a vocal advocate, with CEO Arthur Hayes and CTO Sam Reed both defining themselves as members. Calling the community a “very important segment of the market”, Hayes and Reed confirmed that they use Whale Club’s insights to shape decisions.

OKCoin indicated that while employees may be associated with the group, it doesn’t have any formal relationship with Whale Club.

Zane Tackett, OKCoin’s former community outreach director, said that though he has been in contact with the group, no special emphasis was put on its feedback during his tenure.

“I would say the thing that makes them more noteworthy would simply be they seem to reach out to exchanges and trading services on a much more regular basis,” he said, adding:

”They can be abrasive I guess. And they also are quite vocal.”

Bone to pick

If there’s one thing that bothers the traders behind Whale Club, it’s the one-directional discussion about bitcoin price, and their views on the subject may paint a picture of why they sometimes offend the sensibilities of the general market.

Contrary to what you may read in the media, bitcoin’s volatile price is one of its biggest benefits to certain subsections of the community.

Apart from its use as a spending tool, bitcoin is an asset class, meaning it trades on the open market. Exchanges have spent the last year moving to offer an increasing variety of tools for traders, and this includes the ability to short or long the market. Whichever direction it goes, there’s money to be made.

“It was like I was given a second birthday in the same year,” Flibbr, 29, recalls, talking about the digital currency’s stunning year-over-year decline, and its more recent “capitulation”, falling under $200 at the start of 2020.

“The downtrend has been fantastic for profits,” he boasted.

“People have made a lot of money on the up run, I’ve made more with leverage on the downtrend,” he adds, not quite hiding his excitement with a giddy tone. “The initial run from $800 down was insane, but then we went all the way up to $700 and repeated the whole process again!”

Perhaps as a nod to its reputation, Flibbr first quips that the group requires users to hold 500 BTC ($143,000 at press time). It takes him a few seconds to note the joke doesn’t resonate.

“We’re zero barrier to entry,” BTCVIX, a former hobbyist options trader, counters. “We call it Whale Club, which has this allure of being very exclusive, but we’re very open. If people want to come in, they can join.”

Whale Club’s origins

Despite claiming 200 traders from 30 countries, Whale Club has only been around for about a year. First connecting on stock and forex chart analysis site TradingView, future members began to look toward alternatives that would provide the feeling of a real trading room floor.

BTCVIX credits the 2009 documentary Floored as part of the inspiration, calling it “a story of the dying breed of floor traders who can’t make the transition to the desk”.

Still, he believes the TeamSpeak channel is about more practical matters than nostalgia. “In a profession where information processing and dissemination is king, the fastest medium wins,” he said.

Today, Whale Club says it has no idea as to its own influence in the market, citing this as a testament to the anonymity the group offers. “Some people are on there playing with bitcoin dust, 0.25 BTC or 0.5 BTC, but there are other traders with hundreds or thousands of bitcoins,” BTCVIX said.

The group has a Vaughn Live TV channel, as well, allowing anyone access to its TeamSpeak room, factors they say make them open to the public.

“We’re not all betting the same way,” he said.

Controversy follows

It wasn’t long before this attitude raised eyebrows and spurred accusations. Still, BTCVIX and Flibbr dismiss criticisms of the community, attributing the backlash to the relative newness of trading to younger bitcoin owners.

“They’ve taken the trade, they’re wrong on the trade and their ego is not able to process being wrong, so rather saying ‘Hey I was wrong’ … they instead lash out and want to blame people,” BTCVIX argues.

Indeed, the group’s worst critics have sought to associate Whale Club with market manipulation, a charge that the group also dismisses due for similar reasons. It also fires back, in its own tongue-in-cheek way, naming its various chat channels “Collusion room” or “Conspiracy room” in nods to controversies.

Both BTCVIX and Flibbr attest to doing “very well” as full-time bitcoin traders, though they are hesitant to provide details.

On a good week, such as when bitcoin plunged in January, BTCVIX attests to earning 100 BTC (about $20,000). This sum, he said, can outpace what he’s likely to earn over the next two or three months, during the “choppier periods” when the market has no direction.

Flibbr admits to keeping small positions of about 50 BTC ($10,000 at press time) to “keep himself occupied”, but also spoke out against the idea that trading is an easy occupation.

“Trading bitcoin is incredibly hard work, it’s 24/7. You have Asia open, you have London hedge fund kill zone. You have New York, East Coast, West Coast, so you’re constantly sleeping with price alarms set,” he said.

This active work has turned Whale Club into a kind of thriving community of friends. Flibbr and BTCVIX admit to becoming more than acquaintances based on “the shear amount of time” they spend on TeamSpeak.

At the very least, the group shares a sense of commonality, describing their influence as follows when asked about their interests beyond bitcoin.

“Degenerate gamblers aspiring to get rich, quit their jobs, drive Lambos and bang [expletive]. I tried to dress it down but the room agreed unanimously on that description,” BTCVIX said, adding that other interests of members include, UFOs, swans and Asian fetishes.

Liquidity boost

In contrast to the perception of their critics, BTCVIX and Flibbr both look at themselves as bitcoin enthusiasts.

The two suggested that they are limited in programming talent, and are simply helping bitcoin by contributing to a more liquid market in a way that best uses their skills and background.

The members of Whale Club, he asserts, aren’t separate from the bitcoin ecosystem. Flibbr claims to have lost money in the Mt Gox collapse, and BTCVIX said he is sympathetic to the calls from the community for decentralised alternatives to the current exchanges.

However, he said that Whale Club and any active traders who love bitcoin’s volatile market will be willing to trade no matter the solution.

“Ultimately it’s about price discovery and liquidity. If the idealists want to have their Amazon accepting bitcoin, they’re going to need a very liquid market,” BTCVIX said, adding:

“We can’t just snap our fingers and have it be that way.”

Image via Whale Club

Read more about.

The leader in blockchain news, CoinDesk is a media outlet that strives for the highest journalistic standards and abides by a strict set of editorial policies. CoinDesk is an independent operating subsidiary of Digital Currency Group, which invests in cryptocurrencies and blockchain startups.

Whales Club Review 2020

Customers can make or break your business.

Generating reviews is the most crucial part of your Amazon business. Especially in 2020, when there are few white hat tactics left on the table.

Everyone talking about tactics and no one about strategy. You have to make your customers love you, and enjoy your product, build loyalty with your brand. That’s what matters.

All sellers are doing business with the wrong strategy, even those who are doing a lot of revenue. All these gurus are telling the ‘truth’ on YouTube to sound it easy and motivational.

I started my FBA business back in 2020 and did it the wrong way. Then I partnered up with the guy who wasn’t aware of Amazon FBA thing. He taught me the right way to build an eCommerce business. I’ll share it in this article.

The wrong way to build a business on Amazon:

  • Product (checking numbers in chrome extension tool)
  • Offer
  • Funnel
  • Audience (maybe)

This strategy is wrong because you are thinking about random numbers from your competitors first. But, you don’t know where they are getting traffic from and why people are buying their products. Please don’t decide on this data from chrome extensions.

The correct order of doing the thing is:

  • Product
  • Funnel
  • Offer

You want to find out everything about your Audience first. Then you can spend the money to develop a better product that will solve the problems customers complaining about.

Don’t offer them something you want to sell, instead sell them something they want to buy.

Here we are coming to the review question. Funnel. Set up the system of touchpoints with your customers so they can share their opinion about your product. Then you make them an offer after you made them problem aware and product seeking.

With this strategy, you will make more money, receive a lot more reviews, and boost your customer retention rate.

How to research your Audience?

Use Facebook, YouTube, and Amazon reviews to find out the pain points of your future customers. Join the communities and communicate with them.

Selling is a mental game. Amazon sellers forgot about this.

All Amazon changes are pushing us, sellers to build a brand, not just a regular product with our $150 logo made on fiver.

How to make them loyal?

The answer is.. the FIRST IMPRESSION. Make it sweet and comfortable for them to use your product. Believe me, if they fall in love with your product in the first minutes of using it, they will leave you a 5-star review immediately.

Provide real VALUE. And by value, I mean that your product connects with them emotionally and helps to solve the problem, as simple as that.

If you start with your Audience first, they will tell you the single feature they wish a product had. And then you could produce it and sell it profitably.

So, focus on ONE THING while developing your product.

OK, you started with the Audience, created the product they want, and now you need to get your first reviews to increase your conversion rate.

What actions are prohibited by Amazon?

  • A seller posts a review of their product or their competitor’s product.
  • A seller offers a third party a financial reward, discount, free products, or other compensation in exchange for a review on their product or their competitor’s product. This includes using services that sell customer reviews, websites, or social media groups.
  • A seller offers to provide a refund or reimbursement after the buyer writes a review (including reimbursement via a non-Amazon payment method). This could be done via buyer-seller messaging on Amazon or directly contacting customers or using 3rd party services, websites, or social media groups.
  • A seller uses a third-party service that offers free or discounted products tied to a review (for example, a review club that requires customers to register their Amazon public profile so that sellers can monitor their reviews).
  • A family member or employee of the seller posts a review of the seller’s product or a competitor’s product.
  • A seller asks a reviewer to change or remove their review. They might also offer a refund or other compensation to a reviewer in exchange for doing so.
  • A seller diverts negative reviews to be sent to them or a different feedback mechanism while positive reviews are sent to Amazon.
  • A seller creates a variation relationship between products to manipulate reviews and boost a product’s star rating via review aggregation.
  • A seller inserts a request for a positive Amazon review or an incentive in exchange for a review into product packaging or a shipping box.
  • A seller uses a customer account to write or change a review on his or her competitor’s product.

So, how to get reviews for your product in 2020?

1. New “request review” button on your order page in Seller Central. Simply press it, and Amazon will send the request review message for you. What does it mean? Generally, it says the end of Amazon follow up software. If you want to support your customer, better do it via an insert card that sends the customer to your email or chatbot.

2. Early Review Program. This is an Amazon program that costs $60 to enter, and it gives your first five reviews.

This program allows a select number of customers to write reviews for products enrolled in it. This helped products that have few or no reviews to get a few early reviews.

Amazon only asks customers who’ve already bought the item to leave their honest review. It could be a one-star to 5-star rating, as long as it’s authentic to the poster’s experience.

3. Follow up with customers via amazon message system and 3d party software to ask the customer their HONEST review.

You can find a lot of template examples around the web and craft them for your special needs.

4. ManyChat

That tactic is a little bit technical. I have a 3d party agency doing it for me. If you need it, pm me and I’ll send you the contact.

You can use this strategy to cross-sell to your current customers, support them, get reviews, and do a product launch. I’ll write the whole blog post about it if I see the need from you.

5. Friends & Family

This is the fastest way to generate your first reviews.

6. Build your Audience on Facebook

It’s all about gathering the users of particular interest in a Facebook group. Like, if you’re selling travel gear on Amazon, you need to create a base of loyal buyers who are interested in traveling. This will help you generate good sales and some quality Amazon Product Reviews.

When launching a new product on Amazon, you should take the help of social media by finding pages where you have the right Audience. The right Audience will help you achieve quality Amazon product Reviews that will increase your brand exposure.

7. Provide an outstanding customer experience.

As I mentioned above, you need to create a product for the Audience. In this case, you’ll solve their problem, and they will more likely live your positive reviews.

8. Request Reviews From Customers Who Have Left Positive Seller Feedback

Only a small minority of buyers leave any feedback, and those who have left seller feedback are more likely to leave product reviews.

9. Use product insert cards.

Insert card is a good source of Amazon reviews. But, don’t encourage people to live a positive review. Reminding the customer to leave a review is still OK, you can’t ask them to leave a positive review.

10. Build an email list and launch a product to this Audience

The best way to build your email list is a giveaway. Run a giveaway of a high-priced item related to your product. Provide these people with valuable content so you can launch the product with a deep discount on them.

You can also get into the grey-hat area, and in your email blast, ask customers to email you after the sale and offer them some kind of refund via PayPal. You’re not refunding them in return for a review – you’re offering a product discount that called full rebate. Of course, once they email you, you’ve gotten that critical customer engagement, and it’s easier to request reviews from them.

There are more ways to generate reviews. I covered the tactics I used to build my 7-figure Private Label business on Amazon. If you know some new tactics, please comment below.

Share some details about what’s working for you, and I’ll add them to the list! ��

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Whales Club Review 2020


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Pacific Whale Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 1980 to protect the ocean through science and advocacy, and to inspire environmental stewardship. We are governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and our work is funded through fundraising activities, memberships and donations from supporters worldwide.

PacWhale Eco-Adventures offers top-rated and responsible ocean ecotours, including snorkel trips, sunset dinner and cocktail cruises, stargazing excursions, and Maui’s original and most award-winning whalewatch. Pacific Whale Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is the sole shareholder of PacWhale Eco-Adventures, so all profits support Pacific Whale Foundation’s Research, Education and Conservation programs. Cruise with us, make a difference.

Pacific Whale Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 1980 to protect the ocean through science and advocacy, and to inspire environmental stewardship. We are governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and our work is funded through fundraising activities, memberships and donations from supporters worldwide.

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